Zane - WAP (Official Music Video Cover)

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Available on Spotify and iTunes soon! This song is meant to be played while you're with your lover in the shower and no where else.
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Zane Hijazi
Brett Bassock
Micah Gordon
Jon Corum - Cinematographer
Mitch Parks - Editor
Tatsuya Kawauchi - 1st AC
Erick Turcios - Gaffer
Scotty Sire - @Scotty Sire
Heath Hussar - @Heath Hussar
Matt King - @Matt King
Jason Nash - @Jason Nash
Mariah Amato - @Mariah Amato
Addison Rae - @Addison Rae
Quen Blackwell - @Quenlin Blackwell
Courtney - @Average Fashion Blogger
Natalie Mariduena
Kenny Allen
Ilya Feddy
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Octavius Del Monte
Octavius Del Monte - 33 分钟 前
It is quite debilitating to have this song stuck in your head all day, also inexplicable.
TheMightyRed - 35 分钟 前
That, was amazing. I cried.
247jimin - 42 分钟 前
i’ve found my favorite version
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 44 分钟 前
I’m low key mad josh isn’t in this video
Jack Frost
Jack Frost - 46 分钟 前
Zane your hair looks great man! Happy for you !😁
Eric B
Eric B - 51 分钟 前
The live chhrch group omg
LittleDickGirl666 - 58 分钟 前
Iam gonna request this for my church
i'm sorry what-
Eribium [GD]
Eribium [GD] - 小时 前
when you slip the priest 100$
Sims.Co-91 - 小时 前
He kinda got that 2002 emo band vibe to his voice
lol met rayan 2
lol met rayan 2 - 小时 前
This is beter then the real version
Leah Bentley
Leah Bentley - 小时 前
Yo Chapo
Yo Chapo - 小时 前
Jeff made a actual song not stole one 🤣
Julia Ann
Julia Ann - 小时 前
Bruh y’all loving the song but I’m just happy ab him and stassie being together
Savannah Dixon
Savannah Dixon - 小时 前
I wanted to see your sister so bad in this!
Layla Lin Dancer
Layla Lin Dancer - 2 小时 前
I’m not crying you are
leslie feelsagain
leslie feelsagain - 2 小时 前
Why does Matt look like a Peanuts character in the choir tho
Larissa Chea
Larissa Chea - 2 小时 前
this was a cinematic experience
Vibhas Landeri
Vibhas Landeri - 2 小时 前
wtf is this😂😂
emi andrea
emi andrea - 3 小时 前
It’s Danielle
It’s Danielle - 3 小时 前
I bet Addison died inside so hard
Alyssa Freeman
Alyssa Freeman - 3 小时 前
I want this played at my funeral 😎
Aditya Vashist
Aditya Vashist - 3 小时 前
just amazing. man with many talents
DreaMart14 - 3 小时 前
honestly this an older song bout to release a new one but lowkey goes hard
allina retana
allina retana - 4 小时 前
I loved this!
GeishaTheSerpantClan - 4 小时 前
His parents must be proud.
bayou050 _
bayou050 _ - 4 小时 前
how do they keep a straight face
Garry Q
Garry Q - 4 小时 前
Aamir Abdullah
Aamir Abdullah - 4 小时 前
Matt King's wide open moth shot was just out of this world hahahaha
Catherine Yelle
Catherine Yelle - 4 小时 前
Why is it sooooo gooodddd
Raagini Bora
Raagini Bora - 4 小时 前
certified bop
L A U R A - 5 小时 前
I hope Cardi see this
Jasmine G
Jasmine G - 5 小时 前
Such a deep and emotional song, I can’t help but cry😭❤️
valeria garcia
valeria garcia - 6 小时 前
okay but why does Heath look like Louis Tomlinson with that haircut baby
Louisa Julia
Louisa Julia - 6 小时 前
Now this is legen- wait for it... dary
HeXrow - 6 小时 前
Me or zane has a good voice
Yxzc - 6 小时 前
did i just see addison or am i trippin?
Tik Tok Time
Tik Tok Time - 5 小时 前
Yes Addison and Natalie are both in the video
Daily Cones
Daily Cones - 6 小时 前
Ray ray Laycoles
Ray ray Laycoles - 6 小时 前
Is that addison?
Tik Tok Time
Tik Tok Time - 5 小时 前
There was Natalie too
Tik Tok Time
Tik Tok Time - 5 小时 前
huhkdog Vlogs
huhkdog Vlogs - 6 小时 前
*The fact that addison rae is here*
*is so frickin wierd lol hahah*