How the British royal family makes money

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This is what Harry and Meghan are giving up.
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The British royal family is very rich, but not as rich as you might think. And that’s because of a centuries-old model for how they make their income - and taboos about earning a private income outside of their official duties.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are breaking free from the rules of how royals make money, which just might be a savvy financial decision.
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Jason Aubin
Jason Aubin - 小时 前
She reminds me of Carol Baskin.
Paul couper
Paul couper - 6 小时 前
lol they used the old pound coin in the question mark money
joyubina julio
joyubina julio - 16 小时 前
എല്ലാവരും എനിക്ക് വേണ്ടി പ്രാർത്ഥിക്കണം. ബിസിനസ് ഇല്ല. ഭയങ്കര സാമ്പത്തീക ഞെരുക്കമാണ്. ഞാൻ തേവരക്കാരനാണ്. ഇപ്പോൾ നെട്ടൂർ ആണ് താമസിക്കുന്നത്. കേരളം, ഇന്ത്യ.
rahul radhakrishnan
rahul radhakrishnan - 21 小时 前
India was once British family's milking cow sadly not again ... the spin is now in reverse and people will create history
Andres Ortiz
Andres Ortiz - 22 小时 前 this the same Vox that decries white privilege and people getting unjustly wealthy off the backs of the working people?
Ish Rodz
Ish Rodz - 天 前
I like the Brits, but cant get over their love for monarchy. Its asinine.
I am Venom
I am Venom - 天 前
And also don't forget that they stole $45 trillion from *India* during the period 1765 to 1938!!!
Butcher - 天 前
Now thay have the corona
Armand Doucette
Armand Doucette - 天 前
This is what Harry and Meghan are giving up. : Are you kidding me Vox!? I live in Canada. Have you seen their house in Vancouver which they fled from to L.A. before the borders were shut down??? That's not a house, that's a gigantic mega mansion on the most beautiful land on earth. Please don't be foolish enough to believe that Meghan and Harry are broke because they gave up their so called royalty titles. They have more money than any of us commenting here today will ever have put together.
Andrew Napier
Andrew Napier - 天 前
Two questions that I think are important to this debate to answer are: If the estate is in exchange for a sum of tax payer money (1) if the government stops paying that money does the estate go back to the royal family? (2) does the estate make more money than the tax payers pay to the royal family, making it beneficial to the people to have the royal family?
Tarun Sharma
Tarun Sharma - 2 天 前
The looted the colonies and karma will hit back for sure
Steel Nerves
Steel Nerves - 2 天 前
Its obvious Meghan is behind all this. If each Royal jumped ship there will be nothing left of it.
Lord Tsar Nicholas II
Lord Tsar Nicholas II - 2 天 前
Why this can't heppen in my years? WHY!!!! Somebody tell me why!!!
tombrady 12
tombrady 12 - 2 天 前
*british kingdom is built from indian money*
Sam Gopnik
Sam Gopnik - 2 天 前
Just like Brexit, they don't want to be a part of something but they want to have the benefit of it. They don't want to pay the royal family but they don't want them to go private.
Manuel Perujo
Manuel Perujo - 2 天 前
And yet they can't buy a dinosaur...
48162342 - 2 天 前
By thieving and conniving for centuries, that's how.
Jake McGowan
Jake McGowan - 2 天 前
Someone should sent this to Meghan so she can understand it better! Lol
Nikita Mishra
Nikita Mishra - 3 天 前
Chor .. Saali....
Majestic - 4 天 前
Not to mention the BILLIONS in horded gold. They also get their wealth from American tax payers by way of trading American's social security numbers on the stock market. Let's also not forget that all Americans are still subjects of the Royal Thrown. Some of you may know this but a lot of you may not. Furthermore, why do you think that every time something goes on in England, America bows down in awe and reverence; praising them, cuddling them and shining a spot light on them for weeks on end? Act like anyone hasn't noticed that!
America is its subjects. That's one way of acquiring wealth.... To subjugate the people.
Nalini Kanapathy
Nalini Kanapathy - 4 天 前
They stole a lot from India. And the sinful Churchill killled millions of Indian (Bengal famine). Is he a hero? He is a brutal war mongrel!
Carlos GC
Carlos GC - 4 天 前


Brybry Stevens
Brybry Stevens - 4 天 前
Oh the many, many reasons the world would be better off if money wasn't a thing. It will never cease to amaze me. The damage it causes far outweighs anything good and always has. It literally only benefits a tiny fraction of the globes population. Yet it destroys everything. So sad.
Hannah Bradner
Hannah Bradner - 4 天 前
They spend 100s of millions on weddings but won’t help 300,000 people that are homeless in their country
B Y M - 5 天 前
ACTUALLY the sovereign still owns those lands they just gave up the profits to the government . If the taxpayers stop paying the royals then the Queen would be forced to take back those profits and the government would lose a huge cash cow
They looted the entire globe.
Amrit T
Amrit T - 5 天 前
5:36 this dudes ancestors probably were starved to death by slavers . Such irony
Amrit T
Amrit T - 5 天 前
Children of mass murderers, slavers, thieves, nothing more.
The Switch Crusader
The Switch Crusader - 5 天 前
Lol you mispronounced balmoral
Cyd Simone
Cyd Simone - 5 天 前
You forgot to mention QE's gold and jewels, worldwide mining interests, illicit drug and human trafficking riches...and by the way, she owns Australia. She technically owns the land of any commonwealth she reigns over, which includes Australia and Canada, along with several Caribbean islands. The Bahamas, Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are all islands the queen technically owns...66 billion acres.  Her wealth far surpasses Gates and Bezos, but the fact is constantly played down by her own state run media so the peasants don't revolt.  She also has vaults upon vaults of gold and jewels, a golden carriage worth 2 million dollars.  Good to really do your research before you present half truths.  The royal family are ruthless gangsters and they do not care about their people at all.  They are also GERMAN, not English.
Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson - 6 天 前
You're very welcome to the ghastly pair of "woke" snowflakes. We're glad to see the back of them.
Avraj Sagoo
Avraj Sagoo - 6 天 前
By Colonizing and making ppl thier slaves killing in the masses and looting people and their countries wealth off their natural resources want more
I am Venom
I am Venom - 天 前
They are beggars as well as cold blooded murderers
nischal chandra
nischal chandra - 6 天 前
By lpoting other countries in thw name of development
Telencephelon - 7 天 前
Short answer: Princess kisses frog. Frog get's tax payers money. Princess disappears with frog.
Joseph Rondon
Joseph Rondon - 7 天 前
Rich or poor everyone grave looks the same
Will Rickerson
Will Rickerson - 7 天 前
By looting their colonies.
Bingo123 - 7 天 前
Harry, can you spare a dime?
Alex Muir
Alex Muir - 8 天 前
44 seconds in and theres already a mispronunciation
Balmoral castle is pronounced
Rohit Pal
Rohit Pal - 8 天 前
The British looted 10 Trillion dollar from India itself in today's money. A thief country like them will obviously be rich. Its common sense
Atharv Khatri
Atharv Khatri - 8 天 前
It's simple, they stole money from other countries and tortured their colonies
Mike Bambur
Mike Bambur - 8 天 前
Royal family makes money by doing what they do the best,NOTHING.
Shona - 8 天 前
The Queen of England's net worth is 0.36% of Jeff Bezos' Net worth... let that sink in.
Ikigani - 9 天 前
Can anyone tell me the point of having them is.
Ikigani - 7 天 前
Argon okay I see but what is the point in modern era?
Argon - 7 天 前
History. Look at the diagram of their bloodline, they have been serving Britain as Kings and Queens for centuries. Also a Queen or a King today can be a backdoor/alternative to the British government as they can take over and do whatever they want.
JustSilly rachet
JustSilly rachet - 9 天 前
The royals aren’t RICH RICH, they are just extremely privileged
Lona 100
Lona 100 - 9 天 前
So people are literally mad because HARRY AND MEGHAN GAVE UP TAX PAYER MONEY????? The people of the UK should be THANKING THEM lol WOW!! The REAL ISSUE IS CONTROL....that little taxpayer money gives the people control over them......GOOD JOB HARRY & MEG....
Amir Dadashov
Amir Dadashov - 10 天 前
It’s not balmorál
It’s balmóral
Rosa I Guess
Rosa I Guess - 10 天 前
Team69 Racing
Team69 Racing - 10 天 前
There gonna get kicked outz d royalz$$ she's a modern day wallace simpson lol
Brandon Ginkel
Brandon Ginkel - 11 天 前
How do rich people make money? They own stuff
Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson - 12 天 前
I love Meghan 💜
Gayatri Mandhane
Gayatri Mandhane - 13 天 前
Well they almost conquered the world but instead of ruling the colonies like their own country, they decided to loot them and then abandon them aka give them independence
Craig Richardson
Craig Richardson - 13 天 前
Bal morale? Americans always butcher our language
Robert Michaels
Robert Michaels - 13 天 前
Government handouts
Shannon T
Shannon T - 13 天 前
Megan and Harry’s wedding made the UK around $1.4 BILLION alone! I think citizens need to quit their whinging and the media needs to stop profiting to the point they are running their cash cows out! Overall the monarchy, especially the youth, make more money for you. Maybe who is paying taxes for them specifically needs adjustment, but let’s keep the facts clear.
Zsolt Horvath
Zsolt Horvath - 15 天 前
Ok, cool they have properties, but you didn't explain how they make money out of those properties :) Without that this vid is pointless.
Gary McDaniel
Gary McDaniel - 16 天 前
Harry and the Gold digger
YouCan'tAlwaysGet WhatYouWant
Do Australians, Canadians and other Realms also pay for the Queen?
just another human
just another human - 16 天 前
not sure how the royal family made their money but when it all comes out who in britain started world war one (for which the king of the time - King George V - was a major cheerleader) we'll be able to confiscate Buck palace & turn it into a shelter for homeless people
MC King
MC King - 17 天 前
Monopoly: British Royalty Edition
Abdul Yousuf
Abdul Yousuf - 18 天 前
Video animation 👍
N Kiran kumar
N Kiran kumar - 18 天 前
I can't believe she is a princess, i watched suit.. Megan.. Really
Discover Haryana
Discover Haryana - 18 天 前
They stealed from countries like India 🇮🇳
Supremelol007 Not_telling_you
Well at least it’s better than leopold
Josh Taveras
Josh Taveras - 18 天 前
British citizens: how much in taxes must we pay?
British Gov: Yes!
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali - 18 天 前
The difference with the Queen and the likes of Bill Gates is , she does nothing, they do a lot.
Jackie Pan
Jackie Pan - 18 天 前
Do absolutely nothing and take money from the "peasants".
Vaibhav Bisht
Vaibhav Bisht - 18 天 前
Wait they don't get money from twitch donations??
Mac Gamer
Mac Gamer - 18 天 前
The question is how did they make so much money Slavery & Colonialism? Did not hear that mentioned in this video!
British EITC Corporatist
Mac Gamer As for it being more brutal I don’t think so, owning slaves in Africa was a status symbol, in the Arab world slaves from east and west Africa were castrated by the Arabs, slaves from the African nations were captured through the conquests of African empires and kingdoms who would then trade them with the colonial powers of Portugal, Spain and Britain.
British EITC Corporatist
Mac Gamer I imagine because it was started for Britain it led to opposition. There was many legal battles over slavery which made held that slavery was against English law and Scots law.
Mac Gamer
Mac Gamer - 17 天 前
@British EITC Corporatist But you must know that Britians slavery was much more brutal and for a different reason. And if they truly new it was wrong why did they participate in the beginning?
British EITC Corporatist
Mac Gamer Yeah just like the Mughals in India did, and the Africans enslaved for the sake of profit in their trade to the Arabs and to the same trade with the colonial owner, even opposing British abolition. The difference is Britain ended both and established the currency order of them being seen as moral wrongs.
Mac Gamer
Mac Gamer - 17 天 前
@British EITC Corporatist yes and they enslaved and killed for it.
Samira Aktar
Samira Aktar - 18 天 前
answer: they don’t
Robbie Hamilton
Robbie Hamilton - 18 天 前
Cam Southall
Cam Southall - 18 天 前
Do we need a monarchy?
British EITC Corporatist
Cam Southall Yes we do. They are an intrinsic part of Britain’s national character.
KennethSNSDSone SMTOWN - 19 天 前
*the fact that the royal family generates trillions but they just want a billion of it and the 99% goes to the people is okay and let that to them geez 🙄*
Ekagra Nigam
Ekagra Nigam - 19 天 前
Should the Royals even exist in the 21st century?
Mrirockerr - 19 天 前
Britain exists as a rich country from the loot they have done to their colonies . Period
The British Royal family also thrives on the loot
Mrirockerr - 19 天 前
Britain exists as a rich country from the loot they have done to their colonies . Period
The British Royal family also thrives on the loot
British EITC Corporatist
Mrirockerr Except it wasn’t illegal. The Chinese used opium for medicinal purposes, that’s why Britain saw this as an opportunity or reducing the cost of buying Chinese tea. The trade was legal in China until it outlawed the trade. And by the late 19th century domestic production inn China was far larger than its importation.
Mrirockerr - 18 天 前
@British EITC Corporatist it fraudulent trade activity illegal trade of opium and smugglers were britishers . Go first read about east India company
British EITC Corporatist
Mrirockerr Then how did Britain conquer these countries? The answer is Britain was already rich and technologically advanced.
An Whistleblower
An Whistleblower - 19 天 前
They stole from India. Everything is come from India.
British EITC Corporatist
An Whistleblower Which is nonsense. And even the the diamond wasn’t stolen, it was handed over to Britain by treaty from the Sikh empire to the queen of Britain. Stole 45 trillion? Based on what? And I mean evidence not the deluded ramblings of Indians. Given India didn’t even have that much in natural wealth, and the empire used India for excoriating manufactured goods like railways and locomotives being one thing. And exported from India indigo dyes, silks, tea, cotton and spices.
An Whistleblower
An Whistleblower - 18 天 前
@British EITC Corporatist first read uk history, they all were dying because of starvation. And when they came to india, stole our gems like kohinoor and stole like thefts. Almost $45 trillion. No business ethics no more emotions like a pure criminal.
British EITC Corporatist
An Whistleblower Like what, tea? Britain used India as a market for manufactured goods.
Shashank S Kumar
Shashank S Kumar - 19 天 前
One way they make money: by charging tourists money to view stolen stuff from former colonies.
Liam Cabrera Nystedt
Liam Cabrera Nystedt - 19 天 前
In Sweden part of the taxes goes to the royal family... That part is not too small...
Nithish Reddy
Nithish Reddy - 19 天 前
And the koninoor diamond in queen's 👑 is Stolen from India by British
British EITC Corporatist
Nithish Reddy Actually it was signed over by the Sikh empire to Queen Victoria.
Riris Bayu Asrori
Riris Bayu Asrori - 19 天 前
makes me thinks about kardasians
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 20 天 前
Profitable property private prince prominently.... a lot of p’s