(EP2)蓝草的一生?蓝印花布的一生?还是李子柒花裙子的一生?The life of blue calico dresses hand-dyed by Li Ziqi?

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“Blue dye comes from the indigo plant but is even bluer.”
Plant the indigo seeds and harvest twice a year,
Squash the leaves in a tank of liquid, drain to extract the dye, hand print the cloth and make into clothes!
Blue calico dying and batik printing are time-honored crafts handed down through generations.
I wonder how many of you still remember them.
蓝印花布 蜡染这些老前辈们的手艺,

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สาว เขมร
สาว เขมร - 9 分钟 前
Cherry McCall
Cherry McCall - 45 分钟 前
Beautiful work. Stay well and God bless.
Henss Chr
Henss Chr - 小时 前
Whoever put English subtitles here, thank you. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you abundantly. 🥰
Hàn Kỳ Tuyết
Hàn Kỳ Tuyết - 小时 前
Roadschooler USA
Roadschooler USA - 小时 前
Watching this Video again I remember how great is Our God.Everything he created was perfect until bad people ruined it.But God won’t leave us,He will always there to lift us up again.
Monika Das
Monika Das - 小时 前
Diana Su
Diana Su - 2 小时 前
My Kira
My Kira - 2 小时 前
Keep inspiring..
Thank you for bringing the light to many people..
Take Care always and keep safe...
let's Unite and Keep Standing.
God Bless
Sassy Girl
Sassy Girl - 3 小时 前
Эмилия Эмиловна
krishnendhu K B
krishnendhu K B - 3 小时 前
I cant help to say that...you and your grandmother very cute....happy to see you again and stay safe...
Top Hit Musical
Top Hit Musical - 3 小时 前
https://youtu.be/XmN0iLxILrE Приятного просмотра! И извините за маленькую рекламу на вашем канале!
富安弘樹 - 3 小时 前
笑わせんな 武漢女が 末尾に消えろ
putriii cahayaaa
putriii cahayaaa - 3 小时 前
Bener kata tmn ku, orang china jarang mandiii
Z Bones
Z Bones - 4 小时 前
4:57 How many people wash their grandma's feet
John Norris
John Norris - 4 小时 前
wayne1684 - 4 小时 前
John Norris
John Norris - 4 小时 前
Would rather see you
John Norris
John Norris - 4 小时 前
I wanted to say thank you but i
Samanta A
Samanta A - 4 小时 前
I envy her life and family so much
Elza Cervants
Elza Cervants - 5 小时 前
Excelente video aunque el idioma no lo entiendo, pero no es obstaculo para disfrutarlo y mi imaginación vuela hasta alla.
DNoO Ku - 5 小时 前
Nice ❤️
Ayham Razan
Ayham Razan - 5 小时 前
أين أنتم يا جزائريين الله يحفظنا من الوباء ويشافي مرضانا يارب
claire van nostern
claire van nostern - 6 小时 前
Your such a goddess 😍❤️❤️ I could see how God love you and me in serenity . You are Inspiring all people all over the earth. Stay blessed all the days of your life , Grandma as well
Angela Anela Cantrell
Angela Anela Cantrell - 6 小时 前
Amazing and beautiful girl in nature 😍😍😍😍 loves her granny!
melster48 - 6 小时 前
The respect she shows her grandmother is wonderful. These videos are fascinating, beautiful, and relaxing to watch. Thank you to Liziqi for sharing your life with us.
ancellex ancel
ancellex ancel - 6 小时 前
Wow wow wow😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Sheila jacklin
Sheila jacklin - 6 小时 前
So beautiful at the end it brought tears to my eyes...magical.Thank you Liziqi.x
Jovel Rosales
Jovel Rosales - 7 小时 前
Liziqi thank you for being inspiration and to make as feel we can do better in life.
TreeGuy Shaman
TreeGuy Shaman - 7 小时 前
Absolutely Lovely!
darkprince56 - 7 小时 前
I would love a coat like that! But why did she blur her grandmother’s face this time??
Laienna Brown
Laienna Brown - 7 小时 前
Junio Olive Olive
Junio Olive Olive - 7 小时 前
Salve nois Jesus
EkAndi Mawarni
EkAndi Mawarni - 8 小时 前
So talented. 😍😍
Lolletahz - 8 小时 前
give away please
Lucas Pouille
Lucas Pouille - 8 小时 前
it took her 1 year to make this video. She is so amazing.
Khadija Moutaki
Khadija Moutaki - 8 小时 前
Liziqi love u from morocco🇲🇦❤❤❤❤
Sabrynna Santos de lima
Sabrynna Santos de lima - 8 小时 前
Amo seu canal ver tudo esso que você faz tras paz na alma e alegria ao coração e esses fundos musicas ai meu Deus e melhor ainda
Sabrynna Santos de lima
Sabrynna Santos de lima - 8 小时 前
Oi eu sou do Brasil
bongo kochambongo
bongo kochambongo - 9 小时 前
your videos are so soothing, i always watch them when im angry or sad
Arief Purwanto
Arief Purwanto - 10 小时 前
05:18 She was sleep alone... Alright, its just only in my mind, I'd better just dream again.. 😁
Bonita Bonita
Bonita Bonita - 11 小时 前
Amo lo que haces. Gracias
Nurdiyana Farah
Nurdiyana Farah - 12 小时 前
this is the life that i dreamt of. this fast paced life that i’m living gave me so much anxiety. wishing that i could live this calm.
Patricia Serdahl
Patricia Serdahl - 12 小时 前
Liziqi you are simply Amazing you create such beauty and your love n reverence for your grandmother brings such joy to my heart may Almighty GOD Bless you
эльмира Дюмина
эльмира Дюмина - 12 小时 前
Andreea Georgiana
Andreea Georgiana - 13 小时 前
Joseph Pessa
Joseph Pessa - 13 小时 前
so beautiful i cried
زينب الوهيبي
زينب الوهيبي - 13 小时 前
You are a creative person, smart, persevering and beautiful
E - 13 小时 前
Good Production work.
Elaine Z
Elaine Z - 13 小时 前
nihil est enim
nihil est enim - 13 小时 前
Im here for this low carb lifestyle
Savlat Samsung
Savlat Samsung - 14 小时 前
biaktei hmar
biaktei hmar - 14 小时 前
سلمي الفقي
سلمي الفقي - 14 小时 前
أنا بعشقك
Daleela Almamari
Daleela Almamari - 14 小时 前
شكلها بعيده هالصينية ع ڤايروس كورونا
chandan nath
chandan nath - 14 小时 前
Liziqi .....nice to see u again be protect be safe u and ur family in this situation ....love u from India .
Nabila Eva
Nabila Eva - 14 小时 前
She is amazing ♥️❤️
Diana Hernández
Diana Hernández - 14 小时 前
Yo e soñado está un lugar así es lo mimo que querido asé. Es mi sueño más grande
Hoa Đỗ Cuộc sống tại Séc ! Life in Czech !
talal althumairi
talal althumairi - 15 小时 前
Beautiful really 👍
Ali Baba
Ali Baba - 15 小时 前
Laziqi u r super girl u live in very beautiful plece
moden saru
moden saru - 15 小时 前
love from🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
yj Lu
yj Lu - 15 小时 前
长江 - 15 小时 前
Notorious Dolphin
Notorious Dolphin - 15 小时 前
Oh how I've missed you so! I've watched all your new content and it brings me to tears knowing you and granny are safe 💓 we love you!
Everyone please stay safe out there. It's so scary. 😭
Hanie Patani
Hanie Patani - 15 小时 前
i wonder if she got a boyfriend, coz that would be exciting. To see her be inloved and have kids and live in a simple, happily and contented life. (this would be great am i)
Little myy
Little myy - 16 小时 前
Nanni Vinod
Nanni Vinod - 16 小时 前
No words..u are really ..again no words ..lots of Love my dear..Love from India..
36.5 C
36.5 C - 16 小时 前
Also I like you blured your grandma. Hope you are in peace and safe.
36.5 C
36.5 C - 16 小时 前
Just speechless..She is genius....
MD Rizwan
MD Rizwan - 16 小时 前
Who is the lucky guy?? for this real beauti with nature in blood
롸? - 16 小时 前
What can't she do? That's amazing.🤭🤭
Razia sultana
Razia sultana - 16 小时 前
That's look like our Bangladesh.
A field of yellow in winter...
Vaishnavi Linge
Vaishnavi Linge - 16 小时 前
6:15 OMG.. I also want to go there and live there for my whole life.. that's soo beautiful...
Even imagine to wake up in this beautiful nature can make you smile...
Sexy lady
Sexy lady - 16 小时 前
สวย เก่ง
Hightligh Quang Tú
Hightligh Quang Tú - 16 小时 前
Chúc Chị và Bà có thể bên nhau thật lâu.
Vân Triệu
Vân Triệu - 16 小时 前
I am Vietnamese and has been watching her channel for a long time and always feels that every clip she posted invests in a very good camera angle. It was like watching a movie. I really like it
狐妖苏苏 - 16 小时 前
Sanjoy Sarkar
Sanjoy Sarkar - 16 小时 前
You are an Artist 👍😷👍😷👍😷👍😷👍😷👍😷👍😷👍😷😷😷😷😷😷
Shatrudhan Yadav
Shatrudhan Yadav - 16 小时 前
You live in paradise
Carrickferguson - 17 小时 前
She taugh us that, staying home probably not the end of the world, it is a time to reconsider our choices in life. Nature is innocent, we, the human being, took so much from the earth, destroy too much, thank you liziqi, they say hope is the only thing more powerful than fear. Praying for the next few weeks , may covid-19 peaking curve not to hit us so bad in Indonesia .
Bezad S
Bezad S - 17 小时 前
Instead of electing a piece of trash like Trump, we in the USA should find a leader who follows Liziqi's way of life.