Demi Lovato on Practicing Self Care | Pretty Big Deal

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Ashley Graham sits down with a true beacon of strength, Demi Lovato. Demi is a two-time Grammy-nominated singer, actress, and activist who stole our hearts from the moment she first flashed that winning smile. Her powerhouse vocals catapulted her to global stardom and the hits have never stopped. Over the years, Demi has been incredibly inspirational through her transparency and mental health advocacy. She’s a GLAAD Vanguard Award recipient with over 108 Million followers on social. She’s conquered platinum records, sold out tours, TV shows and personal battles all with a heart of gold.
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Mag Konidis
Mag Konidis - 7 小时 前
Great interview ☺️
...what was the title of the book Demi was talking about? Minute 18:15
Kaiden Coombs
Kaiden Coombs - 10 小时 前
bullying will never get the attention it needs. even now bullying is still ignored.
littlebrojay - 天 前
this was the best 46ish minutes i spent this whole week i promise you.
David Popo
David Popo - 2 天 前
nickluva79 - 3 天 前
this was EVERYTHING! her truth and real sense of self is what makes her amazing!
keara saleem
keara saleem - 3 天 前
Love u demi
criiL 03
criiL 03 - 4 天 前
demi gain a lot of weigh, but she looks stunning anyway
Nina Sulkowski
Nina Sulkowski - 4 天 前
Good enough can be a whole lot better than "perfect".
Micaela Opoku-Mensah
Micaela Opoku-Mensah - 4 天 前
Demi, you'll probably never see this, but I laughed and cried a million times watching this. Thank you for being you and dropping so many beautiful gems in this vid and for just being yourself. I've learnt so much and I am so inspired!! 😘😘😘🙏🙏
Justinwolfordfilms - 5 天 前
She’s pretty on the inside as she is on the outside keep up the good work Demi
Lola Bear
Lola Bear - 5 天 前
Both of these women are AMAZING. They are beautiful inside and outside! 💖💕
Kylee Irizarry
Kylee Irizarry - 5 天 前
Demi is such a beautiful and genuine person inside and out.
Jasmine Rebecka
Jasmine Rebecka - 5 天 前
Wow, I got a whole other picture of Demi, I really respect her! And Ashley is such a good host. Watching this interview felt like 5 min.
StarCraven - 6 天 前
Literally nobody:
Demi Lobato: *Has Halloween party in the middle of February*
Lyric Thomas
Lyric Thomas - 7 天 前
When Demi mentioned her pact with God I instantly fell more in love with her, ALL the blessings to you Demi I'll be praying for you

Edit: Ughhhh her testimony made me cryyyy I can't WONT HE DO IT
Ygor Cortes
Ygor Cortes - 7 天 前
Demi really is just AWESOME! And I love what she said about self acceptance!
Rene Michelle
Rene Michelle - 8 天 前
Emoji talk 😉
Destinee Leger
Destinee Leger - 8 天 前
Did anyone catch the name of the book Demi mentioned?
Mackenzie Gibbs
Mackenzie Gibbs - 9 天 前
I love demi she gave me the confidence to come out 😂
Ishakeeba Rattigan
Ishakeeba Rattigan - 9 天 前
I always love Demi because I know she's different. Her Strength ppl take for weakness and her kindness they take for granted. She has her own personality. Great women power I stand for her because she knows how to be real.#demirocks.
Sabrina Vandiford
Sabrina Vandiford - 10 天 前
LOVE THEM. But also was waiting for someone to bring up the fact that they've both kissed Joe Jonas.
Kirsten A
Kirsten A - 10 天 前
One thing that moved me was when Demi said that she was going through her grievances and had the thoughts to “power through it”...I feel this! I am going through a lot and trying to “keep moving forward” without actually processing important things in my life.
These sort of humbling life lessons that she brings to light are so relevant and love that she gets to be the medium. ❤️
TréIsCool - 10 天 前
this was really cute
Toni Friedrich
Toni Friedrich - 10 天 前
Ashley graham looks like jennifer garner
Robert Kiel
Robert Kiel - 10 天 前
Amazing beautiful story 🙏🏾
Christina Martinez Stotts
LOVE Demi Lovato! She is awesome and so real and authentic! Agh just obsessed! 🤗 I laughed and cried in this interview and even got some good take aways. LOVE the body acceptance message! This has got to be one of my favorite interviews!
Christina Martinez Stotts
Ashley Graham is sooo good at interviewing! She really makes it feel like you’re at her house just chatting like normal. LOVE her! Subscribing!
celeste brock
celeste brock - 12 天 前
Be upfront and open,
If i don't let someone know what their doing is triggering me, their just gonna keep triggering me;
then im just hurting.
This just hit me where I live. I struggle so much, with my triggers. And .... I've never had the galls to be brave for myself....
Thank you demi. Thank you so much
Ted - 12 天 前
this needs more likes
Jocasta Oliveira
Jocasta Oliveira - 13 天 前
Demi is simply incredible and inspiring 👏👏👏
Sally Davis
Sally Davis - 14 天 前
This was wonderful ladies! Loved both of you! Please keep in mind that pro female athletes need equal pay that the male athletes are getting. Please help regular people like myself support females in all areas of business. The USA WOMEN'S TEAM HAS WON SO MUCH AND THEY DESERVE ATTENTION! We need to draw attention to these unbelievable athletes that deserve ENDORSEMENTS, Equal pay, and they deserve to be heard! Check out the Orlando Pride; Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger and learn more and help with this FEMINIST PUSH!
Yousra Slaoui
Yousra Slaoui - 14 天 前
If you're a pretty big deal then you need to have Kevin Hart!
Rema Lewis
Rema Lewis - 15 天 前
We love our girls 🙊❤️
Uma Kittusamy
Uma Kittusamy - 15 天 前
I love Demi!! She is so positive and a great voice!! She honestly brightens my day listening to her music or hearing her talk about things she is passionate like in this video!
Mega Alexa
Mega Alexa - 15 天 前
I wish to date Demi...and I am a girl. 😆
Isabella Milani
Isabella Milani - 15 天 前
I think she should have summarized her relationship with her fans in a different/better way. 40:30 - 40:46. When she exclaimed : I thought that after all these years, D.D. Lovato knew that her fans look up to her and love her for who she is.
GerardWayxo 133
GerardWayxo 133 - 16 天 前
If we Lost Demi in 2018 Due to her overdose I would be so sad
Demi Sixx
Demi Sixx - 16 天 前
my district still doesn’t do shit about bullying
G R - 17 天 前
i love demi so much i don’t care what anybody says
kickassusernamehere - 18 天 前
Everyone needs hype friends!
Briana Nicole
Briana Nicole - 18 天 前
Demi has always had the most BEAUTIFUL smile...I envy those pearly whites.
Kaitlin Harvey
Kaitlin Harvey - 18 天 前
I needed this ❤️
Jasmine Desiree
Jasmine Desiree - 18 天 前
I love when Demi said she walks past the mirror and just accepts her body and doesn’t force herself to love it
Isabel - 18 天 前
Great video! Please bring Demi back again
The Cloudy Prince
The Cloudy Prince - 18 天 前
We all should love ourselfs. It bothers me so much how can social media or even your class mates can make you have insecurities even If you are such a gorgeous person as Demi is... WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!
Haley - 19 天 前
Camping.... hummm..... Camp Rock 3 🙃
Cryystal Castro
Cryystal Castro - 19 天 前
only half way in and this conversation made me tear up phew !
Shay Alexandra
Shay Alexandra - 19 天 前
This is so beautiful. Two strong and powerful women.
Wilma De Jong
Wilma De Jong - 19 天 前
Rachana Ang
Rachana Ang - 19 天 前
This has got to be one of my favourite videos on YouTube ever. Thank you.
Alexius Alascio
Alexius Alascio - 20 天 前
Demi is so incredibly beautiful. I just wish she knew that. UGH
Jasmine Carty
Jasmine Carty - 20 天 前
Demi, you are beautiful inside and out. God has such a great purpose for your life! You are blessed to be a blessing. God isn’t finished with you yet.. may God continue to use you for his Glory to lead souls to Jesus Christ. I love you! ❤️
Jill Wildberger
Jill Wildberger - 20 天 前
Turn closed capiton on please im deaf
UltimateArtists1 - 20 天 前
You are both so incredibly beautiful and inspiring
nandy178 - 21 天 前
I remember the first time that I saw Demi. She was in the movie with Selena Gomez playing princess and I thought who is this beautiful girl. I live in Croatia and I never before heard about her. I am really surprised that she doesn't think this way and she is really good actress. And Taylor Swift had the same problem. She didn't eat to be very thin and now she take care of herself. I am glad that they are speaking about it and try to live normal lifes. 🌈
Tara Easley
Tara Easley - 22 天 前
Hey Demi, I have a great sense of humor. CALL ME!!! LOL!!
Kiwi - 22 天 前
Ooof.. Does Revlon still test on animals though? hope not:(
justbettina - 22 天 前
She has so much to go through. Wish we could help her!
josephine devivo
josephine devivo - 22 天 前
Rajshri Sukhani
Rajshri Sukhani - 22 天 前
Rajshri Sukhani
Rajshri Sukhani - 22 天 前
“I’ll pop this kid out in some months” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Molly Jane Carroll
Molly Jane Carroll - 23 天 前
This was so empowering to watch. I am at my heaviest but, after years of untreated bulimia, this is the least I have ever cared about my weight. My family continue to comment but I'm just enjoying the freedom while living a healthy lifestyle
민윤지 - 23 天 前
Subscribed! 🙈☀️
Maria Soledad Vazquez
Maria Soledad Vazquez - 23 天 前
I wasn't a fan of hers (I'm too old to have seen her on Disney) but I am converted. She is amazing
Fatana Olomi
Fatana Olomi - 23 天 前
We have to acknowledge her ex is a POS!
Kayla Casey
Kayla Casey - 23 天 前
I’m so in love with Demi. Fuck she’s gorgeous. She’s so raw and real. I so appreciate her! 😍
Fatima Cabrera
Fatima Cabrera - 24 天 前
Demi I would marry you
j gee
j gee - 24 天 前
Two Gorgeous woman.. I honestly only love curvy girls.... 😍
Dominique Harris
Dominique Harris - 24 天 前
I'm the complete opposite from Demi I love jeans along with jeggings,but I can't stand dresses or skirts
Soul Filling Podcast
Soul Filling Podcast - 24 天 前
Thank you for this. Thank you for strengthening our faith.
Pyre - 24 天 前
❤️ love & light
Mariseli Rocha
Mariseli Rocha - 25 天 前
I love Demi so much ❤️
I didn’t understand the name of the book she mentioned, this video doesn’t have subtitles unfortunately and I’m brazilian af
Seductive Gypsy
Seductive Gypsy - 25 天 前
this wierd that demi kind off looks like me!
Sara Speaks Wellness
Sara Speaks Wellness - 25 天 前
Gosh darn it I just want to be friends with these amazing women!
Vanessa Comanse
Vanessa Comanse - 25 天 前
LOVE these 2 women 🙏🙏🙏🙏😍😍
Thenuttyowll X
Thenuttyowll X - 25 天 前
The join honey website doesn't work for me?
Jessica Wilson
Jessica Wilson - 26 天 前
I’m a size 4 and I’ve always hated jeans! Or any clothing that isn’t comfy, I refuse to be uncomfortable lol! I love sweats and leggings I basically live in them because they’re comfy and when I feel comfy I feel good about myself.. yeah I like to get dressed up/dolled up every once in awhile but man when those times happen I’m counting down the time til I get back home and can throw my comfy pants on lol! I refuse to wear heels, at both my prom and wedding my heels came off within 10-15mins because I just cannot walk in them, they hurt dude!! Screw that 🤣 Love you so so much Demi! My Dad literally is just like yours and I’ve gone through so many of the same things you have and suffer the same illnesses you do and I know your pain, I can literally feel it when you sing. You help me so much and have helped me heal from the pain my dad caused me. I am loving your new song “I love me”, I can’t stop listening to it! I hope I can one day get to the point when I love myself! 💜
Jodie Martin
Jodie Martin - 26 天 前
Love this.
Maurilio Pasqua
Maurilio Pasqua - 26 天 前
Love you Demi. 😍
Natalia Rosario
Natalia Rosario - 26 天 前
I love how genuine Demi is💗