How to make a NO SEW DIY FACE MASK - $0 Quick & Easy Tutorial

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If you're all out of masks and/or can't find any in stores, make your own. This DIY mask uses materials that you probably already have at home. Overall, there is disagreement about the effectiveness of masks, but I think that if you must go out, something to cover yourself is still better than nothing, and at the very least, it will remind you to not touch your face/nose so much, and remind you to stay vigilant. Please note that this does NOT prevent you from getting ill, but what it DOES do is add an extra layer of protection only.
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Binyam K
Binyam K - 19 天 前
Good luck on breathing through a sheet of paper. China china
Paper MedMask
Paper MedMask - 20 天 前
This is one of my favorite paper masks I've seen yet
Esports Women
Esports Women - 个月 前
Good work +Jenny W. Chan - Origami Tree :)
Thivagaran Seetharaman
Thivagaran Seetharaman - 个月 前
Put oil into nostril before mask. Oil kills virus.
Pamela H
Pamela H - 个月 前
What is the point of using paper towels that you presumably could breathe through and lining it with other paper that you cannot breathe through? Granted that this could reduce the danger to others, but doesn't reduce the danger to yourself as you would be breathing through the side openings. Not trying to be mean and I admire your using your knowledge in origami to help, but don't understand the intent.
שולה בוסקילה
Pour le porter une fois c'est trop de travail y'en a de plus facile
A M - 个月 前
Looks like a facial diaper
Cris Sparts
Cris Sparts - 个月 前
Good job
Serena Floyd
Serena Floyd - 个月 前
you can also use coffee filters in the place of the looseleaf paper just cut to size...great idea for the mask...thank you !
SeikiBrian - 个月 前
This mask is useless! You can't breath adequately through notebook or printer paper, so each time you inhale you'll just be pulling in unfiltered air around the edges of the mask. Forget the regular paper towels and the notebook paper, and use two layers of blue shop towels instead.
martyn kendrick
martyn kendrick - 个月 前
koo bee
koo bee - 个月 前
This is art class
Vadith Blankenship
Vadith Blankenship - 个月 前
You should not have put the notebook paper between the paper towels. You can't breathe through that kind of paper. Also, the mask is too small to cover the nose and the chin as much as it is supposed to.
ron aleck
ron aleck - 个月 前
Totally awesome way ,,To help people stay healthy ,,,Jenny you are a wonderful person ,,bless you in our LORD JESUS name amen,,Oh yes keep on being a blessing
Linda Yeager
Linda Yeager - 个月 前
Blessings Of Paradise
Blessings Of Paradise - 个月 前
Elite Petite
Elite Petite - 个月 前
It's not breathable BUT, I was looking to structure paper towels & never thought of foil..!!
I have sinus issues..any mask is suffocating. 😟
Lissandro Danny
Lissandro Danny - 个月 前
Hardest way to make the most useless mask lol
Ben Morris
Ben Morris - 个月 前
Surely, if the foil fits to the skin, all the way round, you won't be able to breathe, because air doesn't pass through metal. Who writes this stuff?!
paul jacobs
paul jacobs - 个月 前
you are creative, helpful, and care for others.
Jeffrey Sonders
Jeffrey Sonders - 个月 前
Some vacume cleaner HEPA bags work well for this. Also wearing two masks.
Debbie Autry-Skubik
Debbie Autry-Skubik - 个月 前
I'm SCREWED! I was on a Ventilator for a long time 3 years ago which ruined my lungs. I had ALWAYS been healthy til my Cancer and Coma from the treatment I was highly allergic to. Now have 2 Lung Disease's and Severe Asthma cause of the Ventilator. I can't leave my 🏠 at all til this is over or I get a hazmat suit.
Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith - 个月 前
Love the mask concept. Simple and you use things many people would have already. But paper inside not a good filter or breathable. Would place fleece or maybe hepa filter material for inside instead. Also I hate rubber bands. Shoe laces, ribbons, hair ties work just as well. Blessings
Ronaye Tylor
Ronaye Tylor - 个月 前
Won't stop shit ffs quit showing FALSE PROTECTION!
Julie Mancini
Julie Mancini - 个月 前
Paper? Hmm...
Dat Khuong
Dat Khuong - 个月 前
Is she OK with the head? How does someone breathing through a notebook paper?
G S - 个月 前
very nice
Gloria nk
Gloria nk - 个月 前
Please I have alot of surgical mask guys contact me
blud work
blud work - 个月 前
how am I supposed to breathe through foil?
Madeline Moses
Madeline Moses - 个月 前
Great job!
Gary Sew
Gary Sew - 个月 前
Too troublesome... 😂
Jeff Widderich
Jeff Widderich - 个月 前
The future after the Coronavirus is over
Nancy DeGrie
Nancy DeGrie - 个月 前
Who can breathe through a sheet of paper? That will not stop the virus coming in. She never showed how it fits. If it's not tight to your face all around it's no good
Citizen Buck
Citizen Buck - 个月 前
👏🏽👏🏽👍👍 Tis Good! Thxs
Joel Martinez
Joel Martinez - 个月 前
I’m using a folded blue shop towel inside a regular mask and just throwing away the towel after each use. Reusing the mask. Washing it every now and then. I heard blue shop towels filter pretty good. And you can still breathe through it. Company is using them to make masks as a matter of fact.
carol irvine
carol irvine - 个月 前
Too much messing around and you can't breathe through copy paper - Fabric and needle and thread works better and does no take as long - and can be washed and reused - This is a really dumb idea
Manuel Blanco
Manuel Blanco - 个月 前
Thank you. Great instructional video
gerard henry
gerard henry - 个月 前
Meanwhile back at the ranch I bought one for 5 dollars
BAM BAM - 个月 前
Againnnn.FACE mask protects the person WITH a pathogen from keeping SOME again SOME of the projectiles from getting out....ITS NOT.NOT.. for others who dont have anything.....ITS LIKE FLYING A MODEL AIRPLANE THRU THE GRAND will go thru....relax people from the propaganda machine.
Sharon Gibson
Sharon Gibson - 个月 前
Great job Jenny 👍
Little Girl
Little Girl - 个月 前
This isn’t real mask it’s decorative mask
Corey Mondello
Corey Mondello - 个月 前
Is the paper hard to breathe through, and do you have to make a bunch of these, I can imagine the paper towel gets moist up against your nose and face. It could end up growing mold.
David Woodruff
David Woodruff - 23 天 前
7yg 7
Joe Masello
Joe Masello - 个月 前
I caught myself staring at my scuba gear today 😒
Frederick Greissing
Frederick Greissing - 个月 前
This mask is going to be absolutely useless. The paper will not let air through so you are just inhaling unfiltered air from the edges of the mask. This is just going to give people a false sense of security and make things worse.
preciouslogic77 - 个月 前
Thanks, I've been trying to come up with something like this. 💛
Conrad Chase
Conrad Chase - 个月 前
Jan Nguyen
Jan Nguyen - 个月 前
Not a good one! Spend too much time.
Canadian kid
Canadian kid - 个月 前
Old time radio: Only the shadow mask knows !
Charlie. Pocono
Charlie. Pocono - 个月 前
Maybe if inhale like a Hoover this will work....otherwise ...1 800 junk
Oxma Edmond
Oxma Edmond - 个月 前
nice mask☺
desiguy55 - 个月 前
instead of paper which i can't breath through, can i use a micr soft cloth?
Jenny W. Chan - Origami Tree
I have another tutorial which uses fabric:
Mo Weems
Mo Weems - 个月 前
And of course if it's a rainy day...….the damn thing is USELESS!
Kris Lamont
Kris Lamont - 个月 前
Mo Weems use a baseball cap or umbrella. Try to be kind.
Denise Uhlry
Denise Uhlry - 个月 前
You people are all paranoid.....stay in your houses,under your beds,don’t touch your face or anyone else’s.Make sure if you’re lucky enough to have a WORKING member in your family.......dip their asses in alcohol before they come home.And too all the doctors and nurses.......thank you......for DOING YOUR FUCKING JOBS.I mean after all you’re not ARE being paid.
William Bianchi
William Bianchi - 个月 前
You—-are a genius. Thank you. There are a lot of people who will be using what you taught in this video, myself included.
Karen Baxter
Karen Baxter - 个月 前
I don't mind this idea but people buying out all the sanitary pads to make facial masks knock it off. We women need them and they R hard to find right now.
Don Coop
Don Coop - 个月 前
I applaud your efforts but it takes too much time or too many steps to be practical. This kind of mask is for only one use and needs to be thrown out after one use as it obviously cannot be washed and reused. But nice effort none the less. I do suppose that if one were to cut up all the necessary pieces in some kind of bulk process, then perhaps this could be workable.
Jenny W. Chan - Origami Tree
Hi Don, I have another tutorial with fabric that can be washed, reused, and takes about 30 seconds to make:
Liz ZYYC65
Liz ZYYC65 - 个月 前
David Dair
David Dair - 个月 前
While you cannot breathe through sheet paper, the fold across the middle of the mask creates a channel for air to flow through both layers of paper towel. Slick bit of origami/engineering.
C Syd
C Syd - 个月 前
Christine Berry
Christine Berry - 个月 前
Staple, too!
RetiredGuy - 个月 前
A really good no-sew mask is to cut the bottom 3-4 in. from a toddler t-shirt, fold it up a bit and just stretch it over your head. No rubber bands, ties, etc. to worry about.
Serai3 - 个月 前
I appreciate your efforts, but the materials used here won't protect you at all. Please consider taking it down.
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor - 个月 前
According to Hong Kong University, you should use two sheets of paper towels and one tissue.
Steven Beitzel
Steven Beitzel - 个月 前
Substitute a coffee filter for the notebook paper.
Mr Reza
Mr Reza - 个月 前
There is no such thing as $0 mask. Do need to buy some stuff and it cost $
Arn Watters
Arn Watters - 个月 前
If you cut a hole in it and cover with a piece of vacume cleaner bag (mine are hepa) you have a filter you can actually breath through.
TheGatesOfFire - 个月 前
Make sure it's not made with glass fibre
StanStr - 个月 前
This is a very nicely done video. You give very clear, precise instructions. As I saw what you were doing, I stopped the video and went for some paper towels and foil. As I watched I made it with you. I was really hopeful for this design.
BUT did you know that that sheet of paper in the middle will filter almost 100% of the air from reaching you? That you will not have any air to breathe, except for what sneaks in from the sides? I think I took it off just in time!
Then I made one without the sheet of paper inside. I also folded in the sides, with your zig-zag Z fold for better shape, then made a channel for a rubber band on each side, taped them closed with a rubber band inside and a couple of staples in each corner to hold the folds.
This seems to work ok, but now my glasses fog up as I exhale.
impactajuvenile - 个月 前
How can it be $0? Bounty sheets, Reynolds aluminum foil and rubber bands? Are you stealing from a university or place of work? So cheap!
Rico g
Rico g - 个月 前
😂. I think she means it's using items you already have at home. Your comment is funny though.
Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis - 个月 前
frederick d
frederick d - 个月 前
I like the creativity but for the amount of work you have to do here you might as well learn to sew and not relay on tissue paper to try and save some lives
Ted Meyer
Ted Meyer - 个月 前
You can't breath through the notebook paper. Not a good design.
G S - 个月 前
Use vacuum cleaner HEPA bag.
Brian Morris
Brian Morris - 个月 前
This is designed to be an output-barrier mask against your own spittle, not an input-filter against particles in the surrounding air. And, while we're correcting others' designs, this word, "breath," rhymes with "death", and this word, "breathe," rhymes (approx.) with "teeth".
Norman Witt
Norman Witt - 个月 前
How many seniors can do this ? Arthritis in fingers ,cause I sure as hell can't 😫😤
Ride Share Biz
Ride Share Biz - 个月 前
Amazing, everyone has their own concept in making masks on YouTube. Thanks for sharing this.
Vi Tri
Vi Tri - 个月 前
Great job, very practical!
aaron short
aaron short - 个月 前
Looks like one you'd get made in China, then again maybe she's in China, wonder if she was made in China, looks like it, still she is beautiful even though the mask
aaron short
aaron short - 个月 前
$0???, Technically, all that cost money, even if you already have those materials, you will haf to replace it sooner.,
Justice Walking
Justice Walking - 个月 前
I quit
Rachael Auer
Rachael Auer - 个月 前
Yeah, this ain't it chief
Kathleen Nelson
Kathleen Nelson - 个月 前
Make it out of canvas, several, so you can throw it in to hot, clorox water, every night. Or iron the mask after dry. Staple the fold-over/or strings.
Zadeel dotcom
Zadeel dotcom - 个月 前
Lmao the thumb looks like a maxi pad 😅