Chelsea 4-4 Liverpool | Frank Lampard Double Puts Chelsea Through | Champions League Highlights

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Chelsea survived a huge scare before drawing one of the most entertaining Champions League games of recent times to seal a 7-5 aggregate win over Liverpool and book a semi-final against Barcelona.
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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.
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Tretan Sakera_War
Tretan Sakera_War - 4 天 前
When alex take the free kick..
The wall: i hate my job
djvtl - 9 天 前
Who else like to see loserpool like this
Moni Bakalli
Moni Bakalli - 10 天 前
markorevan - 10 天 前
This game looks so fixed.. Look at that terrible defending
Deodat Lawson
Deodat Lawson - 13 天 前
What a time CL was, now is just a bunch of lame games its sad the pitch just doesn’t feel the same
Emma Greenidge
Emma Greenidge - 14 天 前
Chelsea Ibe
Chelsea Ibe - 15 天 前
After the match
UEFA: "Fine then I will do it myself"
aaa bbb
aaa bbb - 18 天 前
best match i've ever seen
Mark Kenna
Mark Kenna - 20 天 前
Best champions league knockout game ever my opinion
ejissajk - 22 天 前
Essien good strike and defence.
Machinegunkelly - Drakensang Online
I really miss such matches as a Chelsea FC fan... and as a football fan at all.
Muhamad Haris
Muhamad Haris - 25 天 前
Nothing impossible my wife
Muhamad Haris
Muhamad Haris - 25 天 前
Nice handsome husband
oleezy21 - 26 天 前
Back when even the defenders acted like a goalie without using my hands just their body. Now players barely do that
billy bob
billy bob - 28 天 前
And I thought Liverpool’s goalkeeper was good at the time how wrong was I..
Mufid PAI
Mufid PAI - 28 天 前
Indonesia suaranya mana?
อภิรักษ์ รูปขาว
I like Chelsea🇹🇭🇹🇭
james malory
james malory - 29 天 前
Favourite Chelsea game of all time
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele - 29 天 前
If not for Liverpool we would have like 2 more UCLs.
markorevan - 28 天 前
Not necessary. Milan was truly world class team than. Sheva,Pippo,Kaka,Maldini,Seedorf,Pirlo,Nesta...
Daniel Albornoz Lazo
Daniel Albornoz Lazo - 29 天 前
Partidazo 👏🏼😎
Timur Shaipov
Timur Shaipov - 个月 前
A rare game where defenders from both sides scored truly iconic goals
조정민 - 个月 前
심판 아니었다면 싱겁게 끝났을경기
Naira Harutyunyan
Naira Harutyunyan - 个月 前
2:04 looi at torres
Bl Xbn
Bl Xbn - 个月 前
We would’ve beat Man United in the final based on our form after January. We had lost one game from January to August and then went on to win the Premier League the following season. But Uefalona had their way thanks to some bent refereeing from Overbro.
Jay Mazyopa
Jay Mazyopa - 25 天 前
I say the same too our record with Guus that year was incredible
My favourite match. Thanks for remember childhood.
Cynic Nihl
Cynic Nihl - 个月 前
4:28 Underrated disguise pass from Ballack! Absolutely genius!
Sandipta S. Deb
Sandipta S. Deb - 个月 前
I miss this fighting spirit in Chelsea now.
AMi Gozz57
AMi Gozz57 - 个月 前
Back when ucl knockouts were played by the EPL top 4
Budi Wijaya
Budi Wijaya - 个月 前
The blues not found yet a player like super frankie, terry and drogba..
Wish all the best for the blues at next season...
Keep higher the blues...
Xavi Abal
Xavi Abal - 个月 前
2:02 WTF Torres????
Marilyn Tucker
Marilyn Tucker - 个月 前
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Netizen Bebas
Netizen Bebas - 个月 前
Sadly now i can only see player like jorginho and kovacic, no vision, can’t shot. Miss old chelsea
Tony Butler
Tony Butler - 个月 前
It’s a shame that era had to come to an end really, I guess it effectively ended in Munich in 2012! When u thought 4-2 against Barcelona was the greatest match ever, out of nowhere this one happened, then the stars aligned in 2012, can’t believe that was 8 years ago.... so many amazing nights and and so many heartbreaking ones aswell... I guess u have to have em both don’t ya. Chelsea today are a shadow of their former self
Firdaus Daus
Firdaus Daus - 个月 前
So many legends in this match.. Times fly
A.S.H. - 个月 前
I totally remember this night. After the half time whistle, the manager, Guus Hiddink, completely changed the strategy and Chelsea made a different phase.
Mateus Farias
Mateus Farias - 个月 前
Epoca boa de ver futebol, jogadores se muita fama que jogavam muita bola, todas as ligas eram equilibradas, a champions league entao, pegava fogo. Hoje nao se compara!
Arkadeep Singha
Arkadeep Singha - 个月 前
Classic Chelsea💙
sami goud
sami goud - 2 个月 前
From the best games that I ever watched
Tan S
Tan S - 2 个月 前
Frank Lampard of yesteryears.