Jack Whitehall chats to Harry Styles and Lizzo | The BRIT Awards 2020

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Jack Whitehall, Harry Styles and Lizzo catch-up at The BRITs 2020.
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Ambrosia Canelo
Ambrosia Canelo - 天 前
The crowd did not deserve Lizzo. They were just not cheering enough for me. In my opinion it should’ve been lit just by her name being present let alone her. Lol
Lulu Elaine
Lulu Elaine - 天 前
Gemmas reaction to the interviewer saying keep it in the family was everythibg
Hello My friend
Hello My friend - 天 前
3:14 Make me love Harry even more
Sharlin Maximo
Sharlin Maximo - 天 前
I really hope Fine Line wins a Grammy because that album deserves the world. I didn’t find it fair that Harry didn’t win a BRITs award, but if he wins a Grammy, that is more than anyone could ever wish for.
roshin agua
roshin agua - 天 前
5:39 bottom right. He be for sure slaying the stain tho
Natalie Hor
Natalie Hor - 2 天 前
Hannah Milz
Hannah Milz - 3 天 前
Also harry trying to push jack down because hes very caring and scared that he could fall with one finger is so cute
Hannah Milz
Hannah Milz - 3 天 前
Lizzo and harry have the cutest friendship on planet earth 😍🌎
hxneypop - 3 天 前
every man there: black suit, bow tie
harry: yellow suit

Kinue Rios
Kinue Rios - 4 天 前
Lmao jack saying “Harold back off” is the funniest thing ever
Ange Iradukunda
Ange Iradukunda - 4 天 前
She gives me 2nd hand embarrassment.
Lauren Wilson
Lauren Wilson - 5 天 前
Who is the blonde girl beside Harry?
Fenna - 6 天 前
I just noticed, watching this for the like 60th time, that at 1:16 when Lizzo kisses Harry hand, she actually leaves a lipstick stain on his hand. This proves how crazy obsessing we fans are. Help me
Echo Noir
Echo Noir - 8 天 前
“Back off Harold”
W1ll H4arvey
W1ll H4arvey - 8 天 前
Harry styles looks like a bag of mini eggs 😂
Kamusani chep
Kamusani chep - 11 天 前
Just came again to watch this video and confirm the amount of alcohol on the tables
Silke Hoekstra
Silke Hoekstra - 15 天 前
'Up all night, that is my Sgt. Pepper my friend' IM SCREAMIUNG
윤혁 - 15 天 前
Juliana Yamane
Juliana Yamane - 15 天 前
I don’t like Lizzo touching Harry this way
Cringe for life
Cringe for life - 16 天 前
Everyone is here bc of Harry, am I right or am I right?
Aniya Foward
Aniya Foward - 7 天 前
Aniya Foward
Aniya Foward - 7 天 前
Cringe for life your right
Isabelle Martsen
Isabelle Martsen - 16 天 前
i love this
Noble Obodum
Noble Obodum - 19 天 前
I love how Lizzo keeps drinking throughout the conversation lol
maria p
maria p - 22 天 前
addyson - 23 天 前
this whole video radiates such chaotic energy and i’m here for it
Jeff Oliver
Jeff Oliver - 23 天 前
helpmethinkofaname - 23 天 前
I keep coming back to this because this is the funniest thing ever
Juju Bee
Juju Bee - 24 天 前
I ❤️ this trio 😉😘
Shawn Kwan
Shawn Kwan - 24 天 前
harry style's suit is giving me elton john vibes
simonpenum - 25 天 前
Harry Styles has become a Batman Villain
Danisnotonhischair - 25 天 前
Dont worry Lizzo, most British people don't know what a Somerset is either
abbie louise x
abbie louise x - 27 天 前
Harry, Lizzie and jack were the highlight of the Brits for me x
Demi-lee Delaney
Demi-lee Delaney - 28 天 前
rnr45s Alicia
rnr45s Alicia - 29 天 前
bruh thats a huge pile of bottles on that table, jfc
Jackie Rios
Jackie Rios - 个月 前
5:22-5:45 First I’m dying second those are moods right there
Vishnu Rajeev
Vishnu Rajeev - 个月 前
After watching this video I love jack whitehall
Adriano Noble
Adriano Noble - 个月 前
I saw anne Marie in the background
Wanessa Menezes
Wanessa Menezes - 个月 前
Omg 😮Lizzo is so rude ! Harry needs to teaches education to his new American friend .
msfabulous242 - 7 天 前
She was joking
Favor Amadi
Favor Amadi - 个月 前
Wanessa Menezes how is she rude....
Maria Clara Santana
Maria Clara Santana - 个月 前
This is the best video I ever see in my whole life.
Jack McGreevy
Jack McGreevy - 个月 前
‘Back off Styles’.

Said every boyfriend ever
Bill Mancia
Bill Mancia - 个月 前
I was in tears when Jack said "back of styles this my moment"
Eimear O'Connor
Eimear O'Connor - 个月 前
Harry at the end realising hes just sat down in spilled wine XD
One Direction For Life
One Direction For Life - 个月 前
Sorry maybe it’s an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Lizzo
Donn Montalvo
Donn Montalvo - 个月 前
Look at Gemma 💖
Rachel Homayonfar
Rachel Homayonfar - 个月 前
The knee boop was so cute. he just couldnt help himself
Luiza Costa
Luiza Costa - 个月 前
this is the best thing ive ever seen
Car La
Car La - 个月 前
Jacob Crigger
Jacob Crigger - 个月 前
This is hype
Katrina g
Katrina g - 个月 前
Omg the red wine got on harry's pants 😭
9382jjjd - 个月 前
Bella A
Bella A - 个月 前
Ya know what's a mood Lizzo is trying to steal my mans thas whats a mood. It's ok Jack I'm jealous too. Btw i love Lizzo and Harry- that's why i watched this- but come on Lizzo, thought we was friends but ok gurl i see how it is.
Ava Bruno
Ava Bruno - 个月 前
Gustav Ohlson
Gustav Ohlson - 个月 前
just want too point out that rag'n bone is sitting behind them
asuu ashoo
asuu ashoo - 个月 前
5:04 why does Harry say “sorry” to Lizzo when he says he sees himself having multiple wives in the future
Louis pritchard
Louis pritchard - 个月 前
poor jack
Katherine Walker
Katherine Walker - 个月 前
i love style and lizzo
Harry and Lizzo Bff 💖💖 !!!
Nani Wattz
Nani Wattz - 个月 前
Kobe tribute with yellow and purple everywhere.
Vishnu Rajeev
Vishnu Rajeev - 个月 前
1:16 lipstick on Harry’s hand lol
Léanah Pham
Léanah Pham - 个月 前
c la meilleure chose jsp pourquoi c tellement bien
Lolipop Dreams
Lolipop Dreams - 个月 前
the fact that they r calling him harold😍😍😍🤣
Sreejoni Roy
Sreejoni Roy - 个月 前
there is so many drinks on one table.
Hanni Malik
Hanni Malik - 个月 前
Gemma is soo cute
Ariel - 个月 前
3:14 lol why harry
Celeste Ochoa
Celeste Ochoa - 个月 前
Lizzo and Harry's friendship is so cute
Akash Singh
Akash Singh - 个月 前
Is the mic supposed to be just for himself? Im confused.
Veeran Chauhan
Veeran Chauhan - 个月 前
Definitely the trio highlight of the night. Lizzo is just so fun and Harry is such a charmer...😉
Gabby DeLorean
Gabby DeLorean - 个月 前
0:30 Harry doing the thumb up behind 😂
Genevieve Barton
Genevieve Barton - 个月 前
I love Harry!!
erica Pinkston
erica Pinkston - 个月 前
Harry had lizzo lipstick stain on his hand and I wonder if he ever noticed
My Nilsson
My Nilsson - 个月 前
omg I'm so uncomfortable
Joseph John Anzur
Joseph John Anzur - 个月 前
Wonderful show and Jack Whitehall did a great job as a host! I enjoyed all of Harry's clothing changes they are blowing up social media. Another great BRIT Awards Show.
j.d.l.r/c DP
j.d.l.r/c DP - 个月 前
Ieva semo
Ieva semo - 个月 前
5:22 your welcome
PassionatelyMarie - 个月 前
this was great. i love the interviewer 😂
Alexia Smith
Alexia Smith - 个月 前
At the end Harry’s face when the wine got spilled
Zainab Ansari
Zainab Ansari - 个月 前
they all were definitely boozing all night there😂
Emily An
Emily An - 个月 前
Who is better??? Harry Styles : like Charlie puth : comment
Delia - 个月 前
gemma styles is so beautiful omg
Gerardine Cizmar
Gerardine Cizmar - 个月 前
I love Harry but is he gearing up to be the next Joker? He looked so good a few years ago when he was wearing Gucci suits.
Eddielyn Sabio
Eddielyn Sabio - 个月 前
Emily An
Emily An - 个月 前
Oh my god! The way he says hello!😍😍❤️❤️❤️