Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' Performance Video

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'Psycho' MV 🎥
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Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Psycho' Performance Video ℗ SM Entertainment
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Sana Samiya
Sana Samiya - 8 小时 前
Red velvet is my favourite
Claraxo - 10 小时 前
best girl
best girl - 10 小时 前
Just gonna stream psycho till RV comeback
b Ha
b Ha - 6 小时 前
please stream happiness. we are really near our goal
Sean Gaming
Sean Gaming - 11 小时 前
•Tr Avakin Life And k-pop•
A random student played this loudly on our online class. This is how I find this *masterpiece*
iaEma02 _
iaEma02 _ - 12 小时 前
I love the aesthetic of this video
motion graphics
motion graphics - 17 小时 前
REDVELVET Queen of Vocals , please stream this Ost FUTURE BY REDVELVET 👇👇👇
Yulitza Gómez
Yulitza Gómez - 17 小时 前
m m
m m - 21 小时 前
this deserve more recognition
Gui Azevedo
Gui Azevedo - 22 小时 前
Vim pela sabrinoca
lovemyself - 天 前
Did anyone else think of Ariana Grande on this note from Wendy? 0:07
Maria fernanda Pikashu
marissa lucena
marissa lucena - 天 前
A angelic voices
Clarke Girl•
Clarke Girl• - 天 前
Gente eu vi um grupo reagiu a esse cliquem ali para ver a opinião deles tem legenda 👆👆
fucking female weeb who love eatin and sleepin
Admit it bts dynamite is a good song blackpink's the album has a good songs too but this Psycho is just different right?
Nesrine K
Nesrine K - 天 前
Such a good song
kang seulgi
kang seulgi - 天 前
Aquinnah Blakesly Crystn Guevarra
i just cant stop listening to this oml.
but pyscho is the best kpop song i listened too.
An Thiên
An Thiên - 天 前
aew keemstar solojennie wrestletalk heyjude travisscott thescore
Seulchu - 天 前
Yeri said there will be a comeback 😁
Evan A1
Evan A1 - 天 前
i’m new to this fandom can someone explain what happened to Wendy? I see massive arguments in comments people saying its a fault of management?
Evan A1
Evan A1 - 12 小时 前
@杜莎丽 Tarhata Sariddin wow, thank you very much for taking time to give me a complete reply. Damn i’m so sorry to hear that. Obviously it’s managements fault as i feel. Idols have enough preassure on stage already it’s the managements responsibility to keep things easier for them. And huge respect for solar from mamamoo. I hope Wendy gets better soon. ❤️ Again thanks for the reply you’re amazing!
杜莎丽 Tarhata Sariddin
杜莎丽 Tarhata Sariddin - 13 小时 前
Wendy happened to have suffered severe injuries from falling off a stage that was 2 meters high, injuries included: fractured hips, cheekbones and wrist. This was all due to the negligence of the management in charge of SBS. Supposedly on the day of the incident, she was asked to perform "Speechless" from Aladdin and so she was called in to start the recording for the performance. But the walkway towards the stage was dimly lit so she couldn't see well. The stairs leading down to the stage was actually disconnected from the platform that she was standing on so as she tried to take a step down on the stairs, she unfortunately fell through the gap and broke several of her bones. It took at least 2 hours for someone to have noticed her in that state and it wasn't even a staff that came to check on her but Solar from Mamamoo and this was because she was also on her way to perform a different Disney song. Apparently prior to this incident numerous idols have already reported complaints about the instability of their stages and videos of idols tumbling and slipping have already been seen by the public but despite that SBS never did anything to fix those issues. Their lack of care resulted in an ordeal such as this to occur. Although Wendy's condition as of the moment is exceedingly better than before, this incident still could have possibly changed the course of her life. The damages were probably enough to make her stop dancing ever again or worse, it could have taken her life away. And all SBS did afterwards was to apologize about the cancellation of the event but not for what happened to Wendy. The public became outraged because of this and so SBS was pressured to apologize for what they have done to Wendy, but it was obvious that it was only done to save face. Thankfully Wendy is recovering beautifully and news of a Red Velvet come back might come to surface soon. I believe the reason for the arguments in this comment section are of Reveluvs cursing SBS for what happened to Wendy and for ruining of what could have possibly been one the best eras to ever come from Red Velvet.
Jana Tamayo
Jana Tamayo - 天 前
I'll immediately throw hands if this masterpiece does'nt become the SOTY.
Sheila Gubat
Sheila Gubat - 天 前
Anindita Bhattacharya
kang seulgi
kang seulgi - 天 前
Irish Ancheta
Irish Ancheta - 天 前
Brenna Amador
Brenna Amador - 天 前
eugene mapa
eugene mapa - 天 前
Queens 👸!!
spun bub
spun bub - 天 前
N A.
N A. - 2 天 前
Dina Dini
Dina Dini - 2 天 前
I'm an army but I'm a fan of Red Velvet💜💜🙋
Kringles Waga
Kringles Waga - 2 天 前
You got me feelin like a psycho,psycho. Out of a sudden while me and my husband arguing of something I just sang that song and it pissed him of 😁😁😁
facu _2
facu _2 - 2 天 前
I love song, i have obsession ♥
Lama 50
Lama 50 - 2 天 前
Love you
wea - 2 天 前
Esto deberia ser SOTY
Putri Anastasya
Putri Anastasya - 2 天 前
wea - 2 天 前
MISS WHODa - 2 天 前
This never gets old
JEM BG - 2 天 前
Purple Crown 97
Purple Crown 97 - 2 天 前
Luvies let's streaming Happiness too and get 100M. Let's give Red Velvet the honor of being first SM group to reach 100M from their MV debut!
{Millie Maraballe}
{Millie Maraballe} - 2 天 前
Help me I'm singing this song nonstop
MISS WHODa - 2 天 前
Me too, i keep repeating the rapp part... Like "heyy trouble,......., i'm original visual...."
TaeBearyy - 2 天 前
Agustin Nur
Agustin Nur - 2 天 前
Best song ever
Lina Siswati
Lina Siswati - 2 天 前
Song Of The Year
Ilette Brown
Ilette Brown - 3 天 前
MMer_afrodite - 3 天 前
This is their best song ever 😍❤️
Rashmi Choudhary
Rashmi Choudhary - 3 天 前
It breaks my heart everytime I remember that they'll disband next year . I actually cry whenever I realize that 😭😭. I hope they renew their contract .
Irene Bae
Irene Bae - 3 天 前
They won't, SM don't disband groups and Red Velvet is one of their top groups of the moment so don't worry.
Xmee - 3 天 前
Why does the beginning sound like ariana grande??
Rhuan Felipe
Rhuan Felipe - 3 天 前
Gruda como chiclete essa música. Parabéns pelas vozes, claramente tomaram muito ovo cru baseadas na história de Zezé di Camargo e Luciano.
Helen Lindao
Helen Lindao - 3 天 前
I was so excited about the new come back. I like Irin all the members in red velvet
How about you guys just like this
Helen Lindao
Helen Lindao - 3 天 前
Omg this is slame
Marian Agquiz
Marian Agquiz - 3 天 前
Wiat thus Jenn for meteor garden is in the video and another girl appear then Jenn again omg 😍
Min yoongi's Smirk
Min yoongi's Smirk - 3 天 前
I can't, I am addicted 🙏🙏🙏
juanjo fabiano
juanjo fabiano - 3 天 前
aguante =)
juanjo fabiano
juanjo fabiano - 3 天 前
pukihontas - 3 天 前
AS - 3 天 前
Still soty. Idc what anyone says
psycho hoah
psycho hoah - 3 天 前
I wonder how will RV topped this song coz until today no one groups surpass the beauty of this song
psycho hoah
psycho hoah - 3 天 前
I can't believe it's 9 months old already wow it's getting more fine everytime I listen to this art
heemymoon - 3 天 前
Rahma Mahnisza
Rahma Mahnisza - 4 天 前
Uhmm this is sounds like...

Ma. Patricia Andrea J. Macatangay
i love red
100M Reveluv
I miss them so much♥
Fia - 4 天 前
Wow! I still can't believe that this song is already 1 year. well , not yet , but going to.
Shreya Devaraju
Shreya Devaraju - 4 天 前
Am I the only one who admire that bailey sok choreographed this song
motion graphics
motion graphics - 4 天 前
It's allright , REDVELVET will COMEBACK Soooon
motion graphics
motion graphics - 4 天 前
Streaming again,
Kpop girl
Kpop girl - 4 天 前
I love K-pop 😎😎
ale - 4 天 前
si psycho no gana el soty, me corto una teta
RJ Gaa
RJ Gaa - 4 天 前
Listening to this song EVERY single day
Angeliza Triouan
Angeliza Triouan - 4 天 前
2:51 Yeri being the hottest lady here
Maria Ulfah
Maria Ulfah - 4 天 前
Respect for waiting red velvet ot 5 comeback
NuNu Entertainment
NuNu Entertainment - 4 天 前
Hey now we'll be ok
Elvira Alminaza
Elvira Alminaza - 5 天 前
Listening to this song at 2am 💖
Chuthathip Muk
Chuthathip Muk - 5 天 前
Bishsh PV
Bishsh PV - 5 天 前
The fact that this performance video probably gets more daily views than some of there other mv...
Gaby Mtz
Gaby Mtz - 5 天 前
Yeah because there's still people that thinks is the official MV and there's others that don't want to give views to the official MV lol
Al-Shaeed Muntasil
Al-Shaeed Muntasil - 5 天 前
*psycho views update*
official music video — *186m*
performance video — *65m*
live @revefestivalfinale video — *35m*
official audio — *26m*
*total number of views — 312m*
Xue fei Lee
Xue fei Lee - 5 天 前
ur not the first time here :)
Denzel Hendrix Valenzuela
Psycho SOTY
Kpop girl
Kpop girl - 5 天 前
Best red velvet song 💖💖
Kpop girl
Kpop girl - 5 天 前
I love this song 🇰🇷🇰🇷👌nice song korean songs are always best 😎😎
LH Mawia
LH Mawia - 5 天 前
Imagine they have their dance performance in their every song 😭😭
LH Mawia
LH Mawia - 5 天 前
What an killing performance
Jenchulichaeng 젠츄리챙
I'm not red velvet fan
but this is amazing!!! I love this
nikkiii - 5 天 前
David Giraldo
David Giraldo - 6 天 前
I'm original visual
princess q. armesin
princess q. armesin - 6 天 前
The best red velvet😘❤❤
Chuu Lover
Chuu Lover - 6 天 前
still waiting for rv comeback.. (ot5)
nayyab_is weird
nayyab_is weird - 6 天 前
Where is my 100M
Godwin Estrabo
Godwin Estrabo - 6 天 前
I'm original visual -Red Velvet
SpA :}
SpA :} - 6 天 前
Hollywood beats ❤️
Rea Irish
Rea Irish - 6 天 前
Tyong Mu
Tyong Mu - 6 天 前
Still respect waiting for 5 member comeback, miss you red velvet love love love
h.w. D.
h.w. D. - 6 天 前
오늘 이노래만 들었는데 좋네
Nicole Ocampo
Nicole Ocampo - 6 天 前
still my soty
Maya - 6 天 前
I'll borrow 0:43 - 1:22 tysm
Kalthum Ahmad
Kalthum Ahmad - 6 天 前
Imagine how beautiful the outfit for psycho promotion but SBS ruined it🙂
Windiya Noviati
Windiya Noviati - 6 天 前
Miising their comeback ot5
Brent Sotto
Brent Sotto - 6 天 前
soty of the year.
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel - 7 天 前
I just realized how unnoticed red velvet is to the universe of Twice, BTS, Blackpink. But to be honest, (for me) you might not like the music, don’t like the quality. BUT. I think you gotta admit how good the quality, the effort, the lyrics, even the dances in the group is amazing. I definitely think red velvet deserves more with this kind of music quality. Sorry if I offended anyone that don’t really like red velvet, but I do and I think they are definitely one of the best K-POP groups I have known. I have only listened to this song, but I can tell that they worked hard for it. (GO RED VELVET!)
Gaby Mtz
Gaby Mtz - 5 天 前
I wouldn't say unnotice because they are the ones with the most liked songs in Korea, gg, Billboard and many other international music critics always put them on the 1, Billboard even called them the Best Idol Group Alive but the thing is they don't have the same international promotions or even music videos ads as the other groups you mention and that's why it may seem they aren't as known as them but they are.
Runu Talukdar
Runu Talukdar - 5 天 前
I agree!