David Dobrik and Natalie Noel Take A Friendship Test | Glamour

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CNcardr David Dobrik and his Assistant Natalie Noel take the ultimate friendship test. Whether they'e sharing their funny first impressions of each other from childhood, or bonding over their love these two prove that sometimes the only thing the best friendship's need is lots of love and laughter. Find out if David and Natalie can mirror each other's best dance moves!
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David Dobrik and Natalie Noel Take A Friendship Test | Glamour
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kopytek36 - 16 分钟 前
Natalie is definitely eye candy! Probably the most reserved of the other girls, so to speak.
Alamin Ninja
Alamin Ninja - 6 小时 前
The camera is flipped so it makes david look soo wierd but still handsome as ever
J A L A P E N O - 11 小时 前
David dobrik, DD, natalie noel, NN
ashley blake
ashley blake - 14 小时 前
Omg I want them to be together now
aicha abdoul aziz
aicha abdoul aziz - 15 小时 前
It’s so cuttttteeeee ❤️🖤🤍🧡💜
XxBillybobjoexX - 15 小时 前
6:30 people in 2020 freaking out about social distancing
Emily Shelor
Emily Shelor - 15 小时 前
I clicked on this video just to see if in the end they would be like jk, we're together now
Lil Hot potato
Lil Hot potato - 17 小时 前
Liza’s punching the air rn
Andraž Egart
Andraž Egart - 17 小时 前
Jocelyn Rosales
Jocelyn Rosales - 18 小时 前
When Natalie said she was always a more loner in school and David had his group of friends I would think that David was the loner and Natalie would be popular 😂
Farhana Zakir
Farhana Zakir - 18 小时 前
Aww poor Liza 😢 😭
Manny H003
Manny H003 - 18 小时 前
Is a good kisser?😳
Samantha Finnegan
Samantha Finnegan - 18 小时 前
Why am I just now seeing this
Azure de la cruz
Azure de la cruz - 21 小时 前
they are literally in love please get married
Kyle Christopher T Perigua
Kyle Christopher T Perigua - 22 小时 前
They fell for each other literaly
Felicity Anne Santos
Felicity Anne Santos - 22 小时 前
im literally smiling the whole video💖 JUST MARRY EACH OTHER!!!
aziz jemaa
aziz jemaa - 23 小时 前
What is natalie wearing
Gabriella Sanchez
Gabriella Sanchez - 天 前
bro he literally he said was excited to move cuz he saw a cute girl. it was natalie! i feel like they wanna be more than friends but theyre just scared of losing friendship over relationship
Fernanda - 天 前
i need a boy bestfriend
Daniel Espinoza
Daniel Espinoza - 天 前
Liza Leaves The Chat
it's like they're trying to get them to like each other in this video
These two just gotta stop and get married already lol. Real talk they're both precious together
Renatta Charbel
Renatta Charbel - 天 前
This is so pure I love it
freddy Krueger
freddy Krueger - 天 前
I legit think Natalie loves david an david loves natalie but david is waiting for liz to come back and tell david that they still want to tome back.
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez - 天 前
Wait! Did y’all see the TikTok that Natilie shows her mmm to David
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez - 天 前
Jenny Jenga
Jenny Jenga - 天 前
This was extremely uncomfortable watch
lilacbubble - 天 前
I love how much they didn’t want to hug lmaooooooo
Lolo yт
Lolo yт - 2 天 前
I miss liza
Chad Salvatierra
Chad Salvatierra - 2 天 前
Dude I’d Marry Natalie immediately
ur local roach
ur local roach - 2 天 前
looking at the comments made me realize a possible reason as to why they arent dating nd its really sad cuz they would be so happy nd cute together but i understand
* also the way they edited this nd put the music in the background makes it all seem like a relationship video, not best friends 🤣 its like they want them to fall in love 💀
pickletron4000 - 2 天 前
Omg David has dad dances
brans puahi-reyes
brans puahi-reyes - 2 天 前
I’m so conflicted. I’ve always felt like David and Liza was endgame, but natalie and David seems so natural. so natural to the point where their trying so hard to fight it but you can tell they can’t but still trying
savannah neil
savannah neil - 2 天 前
I bet you if Liza watches this she is going to cry.
TheDankCactus - 2 天 前
9:15 Natalie called David babe
Sephora __1
Sephora __1 - 天 前
Wait no I think it’s dave
Sephora __1
Sephora __1 - 天 前
Gita Hoseini
Gita Hoseini - 2 天 前
This is uncomfortable bc I'm not over Liza and him.omg
Dominic Gunderson
Dominic Gunderson - 5 小时 前
Bro what's your deal.
Shaye Layton
Shaye Layton - 2 天 前
Generic Hispanic
Generic Hispanic - 2 天 前
Brother and sister

kaylee castaneda
kaylee castaneda - 2 天 前
I just want liza back :(
VG Ben
VG Ben - 2 天 前
do i pull off brown eyes
Carla Hoffmann
Carla Hoffmann - 2 天 前
Can they marry each other?
Karla Mijares
Karla Mijares - 2 天 前
“Come in closer😾”. 🥺🥺🥺
gericko guemo
gericko guemo - 2 天 前
they're afraid of falling that's for sure they're even afraid to do the fall test
Leah - 2 天 前
i cant wait till the wedding vlog
libby ashe
libby ashe - 3 天 前
I hate the way david sees Natalie as a "girlfriend" it's david and lizaaa, but they are good friends
luna pavi
luna pavi - 3 天 前
Why is the music so soothing tho🥺
Ally’s cheese
Ally’s cheese - 3 天 前
Am I the only one that thinks people are trying to make it out like they're in love? I just think they're really close friends...you can have a friend without being in love with them.
Madi M
Madi M - 3 天 前
This is how many people ship them
Jackson Beckham
Jackson Beckham - 3 天 前
Fina Foster
Fina Foster - 3 天 前
Fina Foster
Fina Foster - 3 天 前
Fina Foster
Fina Foster - 3 天 前
Obi Wan Kanobi
Obi Wan Kanobi - 3 天 前
Casey's world
Casey's world - 3 天 前
I need LIZA
Casey's world
Casey's world - 3 天 前
Where's LIZA
Zoe M
Zoe M - 3 天 前
okay i get it now🥺
Omar Henriquez
Omar Henriquez - 3 天 前
Brother and sister imagine
ItzOllie14 - 3 天 前
They 100% love each other but don’t want to admit it lmaooo
Lema ghani
Lema ghani - 3 天 前
There so cute 🥺
christoph dittmer
christoph dittmer - 3 天 前
This video was made to make them see their love for each other.
Nicholas Ornelas
Nicholas Ornelas - 3 天 前
caroline joy
caroline joy - 3 天 前
“we’re both terrible dancers” ummm.... i’ve seen serval tiktoks that say otherwise
Sophia Han
Sophia Han - 3 天 前
In the beginning its like a proposal video with the music
article 13
article 13 - 3 天 前
That's not compliment that's flirting
Armondo Lezama
Armondo Lezama - 3 天 前
Oh no so much tension, maybe I’m projecting
Nick Mejia
Nick Mejia - 3 天 前
Natalie is dummy thiccccccccccccc OMG
Ed Holmes
Ed Holmes - 3 天 前
im fully in love
Anwesha Behera
Anwesha Behera - 4 天 前
Lizaaaa❤and David ❤
Paul Martin
Paul Martin - 4 天 前
Liza is the best periodt 😭😭😭 i want yall to search and find liza and david edits 💔
NiaRose - 4 天 前
i ship them
Kate and Tana
Kate and Tana - 4 天 前
and we NEVER thought we could accept someone after liza...
keke - 4 天 前
This is premarital counseling...🥰
keke - 4 天 前
This is literally their wedding rehearsal of them basically coming up with their vows...🥰
Tea sis
Tea sis - 4 天 前
Noah Bishop
Noah Bishop - 4 天 前
Goodness sake just date already the questions their asking are couple questions that have been friends for so long and their compliments like what the heck
Inayah Cee
Inayah Cee - 4 天 前
I hope that if David gets off YouTube and there's less pressure on the two of them that they find each other and realize they've loved each other forever.
Katherine Patrick
Katherine Patrick - 4 天 前
At 5:10 David puckers his lips at her 😉
Antisepticeye ALWAYS WATCHING.
She Kisses him a 6:33
HU outdoors
HU outdoors - 4 天 前
Yo 9:17 just saying they should date also listen to what she said
D-aniel M-ace
D-aniel M-ace - 4 天 前
Ah yes, talking about *heat absorbent colours* in *Math Class*