How to Install an Elevator in your Living Room!

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Cambry and I put an Elevator IN OUR HOUSE!! And it is awesome. Fully electric, futuristic, and quiet. The lift took a few days to install. About 2 days for the construction and framing, and another 2 days for the lift assembly. But I think it turned out pretty cool. Lifts can be expensive. This one has quite a few safety features that I talk about in the video. Safety is in our like.... top five priorities over here. Obviously. Making a home accessible after a spinal cord injury is not impossible! There are plenty of options out there.
Cambry's story is here:
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lolroflderking - 10 个月 前
I‘m stuck after the step with the hole and my mom is coming home in half an hour
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone - 天 前
Lucid Sw1ft
Lucid Sw1ft - 5 天 前
Prosto chelovek
Prosto chelovek - 9 天 前
shajied miah
shajied miah - 12 天 前
Charlie Lam
Charlie Lam - 22 天 前
Viron َ
Viron َ - 3 小时 前
Lee Ching Chong
Lee Ching Chong - 3 小时 前
Why your wife can’t walk
Rafi Arfan
Rafi Arfan - 7 小时 前
She is the luckiest Women Alive to Have Jerry as Husband 🥰 May you both live long and having some beautiful children ! Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
Tanzimul Ayaan Tanaf
Tanzimul Ayaan Tanaf - 8 小时 前
she is so lucky to have someone like you. thank you and wishes for both of you❤
Babulal Solanki
Babulal Solanki - 12 小时 前
8:03 You Can Clearly See The Brand Name
I AM GOD - 15 小时 前
Why would u marry a girl on a wheelchair, what a pain in the ass to take care of her, dont understand people these days
natalioGamer - 18 小时 前
14k_aidan !!
14k_aidan !! - 18 小时 前
Cambry what happens to u
Not tryna be mean
Omar Cook
Omar Cook - 19 小时 前
Why did you do this........WHO would do diss🤔???????????????????????
Fire Place
Fire Place - 21 小时 前
people who are in no way disabled watching this video😳😳😳
Star RGB
Star RGB - 21 小时 前
What if he messed up
King Hicks
King Hicks - 21 小时 前
What's not to love about it he gave her a capacity of her maverick! preservation back i wish i could give it two thumbs up☝ great job!
King Hicks
King Hicks - 21 小时 前
What's not to love about it he gave her a capacity of her maverick! preservation back i wish i could give it two thumbs up☝ great job!
Henley Bean
Henley Bean - 22 小时 前
I feel so sorry for cambrie
Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys - 22 小时 前
*Go to playstore*
Ranju prabhu
Ranju prabhu - 天 前
Wow ., Hindi ....mere ko bi chaiye aisa system
Al 7he cow
Al 7he cow - 天 前
I'm here because
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Simo Meftah
Simo Meftah - 天 前
This world doesn't want those people who dislike this awesome video they are such evil they don't have humanity 🤔😒😒😒
Abigail Flynn
Abigail Flynn - 天 前
im comfused why i she in a well charar
Patrick Oberem
Patrick Oberem - 天 前
"You ready Cambry...." My heart missed a beat when Jerry started kicking the cut piece. You are two of my favourite people.
FaZe zimiシ
FaZe zimiシ - 天 前
Jerry did rig the cheat codes
atlantic - 2 天 前
8:50 Keyword Aesthetic
Clean State Of Mind
Clean State Of Mind - 2 天 前
Anyone else think their kids are going to have some amazing eyes?
A A A - 2 天 前
Jerry: has dust all over him
Me: why??
Also me: oh yea I’m not wedding with wires and pipes in my second floor lol
harshal narvekar
harshal narvekar - 2 天 前
Don't ditch this guy plzzz 🙏🙏😞😞
Kairobae _Deez
Kairobae _Deez - 2 天 前
nah all you need is a bucket of water no one neeeds an elevator
DR 8 BALL - 2 天 前
You a simp YOU’RE A SIMP
Chicken JuiceBox
Chicken JuiceBox - 2 天 前
He did a nice thing, that doesn't make him a simp
Y Z - 2 天 前
ıt is really very nice. Also Thank you for your respect and love to your wife.
Y Z - 2 天 前
ıt is really very nice. Also Thank you for your respect and love to your wife.
Cagri Tekinay
Cagri Tekinay - 2 天 前
3:53 a concussion avoided with pure luck! Be careful mate! Otherwise, one of your next videos will be "building an entire intensive care unit in your house".
Pukar Koirala
Pukar Koirala - 2 天 前
Hiding out "STILTZ"?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Help Me Reach 10K Subs before quarantine ends
*Nobody's gonna try it, but we all watched it.*
Alan Young
Alan Young - 2 天 前
No mention of Lego's...feel cheated :-)
Duc Anh Nguyễn
Duc Anh Nguyễn - 2 天 前
First step: be RICH
Ram Moorthy2
Ram Moorthy2 - 2 天 前
Chris Kepu
Chris Kepu - 2 天 前
Loooove your videos more that you've got a partner in crime lol. She needs help with throwing bruv.
Jacob Berko
Jacob Berko - 2 天 前
I wonder what the name of the company was...
the censorship was just too good
Moto Brapp
Moto Brapp - 2 天 前
Make his hair stand up 😂
Junbak Aliexpress
Junbak Aliexpress - 2 天 前
Wow is this possible ??
jacob Orozco
jacob Orozco - 2 天 前
Proof humanity is good
Shabeer Zuhry
Shabeer Zuhry - 2 天 前
Just stay in a one story building
Amrit Keshri
Amrit Keshri - 2 天 前
Got stuck at the cut a hole
. Ben
. Ben - 2 天 前
5th Element - Bruce Willis made it faster...
KINGShadow - 3 天 前
Здесь есть Русские???
TWDK - 3 天 前
*the next day* honey I got a letter in the mail, we have to move
MPG Grey
MPG Grey - 3 天 前
very impressive..
Loved your paint colour on walls as well you have colour code..?
snIpezz YT
snIpezz YT - 3 天 前
mr clean started doing construction?
Patrick frederick Andres
What happen to your wife? As far as i remember the first i saw her in your video you introduced her to your vlog and i think i saw her walking
px712uf - 3 天 前
very interesting video. And you are a lovely couple!
Still I have a few points I would be concerned of:
1) the hole in the floor might be a risk in case of a fire. If a fire breaks out on the lower floor, it will likely spread much quicker to the upper floor through this opening up to the upper floor, as the hole seems to be in no way sealed sufficiently for airflow between elevator cabin and the edge of the hole. The ceiling seems anyhow not to be anything close to an actual fire barrier, but with this hole the risk of a fast spread of smoke and fire might be even more increased
2) your changes to the ceiling to ensure structural integrity are nice, but it would have been both easier and neater, if the guiding beams and the frame for the hole would be designed strong enough to act as load bearing columns and carrier at the same time.
3) I would be concerned of the way the door opens to the outside: if for some reason the lift is stuck half way up, the person riding the lift can call for help, but what happens, if then even the helper can't move the lift and it keeps being stuck half-way? Because the door opens to the outside, it can't be opened at all, when the lift is not completely on the upper or lower floor. There is mechanically no way to open it in this emergency, as far as I can see. A sliding door, which in case of an emergency could be unlocked and opened also when the lift is somewhere between floors, would seem to me to be a better solution.
4) and the fact that the door opens to the outside is also making it difficult to solve the problem with the ramp. Otherwise you could just install a ramp with a softer slope in front of the lift, but then the door won't open anymore.
So I love the idea, but I think there is room for improvement of the implementation design by the manufacturer.
MR Earl
MR Earl - 3 天 前
12:12 Not to be mean but what hair?
vl_ sneEzy
vl_ sneEzy - 3 天 前
Did he say it makes “my hair” stand up 😂😂
jimmy jim
jimmy jim - 3 天 前
Is it only for 1 person only?
Jello Man
Jello Man - 3 天 前
he is blurring close ups of stizls but not when the cam is far away? what
Block_GZ - 3 天 前
F in chat for the carpet...😢
Rose Gregg
Rose Gregg - 3 天 前
I wish someone like him was in my life
Jon Johnson
Jon Johnson - 3 天 前
She looks like Sam Sparks from cloudy with a chance of meatballd
Slash 810
Slash 810 - 3 天 前
4:01 he almost killed the camera
AidenWarrior0511 - 3 天 前
what happened to her like why is she in a wheel chair
6is ito
6is ito - 3 天 前
House made by cardboards... Hilarious 😂😂😂😂
The Director
The Director - 3 天 前
He is a good man. He made and elevator for his wife. Im 12 and when I get married I will make one in my house if somebody I know cant walk.
jj2sonic - 4 天 前
I can’t stand your wife I’m so sad for her
Vide OlO
Vide OlO - 4 天 前
I love seeing you guys together
You guys are so nice and your love for each other makes me emotional ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mr Beast
Mr Beast - 4 天 前
I think his father is the hitman guy from the game
Riki Rianto
Riki Rianto - 4 天 前
Did i watch. Wrong channel
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick - 4 天 前
The fact that it is named A “How To” like someone is actually gonna search this
But we’ll done
Daniel D. hull
Daniel D. hull - 4 天 前
So cool
Davi the Human
Davi the Human - 4 天 前
you forgot to do a scratch test on the lift, anyways, as always it would be scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7.
Test IQ -on MY CHANNEL for fun-
Wow wonderful!
Twisky - 4 天 前

dnzbkm - 4 天 前
Elevator used: Stiltz (which was censored)
A Chahande
A Chahande - 4 天 前
12:07 uhhh what hair lmao
LavaDuck - 4 天 前
1:06 wow a lot of dandruff for such little hair...
Dan anonymous
Dan anonymous - 4 天 前
U lot have missed one thing ... man I bet he destroys her !!!
BAD GAMING - 4 天 前
Jerry is good in everything so Jerry good everything hahaha new channel love from India
Larry Hopkins
Larry Hopkins - 4 天 前
You're a really good dude. A+ in my book brother!!!!! 👍👌
Sword Noob
Sword Noob - 4 天 前
11:01 she's like going into a super secret bunker room or something like that
z malik
z malik - 4 天 前
Who's watching In 2039
David - 4 天 前
As the idiot breaks his window.
bushy - 4 天 前
next video elevater durability test