HONG KONG APARTMENT TOUR 2020 🏠 | renting a 130 sq ft studio for $1100 💸 | tiny studio flat

hi frens!🌞
so finally, i'm doing it - my very first apartment tour in Hong Kong after 7 years living here🥳 it's a very tiny studio flat (alias kamar kos minimalis hehe) that costs $1100 (HKD8500) per month... which is expensive for me, considering the small space🥺 but anyway, I've got more to share in terms of surroundings, pros & cons, and FAQs!😊
i've planned to make this since May guys, and honestly, it's a bit of a struggle to record this so please excuse my awkward face, shaky hand & weird voice HAHAHA i tried my best with the editing tho🥺👉👈
also, this is the first video for my "Life in Hong Kong - The Series", so stay tune for more HK vlogs! 💖
📣 PLEASE READ: the video is mainly based on personal opinion and experience; no offence / stereotyping intended. I put "tiny" and "small space" because it is realistically speaking, a tiny studio - BUT of course, there are smaller ("cage-like") apartments out there.

0:00 - intro
1:07 - sher's priority list
2:15 - rent fee
3:03 - the surroundings (Causeway Bay)
4:13 - desk area
5:16 - bed area
6:34 - wardrobe
8:06 - kitchen area
9:52 - bathroom
10:40 - pros & cons
11:51 - common FAQs
14:13 - full studio overview
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Leny DM
Leny DM - å¤© 前
Hhhmmm. Mandiri bingitttsss. Mantap sher 👍
KEN Lee Jin Han
KEN Lee Jin Han - 4 天 前
Hey Sheren, nice vlog u have here. I would like to expect qna and daily vlog in hong kong from you. Your videos are amazing!!!
sherendev - 4 天 前
Hey JinHan - thanks for stopping by!😊 I actually have thought about this but I don’t know if anyone would submit their question if I open a q&a box on IG🤣maybe you can be the first to ask lol Also my daily life is somewhat boring HAHAH because i’m mostly working 9-6, but i’ll think about vlogging during the weekend. Anyways thank you!! I still need to improve my editing but it means a lot to hear your opinion🥺😊
dewa Partana
dewa Partana - 5 天 前
wahhh mantappp apartementnya
sherendev - 3 天 前
Thankyou kak! walaupun sempit bgt ya😂
Sophanara Chay
Sophanara Chay - 7 天 前
It's very efficient and very cute too.
sherendev - 6 天 前
thank you for dropping by! 😊
Stevgogo77 - 12 天 前
Great job on the video, and nice editing. I find it interesting how you alternate between two languages when speaking!
Stevgogo77 - 10 天 前
@sherendev Honestly I followed along fine, I wouldn't worry too much about it
sherendev - 10 天 前
wahhh thank you - it means a lot!!🙏🏻 (it took me forever to edit this lol almost drove me crazy) oh really?😂 while it’s common for me to just switch languages like that, i think i dont plan to do it in the coming videos because i feel bad for viewers who don’t speak Bahasa 😅 they’d be looking at subtitles that keep changing lol
Dominic Smullen
Dominic Smullen - 20 天 前
Totally unrelated but I love your Voice ;)
sherendev - 3 天 前
Hahaha yeah maybe this is also because I edit my videos and hear my voice repeatedly 🤣anyways thanks man! 😄
Dominic Smullen
Dominic Smullen - 16 天 前
@sherendev Your voice always sounds different when heard from outside sources it'd s normal for everyone, don't worry it's a cute voice :)
sherendev - 16 天 前
whattt hahaha not gonna lie i kinda hate my voice on record 😂
pettymosan _
pettymosan _ - 23 天 前
Hey, i got exactly the same tiny studio as yours i guess we got it from the same agency based on the interior decors... my price is the same as yours too
pettymosan _
pettymosan _ - 23 天 前
sherendev yes cwb! i agree too they have very neat and modern decorations!
sherendev - 23 天 前
Omg really!!🤣 yeah i think this agency really put efforts to decorate and renovate the place... so its quite ok for me! This one is in cwb - are you also living in hk island or?
wy388 - 23 天 前
Hi how does one go about looking for an apartment? Like what website or agency do you visit?
sherendev - 23 天 前
hello! i think as a foreigner it would be better to find some english listings so you can also negotiate easier. i personally suggest you to find listings without agency fee (it would be another 50% of the total rent). I listed some useful website & fb groups that i usually use :-) hope this helps! -------- eng/chinese (can filter based on location etc): www.28hse.com/en/ if you're on FB, you can join these groups - sometimes it's not the agent posting, but people looking for flatmates / direct owner: facebook.com/groups/FindYourRoomInHongKong facebook.com/groups/219523561811865
Bernardo III Estrada
Bernardo III Estrada - 24 天 前
Cynthia Tanujaya
Cynthia Tanujaya - 24 天 前
Beautiful edits! A very homey studio despite the tiny size tbh 🤩
Makeithappen - 27 天 前
U should move to the European countries atleast u can get nice home I'm very sad for u , why hongkong living conditions so poor
sherendev - 26 天 前
thanks for your concern, but actually i’m living just fine😊 (if you watch my videos I put all the things that made me choose this tiny flat) and yeah totally agree; I’ve lived in Sweden before - definitely space is not scarce resources.
Makeithappen - 27 天 前
This is totally like mentally torture , govt should do something for them how connect people can food washroom n kitchen next to each other this is disappointed
sherendev - 26 天 前
unfortunately that's the reality not just in HK (even though the housing price here is one of the highest in the world) - but yeah anyway it's actually not that bad! at least i'm kind of used to this haha thanks for dropping by though
Makeithappen - 27 天 前
Hongkong apartments very disappointed smaller then bathrooms it's insane I don't know how' hongkong surviving in this tiny apartment omg
letsbeclaire - 29 天 前
So cute! And I LOVE Hong Kong ❤️❤️❤️ Subbed you x
sherendev - 28 天 前
aw thank you!!🥺 are you also based in hk?😆 i’ll fly to your channel soon and btw i love the name 🤓
Princess Doreen
Princess Doreen - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
Wow! Beautiful Apartment! ! You made me smile today! All the best to you and your channel! Lets support each other all the way! We can do this! Yay! I’ll see you on your next video!
sherendev - 29 天 前
Aww thanks for dropping by
Alex Chiu
Alex Chiu - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
130 sqf is very small. My house in Bay Area, California is 2800 sqf with 6 bedrooms 4 bathrooms car garabe and I live here all by myself. You should move to Europe of USA.
Makeithappen - 27 天 前
You're right my friend people will become crazy room with this size not for human really it's so sad to see hongkong living conditions so bad my god
Hanna Gang
Hanna Gang - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
hi i am Hanna khalifa Nice Video♡♡♡
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
hi Hanna!! thank youu for dropping by 🥰😊
Ad Creative World
Ad Creative World - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
Nice👌, new friend here sending full support from my side. Liked and subscribed. I hope you will do the same for me.
Annelle Lansangan
Annelle Lansangan - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
Looking forward to the next videos of this series 🥰
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
naww thank you!🥰 hopefully soon😊 (if i'm not procrastinating hehe)
rudi soenario
rudi soenario - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
Wow .. it’s beautiful ..
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
Thanks a lot!! 😊
Monica Natalia
Monica Natalia - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
Love it! makes you feel at home💚
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
definitely!! thank you 💚😊
Sugianto Soenario
Sugianto Soenario - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
It's very comfortable. Very nice
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
thank u so much!😊
moynul haque
moynul haque - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
it,s kinda cute vlog..carry on.
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
thank you so much!! :)
Hayley Coyne
Hayley Coyne - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
Hey I just came across your channel and loved your video I just subscribed and I plan to support you, I hope you will do the same for me !
Mon Made
Mon Made - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
this looks great 🤩👍🏼
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
thank you!!🥰😭
陳棨豪Hercules Chan
陳棨豪Hercules Chan - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
It’s a really nice vlog sheren!
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
Thank you so much dude!!😭😊
Jim Willis
Jim Willis - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
You’re getting better and better with your videos Sher, good job! But 16mil 🤣 God bless you ✌️🙏
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
aaaa thanks so much jim!! masih belajar sih hehe 🤩 and i know righttt 16mio is crazy but that's like typical hk 🤣 curious to know what is it like in Taiwan though!:D
Anna Lee
Anna Lee - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
Your editing! 🤩 and you did well with the space you have, I miss HK so much! I have some friends there and can’t wait to go back 💖
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
nawww thanks so much💖 yesss definitely! can't wait till it's safe again to travel 😊
sherendev - ä¸ªæœˆ 前
what do you guys think?! hope yall enjoy watching this video🧸🛏
1:07 – sher's priority list
2:15 – rent fee
3:03 – the surroundings (Causeway Bay)
4:13 – desk area
5:16 – bed area
6:34 – wardrobe
8:06 – kitchen area
9:52 – bathroom
10:40 – pros & cons
11:51 – common FAQs
14:13 – full studio overview