Hans Zimmer & Alan Walker - Time (Official Remix)

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Walkers! I’m beyond excited to share this video with you. Collaborating with Hans Zimmer on this release has been an out-of-body experience on a whole different level. Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge fan of his work, and it has played a big part of my musical journey. Especially “Time,” which is probably my favorite song ever. Plus it marks the 10th anniversary for Inception this year too. I’m as grateful as I can possibly be for this opportunity!
Making this music video during a world that’s on lockdown, provided some obvious challenges. However, we decided to use that to our advantage, and I really hope you like the result. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!
- Alan Walker
Check out the song here: walkerxzimmer.lnk.to/TimeFA!AW
More about Hans Zimmer: www.hanszimmerlive.com/
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Director: Kristian Berg
Producer: Mikkel Gulliksen
Production Coordiantor: Hans Henrik Treidene
DoP: Jakob Ingimundarson
Focus Puller: Philip Borgli
1st AC: Trude Bratlie
Prop master: Kristian Vestby, Mari Eriksen
Gaffer: Doan Nguyen
Lighting Assistant: Isak Jenssen
Styling: Imane Istaleb
Drone: Reiel Lien
Drone: Paal Odden
Projection - Norway: Markus Pereira Bakken
Makeup - Oslo: Anniken Aarvik
Makeup - Lindesnes: Lea Johansen
Makeup assistant: Hanne Kathrine Iversen
Editor: Mads Neset
PA: Daniel Karlsen
PA: Eivind Resaland
PA: Susanne Pettersen
Musical Director: James Daniel Njie Eriksen
Backline Technician: Nikolaj Gloppen
Underwater photographer: Kjetil Astrup
Safety Diver: Asbjørn N. Hoaas
Cinematographer: Andrew David Watson
1st AC: Gabriel Pimenta
Projection Mapping: Wizard Studios
Producer (Wizard Studios): Shawn Cooper
Producer (Wizard Studios): AJ Raposo
Cinematographer: Josh White
Gimbal Operator: Stephan Knight
1st AC: Craig Longman
Projection Mapping: Motion Mapping
Producer (Motion Mapping): Stuart Harris
Technician: Derek Scott
Cinematographer: Zoltan Halmagyi
1st AC
Projection Mapping: Freelusion
Producer (Freelusion): Gabor Papp
Producer (Freelusion): Balazs Gyongyosi
Artistic Director: Timea Papp
Lead Technician: David Torok
Technician: Kristof Gyongyosi
Technician: Tamas Torok
Lead Graphic Designer: Adam Herczeg
Graphic Designer: David Kis
Graphic Designer: Viktor Varadi
Drone (Kraft Budapest): Peter Grull
Drone (Kraft Budapest): Jannis Jorgopulos
Drone (Kraft Budapest): András Derzsy
Editor: Mads Neset
Grade: Sander van Wijk
Lead VFX: Wirat Johannessen
Online / Flame Artist Sascha Schmidt
Online / Flame Artist Haavard Albertsen
Walker - Oslo: Julia Brovold
Walker - Oslo : Godriver Sindayigaya
Walker - Oslo: Max Ali
Walker - Oslo: Ketiel Tafasa
Walker - Oslo: Anna Rosenlund
Walker - Oslo: Vebjørn Skovli Berg
Walker - Oslo: Kevin Ingvarsson
Extra on balcony: Kristine Holmøy
Extra on balcony: Bendik Andersen
Extra on balcony: Emanuel Waal
Mother: Camilla Kløgetvedt
Daughter: Malin Kløgetvedt
Walker - Budapest: Sandor Kurucz
Walker - Budapest: Oliver Papp
Walker - Budapest: Gergő Dinnyés
Walker - Budapest: Bence Papp
Walker - Budapest: Timea Papp
Walker - London: Sandra Szpytko
Walker - London: Mads Bladtkramer
Walker - London: Thomas Durrant

Special thanks to Oslo Film Commission, Under, BVA Budapest City Brnanding Nonprofit Ltd., Csaba Faix, Vanda Todor and all the extras!
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Jobboo - 46 分钟 前
sounds a lot like Sefa "world of the dream"
Swiento-Polski Mapper
Swiento-Polski Mapper - 2 小时 前
no new music for 4 months
AreYouGettingThis - 5 小时 前
If windows 95 installation music was produced today this would be it.
Алексей Рязанов
Охрененный клип и трек🥳
PAI DA ØZM - 10 小时 前
Palaloy Layan
Palaloy Layan - 11 小时 前
Walker time.
maulana ibrahim
maulana ibrahim - 12 小时 前
Anilton Antonio
Anilton Antonio - 12 小时 前
Jose Antonio Pastor
Jose Antonio Pastor - 13 小时 前
Desde España. Temazoooo!
Rolando Josué Bogarín Arrúa
Maureez - 15 小时 前
xXxRadicalDreamerxXx - 16 小时 前
Best remix of 2020.
I'm now re-watching this video, and this now just reminds me of my son who is 2.5 y/o and was diagnosed with COVID-19 this week :(
Dalma Mònika Négyesi
Dalma Mònika Négyesi - 17 小时 前
Spider Пельмень
Spider Пельмень - 19 小时 前
Why o_o?
Хтьо о_о?
László Gábor Molnár
László Gábor Molnár - 21 小时 前
Kedvelem A,W-t de Hans Zimmer lába körméhez sem ér..
László Gábor Molnár
László Gábor Molnár - 21 小时 前
Ez nem a rohadó Lánc híd??
Ram shabd Sharma
Ram shabd Sharma - 23 小时 前
1:00 it all starts
My dream came true
Rafaela santos cardoso
before everyone you use the masck!
Yohanes Pratama
Yohanes Pratama - 天 前
How come ive never known this
Annie L
Annie L - 天 前
Just perfect ♥️
Arxelian GT
Arxelian GT - 天 前
My only best Dj forever
Mahmudul Arefin
Mahmudul Arefin - 天 前
Why isn’t this track longer??? 😐
Sarah Goldstaub
Sarah Goldstaub - 天 前
I only have 2 thumbs... this one deserves Lots more!!!!
This one is such an epic masterpiece
Goosebumps all over!!!
Gautam Chawla
Gautam Chawla - 天 前
Sick man! ♥️
Najwan Izdiyad
Najwan Izdiyad - 天 前
Roberto Reyes Flores
Soy la única que de Latinoamérica?? ❤️

Soy muy fan de Alan Walker
Amo su música ❤️
Nahuel suarez
Nahuel suarez - 15 小时 前
Yo también xd
Alexander Villacorta
Alexander Villacorta - 15 小时 前
Yo también soy de latinoamerica xd
David Mayorga
David Mayorga - 天 前
Jolanta Barkauskaitė
Tuuches every corner of my inner self.
Malak Rahil Tlili
Malak Rahil Tlili - 天 前
Good Alan. 🎹🎶👍💟💘💝❤💔💓💓
Rockstar games Netherlands
I am fan of Alan Walker
Is it jealousy or wat cause I just can't understand the people who dislike Alan's songs.
Ace Karielle
Ace Karielle - 天 前
Ace Karielle
Ace Karielle - 天 前
And I love you soo
Ace Karielle
Ace Karielle - 天 前
I vote for you
k!t4n4 w!ns
k!t4n4 w!ns - 天 前
8448 don't like this music????.... Seriously????
B ride Up
B ride Up - 天 前
Good theme song for Transformers.
Shahwali Ahmed
Shahwali Ahmed - 天 前
Love you bro
Veto Cellule
Veto Cellule - 天 前
Veto Cellule
Veto Cellule - 天 前
music kill
Veto Cellule
Veto Cellule - 天 前
the name live c yu along