Walking Tour Victoria BC - Walking Tour Of Crescent Dr-King George Terrace & Beach Drive In Victoria

Sites to Sea Brings you a uhd 4k walking tour of beautiful beach front property and views of Victoria BC.
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The route taken starts in Gonzales Park, goes down Crescent Dr, along King George Terrace and then up Beach Drive to the Golf course. At which point I turn and go down Newport Rd towards Oak Bay ave.
This walking tour was done in August, 2020 in the early morning, one of the best times for walking tours. Victoria BC is usually abuzz at this time of year with tourists and people traveling. However this year it is much quieter due to Covid. It does make for some peaceful morning walking tours though! Although Victoria is a very vibrant busy city by day, by night it becomes very quiet, and in areas almost seems a ghost town.
The camera I used in this video was my Sony Handycam. I really enjoy this camera for it quality of video and the ability it has to stabilize the video while I am walking. This comes in super handy when I am always doing a bunch of walking tours around Victoria, and greater Vancouver island. This camera shoot in 4k and has an amazing zoom feature. It is also able to take still shots while recording video footage. I have used this video in the past for most of my 4k walking tour videos.
Victoria BC is an absolutely beautiful place to live, as you can see from the video. This is a beach front strip that I walk down, and most of these houses are spectacles in and of themselves. Not to mention the beautiful landscaping and foliage that surrounds them. The yards are full of beautiful gardens and flowers. Many of them are old character homes, Victorian in style. There are also many Tudor styled older homes. The street I start on and the path I take was by request. It is nice to see a walking tour video of Victoria that is not downtown. There are already plenty of those videos. That being said, I would love explore Chinatown and Fan Tan alley in at least one video.
Come discover British Columbia with Sites to Sea. We do walking tours of Victoria BC, and surrounding areas, as well as tours of other areas on Vancouver island. Our walks in the the next video will go from the inner harbour , around the outskirts of James bay, past Ogden Point and the seawall to Beacon Hill Park area. The the inner harbor you'll get to see the charming Empress hotel, where you can go for high tea in the afternoon.
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It is very beautiful here. Fall has such amazing colors here.
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Beautiful house.
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It really is!
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So nice walking tour victoria BC ...
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Thanks man, I am going to watch this on the TV, there is a channel called FreeJazz, the guy drives the route, I must of watched it 20 times, thanks again, I may come up with another request,ttyl.
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I was happy to take the walk and would be happy to take more requests in the future as well!