[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) 'Black Swan' Dance Practice

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Army ARMY wItH a sOdA oN tHe sIdE
Their bones said: ➡️⬅️⬆️⬇️↗️↘️↙️↖️
Nightcore Frenchie
Nightcore Frenchie - 天 前
Each time I hear they're "Yeah yeah yeah" I think about Exo😂 Also, Jimin with a ponytail 😏😍😘
Wei Wuxian
Wei Wuxian - 天 前
Is it just me or does taehyung's pants keep getting baggier with each comeback
ありりんTV - 天 前
グクどんどんダンス上手くなってる! みんな歌もダンスも最高‼︎
Santii Rex
Santii Rex - 天 前
Taehyung is Billie Eillish
Army방탄Girlツ - 天 前
que? No hablo taka taka
Eukepsa - 天 前
1:31 I fucking love this part of the dance.
미키요 - 天 前
Lillie Phillips
Lillie Phillips - 天 前
BTS you have helped me so much through life
Emanuela Costa
Emanuela Costa - 天 前
Amei , maravilhosos meus lindos ; )
gelo `-
gelo `- - 天 前
Tae Is Mine
Tae Is Mine - 天 前
Do your thang with me V😘❤️
Johana Young
Johana Young - 天 前
Amazing¡¡¡ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ ustedes solo saben hacerlo bien ¡¡ FIGHTING ¡¡ saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪🇵🇪 BTS va con fuerza¡ 👏💪🛡❤
Jikooks Thighs
Jikooks Thighs - 天 前
Ok jimin we get it, you took ballet-
Thuong Le Men
Thuong Le Men - 天 前
Rất hay luôn á
Yana Ghafar
Yana Ghafar - 天 前
woi sape yang dislike tu 🙄
Lalisa my love
Lalisa my love - 天 前
dyo is bae
dyo is bae - 天 前
i'm not army . i'm an exo-l tbh . and yeah 'Black Swan' just too perfect and i luv it ㅠㅠ
littleRose cutie
littleRose cutie - 2 天 前
1:12 I think Tae's pants stopped him from sliding lol
Iris alderete Kim
Iris alderete Kim - 2 天 前
Shixxxxxtt im living for sope
Lyndi Lyons
Lyndi Lyons - 2 天 前
My absolute babes. 💔
ZadieGACHAback! - 2 天 前
Bts: lets all wear white and not tell jungkook and jin
Cintia Tello
Cintia Tello - 2 天 前
Una sola palabra: perfecto
Los amo❤💕😙😙👋
Mariana N.
Mariana N. - 2 天 前
The movements of Jimin tho😳😱
Bacall McElroy
Bacall McElroy - 2 天 前
I feel like jungkook stood out the most in this one. His skills are incredible
Guel G.
Guel G. - 2 天 前
•ᴊᴇᴏɴ - ɴɪᴀ•
0:03 3:16
Norma Ramirez
Norma Ramirez - 2 天 前
Perfect ●ω●🌞🌹❤❤
Filha de Yoonmin
Filha de Yoonmin - 2 天 前
Perfeição da nature só pode ser isso quase enfartei vendo essa coreografia divina perfeição da natureza e não sei como não ganharm o Grammy esse ano (2020) mano que perfeitinho!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Taekook258 - 2 天 前
Everyone: let’s just wear Fila and not tell tae
Is it just me or Jin’s hair is so long now? Omg! I love it!
K Wu
K Wu - 2 天 前
Jimin's mini pony tail OH GOD I juST LOST MY JAMS
Geovanna Almeida
Geovanna Almeida - 2 天 前
My goodness! I'm a B-Army, a little B-Army actually! I love you very much! I can't stand the Haters my biggest dream and to be able to meet you, but it's kind of impossible because it's a very long distance but please know that I and many other B-Armys love Jungkook, tae, hope, O RM, Jin, o jimin and you suck !! please hope you read this message! I love YOU !! loved the choreography !!

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my name is Geovanna kkkkk oh my god!
M F.
M F. - 2 天 前
JIKOOK ❤️👍🏼😎
Maria Bravo
Maria Bravo - 2 天 前
Este viernes ( 21 de febrero ) se lanzará el album de BTS , como ya saben la canción principal se llamará ON y tendrá su otra versión que será COLLAB con la cantante SIA ( es la misma canción solo que con la voz de sia ... espero entiendan ) . El viernes tendremos que levantarnos temprano , ya que siempre lanzan las canciones en la madrugada ( AM ) , nosotros estaremos concentrados en SPOTIFY , ITUNES ... ETC ( diferentes plataformas digitales ) . Por favor , el viernes tenemos que hacer stream en spotify ( Las que no tienen descarguense porfa , no importa si es free ... o sea gratis , tambien cuenta ) , necesitamos escuchar todas las canciones del album para tener un buen numero se $Tr€@M, como dije , la canción principal ( llamada ON ) tendrá otra versión ( que sera collab con SIA ) , nosotros tenemos que hacer $Tr€@M a ambas canciones , pero por favor prioricen la versión con SIA . Para hacer $Tr€@M en spotify no debemos repetir a cada rato la canción , ya que spotify lo contaria como un ROBOT , tenemos que poner otras canciónes . Por favor !!! Ese dia necesitamos tener un numero alto en spotify , comprar la canción principal en itunes y en todas las plataformas difitales comprarlas y hacerles $Tr€@M . El dia 21 tambien se lanzara una pelicula ( tengo entendido que no es el principal , ya que ese se lanzará el 28 de febrero .) Con las canción principal supongo y tambien necesitamos hacerle $Tr€@M . VAMOS !!! ESE DIA SE TIENE QUE HACER GRANDES NUMEROS !! . DIFUNDAN
JC_GamerCraft - 2 天 前
Hat Gang: Sope, Namjoon
Bun Gang: Vmin or Taemin idk
Red Jacket Gang: Jinkook
Headband Soloist: Taehyung xDD
Edit: I'm not shipping here (well Sope tho-) Just saying ships that are known and when they're in the same gang if that makes sense lol
Liz - 2 天 前
Hobi happy birthday
Kim Nana
Kim Nana - 2 天 前
Kim Nana
Kim Nana - 2 天 前
Kim Nana
Kim Nana - 2 天 前
Kim Nana
Kim Nana - 2 天 前
Khurshida Davronova
Khurshida Davronova - 2 天 前
Jimin has become Jungkook
Jin and Kokie are wearing almost the same thing
I gotta say it again...
I'm In LoVe wITh JiminSsii mini PoNYtaIl!!
My Life
My Life - 2 天 前
Mds q coreografia maravilhosaaa
Khurshida Davronova
Khurshida Davronova - 2 天 前
Jimins ponytail.. Aaahhh
Ebony v Jackson
Ebony v Jackson - 2 天 前
Can I just say in the future when you all have your own life's like wife's children maybe in the future army are gonna miss you guys after you all split up and all armys dont want that so hopefully be proud of armys be proud of the bandmates and yourself so you have your own faith and armys so we all love you so good luck on your album🥰🥰🥰🥰
Keisha Kariuki
Keisha Kariuki - 2 天 前
‘let’s all wear white shirts and not tell Jungkook and Jin’
Guiih Winchester
Guiih Winchester - 2 天 前
This coreography is amazing 😍😍
laura Martinez
laura Martinez - 2 天 前
Dejen un like si les dio nostalgia berlos tan diferentes pero con la misma chispa
namjoon's missing airpods
how come they make this look so easy dancing as if nothing but when i try i look like a giraffe that just come out the womb shaking all over the place looking like its on crack 😭
purpl mono.
purpl mono. - 2 天 前
Namjoon is so hot >///
purpl mono.
purpl mono. - 2 天 前
All of the members are incredible dancers
KAPPU T - 2 天 前
I watch it everyday hoping that one day I might learn this just by watching because the last time I tried the choreo, I couldn't move my shoulder for days
asma asama
asma asama - 2 天 前
A het you jungkook
-Mah hearteu-
-Mah hearteu- - 2 天 前
I can't seem to take mah eyes off Jimin and Tae with man buns, but praise the one who is barefooted :') 💜
asma asama
asma asama - 2 天 前
#jungkook and lisa =loooove❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ahmed Armyah
Ahmed Armyah - 2 天 前
asma asama = flop , everything is just lies .
لسهه الخراميز عايشين ؟
asma asama
asma asama - 2 天 前
Jungkook you love Lisa ? ?????
Ahmed Armyah
Ahmed Armyah - 2 天 前
asma asama get out from ur imagination!!, and stop watching yt videos of shippers , all of them re wrong and disgusting.
purpl mono.
purpl mono. - 2 天 前
asma asama don’t embarrass yourself pls
jimin-shiii ARMY i purple you
The one that has hair is everything 🤤💜💜
Kurapika - 2 天 前
I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!
marie millet
marie millet - 2 天 前
you are too strong