How Many Holes Does a Human Have?

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Now you're thinking:
Special thanks to @Chubbyemu and Evelyn Lamb ( for answering my questions about the body and holes, respectively.
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An article from Evelyn about holes:
the philosophy of holes:
Coffee mug + doughnut sculptures and video from @Henry Segerman :
sun footage:
anatomy of the nasal cavity:
Supernumerary Puncta:
accessory ostium:
3D visual effects: Eric Langlay
Toilet scene effects: me and Jake Roper and Eric Langlay
music: Jake Chudnow and Audio Network
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rick johnson
rick johnson - 15 分钟 前
I think michelle is slowly going insane and i love it
Aista - 小时 前
10:02 what did i just witness-
McMasterPro Genius
McMasterPro Genius - 小时 前
Hey Vsauce
Im Gonna
Subscribe To
Your Channel :)

Or did i???
JO4KES - 小时 前
I’m never gonna look at a hole the same way again.
GoofDragonYA - 小时 前
"where don't we have holes?"
Every perv's dream intensifying!
Dab Lit
Dab Lit - 2 小时 前
Pottery Scene in Ghost: 10:03
Levi Direen
Levi Direen - 2 小时 前
Vsauce: How many holes does the human body have?
Porn Stars: **observe**
Abby Olson
Abby Olson - 3 小时 前
**bites moist donut**
you want a pizza me?
you want a pizza me? - 4 小时 前
I heavily judge the value and expression of a comment based on the amount of likes it has or don't has but not if it has no likes
Sajjad Atayi
Sajjad Atayi - 5 小时 前
Can you stop eating donut from toilet
Kjersti Christiansen
Kjersti Christiansen - 7 小时 前
I had a non blinde Hole in my heart
sophia garcia
sophia garcia - 8 小时 前
Kyle Yard
Kyle Yard - 8 小时 前
I remember when he was in how to basic’s face reveal lol
__KG__ - 10 小时 前
Him: which hole you want me to put it in baby?~
World-I - 11 小时 前
Forgot 1 hole.
Ch Fam
Ch Fam - 11 小时 前
Well actually the edge of the plat is slightly curved up, so its still a blind hole.
Ch Fam
Ch Fam - 11 小时 前
Can’t you literally buy donut holes though? Go to a doughnut shop and ask for a doughnut hole.
KyrohJc - 11 小时 前
Thats like saying if i mould a cube into a pyramid is the pyramid still a cube??
Anthony Rosalin
Anthony Rosalin - 12 小时 前
I love ur videos but sometimes u hurt my head
Garvit Maskay
Garvit Maskay - 13 小时 前
Me: somewhat understands what Vsauce is talking about
Vsauce: Or, is it?
Me: Rethinks life
cliffybiro - 14 小时 前
I have 14 through holes, nice
Google Google
Google Google - 14 小时 前
damn!! i need my HOLE milk
Aleksei - 14 小时 前
The second you ate that donut you gained +10 respect from me
Gareth Manchester
Gareth Manchester - 14 小时 前
That toilet doughnut though
Shiba !!
Shiba !! - 14 小时 前
vsauce: how many holes does a human have?
me: 😏
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore - 15 小时 前
"If we accept a minimum hole size, the answer becomes pretty interesting." I don't wanna know where this is going
Bad to the Brick
Bad to the Brick - 16 小时 前
yeah I thought about this when I was like 5 ...
xThe Barbershopx Fortnite
xThe Barbershopx Fortnite - 18 小时 前
2 for the eyes. 2 for the nose. 2 for the earholes. One for the mouth and one for the butthole
Eduardo Joel López Torres
Eduardo Joel López Torres - 18 小时 前
My friend did his dissertation in this topic and tried to teach me the "hole" thing for a while. I think I can finally see through it.
Pun apart, thanks for explaining the topic! It is very interesting and it was hard for me to understand it.
Lumine - 18 小时 前
I have a question that isn't related to this at all. Is it possible for a person to vanish and a matter of years, not able to identify who it is and not finding connections. We have a case here in Norway called the KAMBOman. He was found beside a train track in Norway in 1987 and to this day it's not solved. How is this possible?
Sebastian Pezzino
Sebastian Pezzino - 20 小时 前
michael ate a 🍩 from the 🚽
Cosmoose Animations
Cosmoose Animations - 20 小时 前
That intro was... Interesting.
Psychedelic Nigga
Psychedelic Nigga - 21 小时 前
I sometimes think Micheal is illuminati
H P Y 3 R K N Y G H T
H P Y 3 R K N Y G H T - 22 小时 前
Anyone else was picking their nose when he was talking about the nasal holes and said the holes you explore with your finger.
Weston Battles
Weston Battles - 22 小时 前
what bout the pp hole or vagernai hol
keegnosam - 22 小时 前
All holes are fair game
zarah jade
zarah jade - 天 前
what about if there was a cure for all human diseases but it didn't work on rats......
Hari Dixit
Hari Dixit - 天 前
I just want to come and talk to you for the my entire life about everything science has to offer
Scott Benedict
Scott Benedict - 天 前
Go to Pornhub and you can see hole eating all over the place. So there’s that...
Isikeli Senibulu
Isikeli Senibulu - 天 前
johnny sins: sees video
johnny sins: *breathing intensifies*
Ben Potter-Friend
Ben Potter-Friend - 天 前
Ewwww he ate the donut out of the toilet 🤮
asdjyt - 天 前
"the human body is like a donut."
*cries in kakyoin,bucciaraiti,abbacchio,koichi*
Ian Miller
Ian Miller - 天 前
"Your body isn't a donut, It's a bodysuit for a spider"
Mahir Bathija
Mahir Bathija - 天 前
Hands down trippiest and coolest channel on youtube
TheDrakoNinja - 天 前
damn vsauce is so much more satisfying once you start learning theoretical math
KingDolphin - 天 前
pornstars be like
Bourd XXII
Bourd XXII - 天 前
Come back Michael we miss you
Tony Rallo
Tony Rallo - 天 前
Me: skips forward 10 seconds
Michael: your body isnt a doughnut, its a bodysuit for a spider
Also me: wait wtf where'd you get a spider from?
Luke12 - 天 前
Michael: makes a 20 minutes video exhaustively explaining a thing
Still Michael just before the end: or is it...?​
Crimson - 天 前
Guess I have to watch the movie "Holes" after this.
Elliot Sweeney
Elliot Sweeney - 天 前
wait so you're saying if I get stabbed then I have even less holes?
Gouchy - 天 前
If i could choose my teacher, this would be him
Toot Robins
Toot Robins - 天 前
De'Lineadeus - 天 前
*Is it my imagination or did I just watch 21mins of Anti-science.* By giving a lesson on how not to separate axioms and present a multitude of axioms as one single axiom ...and call it science...
Every demonstration he just gave, is no different than saying, if a tower block homes a hundred people, they are in fact 1 person, because its one building.
Mass Is irrelevant. Every transition is a new axiom, it is not the same axiom because you use the material that once held a different shape, or the shape after it, a plate is not a glass in a different shape when it is not shaped like a glass. That is why we give axioms of shape different conceptual names...
The specifics of shape is an axiom, irrespective of the mass, and when the shape changes it is no longer the same thing.
To demonstrate this fact, if the subject of the experiment was Mass irrespective of Shape, you are no longer capable of making the same argument or using the same rules  of reductionism to the position of """transition and transformation"". Because the mass will "always be identical". 
In science, you must separate all axioms to maintain the constancy of being able to apply the same rules  to both sides of the coin. When you are unable to apply the same rules, it is a red flag to a fundamental flaw in the experiment.
That is why this is Anti-science and borderline appealing to the supernatural. That is why real scientists completely mock Tapology, because it throws the book of the scientific method out of the window.
NPC 4O2735
NPC 4O2735 - 天 前
im starting to eat garlic through my feet
Deuel Boxill
Deuel Boxill - 天 前
Jokes on you, you're still eating the doughnut holes because they've got tons of air holes!
DracoBoom - 天 前
Is that a euphemism?
JustCaboose - 天 前
Is it just me or does he kinda look like David Wallace from the office without the beard?
AsrielGamer XD
AsrielGamer XD - 天 前
How to bassic
Dogei - 天 前
This video made me overthink the word hole.

Send help plz
Christopher - 天 前
Vsauce I have a question why there's two type of water, sea(salt) water and fresh water, from where salt water come from ...?? Is it a meteorite ?
wxldflxwrr - 天 前
*o r d o w e*
Elisey Foxy
Elisey Foxy - 天 前
Ясно я один русский
Samsara Moriarty
Samsara Moriarty - 天 前
This video is so great
George Washington
George Washington - 天 前
Vsauce's wedding:
Mrs. Vsauce: "I do"
Michael: "...or do you?"
Swissy. Chris
Swissy. Chris - 天 前
This video made me feel uncomfortable
The Chopstick
The Chopstick - 天 前
Okay, so apparently if i rub garlic on my foot i will taste garlic? Okay, then i know what shoe tastes of. And what if i stepped in dog poo? Do i know what the floor tastes like? What if i kicked someone, barefoot? Do i taste them? What if i stuck my foot in a bowl of salt crystals? Would i taste salt? If i can taste things through my foot, do i have to still eat, or can i just rub food on my foot to survive?
Mr Lonely
Mr Lonely - 天 前
I want Micheal to be my teacher, I'd honestly pay more attention
ReaIity - 天 前
Bro no joke I couldn't stop laughing when he got a doughnut from the toilet, His body isn't the same as it used to be. Poor guy.
Hwoarang - 天 前
My girlfriend has only 3.Well,at least those which i find useful.
Roma Vicens
Roma Vicens - 天 前
Khoeckman - 天 前
Lets not watch this while my parents are around

AmansCraftYT - 天 前
*FBI would like to know your location*
The sprite Is here
The sprite Is here - 天 前
Hey Vsauce how many packets of ramen seasoning would to take to kill someone
Manish Pandey
Manish Pandey - 天 前
Mind = Blown
Elena - 2 天 前
i havent watched a vsauce video in like 5 years and i am equally as confused as i was when i used to watch these videos in high school
BigBoyGamer123 - 2 天 前
no offence to michael but why tf was this video actually interesting
Black orange
Black orange - 2 天 前
You dont realize how dumb you are until you watch a v-sauce videos
K Sew
K Sew - 2 天 前
Most humans are just 7 hole doughnuts.
Demian Pajo
Demian Pajo - 2 天 前
Did anyone try that garlic foot rub?
Manish Pandey
Manish Pandey - 天 前
it is true, Ayurveda works on the same principle