Together, We Fight the Virus: Social distancing courtesy - Dos and Don'ts (16.4.2020)

Liz: Jeff, why are you walking on the side?
Jeff: I want to leave more room for other people to walk.
Liz: Indeed, aside from observing social distancing indoors, we must also do so when taking a stroll or having activities outdoors.
Always wear masks. Avoid group gatherings and staying out for too long.
Jeff: Also, be aware of your surroundings when using mobile phones outside.
Liz: Family members can walk in single file instead of side-by-side to leave more room for other people.
Jeff: Parents do make sure your children aren’t riding bikes or scooters on the sidewalk.
Liz: It’s also wise to avoid going out during rush hour to minimise social contact.
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deeposco - 5 个月 前
So good
Saint Robert's
Saint Robert's - 5 个月 前
Stalin, Hitler, Xi
Kwok kei Cheung
Kwok kei Cheung - 5 个月 前
It is good. Do together.