Losing a Best Friend

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Directing and producing this documentary was very tough for us, but we will be forever grateful for everything we learned during the process of its creation. We believe that our father was very in touch with his soul’s purpose while he was here, which was to help people. Just by watching this documentary, you have done something for us that we are so thankful for. You have allowed our father to continue to give back and make a positive impact as he did when he was here.
A special message to anyone who is going through what we are - you are not alone. We understand how difficult this is. Sending love.
- Ethan and Grayson

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help fund research to end childhood cancer


Written, Produced, & Directed by Ethan and Grayson Dolan
Filmed & Edited by Kyle Houck, and PiersonX
Head Writer - Ryan Abe
Co-Writers - Nick Buongiovanni, and Dylan Conlin
Audio Engineers - Dylan Conlin
Production Assistant - Sterling Gualtieri
Security Coordinator - Eric Pretzel
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Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins - 个月 前
Thank you for your support on the video and all of your donations to the foundation. We know our Dad is looking down smiling.
ella kelley
ella kelley - 15 天 前
Boringwed - 21 天 前
Felicia romero
Felicia romero - 27 天 前
Beautiful tribute to your dad 💛You know he is so proud of you guys. My heart goes out to you guys. I know the pain of losing your best friend, your hero, your dad...There is nothing anyone can say or do, to take the pain away but Just know, he is where he deserves to be..I know this saying, is so very true.. his wings were ready, your hearts were not.. I also know all to well about panic attacks. Seeing your hero leave this earth, changes you forever. I too never knew panic attacks were real... I’m embarrassed to say, I thought it was 100% controllable, but they’re not. All of the different emotions you talk about going thru, I can relate to 100%.. you guys are not alone! You guys are in my prayers & anyone else who is going thru this 🙏🏻 A golden heart stopped beating, his hard working hands put to rest, god broke our hearts to prove to us, HE ONLY TAKES THE BEST 🕊
AB equestrian
AB equestrian - 个月 前
This is so incredibly sad for the both of you, I can’t even imagine the pain that you must go through every day. Everyone is so proud of you and how you just carry on with your lives. I love you both so much and I can’t stop crying watching this. I was crying when you called your grandparents but then when Grayson started crying I felt so bad for him. 💔 I’m so sorry for your loss, I can’t believe that the worst things can happen to the best people. I hope you two are doing well. We love you Sean ❤️🙏🏻
Edy Bello
Edy Bello - 个月 前
Im happy for you guys
Dominique - 5 小时 前
Man theres 9 million views on this if we all donated a dollar there would literally be enough to provide so much for people in need.
amanda woo
amanda woo - 5 小时 前
I feel touched to my soul. I obviously have never known your father but seeing all of these people speak of how much he has blessed their lives and how he was such an amazing role model and friend to people he was, makes me no doubt, understand how much of an extraordinary spirit he was. May he rest in peace and forever continue to live on through those who knew him and carry him through their lives
Hayley Bentley
Hayley Bentley - 6 小时 前
Honestly I can’t even imagine what there going through if I lost my I would also be loosing a part of me but my great grandma practically raised me and they don’t think she is going to live much longer and when I found that out I was heart broken and this video really helped me just by crying because I don’t like to cry it’s not something I do and this made me cry and it felt good to cry so thank you guys for this
Some Person
Some Person - 6 小时 前
When Grayson broke down at the end I cried...
Elias Elizondo
Elias Elizondo - 6 小时 前
Ethan Grayson and what you're going through my Grandpa died of cancer on my birthday and it wasn't the best thing in the world but he was my best friend and I don't know what I would do without you all you can do is remember them and keep them can your heart and I know it's hard to believe somebody that you can handle it like I did I want a lot of therapies I talked about it I got it off my chest and all I can say is that he's looking down on me and saying I love you like I'm saying every night that I love himI bet you your dad's looking down on you and saying he loves you
Manha Mohammed
Manha Mohammed - 6 小时 前
This video made me cry 😭
M Cool
M Cool - 7 小时 前
If I could I would give them $100,000,000 I fell so bad and started to cry like 2-3 minutes in
cooper harris
cooper harris - 7 小时 前
Who the hell would dislike this video
Jax Assasian
Jax Assasian - 7 小时 前
I've lost 3 family members from cancer this year. My Great-grandpa, my uncle, and my grandpa. It's really hard to watch them slowly disappear before your eyes, and it helped me to watch this video. Grief is a strange thing and I struggled to understand why. But I know they are all looking down, encouraging me in each thing I do. Rest in peace...
Hamza Habibi
Hamza Habibi - 8 小时 前
Imagine being able to dislike this
Kristian Barna
Kristian Barna - 8 小时 前
AVAM - 9 小时 前
To the people who disliked this video imagine if your best friend or people that u Loved and Your family think of that and what the twins are going through that a lot to take so you would probably be devastated and sad that they are gone and they won’t come back so the thing that they have to face it’s just heart breaking that u wouldn’t be sad about the people that have died and u didn’t care that’s just depressing so U should care and think about and have the best memories with those people because one day that won’t happen anymore u should spend the most time with your loved ones be caring
Budzih - 9 小时 前
Did Ethan die
Allison Sawyer
Allison Sawyer - 9 小时 前
This honestly is the most touching video I’ve ever watched♥️ all the stories everyone had to share about him were so emotional but to see his kids with the love of his life.. just broke my heart. A very amazing video, I love this.
Elspeth Leggett
Elspeth Leggett - 9 小时 前
The thing I struggle the most with is being compared to someone you think you'll never live up to, my mum sounded so much like your dad, she knew everyone and everyone knew her, she was so amazingly talented with everything she did, she never let anything get in her way to stop her, she was a light everyone she touched she made them feel safe and welcome, I get compared to her 24/7 by my family, her old friends everyone she knew and I cannot see it and I struggle to find the good things now, and I never knew what I was feeling or whether what I was feeling I was supposed to or whether I should feel something, when you are compared to someone it either makes you stronger because people see that in you or it tears you apart because you can't see it in yourself and can't see anything in you like that.

Your not only helping yourselves your helping the people around, the reason I lived another day, this video came out on my mums birthday and I thought that, that was it this is gonna be me no more no less, I watched this and I've watched it like 12 times if not more and I just wanna say Thank you for everything and for these extra few months
Michalina Urban
Michalina Urban - 10 小时 前
It is realy sad and it is great that you could say bye to your dad for the last time it is great that you you do this.😭😭😭😭
Hannah Bauer
Hannah Bauer - 11 小时 前
I've had 3 people die in my family because of cancer so I know where you are coming from. I love what you are doing and I have felt exactly what you feel. Rest in Peace.
Sanne Neele
Sanne Neele - 11 小时 前
I would love to donate but I don't have a creditcard 😥
maddy mars
maddy mars - 11 小时 前
I do not understand this pain yet and I know eventually I will and the thought of that is horrifying I'm so sorry that you lost someone so important and I'm not just saying this to them it's to anybody who has lost anyone. my doctor misdiagnosed me and told me that I had leukemia and we got everything set up and when I went in to get my first treatment we retested and it turned out I didn't have cancer and I don't understand why I was chosen not to have it I mean their father was such a good person so polite so worthy of being lucky I don't understand why it was this way and I feel guilt and I know I shouldn't and I shouldn't tell people this but I guess it's a way to get it off my chest I'm so sorry for your loss you are both so strong and we are all proud of you.
Fandom Aesthetics
Fandom Aesthetics - 11 小时 前
I’m literally sobbing right now, I’m so sorry for your loss ❤️
Laila Heathxote
Laila Heathxote - 11 小时 前
the fact that their mom kept saying “sorry” broke my heart 💔
Lashae Left Hand Bull
Lashae Left Hand Bull - 12 小时 前
staying strong for your dad is the bravest thing you guys are doing. ❣
Molka Mezri
Molka Mezri - 12 小时 前
I cried through out this whole video
Hamnah Siddiqui
Hamnah Siddiqui - 12 小时 前
You guys are the best😊 love you. I am sooo sorry😞I cried. I sooooo sorry😭
farah ibrahim
farah ibrahim - 12 小时 前
may he rest in peace " I wish you get better.
I'm not saying that the pain will go but at least you will feel a little better.
with all love and respect
your sister
Kiara Carbajal
Kiara Carbajal - 12 小时 前
You guys, this was beautiful. I feel so proud of you. 💜 Thank you for sharing your dad’s story, his legacy will continue to inspire people to do good.
Selvia Martinez
Selvia Martinez - 13 小时 前
Recently I’ve had a few family members pass away. It made me feel so many different things. And also confused. I thought it was just me , I felt like what I was feeling was wrong. This documentary really helped me understand that what I was feeling is normal. Hearing you guys say that you felt numb , couldn’t cry , felt guilty. All these feelings you guys where experiencing I was too. So hearing that you guys felt the same really helped me understand my feelings better. So I really appreciate this documentary. I hadn’t watched it because I wasn’t ready since I knew I’d just loss someone too. But now that I’m ready and I saw it , It had me sobbing within the first 6 min because I was already relating to everything. So thank you💘
Lauren's Vlogs
Lauren's Vlogs - 13 小时 前
You’re dad would be so proud of you guys! So much love 💜💜💜
Tayler Smith
Tayler Smith - 13 小时 前
My mum has breast cancer now and she’s going through chemo and this hit so close to home. I’m so scared that she’ll take a turn for the worst. When I say I cried through all of this, I mean it ...
Flower Snake
Flower Snake - 13 小时 前
Why the F did he shave his head he looks ugly now 🤷🏼‍♀️
Hailey - 13 小时 前
Flower Snake doesn’t matter how he looks. He did it for his dad. Looks or not it meant a lot to him. He likes it so your opinion doesn’t really matter.
Marta Ćorluka
Marta Ćorluka - 13 小时 前
I was crying 1 hour and 30 minutes straight! I can't belive that these two kind boys had to go trough something so hard. They just don't deserve it. I feel so sorry for their dad because, even tho I didn't know him, I can see how amazing he was. R.I.P❤😪💔
Mincarli Cook
Mincarli Cook - 14 小时 前
once gray started crying my tears were endless i cried through the whole video because i lost my best friend/grandmother, she was the kindest person and she never gave up on her family and when they started talking about how kind sean was it just reminded me of her and i couldn’t help myself, i couldn’t hold it in. i love you guys 💗💗 and the amount of dislikes on this video is absolutely disrespectful 😡😢
Tracy Vwodo
Tracy Vwodo - 14 小时 前
To be honest i don't know how it feels to lose a parent but i do know the feeling of losing someone i lost my cousin to a disease and a close friend during a terrorist attack..It was so hard for me but all i can say one you cry it out you feel revealed and it does help you to move forward...
Breanna Brown
Breanna Brown - 14 小时 前
i just recently lost my father to pnumoniea i understand you missing him never goes away but hopefully soon yall will be able to process the whole situation my dad died on my birthday so i inderstand your pain.
Kiara Carbajal
Kiara Carbajal - 14 小时 前
not even 5 minutes in and i’m already in tears
Good quality bleach
Good quality bleach - 14 小时 前
I remember clearly the day my mom passed. I was 5 at the time and I was sleeping over at my grandmothers. In the morning she got a text and told me that mommy and daddy have to tell me something. We went to our house and there she was just laying on the bed. I had no idea whats going on and why everyone was crying💔
J Walker
J Walker - 15 小时 前
I’m sorry for your loss 😢
Your father lives on trough you guys 😘
Cindy Donaldson
Cindy Donaldson - 16 小时 前

I cried and cried and still crying
So much love
Louise - 16 小时 前
If every person in the world would be like your dad I think the world will be perfect✨ bless his soul
Taylor Lowe
Taylor Lowe - 16 小时 前
This is such a beautiful tribute. It made me feel as though your dad was someone I knew personally. He raised two amazing young men and you can tell he was and will forever be a wonderful, and amazing man. He is a role model to everyone, including myself! ❤️
Alina Medina
Alina Medina - 16 小时 前
Man this is hard,like I’m not them and I can’t imagine not having my dad.
I wish them to have the strength has possible to get better.💪🏽Be strong guy’s 💙We all love you ❤️
Zara Nwaj
Zara Nwaj - 16 小时 前
I have never felt so much emotion before . He sounded like a genuine kind caring and sociable person. Your dad would be proud about how far you guys have come. Well done.
rania gannon
rania gannon - 17 小时 前
precious ,precious humans 🤍
Morgan Hudak
Morgan Hudak - 18 小时 前
i cant imagine losing a parent
Emily Castro
Emily Castro - 18 小时 前
Oh my god I can’t stop crying 😢
Scarlett - 18 小时 前
i’m 10 minutes into this and i’m balling my eyes out and can’t watch anymore. i lost my mum to cancer 6 months after your dad died from cancer aswell and i’m yet to have therapy also and feel so many similar emotions. it doesn’t feel real and sometimes feels like she’s still in the hospital and going to come back through the door anytime soon. it’s crazy how similar our emotions are and i don’t know anyone who’s gone through this aswell. just amazing of u guys to share this and i hope to one day be able to talk about it like u guys do ❤️
yoo yoo
yoo yoo - 19 小时 前
I remember that I literally saw that, said to myself 'no i can't cry right now, imma safe this'
li lac
li lac - 19 小时 前
“i wish heaven had visiting hours..”
i wish too.
love ❤️ and prayers for both of you.
Izzy Oldham
Izzy Oldham - 19 小时 前
I can’t 😭
꧁ఌlusxious lifeఌ꧂
꧁ఌlusxious lifeఌ꧂ - 20 小时 前
I was pouring Niagara Falls over here, so heart warming 💖 bless him and his family
Andioop - 20 小时 前
When ethan started crying I lost it
femke x
femke x - 21 小时 前
Hi, i don’t know why, but because of some reason i’m unable to donate? Is it because i’m from holland or do i do something wrong? Please help x
Sabrina M
Sabrina M - 21 小时 前
I cried this whole video , I’m so sorry for your loss ❤️💐💔
Dakine Sabino
Dakine Sabino - 21 小时 前
I’m not crying, you’re crying💔
Rayven Champagne
Rayven Champagne - 21 小时 前
7.2k people must’ve been blinded from tears and couldn’t see which button they were pushing 😞
4/18 lopez
4/18 lopez - 21 小时 前
Our body are not meant to Process ALL these Processed Foods!, people. Look at the ingredients on what you put inside your body, You Are What You Eat.! Much love Everyone, Be active, eat clean as much as possible, filter your tap & shower water it has arsenic if you dont believe me by a water test kit and find out for your self people, so we can live longer and beat Cancer and spread the word of STEAM CELL TREATMENTS for cancer.
Grace Hanslip
Grace Hanslip - 22 小时 前
When your grandma cried it broke my heart
RihRih Frazzle
RihRih Frazzle - 23 小时 前
Dont be ashamed of crying, it shows that your human
I know what your going through because i lost a parent to cancer last year and i cant lie and tell anyone that it gets better, it just gets easier to cope with x
Faith Tumun
Faith Tumun - 23 小时 前
Thank you
Mia Amor
Mia Amor - 23 小时 前
Love u guys keep up the fun and all the good vibes.May your dad and best friend rest in peace hes no longer feeling pain and he will always be in your guys hearts forever.💜💜
The Unexpected.
The Unexpected. - 天 前
I don’t know how I feel right now about the amount of dislikes on this video A lot of people might feel some type away about this video but can you please tell me how the Dolan Twins really feel right now at this moment do you think you feel worse then them?! how can you even press the dislike on this video please someone please someone comment on this comment and tell me how this person felt when they disliked this video i can’t even think of ONE reason ONE REASON why you would press dislike on this video!
Carmelina Visser
Carmelina Visser - 天 前
I was crying the whole time
Kayla Muniz
Kayla Muniz - 天 前
imagine.. disliking this video..
Kausila Paudel
Kausila Paudel - 天 前
Can"t stop my tear ..love you both..
gamer meh
gamer meh - 天 前
I cry then stop when i see someone cry i cry and dont worry he is looking after you guys❤❤❤
Madison Rogers
Madison Rogers - 天 前
When I need to cry I watch this video. It’s just so beautiful and it’s crazy how many people one man was able to touch the lives of. My heart aches when I watch this
Belle Saladino
Belle Saladino - 天 前
Like I understand why Ethan shaved his head, but he was so pretty 🥺😭😫
larissa - 天 前
Belle Saladino oh he still is
Chimeia - 天 前
holy fuck... the feels
Sarah Campbell-winter
I can't even begin to express how proud I am. I know what it feels like to lose someone so close to you to cancer. I finally worked up the courage to watch this and i couldn't imagine how hard it would have been to make this. Keep doing great things boys, I KNOW Sean is proud of you two. xx
Josh Vasquez
Josh Vasquez - 天 前
I know how it feels to lose a friend I’ve lost more than you can count
The real Lolo
The real Lolo - 天 前
This made be so darn sad my grandpa battled cancer and I never got to see him again I was so close with him and this really touched me😕🥺❤️.
Evie Ellison
Evie Ellison - 天 前
When I watched this video I was so sad and started to think and I haven’t lost anyone with cancer but I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s about 5 years ago now and I was a little kid so I didn’t know what death was and I didn’t know why my dad was crying at her funeral and now that I am older I understand and I think about her a lot and sometimes I start to cry. This video really triggered me and I just want to say I am so sorry I don’t know what I would do without my dad and I think Ethan was really brave shaving his head and to Grayson it’s ok to cry sometime and be strong. I love you both. Keep fighting.
edgy.e-girl420 - 天 前
Not to compare our stories in anyway, but I lost my mom at age 9. Today at age 14, I still can not open up about her and our story. As soon as I started your documentary I realized what this was about. This month is my mother’s five anniversary of her passing. My mother was my best friend and my role model, I never got the chance to experience what other teens get to experience with their mothers. I have been going to therapy for about four years. I can tell you that it does get easier and I truly am proud of you two for making this and trying to come to terms with this. I understand that you will mostly not see this comment. But this comment for me was some reason very, very hard to write. My mother may have not died from cancer but some of my friends and family have. It is very hard and it’s a difficult journey while going through grief after a death of someone so close to you. Yalls father was your best friend, as like my mother was my best friend. Sometimes god takes very good people, but he does everything for a specific reason. Your father seems like he was an amazing person, I know this comment was all over the place but while I was typing this comment I was in tears. Greyson and Ethan, your story has impacted more people then you will ever think, I am one of those people. But I am truly proud of how strong you two and your fam have been through this, you all may not think so, but you are so so so strong. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us, even though it was very hard. We all love you both so much, we will always be here for you two no matter what....❤️
Samantha Nason
Samantha Nason - 天 前
This was the sweetest and most inspiring documentary ever . I cried for almost the whole thing. His story was so inspiring and I miss him and I didn’t even know him
Kailyn Weber
Kailyn Weber - 天 前
if you actually disliked this video i hope you go to hell
Chantele Campbell
Chantele Campbell - 天 前
thank you you both are truly amazing
Brittney Douglas
Brittney Douglas - 天 前
If anyone see this comment please go listen to this song by Lucy’s Graham “Your not there” It’s about losing his dad very relatable. I hope the twins know this song
Priscilla Segovia
Priscilla Segovia - 天 前
I’m sorry for your loss truly he made a mark to everyone around him
Victoria Oswald
Victoria Oswald - 天 前
You don’t know what it’s like to lose someone until there gone no one should ever have to go through losing your best friend I know that it really heart when my dad didn’t go to heaven but physically left me just because and to this day I still wonder if it was me or something he was dealing with