BLACKPINK - Lovesick Girls Dance Practice (Mirrored)

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BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) - Lovesick Girls Dance Practice (Mirrored)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Song and dance belong to YG Entertainment. This video is for learning purposes only.
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DIY 和生活百科
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One One
One One - 7 小时 前
2:17 nice move Jennie
helen ts
helen ts - 7 小时 前
at 2:57 what is that in rose's hand.....that white thing....if you can see it...
Nayeon Jill
Nayeon Jill - 23 小时 前
Just finished the entire dance.
Saqib Hussain
Saqib Hussain - 天 前
In my opinion , rose is prettiest, but Jennie looks amazing in this dance practice :D
Iamastronaut - 2 天 前
Nick C.
Nick C. - 2 天 前
Am i the only one who sees how Jisoo looks at the others? She seems so happy when shes like facing them or smth
mary ungut-od
mary ungut-od - 2 天 前
Why is Jisoo the only one with no jeans shorts and a long-sleeved top???
looshi booshi
looshi booshi - 3 天 前
0:51- chorus
Abigail Lee
Abigail Lee - 3 天 前
I'm finally learned it ;w;
Jungkook - Jimin - V love
prim yapma artıkk
Heieaa Park
Heieaa Park - 5 天 前
what's up with those head bang bang in the chorus? still confused -_- i luv u guys
Elixirxs - 5 天 前
I guess girls just wanna have fun
Alsa Jalali
Alsa Jalali - 5 天 前
I love black pink and I m blink
きらんきらん - 6 天 前
abril m
abril m - 7 天 前
Lisa best dancer
Manan Khandelwal
Manan Khandelwal - 7 天 前
guys this is not 100% mirrored please look for another video
Shezachnea Gaitan
Shezachnea Gaitan - 8 天 前
As I play this the whole time again and again I just realized that rose is not wearing a craft top she's wearing a t-shirt and just fold it to look like a craft top btw I love how roseanna dance Dance as Dance as well as Jennie cause Jennie is my bias also lalisa and jisoo
Love blinks and blackpink
Edit:oh I also forgot to mention rose's bandage
Nerminmurat Türk
Nerminmurat Türk - 8 天 前
Elif ❤️🎃🥳Türk
Alejandra Jimenez Aburto
0:07: verse one (Jennie’s verse)
0:22: verse two (Lisa’s verse)
0:37: pre-chorus (Jisoo/Rose’s verse)
0:52: chorus pt.1 (we are the lovesick girls)
1:07: chorus pt.2 (we were born to be alone)
1:22: rap verse (Lisa/Jennie’s verse)
1:37: pre-chorus 2 (Rosé/Jisoo’s verse)
1:52: chorus pt.1 (same)
2:05: chorus pt.2 (modified)
2:22: bridge (Rosé/Jisoo’s verse)
2:37: modified chorus pt.1
2:51: final part
This is a message for people who want to learn this choreography.
Good luck, you can !! All you need is to believe in yourself, practice and most importantly:
FEEL PASSION, if you feel passion for what you do there is no doubt that you will do it amazing
ᴊᴏᴀɴᴀ ᴜᴡᴜ
It serves me a lot ^_^
Kaho Miyazaki
Kaho Miyazaki - 9 天 前
Blackpink zong
Blackpink zong - 9 天 前
Oh my god blackpink like si blackpink
Bela Chan
Bela Chan - 10 天 前
Kkkkkk é muito difícil mais eu tô tentando e eu vou conseguir
Shanita Cook
Shanita Cook - 10 天 前
She Touch her on the butt
Masciel C:
Masciel C: - 10 天 前
alice - 11 天 前
2:45 elas todas felizinhas nessa parte é muito pro meu coração 🥺❤️
Transparansi BAV
Transparansi BAV - 11 天 前
This time i really notice jisoo look amazing, her moves just perfect n her self esteem improved.
Lovesick Girls
Lovesick girls
영원한 밤
창문 없는 방에 우릴 가둔 love (love)
What can we say
매번 아파도 외치는 love (love)
다치고 망가져도 나
뭘 믿고 버티는 거야
어차피 떠나면 상처투성인 채로 미워하게 될걸
끝장을 보기 전 끝낼 순 없어
이 아픔을 기다린 것처럼
아마 다 잠깐 일지도 몰라
우린 무얼 찾아서 헤매는 걸까
But I don't care, I'll do it over and over
내 세상 속엔 너만 있으면 돼
We are the lovesick girls
네 멋대로 내 사랑을 끝낼순 없어
We are the lovesick girls
이 아픔 없인 난 아무 의미가 없어
But we were born to be alone
Yeah, we were born to be alone
Yeah, we were born to be alone
But why we still looking for love
No love letters, no X and O's
No love never, my exes know
No diamond rings, that set in stone
To the left, better left alone
Didn't wanna be a princess, I'm priceless
A prince not even on my list
Love is a drug that I quit
No doctor could help when I'm lovesick
아마 다 잠깐 일지도 몰라
우린 무얼 찾아서 헤매는 걸까
NotA FanGirl
NotA FanGirl - 12 天 前
0:42 0:43
dummi - 12 天 前
it took me an hour to learn the chorus n i feel very accomplished, i just dont wanna do the rest-
Farfetch Leek
Farfetch Leek - 12 天 前
I want some love lettuce
TheOnlyMilk JeongJaehyunWants
Is not everyday you see a mirrored that’s also good quality
100 subs with no videos
1:20 is it that hard to draw a heart? lol
TheSatsuki - 15 天 前
Du début jusqu'à 0:22
M-Jisoo P-Jennie
De 0:22 jusqu'à 0:37
M-Lisa P-Rosé
De 0:37 à 0:44
M-Jisoo P-Lisa
De 0:44 à 0:57
M-Jennie P-Rosé
De 0:57 à 1:00
M-Lisa P-Jisoo
De 1:00 à 1:23
M-Lisa P-Rosé
De 1:23 à 1:37
M-Lisa P-Jennie
De 1:37 à 1:52
M-Jisoo P-Rosé
De 1:52 à 2:30
M-Jennie P-Rosé
De 2:30 à 2:34
M-Jisoo P-Lisa
De 2:34 à 2:38
M-Jisoo P-Rosé
De 2:38 à 2:44
M-Lisa P-Jennie
De 2:44 à 2:50
M-Jisoo P-Rosé
De 2:50 à 3:04
M-Lisa P-Rosé
De 3:04 à la fin
M-Jennie P-Jisoo
Rowsey TK
Rowsey TK - 15 天 前
박서진 - 15 天 前
استاذة المايك معلق.،،
بموتت ولد خالتي الي عمره ٧سنين يتابعهم ويحبهم ويعرفهم!!!!!
Divine Lufulwabo
Divine Lufulwabo - 15 天 前
Why YG din't film Lisa's part 😫😫
taelywn - 16 天 前
SnapKrackle Pop
SnapKrackle Pop - 16 天 前
Not me learning the entire dance of Rosé part. If anyone learns Lisa, Jennies, or Jisso’s part, hit me up lol
blueeberiii - 16 天 前
the choreo was all over the place and its filled with hand flicking motions and butt moving like an 'S' plus jisoo is so pretty like always omg
Minh Đỗ Thị
Minh Đỗ Thị - 16 天 前
can you tell me how to make mirrored video pls?
Aina Yasmin
Aina Yasmin - 16 天 前
joyful dance
joyful dance - 17 天 前
1:33 - 2:23
Kayla is a Blink
Kayla is a Blink - 18 天 前
The ending made me cry idk why but it made me cry 😭
Tae's_Kookies _and_Suga
I literally learned this dance. Obsessed
naomi eliana
naomi eliana - 18 天 前
when jisoo smiled at jennie and her expression totally change when they look ahead to the camera omg . .
Twanseptic - 18 天 前
Bruh how'd you download this in 4k
sayaka - 18 天 前
Thương Hồng
Thương Hồng - 19 天 前
I can't take my eyes of Rosé that i forget to learn the dance🤦‍♀️
Ehros Cube
Ehros Cube - 19 天 前
Go jisoo
Ehros Cube
Ehros Cube - 19 天 前
Wow idol
Amit Singh
Amit Singh - 19 天 前
Love you black pink ......,💕💕💕💕
Ro - 19 天 前
Idk I'm really in love with this move 00:11-0:15
pen26cil - 19 天 前
Nastya Popova
Nastya Popova - 20 天 前
Anastazija Livaja
Anastazija Livaja - 20 天 前
Is this dance mirrored how l exacly need to learn deance practice, how they actually dance
高梨千絵 - 20 天 前
vary good
Aracelih - 20 天 前
Aracelih - 20 天 前
woo _hyun.o.u
woo _hyun.o.u - 20 天 前
I'm a straight boy who dances to this song... and got caught by my parents and thought that i was gay
leo - 18 天 前
Min Ashe
Min Ashe - 21 天 前
me costo 2 riñones y el corazón aprenderme la coreo hasta el minuto 1:24 ;-;
aromatic - 21 天 前
finally i can learn the dance without trying to figure out which side to face every single time thank you
danceK mirrored
danceK mirrored - 21 天 前
Agora que percebi que a Jennie dá uma desequilibrada na hora de girar, tadinha. :C
Seok Shine
Seok Shine - 22 天 前
Seok Shine
Seok Shine - 22 天 前
jpeg fantasies
jpeg fantasies - 22 天 前
ive been out of the loop... but does Jennie look... different?
Dayana FF
Dayana FF - 22 天 前
Did someone else notes something on rose hand 2:58 ???🥺
What's wrong with Rose's arm?? Does anyone else see that?
Alarna Perry
Alarna Perry - 23 天 前
Ok I’m sorry but I have to...

2:25 jennie is impostor I saw her kill rosé👀
0:51 練習用サビ
ᄀᄂ - 24 天 前
0:20 0:45 0:57
Shiiije ___
Shiiije ___ - 24 天 前
ждец, колет бок(
Aisha Yassy
Aisha Yassy - 24 天 前
Rosé has a nice Voicé ..
Tillie - 24 天 前
Random time stamps dont mind me
Kaeee yy
Kaeee yy - 24 天 前
0:57 어려워🥺
Krixca jane Santos
Krixca jane Santos - 24 天 前
Is that also gago
Krixca jane Santos
Krixca jane Santos - 24 天 前
I mean is that
Krixca jane Santos
Krixca jane Santos - 24 天 前
Os that apado or pabo
OnlineGirlPlayz - 24 天 前
0:51 (Chorus)
BTS NAEsarang
BTS NAEsarang - 25 天 前
I can’t keep my eyes from JENNIE away ufffffff she is sooooo beautiful ♥️✨
Jackie Helton
Jackie Helton - 25 天 前
I love Jennie’s voice at the beginning when she says love the second time before Lisa’s part! I love Jennie well..I love them all
CaptainDiamond - 25 天 前
bruh they dance is so hard and unique that i need a dancing tutorial to help me lol
Leeza - 26 天 前
1:37 learning purposes only
Babomam 76
Babomam 76 - 26 天 前
Hi yes you are very good in songs 😉👍💞💝💖💓💕👏
김수경 - 26 天 前
💓🤢👱🏻‍♀️ lol
Allora The Dancer
Allora The Dancer - 26 天 前
It was too easy, right guys ?
Pia Elemos
Pia Elemos - 27 天 前
Jisoo's Visual
Rosé Vocals
Jennie's Rap
Lisa's Dance Moves
✨ P E R F E C T I O N ✨
Diana Kondrashenkova
Diana Kondrashenkova - 28 天 前
I myself am in shock, but I learned this dance in 2 hours.

Sorry for my mistakes, I am Ukrainian.
cuong huynh viet
cuong huynh viet - 28 天 前
Hellos blackpink
Lovesick very good
ася - 29 天 前
тут есть русские? или я одна такая😹😹😹😹😹
Ciara Subrida
Ciara Subrida - 29 天 前
Lisa, rose, lets add something in our hands and do not tell jisoo - jennie
Malea Waltafara Sunyoto
When u start learning the song but nearly broke ur ankle-
찌리ლ - 29 天 前
peachy crossing
peachy crossing - 个月 前
For personal reference: 0:36
Zeya Chayapa Kitjaphiwatwong
0:51 0:57
Zeya Chayapa Kitjaphiwatwong
Mhira Veloria
Mhira Veloria - 个月 前
Love you blakpink
Banjade Paru
Banjade Paru - 个月 前
0:00 Intro
0:07 Jennie
0:22 Lisa
0:37 jisoo
0:44 Rosé
0:51 Chorous (1)
1:22 Lisa rap
1:29 Jennie
1:36 Rosé
1:44 jisoo
1:52 chorous (2)
2:22 Rosé
2:30 jisoo
2:37 Chorous (2)
2:50 all 1 , 2
3:13 end
Hope it helps all blinks 💓🖤
kim lisa
kim lisa - 18 天 前
i just want to know what is "Banjade Paru " sounds so weird .....
Banjade Paru
Banjade Paru - 23 天 前
@Manalisha Thakuria no it’s ok it’s my fault
Manalisha Thakuria
Manalisha Thakuria - 23 天 前
I'm sorry if i sounded rude i didnt mean to lol
Manalisha Thakuria
Manalisha Thakuria - 23 天 前
Please its Jisoo not Jisso its not that hard