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Introduction:What kind of girls can become part of a girls group? What kind of girls can meet the standards of Class A? Our answer is: Endless possibilities! Let's embark to explore the mystery of X!
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EXO-L FOREVER!!!!! - 58 分钟 前
Lisa: This is so easy why can't you just do it right?

Me: This is so hard why can you do it right?
sawasdee_ krub
sawasdee_ krub - 小时 前
I imagine when Jung Hoseok was a Mentor too😉
Ashe Lily Wright
Ashe Lily Wright - 5 小时 前
who the fuck does she think she is to treat people like that??:D
Vinayak J nair
Vinayak J nair - 3 小时 前
She did a good job
Magarni Thapa
Magarni Thapa - 6 小时 前
E. ALKAN - 7 小时 前
Bence de
•Han Li •
•Han Li • - 8 小时 前
I love you Lisa.
גלי שטיינברג
גלי שטיינברג - 8 小时 前
I just feel like someone needs to make a video how to be a good teacher not just because of Lisa because of other teachers and not just dance teachers other teachers
sunilSujita basnet
sunilSujita basnet - 8 小时 前
Lisa is a bad girl i dont like lisa
Miranda - 8 小时 前
Not even a blink and I know Lisa isnt being rude but she is preparing them for how hard it’s going to be to become an idol. All I saw was professionalism!
Jasmine Domingo
Jasmine Domingo - 11 小时 前
DEW DROPS - 12 小时 前
i really like this side of lisa and it makes me love her more
27 ʜᴀᴅʏ ɪʏʜꜱᴀɴ
Lisa is doing her job. More strict (But not yelling) = More focus and disciplined 😊
아령 - 13 小时 前
If she being this rude to me (like the people saying) i would fucking thank her every 5 seconds
아령 - 13 小时 前
She gives me the Jhope vibe. The dance monsters 👍
Meladic - 14 小时 前
Lisa isn't rude, she's just acting like that so they can be serious and succes lol
Teng - 14 小时 前
Aries mentality
not a furry uwu
not a furry uwu - 15 小时 前
*what haters expect from lisa:*
*random person: *does a mistake**
*lisa: “ohh issok bb u did nothing wrong just keep doing that even doe is wrong”*
modern aesthetic
modern aesthetic - 15 小时 前
all of them are me when i folk dance
Guly_ KOSH
Guly_ KOSH - 16 小时 前
о боже ЛИСА такая строгая!
Cheap Charming
Cheap Charming - 16 小时 前
I am not a blink, I just came here for 5:20 meme 🙂
Daya Miller
Daya Miller - 16 小时 前
While everyone arguing about lisa being rUdE im just gonna say the THUMBNAIL looks like Jackson if he's a girl
Just sayyin 🤷
SM 98
SM 98 - 16 小时 前
And this was the moment when the famous meme was born
Haikal Fakrullah
Haikal Fakrullah - 18 小时 前
So scary😭
Nitchanun - 18 小时 前
密秘 - 19 小时 前
It seems like everyone looking for the hate comments, I can be the one....Lisa, you're so mean !!!
Meg - 20 小时 前
One day those who made it to the end will thank Lisa for being tough on them. I think it's unfair to judge someone for putting effort into and sincerely teaching others something they excel in. This also shows how much Lisa practiced and pushed herself before getting where she is today. Personally, I would like to applaud her for being herself (or at least it seems that way to me) and not faking in front of the cameras.
Kuyz3rd blanza
Kuyz3rd blanza - 20 小时 前
Make Lisa smile is the goal for tranees😁❤️
Kuyz3rd blanza
Kuyz3rd blanza - 20 小时 前
I like the way she teach to the tranee very professional and it would be nice cause the tranee become tougher
หน้ากาก ฟักทอง
คนไทยมารวมกัน ตรงนี้ครับ fc thailand
 - 21 小时 前
The fact that this have more views than his/her Subscribers
Vorada Khoman
Vorada Khoman - 21 小时 前
Excuse me, do you guys know that who is in 6:33 ( the girl who has a ponytail) )? I like how she dance and smile 😀. If anyone knows, please reply my comment ASAP!
Thank you very much!
inalyn _07
inalyn _07 - 21 小时 前
Lisa teacher good and beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤
Thoang Pham
Thoang Pham - 21 小时 前
linh nhật
linh nhật - 21 小时 前
Lisa lol
Ceilvia C
Ceilvia C - 22 小时 前
They auto-tuned the trainees so hard in this show that the final episode, which was live, was a train wreck
เอกพันธ์ ผลมุข
Meng Thea
Meng Thea - 22 小时 前
Lisa so cute ❤️
noppitybop - 23 小时 前
its a pleasure to be taught by Lisa. like bruh, i would kill to be in that class.
청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF
Lisa is coaching with serious motion.
Actually she is helping them to develop their dance skills.
We trust her as a coach or singer.
Lisa we love you!!!
jeon jungkook's wife
jeon jungkook's wife - 23 小时 前
I can say that lisa is strict
9ooR Bp_
9ooR Bp_ - 天 前
I fell sad for haters looking for hate comments to like lmao
Kurau NyacchiDa
Kurau NyacchiDa - 天 前
5:51 wtf Sillent Hill 2 soundtrack
putri arween saffiya
0:53 lisa is speak thailand
TAM HAU KI 1920_1B_24
Wei Xing
Wei Xing - 天 前
This is the first lesson and you can see Lisa become gentle when the trainees become better in the later episodes. I think it is right to be more strict in the initial classes to make the students have the right attitude for rest of the class.
Black Pink
Black Pink - 天 前
I bet the trainees watch this again over and over again and make fun of each other.. lol
Sew Cute Diana
Sew Cute Diana - 天 前
Can i just say this made me MORE attracted to Lisa, yasss queen! 💖
Francesca Collca
Francesca Collca - 天 前
She is NOT rude she is strict wich is ok when you are teaching
dazzling tutun
dazzling tutun - 天 前
My father also talks like that while teaching me maths but that doesn't mean i will call him rude..
Btw these girls are so lucky lisa is there teacher 🥺🥺
Sinai Hernández
Sinai Hernández - 天 前
Don't scold me smooth I want you to be my XD dance mentor and don't scold me because if I don't cry
Kathya Ortiz
Kathya Ortiz - 天 前
Is sow estupet 😡
burke tamang
burke tamang - 天 前
Lisa like this could step on me and I would thank her.
Tasnim Hasan
Tasnim Hasan - 天 前
Lisa is my fav I did my hair like her I do my makeup like her I act like her everyone says that I am the number two Lisa I’m her number twin Lisa I even dance like her I have a BLACKPINK group like I have three best friends and with me four best friends Lisa what do you say am I your twin
Secret Mons
Secret Mons - 天 前
that's how a mentor should be i don't think she's rude.
a mentor should be strict and professional, she can't go too easy on them because they will take her words light-hearted
•Moonlight Tea•
if i were there i would be scared of lisa because i dance so bad
Kiritsu Baka
Kiritsu Baka - 天 前
Oh wow first time I hear Full Thailand Lisa talked
Takarasu huhuhihi
Takarasu huhuhihi - 天 前
I love Lisa😂
Santi Wie
Santi Wie - 天 前
This is why i don't like class dance.. you forced to smile..(ノ^_^)ノ
เบ๋บี๋ เม.ม
ลิซ่าเก่งมาก ลิซ่าพยายามช่วยให้ทุกคนผ่านผลไปได้ ดุด่าก็เพราะอยากให้ได้ดี
Javier Messi
Javier Messi - 天 前
Why lisa being so rude I thought she was always smile and love their fan 😡😓😓😐😶😐😑😐😤
Nerfboi1 - 天 前
y’all know she’s mad when she starts switching languages
not a furry uwu
not a furry uwu - 15 小时 前
lol probably, or she’s too lazy to say it in english.
S_sang z
S_sang z - 天 前
She is not rude...she is just being strict...she just want the best for them...So I completely respect her desicion❤
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan - 天 前
I love you so lisa
Lisa is so strict
arun kumar
arun kumar - 天 前
Lisa is not rude while the pink dress second time the girl smiled so Lisa liked the smile and she also smiled
Nato Japaridze
Nato Japaridze - 天 前
I don't like the way she taught them to dance. And she is very bad teacher, i would never want to be taught to dance by her
Zi jinhan
Zi jinhan - 23 小时 前
lmao you never been to kpop trainer dance class???...or any dance class..literally majority of dance teacher really be an need to serious
asmett1 - 天 前
its like watching the drum scene in Whiplash except with less abuse .
Oktaviani Oktaviani
Anyoeng Lisa
Yana Yayan
Yana Yayan - 天 前
Episod 1 or?
May ann Ardiente
May ann Ardiente - 天 前
Hi lisa
Cedhez Valenton
Cedhez Valenton - 天 前
my coach is more 10000000000000000000X strict than lisa.........but it's ok I still love my coach
rxbyred - 天 前
“i told you to smile why didn’t you smile”
because she can’t understand you maybe
mochimochi - 天 前
rxbyred lol my bad just saying.
rxbyred - 天 前
mochimochi it was a joke i know they told her lol
mochimochi - 天 前
Yes maybe she didn’t understand Lisa but even so the other trainees told her to smile. I don’t blame her though she said she didn’t remember the dance yet so she was probably to focused on trying to do the dance correctly.
Hamid Haki
Hamid Haki - 天 前
Fake you Lisa😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Black track
Black track - 天 前
Lisa is so bitchy 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
glossierushy - 天 前
Lisa is like my principal literally
Ali H.A
Ali H.A - 天 前
Why she doesnt encourage them instead of being tough
Zi jinhan
Zi jinhan - 23 小时 前
@Ali H.A she do gave them courage...just some clip dont include...if you have vip ver...lisa always give courage to the trainer
Ali H.A
Ali H.A - 天 前
@Secret Mons ok right
Secret Mons
Secret Mons - 天 前
@Ali H.A a mentor should be strict and professional, she can't go too easy on them because they will take her words light-hearted
Ali H.A
Ali H.A - 天 前
@Galactic卩卂几ᗪ卂 i love Lisa, she is my bias but i'm just wondering. I think it will be better if she says motivided words to them
You really don't know the real world of the industry...
PlayVLOG - 天 前
I’m so impress that every girls can understand Thai
 - 天 前
Lalisa 💖
Scott Master
Scott Master - 天 前
I never see lisa got devil;-;