Virology Lectures 2020 #1: What is a Virus?

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In this first lecture of my 2020 Columbia University virology course, we define viruses, discuss their discovery and fundamental properties, including whether or not they are alive, and explain why they are the most awesome biological entities on Earth.
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M M - 10 小时 前
Medical animation visual Lang dynamic visualization
89 Alpha
89 Alpha - 天 前
Waiting for the T virus to become reality.
BioStuff415 - 天 前
Great presentation... the best I have seen on virology. Thanks. Much appreciated. Will share with my students.
Fabiana Santana
Fabiana Santana - 5 天 前
Hi professor. Is it possible to create a virus ?
Zander • 30 years ago
Honestly regardless of the current circumstances I think and always have thought that viruses are beautiful as wired as that sounds
Dr MATAHIR - 6 天 前 Types of coronaviruses explained well
Pharmacist Online
Pharmacist Online - 6 天 前 Types of corona viruses
felicia destin
felicia destin - 6 天 前
What about the one man makes
felicia destin
felicia destin - 6 天 前
Only a sick person could say virus is cool
Edgar Martínez
Edgar Martínez - 7 天 前
A virus is something that's never been purified and isolated.
joeseesall - 7 天 前
There are no viruses, they are exosomes created by our own bodies - Dr Andrew Kaufman
There's no contagion either. You do not contract a disease ;)
f c
f c - 8 天 前
Thank you Peter Duesberg for teaching us the HIV is harmless! I stopped listening to this bullshit when he started talking about "drugs meant to treat HIV".
this was actually fun to watch. I usually have a short attention span and blame it on myself when lectures get boring but its my teachers' fault.. Thanks a lot for uploading this!
lucky De Vera
lucky De Vera - 8 天 前
Gabor Raynai
Gabor Raynai - 9 天 前
backlash to ignorance
backlash to ignorance - 9 天 前
quick study..they are not really alive until they replicate but hijackig a cell in order to replicate.....interesting..and you may not like certain people but what has come out of them is entering you bob lol so if you hate a certain color or creed of a person..ahhh you got what came out of them in you....this thought makes me LMAO
David Parker
David Parker - 9 天 前
Most interesting. A good mental jog.
Dryson Bennington
Dryson Bennington - 10 天 前
The goal of a virus is to make the immune system work in such a way to create change. Without change brought on by viruses the body loses its ability to effectively remain alert to new infections. Without new infections to jump start the immune system, the body would assume that all viruses had been conquered. Once immunities had been created for all known or encountered viruses, the detection system of the immune system would no longer be needed, thus the body gets rid of the detection system over time. Its basically the same as a long to to travel across the ocean when a plane or ship can be taken instead.
Therefore the goal of viruses are to keep the immune system active and on the constant look out for new viruses. The body needs energy to perform a function of work, without the immune system needing to work to counter new viruses, the body cuts the energy off to the immune system. Viruses bring about changes in economies of the world to develop new medicines and new aspects of life.
Viruses are just not passive, viruses are passive aggressive because they passively assert a change in the normalcy of life which often times aggressively causes humans to change by fearing extinction.
Unless it is a rock, everything that has cells has an agenda of continuing to build the foundation of RNA/DNA in all cellular based lifeforms.
Not only do viruses possess a passive aggressive agenda, viruses also create the ability of life to think. Without viruses people wouldn't explore, escape and try to remedy in getting rid of the virus. When people explore, escape and try to get rid of a virus, what takes place? Work that requires energy, the more work a human does, means they consume more energy. Consuming more energy means that other life, plants and animals and fluids are consumed that helps create a balance in life. Without viruses forcing humans to consume more energy to counter the virus, other even nastier viruses and bacteria show up that could be detrimental to the survival of the human species. Therefore another goal of the virus to suddenly spark the OMG! part of the human brain to do something about it infecting humans so that more energy is consumed based on the function of work.
But the terrible hidden aspect of the virus is that its real goal is make certain that life consumes itself by consuming other life in the humans attempt to counter the virus. Natures way of way of saying that humanity had better grow up and start making its way to the Moon and Mars, otherwise the virus will wipe humans out for not maintaining the original agenda of spreading life from the Earth to the rest of Universe.
Chrono Legionnaire
Chrono Legionnaire - 10 天 前
This is amazing, thanks for putting this out. Specially cause is rare to find people teaching this subject passionately.
pinkyhotmessx69 - 10 天 前
We do t experiment on people? Lol He doesn't know about RAND does he? Unfortunately that comment just discredited this whole video. If people knew anything about Coronavirus you would find it very strange why he chose the mouse virus as an example. Just goes to show you how they can pass crap right in front of the uneducated population and they don't have a clue. PS Coronavirus has mice menangitis in it.
Marilynn Stark
Marilynn Stark - 11 天 前
This is an enlightening video. Such enlightenment for me is propelled not only by the truth of the science of which you speak so well, but also by the compression of the dangers to mankind of such possible pandemics of the proportion we at this instant are trying to fathom and master in the Covid-19 outbreak. You are most generous to offer this, and I for one will be here to imbibe your lectures. You made me embrace theoretical biology conceptually in a new light, past "Invertebrates" by Brusca & Brusca that had previously deeply affected me and more fully opened my mind to geologic time as it relates to evolution. It is as if before hearing this science as you teach it, viruses were for me indeed the vacuity without which I could not understand so fully how life may really have evolved. Now I can see new ways life could have evolved via viruses partly since their outstanding attribute is to lie lifeless or disengaged over great time, yet enlivening when information compatibility with other entities becomes seemingly by happenstance available. One point, please: your idea of seeing viruses as bi-phasic as to biotic/abiotic is succinct in my way of thinking as well -- I had never heard it, and I harmonize with it. Maybe one day there will be a new classification of viruses in biology if scientists can unravel how viruses contributed to the birth of the living cell as if viruses could become traced somehow as an actual, real bridge from the dead to the living in the sense of origination of life itself evolutionarily. It is as if the world of the living speaks to the scientific mind through the agency of the "abiotic" entity, the virus, which can also hide in death, playing possum at it were, as we see it sometimes -- that is, to know something, consider also its opposite. Consider the living by knowing the lifeless phase of the simple virus but in geologic time and even in the famous primordial chemical soup. The loss of nucleic acids that do not last over time becomes the stumper in that regard; so even as the Scientific Revolution found its origins in knowledge of life's creatures as an evolving set of beings through the fossil record -- no longer were such beings to be so absolutely by dictate theologically disposed to creationism -- there can be no fossils available of the ancient viral genomes? What a loss. Sheer function is at hand, for the structure of a virus is not gross unto the human eye and contained in organic matter as in the other aisle of science -- rocks, the macroscopic upon the surface of this "living" planet; for it was the rocks of the Earth that turned the human intellect into what it became (besides astronomy.) Can information that is codified in the viral genome leave footprints of time using mathematical recession analyses back into time by certain laws of probability and a comparison of order to entropy tendencies? How would the factor of mutation be either factored in or out of such a brave analysis? My quest if I were actively working in science would be to see if there is some hidden information in a virus's genome that is primary as a determinant precisely to its biotic phase of existence; for if there were such a determinant of phasic realization or expression of the virus, the scientist could perhaps find and destroy that sequence or mosaic of sequences so as to block the rise of pandemics with no need for vaccines which must be periodically updated as the virus mutates. This quest for me in my mind to find the magic of the virus as it turns from docile virion to an active infestation came before I found your course in virology much as in the desperate defense of mankind' s world peace as I saw the Covid-19 pandemic rise; and I would pray that science would pioneer if it is not already doing so in that very quest. Information metadata in the world of virology would turn the microbial world into a world more akin to the expansive world of astronomy that was born of the human eye's kinship with light. Anyway, back to the practical! Many thanks to you, Professor Racaniello, for that knowledge I found as you introduce virology in this lecture. I am deeply inspired, Marilynn Stark Barnard '72
praaht18 - 11 天 前
Mike Ivsin
Mike Ivsin - 11 天 前
Paying $60k a year for BS. Infectious mechanism of viruses is completely fictitious and contrary to actual and multiple infection tests. Try exosomes or ejected byproducts of cell functioning. Science is politicized and in but few cases can the lies be rejected (ie global warming).
yaveamarth - 12 天 前
I’ve been listening to TwiX for a while now and just found your lecture series! I’m so excited.
Btw my boyfriend knows the professor who developed the whale breath sampling robot, and says it’s called “Snotbot.”
Truth Ate
Truth Ate - 12 天 前
This guy is a f****** liar everything is reversible except death
Mark Leon Tanner
Mark Leon Tanner - 12 天 前
Thank you so much for giving us access to this wonderful, incredibly informative lecture...
Ross John
Ross John - 12 天 前
People who wear C pap mask needs a daily cleaning but at least have a filtered air flow, but Cloth mask collects filthy spewdum like a daily collection of germs and staffococcis held closely against your inner breathing tract to replace clean air. Air that regulates the temperature of your blood. Think about it. Your body expelles undesirables from both ends . To keep it clean on the inside. Ever see what comes out of your lavatory drain pipe? A Petri dish that a mask wearer carries with them. That's who might likely be more infected with something other than covid we really don't want. Eventually your new bacterial environment held against your face will want to to take a ride into your lungs wear its warm and humidity regulated by blood temperature. That is why. Clean cool dry air has a place inside. And warm used Carbon Dioxide needs to be on the outside.
santiago rojas
santiago rojas - 14 天 前
Its incredible the amount of knowledge that you are sharing with us, tranks
Lavana La Brey
Lavana La Brey - 14 天 前
I am learning this course because the Covid-19 was given the name to the Corona virus. But what I found is Covid-19 is an acronym for us to get a Certificate of Vaccine Identification and 19 means Artificial Intelligence. So it is a surveillance vaccine for the world population. It that is an agenda of population control. So when the population get tested that means they all are positive for Corona virus or some kind of virus, because everyone has viruses. So I am glad to take this course to learn about virology. Right now every one is developing phobias against humanity.
Roger Baker
Roger Baker - 14 天 前
A virus is an imaginary microbe, used by disingenuous criminals to scare the living daylights out of idiots who believe they're real.
Tony Rock
Tony Rock - 15 天 前
I can't hear anything.
SPACEBAR - 16 天 前
Once I Seen him reading off the MASSIVELY CORRUPTED W.H.O(WorldHealthOrg) I AM OUT OF HERE👋
dre gor
dre gor - 16 天 前
what do you call it when a person gets on plane travels abroad ? Getting infected...
f.scott fitzbeagle
f.scott fitzbeagle - 17 天 前
Thank you very much! I so appreciate you sharing this knowledge.
slayer 1
slayer 1 - 17 天 前
2:22 I breathe in I am less than a million parts of bacterial units per day I'm trying to cut back LOL
slayer 1
slayer 1 - 17 天 前
who started is good but it seems to be a whole lot of overthinking I would think it would be for patronising the college students.what I mean is like if a sponge has soaked up some water they will overthink it and they will say that the cellulose material has been inundated with some form of hydration it's just a little over-the-top if you get what I mean I like the video though don't get me wrong
slayer 1
slayer 1 - 17 天 前
53:32 they should have just told the truth and said hey we found some stuff what is American Indian we killed them off and stole it from them and now we can pretend like we are really smart. Don't tell nohhhbody LOL
slayer 1
slayer 1 - 17 天 前
53:32 no European invented anything it was all done thousands of years ago the electricity airplane cars but according to the scientist people moved around and drag things and stones so I could the wrong those people did pay a lot of money for their educationin in order to work for somebody else for the rest of their life at 10% of what they are worth so most of them will never be able to get out of debt that is just it was sheer genius LMFAO. The moral of the story is oooops lol
C Ad
C Ad - 18 天 前
and there is no God? 18:03
Doulos Christus
Doulos Christus - 18 天 前
Virology is bunk science
Jon Dhoe
Jon Dhoe - 18 天 前
Secret's out: GERM THEORY IS DEAD. Your whole entire profession is a FARCE. Respond please to Stefan Lanka, Perth Group, any number of scientists and experts who have proven viruses do not exist and do not cause disease.
Gloria Himes
Gloria Himes - 18 天 前
Brilliant lecturer!!
Offshore Migration
Offshore Migration - 19 天 前
Interesting world of the nano microbial. . I am wondering why COViD-19 has not taken off as much in Topical countries such as Thiailnd.. Could it be something as simple as a mechanical Fans, generating high wind pressure as ossposed to Air-conditioning.?
Marite Brulle
Marite Brulle - 19 天 前
This is much more interesting than any Rom-com on Netflix , Hulu , Prime or Apple TV ! Thank God i found you , I am a retired RN , and i have a good idea of what Virus is all about . Didn’t get a good teacher in Microbiology in my Nursing class in the 1960’s , no interactive illustrations , just like you have . we were only relying on our pictures in our books and looking through a microscope . Thank you
Kincaid LU
Kincaid LU - 19 天 前
The pictures were just fantastic when I project it on a 4K television.
Chomy boyle
Chomy boyle - 19 天 前
Bloody brilliant lecture
From a physicist
Israel Colchado Rojas
Israel Colchado Rojas - 19 天 前
27:17 You mean 2 months 😔😂
ScoopDogg - 19 天 前
"We have viruses all over our bodys, WE THINK most are beneficial" aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh! wtf WE THINK!
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer - 20 天 前
There is an Obscurantism system operating in the whole.of this small beautiful planet.Keep us in the dark so that we can manipulate them
Sage is a Cabbalistic loge
Thanks God there still people out there who want to Educate us.
Just Educate us
Stop giving us fish teach us how to fish.
Common Humankind raise to the challenge of Enlightening each and everyone of us can you imagine of the Happiness that this World would Exude....I dream but dream realistically....
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer
Aboo Swaleh Mosafeer - 20 天 前
This is what they should tell us during the daily press release.Educate us and this will set us free not necessarily safe of course unless we follow the basic rules of prevention.
m Farias
m Farias - 20 天 前
Thank you!!!! You are a great teacher!!! I was glued to the screen like a bottom feeder to a rock!!! Very informative. I work in a clinical microbiology lab and do virology but my knowledge is limited. I read books but they seem so overwhelming I quit but your lecture was simple but packed with information I can digest. I have a question. I read once that an effective virus does not kill its host. It becomes part of it. Then why do some viruses kill or make us sick? Is it that we are accidental hosts? What happens to the virus if it does not leave us? It is dormant as part of our flora? You blew my mind!
Claudio Saltara
Claudio Saltara - 20 天 前
In the Middle Ages philosophers use to debate how many angels can
fit in a pin head. I see that debates stil goes on with virus. Excuse the digression.
Susan McDonald
Susan McDonald - 20 天 前
Thank you! Great visuals! I love the "don't anthropormorphize" part, doesn't "think", or try "to display", etcetcetc., then you said it may try "to find" a host cell. Lol, sorry, liberal arts here. Thank you, again. Great learning!
Jan Willem Asch van
Jan Willem Asch van - 20 天 前
Rijksoverheid is fake met nep cijfers..
It's Australia Day Every Day
Sounds like a crazy man "I love viruses!" that sounds scary to me.
claude x
claude x - 21 天 前
Bill Gates owns the patent to the manufactured Covid 19 virus. Therefore, he is entirely responsible for every single death by the
virus, whether released intentionally or not is irrelevant. One hell of a class action lawsuit. #SueBillGates
mmoshinski - 21 天 前
Super interesting lecture. Very great professor.
John Sikes
John Sikes - 21 天 前
Great lecture. I suspect, though, that at least some types of cancer, and likely some other diseases have viral influences "hiding" somewhere in the causal chain, as well. Maybe not as primary or even high level contributors, but operating at some level within the pathology. I guess what I'm saying is that the arrows you put to the left on the "causes of death" chart might eventually show up in more areas than those you have denoted. In many syndromes, viruses have already been shown to have correlative, if not necessarily causative coincidence, with statistical significance. My understanding, anyway. Answer me one question, though, IS a virus alive? I can't seem to get straight answer on that anywhere. Standard answer seems to be "more or less". Maybe a new category needs to be defined for "sorta living" things. ;-)
Javier Pizarro
Javier Pizarro - 21 天 前
I have been wanting to watch this course for a while now, and how ironical is that a virus gives me the time to do so?
Praha Mama
Praha Mama - 21 天 前
Sanit Jefferies
Sanit Jefferies - 21 天 前
I'm one of an old generation who haven't had a privilege background in education but I'm so fascinated in learning about these viruses. Thank you for your lecturing.
nicoroehr - 22 天 前
Absolutely fascinating. Somehow makes me regret that I didn't take the chance to study medicine in the early 90s. Thank you very much for sharing this.
cxoot - 22 天 前
So basically vaccinations are a fraud. Vaccinations are what make people sick.
Christopher Kairnes
Christopher Kairnes - 22 天 前
Bah!!😂 Listen to the academic sheppard.
Beth Last
Beth Last - 16 天 前
You may also benefit from the spelling teacher.
Libor Hušek
Libor Hušek - 22 天 前
viruses are awsome if you dont mess around with em in a lab
Alysc Studjo
Alysc Studjo - 22 天 前
Are there any studies that look into virus communication on the scale of say like ants that send out a chemical signal to bite at the same time or on the scale of the hundredth monkey theory? I'm just wondering since it seems that when a certain number of "people" "cells" are infected, the number of people that become overwhelmed by the disease goes exponential which means massive loads get released.... I don't know if I'm asking my question clearly... what if the individual virus' can communicate with each other outside of each human body? It's only job is to go forth and multiply, right? The only way it can do that is to locate cells.... They are all so small can they even comprehend the human? Yes, I'm implying a certain level of swarm intelligence to the virus.
Gary Gomez
Gary Gomez - 22 天 前
A virus is what your doctor tells you when even THEY DON'T KNOW what you have.
Brother Maleus Praetor
Brother Maleus Praetor - 22 天 前
Pretty sure I saw Mandlebrot set rotational symmetry early on in the intro...
Helmut Gensen
Helmut Gensen - 22 天 前
If no virus is "alive" then what is inoculation with a "live virus"?
Pratwurscht Gulasch
Pratwurscht Gulasch - 23 天 前
omg i have this pepper virus, what am i gonna do
Real American Heroes 2: GI Joes Fight Back
This guy is a faker....your body makes viruses....BAM!
MAZI - 23 天 前
Thank You !!
David L
David L - 24 天 前
Thank you Vincent. You are a fantastic lecturer.
Mahesh Prasad
Mahesh Prasad - 24 天 前
aquame - 25 天 前
Quote Louis Pasteur “The microbe is nothing, The terrain is everything“ ,,,, We all carry bunch of different viruses but those with good terrain don’t get sick. Take your vitamins ,,
Brother Maleus Praetor
Brother Maleus Praetor - 22 天 前
Vitamin tablets do nothing for your overall health. Fruit and Vegetables are what you need in your intake.
Bee DC
Bee DC - 25 天 前
Thank you for making this incredible information free!
Sean Fagan
Sean Fagan - 25 天 前
Perhaps you should offer some advice to the reincarnation of mengele Aka Fauci
Raku Shah
Raku Shah - 25 天 前
Why this teach ? Chines scinticst make vaccine for heven .are you make for narq.?
Cyber Monk
Cyber Monk - 25 天 前
Thank you
ebanfield - 25 天 前
Thank God! Real science without math.