Robin van Persie | All the Premier League Goals | Manchester United

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Robin van Persie scored 48 Premier League goals in his time at Old Trafford, as he helped fire the Reds to the 2013 title. Watch all RVP's league goals here, now!
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Gabo Mora
Gabo Mora - 7 小时 前
Valencia´s passes + RVP sharpness. Legendary.
Robert H
Robert H - 8 小时 前
Fantastic player - I like how he doesn't celebrate against his old club, sign of a decent man.
Tom Sports
Tom Sports - 12 小时 前
Fenerbahce Legend
MasTri Repair
MasTri Repair - 天 前
Firstime kicks
Tegar Fransatoni
Tegar Fransatoni - 3 天 前
Hee I'am From Indonesia 👏
Jeremy Pillai
Jeremy Pillai - 4 天 前
RVP 🤝 Valenica
kopi hitam
kopi hitam - 4 天 前
newton mbugua
newton mbugua - 5 天 前
"It was inevitable...
newton mbugua
newton mbugua - 5 天 前
Umar Umar
Umar Umar - 5 天 前
Some player MU need now
Agus Ronhy Roma
Agus Ronhy Roma - 7 天 前
Rooney, Rvp, mata,,, Miss them 😪
Ahmed Siid
Ahmed Siid - 7 天 前
Hero R.van bersei what the pleyer
00 00
00 00 - 7 天 前
Albert S
Albert S - 7 天 前
My favourite Manchester United striker even he didn't play that long in our club!
Pradeep Singh
Pradeep Singh - 7 天 前
xidigta qoraxey
xidigta qoraxey - 7 天 前
He was the last proper centre forward that we had. Zlatan would have been even better were it not his age and injury but i liked this guy
Robert Sero
Robert Sero - 8 天 前
Back then when van Nistelrooy left, I always wished that Man U find a way to get van Persie to Old Trafford
keylinkz keylinkz
keylinkz keylinkz - 8 天 前
The flying Dutchman
Vitalia Sheza chanel
Vitalia Sheza chanel - 8 天 前
Kapan ada vpr lagi di MU 😘
vikhoto vitsu
vikhoto vitsu - 8 天 前
My favourite footballer, I really miss watching him play football 😭😭
M Alam
M Alam - 8 天 前
I miss SAF
Wienz Fafa
Wienz Fafa - 10 天 前
Love RvP....legend United
andrianka79 - 10 天 前
Feranto Supu
Feranto Supu - 10 天 前
senang lihat selebrasi nya
Sam Thomson
Sam Thomson - 11 天 前
man u legend
Vulture Sight
Vulture Sight - 12 天 前
the man that celebrate with his assist, appreciate.
Deng James
Deng James - 13 天 前
He is a great man in Manchester United history. I remember this year very well
Movie Mania
Movie Mania - 13 天 前
The last real striker of United
Darek Hareza
Darek Hareza - 15 天 前
Best 20 in that moment best VPersie
Kyrmen Lyngkhoi
Kyrmen Lyngkhoi - 15 天 前
In Greenwood i see RVP style of finishing
Abuu Afnan
Abuu Afnan - 15 天 前
Timothy Seow
Timothy Seow - 15 天 前
how Manchester United have fallen..
tú anh
tú anh - 15 天 前
tôi thích anh ấy.
Khalid AK
Khalid AK - 16 天 前
When United was part of manchester.
Van Der Vaart
Van Der Vaart - 16 天 前
🔥🔥🔥 R V P 🇱🇺
H Y - 17 天 前
He always jumping.
Baba Kameer
Baba Kameer - 17 天 前
He choose RED over Blue
Bader Sy
Bader Sy - 17 天 前
Youtube logarithms must be nostalgic for people searching for man u goals and highlights. I bet no one does so nowadays
Nicky Ermandra
Nicky Ermandra - 17 天 前
I'm a gunners and I'm sad when he start to play for MU,some say he is a snake but i always love him anyway,one of arsenal best rvp
Marvin Smith
Marvin Smith - 17 天 前
We need back a RVP at United
Servant Of Jesus Christ
Now I see the reason why ppl compare Greenwood to RVP, he can score from any angle, 9 out of 10 times he's scoring, the potential Greenwood is got, he can score 30-40 goals in an entire season, and even more, any time he nails down that CF position...
Ms. Freckles
Ms. Freckles - 18 天 前
Man really has a killer instinct, if only we had him sooner
Jamie Toussaint
Jamie Toussaint - 17 天 前
if we had him the season before no way city beat us on goals
fhg fhc
fhg fhc - 18 天 前
Last hero of Manchester united
고건우 - 18 天 前
What a player!!!
Ali - 19 天 前
Best part was seeing him celebrate the title in front of those smug arsenal fans the way they treated their players and manager at times disgraceful much respect for united fans showed more love to Arsene then his own fans.
PetionC - 19 天 前
I miss this man so much
Ardi Ansyh
Ardi Ansyh - 19 天 前
Raws 2000
Raws 2000 - 20 天 前
I'm an Arsenal fan and was heartbroken when he went to Utd, but I still admired his talent and ruthless finishing, I have no idea why Van Gaal sold him he was one of the best in the league...
Happy Life
Happy Life - 20 天 前
Silent killer Striker maybe Greenwood could learn something from him
Juan Louis
Juan Louis - 21 天 前
The last special player that Man United had. For those who dont know he was targeted by defenders and that ultimately ended his time with United
Nihad Moustafa
Nihad Moustafa - 21 天 前
حياك الله ، اشتقنالك
DealWithIt - 21 天 前
He did more at United than he could at Arsenal. He stayed loyal to Arsenal for more than he should have. Imagine what he could achieve had he moved earlier. And they’re the ones who burnt his shirt. What a joke!
Eli Dan
Eli Dan - 21 天 前
First club i knew as a kid was manufc. when i heard stories of a man named cantona from my,my son will hear stories of rvp. Fr an arsenal loyal
hafez j
hafez j - 22 天 前
He's such an opportunist. Give him a chance... Boom! GOAL!
Jeremiah Jere
Jeremiah Jere - 22 天 前
How he never won a ballon d’or, ill never know
Mahmut Yılmaz
Mahmut Yılmaz - 23 天 前
ROBİN VAN PARSİE 🤫💛💙💛💙💛💙💛💙🇹🇷🇹🇷😏🤗🤗🤗💛💙
Kababalax - 23 天 前
The best player for Man United ever.
Rohit Krishna
Rohit Krishna - 23 天 前
Oh man. How i miss this Man Utd
ismedsofyan1 - 24 天 前
6:01 miss the moment 😭
Ferdi Pranoto
Ferdi Pranoto - 24 天 前
Van Persie. Goal Machine. Never stop scoring. One of the my favorite player.
William Machado
William Machado - 25 天 前
today we have Martial... =(
勝 KTS HSM - 25 天 前
Tuấn Đào Mạnh
Tuấn Đào Mạnh - 26 天 前
Sát thủ persie
Daff - 29 天 前
Legend never die
Kelvin Kiarie
Kelvin Kiarie - 29 天 前
I think OLS should sign him😂😂
Emmanuel Nwufo
Emmanuel Nwufo - 个月 前
He’s goal with W Rooney assist is forever my favorite UNITED Goal....
Yuchiiin - 个月 前
this is so cute lol
thinking- face
thinking- face - 个月 前
"the little boy inside"
Tonton Sylas
Tonton Sylas - 个月 前
8:16 this goal is underrated, lovely skillmove with a lovely finish, oooh RVP what a player
Cristine C. Gallano
Cristine C. Gallano - 个月 前
miss the old manchester united
Thinesh Mahendran
Thinesh Mahendran - 个月 前
this is what we call a striker not martial
Jello G
Jello G - 个月 前
And now manchester is bullshit
Pudin Daily
Pudin Daily - 个月 前
u can spot van persie everywhere on the pitch by look at the way he run and move, u just know, “yap that’s him”. unique player
Jaimee Palache
Jaimee Palache - 个月 前
He’s just one of those players that always found the back of the net. World class!
Sergio Mazer
Sergio Mazer - 个月 前
Só golaço desse monstro
Edward Ward
Edward Ward - 个月 前
The finishing ,the style ,the talent ..we dont have striker like this anymore ..glad i.witness van persie during those golden era 😁
Linh Nguyễn Duy
Linh Nguyễn Duy - 个月 前
If Robin come to M.U earlier ...
Aliff Azmi
Aliff Azmi - 个月 前
the last prolific stiker that united had . 30+ goals per season . van gaal must be crazy sell rvp . i wish we could be back at 2013
Jabril04 - 22 天 前
Van gaal did him so dirty
no name
no name - 个月 前
Fenerliler burdami 💙💛💙💛💙💛
Aditya Eka Wjy
Aditya Eka Wjy - 个月 前
We need the next RVP, not martial
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher - 个月 前
7:07 If that was Rashford he would have starting hyper ventilating, passed it out then Martial would have kicked it out of play.
Difference between the amateurs and professionals
Bawna Khaleaa
Bawna Khaleaa - 个月 前
Neem Noa
Neem Noa - 个月 前
Wish I could have seen more of him in a United shirt. Dutch players never disappointed. Pure class.
Олег Плохиш
Олег Плохиш - 个月 前
Люблю Голландских футболистов для меня сборная Нидерландов лутшая с времён Клювеврта, Ван Дер Сара и др. в Аяксе топлю за них. 2021Евро кубок цедит с Оранье
Oliver Michael
Oliver Michael - 个月 前
He should be lengend
Armando Dominguez Martinez
Es un dios
Ivus George
Ivus George - 个月 前
近藤邦成 - 个月 前
Trishula 27
Trishula 27 - 个月 前
In my opinion the best dutch man, in our man united jersey.
Agil Ariebowo
Agil Ariebowo - 个月 前
Imagine we have striker like RvP in 2021 season in his age (2013)...
Cengizhan Aydın
Cengizhan Aydın - 个月 前
Grec - 个月 前
Amazing player.
One of class.
Sushant Bhandari
Sushant Bhandari - 个月 前
I love Wenger but I will never forgive him for selling RVP to ManU. RVP was our gem, our icon, the symbol of modern Arsenal. But Wenger gave him to ManU just like that. Him going to Bayern/Real would not have hurt that much, but letting your captain and best player join your arch rival just like that was the end for Arsenal. That was the beginning of the end. The beginning of Arsenal becoming a laughing stock. The beginning of Arsenal becoming a banter club.
But I am sure that, Arteta will take the club back to its glory days.
VLR Avenged Sevenfold
VLR Avenged Sevenfold - 个月 前
I can't believe he ware number 20
Dustin Wood
Dustin Wood - 个月 前
The way he strikes the ball is fantastic.
panta for soul
panta for soul - 个月 前
Fellani was there what a legend
Nikolai Vidal
Nikolai Vidal - 个月 前
11:55 jaajajaja
Reuben Kompa
Reuben Kompa - 个月 前
Had he come earlier we would have won more.. We once had RVP now we have lingard
기현정 - 个月 前
이영상을 -번개맨이- 싫어합니다 ㅋㅋㅋ
NotSoPro Guy
NotSoPro Guy - 个月 前
Dangerous striker