Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (1-1 aet) (3-4 Penalties) | UCL Final 2011/12 | Best of Chelsea

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Chelsea stunned Bayern Munich in a dramatic penalty shoot-out at the Allianz Arena to win the Champions League for the first time.
Thomas Mueller's late header had put Bayern on the brink of victory on home territory but Didier Drogba levelled things up with a bullet header at the death before coolly converting the decisive spot-kick.
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Football TV Network
Football TV Network - 4 个月 前
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Charles Muiru
Charles Muiru - 2 天 前
Good. . .view.
Suwapan Autmot
Suwapan Autmot - 个月 前
ควมทรงจำที่ยิ่งใหญ่ ******* ..... ******* สิงโตน้ำเงินคราม เชลชี แชมป์ยูฟ่าแชมป์เปี้ยนลีก 2012
Abdou Rachid Oubo Gaou
I love drogba
Ade Pratama
Ade Pratama - 2 天 前
Hilanglah engkau corona
Lucas Argandoña
Lucas Argandoña - 2 天 前
Back when I was a Chelsea fan
Bradly bBelle
Bradly bBelle - 3 天 前
Am a United fannand on that day i was supporting Chelsea and they won it the same way they lost to Man United, football blody hell.
Bradly bBelle
Bradly bBelle - 3 天 前
Am a united fan but till this day i cant believe Drogba header was actually a header. That power was unbelievable.
ashlin sam
ashlin sam - 3 天 前
Drogba czech n lampard legends💙
Charlie Stubbs
Charlie Stubbs - 6 天 前
9:15 just a time stamp
EngPremier Gotohell
EngPremier Gotohell - 6 天 前
เปรตเชลซี เปรตทีมจากอังกฤษ
Thanooritte Siriboon
Thanooritte Siriboon - 6 天 前
ดวงจะเป็นแชมป์อะไรก็ฉุดไม่อยู่ เข้าชิงสองครั้งยิงจุดโทษทั้งสองครั้ง
Daniell Doria Medina
Daniell Doria Medina - 6 天 前
The title was served to Bayern on a platter and they fumble it away multiple times during the match.
Bibek Budhathoki
Bibek Budhathoki - 6 天 前
This is what we call ‘Real Drama’. And the lead actor was non other than Drogba.
LiohnelRemyhs - 7 天 前
What a game for drogba
Make a penalty
Score the last goal for Chelsea
Give Chelsea their first UCL
A rudi k
A rudi k - 7 天 前
Drogba the best
Larger than Life
Larger than Life - 8 天 前
Why is Gary Neville shouting oooooooooooooooooooooo at Drogba goa 🙄
Viveriko Viveriko
Viveriko Viveriko - 8 天 前
The key factor chealse win chamionship is petr cecs
Shreshth Kaushik
Shreshth Kaushik - 9 天 前
Gary Neville is such a bad commentator.
coco fresh
coco fresh - 9 天 前
im a united fan but this was undoubtedly the greatest match ive seen in my life and i couldnt be more grateful for chelsea. United was robbed by bayern, they subbed of there strikers for defenders and parked the bus. They tried the same thing with chelsea subbing their best players and faced hell after that header from Drogba. They played at their home ground, had the best players at their disposal with few injuries and chelsea who were the complete opposite with a weak squad defeated them, thank you so much for this chelsea, I will always be grateful for this!
Felix Francoh
Felix Francoh - 9 天 前
Chelsea never dies 🤣🤣
Lima ozukum
Lima ozukum - 9 天 前
"Chelsea will just not let go"
epicc emotional like a movie, well said.
Exferd - 9 天 前
I'm happy Mourinho squad won it before it was too late.
L Maz
L Maz - 6 天 前
Joeïsmaph Laguerre
Joeïsmaph Laguerre - 10 天 前
Drogba legend 🌚😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
Maidi Jepara
Maidi Jepara - 10 天 前
Allianz Arena slalu lahirkan juara baru
Who Am I
Who Am I - 10 天 前
9:16 He knows the Chelsea goalkeeper is no ordinary goalkeeper ... that's why he didn't want to see that penalty
Who Am I
Who Am I - 10 天 前
even though this match happened about 8 years ago and I also know who won, but why do I feel tense watching this match
Peters Bawa
Peters Bawa - 10 天 前
The confidence in Drogba’s stance . You just knew it was going in 👍🏾
Peters Bawa
Peters Bawa - 10 天 前
"It is the last roar of Mourinho’s Chelsea"
Milan Dankovic
Milan Dankovic - 10 天 前
Chelsea champion!!! My favourite english club.
Genre Type beats
Genre Type beats - 10 天 前
A team full of leaders..... Hazard used to be the guy but now the only person we have is azpi..... and maybe silva .....
kitaki zeinko
kitaki zeinko - 10 天 前
Damn Ashley Cole was one heck of a LB, most tackles came from him, he was indeed a top level full back
RaPoX - 10 天 前
drogba is one of the greatest "big game " player......but my god, Cech was godlike in this match. He saved so much shots, saved a penalty in ET and probably the best thing about him is that he dived correctly for all 5 penalties of Bayern. Man was too good!
interesting fact torres won the corner for drogbas goal off an amazing skill and determination.
Eden - 11 天 前
Cech is a phenomenal goalkeeper. He got every penalty right (including the one against Messi in the semi-final, and the one against Robben in the added time). Even Neuer guessed two wrong. This is the season I started watching Chelsea and became a Chelsea fan lol. It's been 8 years, but it still feels good revisiting this match.
Eren'in Mutfağı
Eren'in Mutfağı - 11 天 前
how fast drogba uses his penalty man, its like just give me my cup :D cool!
Amir Miriana
Amir Miriana - 11 天 前
Arjen Robben was not meant for the big occassion. Unlike CR7. He had an opportunity to score an easy goal from 12 Yards spot, he failed. 2014 World Cup final, he was one on one with Casillas on last 5 minutes of the game, again, he failed.
Amir Miriana
Amir Miriana - 11 天 前
The Ruthless Agony and the Tortury that Chelsea players had to deal with was gruesome. But in the end, they won it and it well deserved.
Latansa Bima
Latansa Bima - 11 天 前
Imagine, david luiz with that legendary moves😂
leoo olong
leoo olong - 11 天 前
Gomez was really bad in this game no wonder mandzukic was singed after this.
valianwolverine - 11 天 前
“Drogba may never play for Chelsea again, he will never be forgotten, he is immortal...”
ayep jamil
ayep jamil - 11 天 前
Young Fago
Young Fago - 12 天 前
What makes this match great , it’s not just the play on the pitch but that commentary though
Kwamz & Afia
Kwamz & Afia - 12 天 前
I can’t forget this day the blues
Chelsea Africa
Chelsea Africa - 12 天 前
Watching in 2020 yet it only feels like yesterday
Hostage - 12 天 前
Cech's performance that night was unbelievable. He dove correctly on all 6 penalties taken against him, thats a keeper you want.
Exferd - 9 天 前
@Anybody Home? Chelsea still have Petr. I'd hold his beer to see him play.
Anybody Home?
Anybody Home? - 10 天 前
and now they have Kepa 🤣
the boys
the boys - 12 天 前
mn this match was hard for chelsea
Tony Mulyadi
Tony Mulyadi - 13 天 前
Cech motm
Dacid Muritala
Dacid Muritala - 13 天 前
Prime cech
CD DB - 13 天 前
Cristiano 2008 has 41 goals that season going into champions league final vs Chelsea. He scores his 42nd and his team win the champions league.
Gomez 2012 has 41 goals that season going into champions league final vs Chelsea. Couldn't hit a cow's backside with a banjo for some reason so his team lose. (I know Robben & Olic were shit as well).
tahu bulat
tahu bulat - 13 天 前
12:48 MISS U LEGEND 😢😭
scofish cheiman
scofish cheiman - 13 天 前
2020 and I still jump on my seat on that Drogba penalty
Road 35
Road 35 - 14 天 前
That was an incredible run for Chelsea.
Fikry Fadilah
Fikry Fadilah - 14 天 前
cristian stiven mora duque
el mejor chelsea de la historia
Merhawi Gebrezgi
Merhawi Gebrezgi - 14 天 前
Chelsea natey
hernanda dian
hernanda dian - 14 天 前
cech must have baloon d or at that time, but no one give goalkeeper chance to get that
Poley - 14 天 前
I missed the fans
Faisal Putra
Faisal Putra - 14 天 前
Itu pelatihnya siapa
Vincent Kamau
Vincent Kamau - 14 天 前
Whose here after the signings we made.
Destiny Obi
Destiny Obi - 14 天 前
0:38 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*
Maxamed Musse
Maxamed Musse - 15 天 前
Drogba best african player ever👍
Tomas Ferminades
Tomas Ferminades - 15 天 前
So... If Drogba makes the foul, the penalty is no goal.
Good to know
Minah Sainin
Minah Sainin - 15 天 前
Chelsea fc jago kndng dan lbh jago lgi klu chelsea fc ku.
Mubarak Abdalla
Mubarak Abdalla - 15 天 前
Drogba header was like a shot 🔥🔥❤️
Maduka Austin
Maduka Austin - 15 天 前
Who is still watching in 2020?
Jacob Walden
Jacob Walden - 15 天 前
As a Chelsea fan I want to thank Mario Gomez. Without all his missed chances our victory wouldnt have been possible. Thanks Mario!
Avinesh Chitrakar
Avinesh Chitrakar - 16 天 前
Cech guessed all the penalties correctly
OneTrap T-rex
OneTrap T-rex - 16 天 前
If anyone in the history of football ever deserved a champions league title, it was cech.
Anh Quan Chu
Anh Quan Chu - 16 天 前
Games like this remind you Gary Cahill and David Luiz were once UCL winners
Anh Quan Chu
Anh Quan Chu - 16 天 前
Chelsea of 2012 was incredible
PRC sport
PRC sport - 16 天 前
Best moment
Gaming Neshad
Gaming Neshad - 16 天 前
The Old Chelsea Defence Is Roar Every Minute 🔥
But now😩
Jonathan Castro 252
Jonathan Castro 252 - 17 天 前
Gols quase iguais
Kobo Brian
Kobo Brian - 17 天 前
when var didnt ruin games
Ctrl alt De Ligt
Ctrl alt De Ligt - 2 天 前
Lukáš Zahradníček exactly some stupid rules how are keepers meant to save
Lukáš Zahradníček
Lukáš Zahradníček - 10 天 前
@Red Ant today would be penalty in 8:56 repeated, because Peter Cech was in time of kick in front the goal line!!
Red Ant
Red Ant - 12 天 前
Var is the best thing happen in football get over it
Jay Daniels
Jay Daniels - 17 天 前
Another Gary Neville Goalgasm.
Rahmad Fauzan Alfino
Rahmad Fauzan Alfino - 17 天 前
I like neuer support to schweinsteiger
Rio Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand - 17 天 前
I'm not chelsea fans, but I almost cry when i see this match. What a match!
Red Label
Red Label - 17 天 前
Best moment of my life
fans gogle
fans gogle - 18 天 前
Good petr cech strong
Hadi Malik Rizqullah
Hadi Malik Rizqullah - 19 天 前
Just love how drogba played on semi and finals. Look at him, he often came down to help the defense. That's what it's called great work ethic and spirit from him
Nebuchadnezzar - 19 天 前
it was such an incredible title. in 1/8 Chelsea won against Napoli in extra time after having lost the first game 3:1. in 1/2 against Barca they played 10 vs 11 most of the second game and still won. they faced two crucial penalties (in 1/2 and in the final) that the rival teams failed to convert into goals. and in the final brilliant Drogba scored the equalizer in the last minutes and then the decisive penalty. no words can describe emotions at that moment
Ebina Khongmalai
Ebina Khongmalai - 19 天 前
Kepa a new peter cech🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pizarro - 20 天 前
omg a lewandowski over here it would be 6-1 for bayern
SERIGNE Diop - 21 天 前
Ohhhhhhh la tête de DD reste tjrs dans ma tête👀👀💪🏿😂
Morgan Tebbs
Morgan Tebbs - 21 天 前
Anyone notice the fully naked man at 12:30
619 Kickz
619 Kickz - 21 天 前
Drogba will always be chelsea best striker all time fr
Мухамедияр Жусипов
Дрогба еркек қой еркек
Red Hood
Red Hood - 22 天 前
Алмат Темирбекулы
Чех малодец!!!!
Fran Healy
Fran Healy - 22 天 前
Still happy for Chelsea that they won their first ever CL but to be honest, Bayern played WAY better. Bad luck!
Mateo henriksen
Mateo henriksen - 22 天 前
It’s incredible how lucky Chelsea was! They were totally outplayed by Barca at camp nou, yet they got 2-2 and Bayern outplayed them, but still they won on penalties
Ahmad Saleem
Ahmad Saleem - 22 天 前
Being a Barca fan i wanted Chelsea to win this match just because of drogba.
B Dillon
B Dillon - 23 天 前
When you realize David Luiz is champions league winner 💀💀💀
Mister Ditkovich
Mister Ditkovich - 24 天 前
7:20 ooooooooooohhhhhh
Tolsam -
Tolsam - - 24 天 前
My best game as a Chelsea fan
Muhd Amirul
Muhd Amirul - 25 天 前
Neuer vs Cech
Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen - 26 天 前
Drogba gifted penalty in both semifinal and final matches but somehow both penalties were missed...
Mirza Kadija
Mirza Kadija - 26 天 前
This is football
pelupss - 27 天 前
Frantic final. Every minute was a heart attack moment. But worth every minutes finally.
Muhamad Haris
Muhamad Haris - 个月 前
John Terry tembok pahlawan
dino adinoto
dino adinoto - 27 天 前
Oh ya waktu final 2008 dia juga menyundul bola yg di tendang pemain mu yg hampir gol kalo gk di sundul terry
dino adinoto
dino adinoto - 27 天 前
Waktu 2008 dia jadi penentu lawan mu di final ucl dan kalo gol chelsea juara, tapi terry gagal mengeksekusi penalty karna kepleset dan akhirnya kalah karna van der sar menepis penendang terakhir chelsea