Liverpool FC - TOP 5 Performances That Earned Them The League Title!

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Liverpool are Premier League champs for the first time in 30 years!
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Iswandi Poli
Iswandi Poli - 天 前
please dont throw origi away...he will shine with thiago game me...YNWA
Monda Chewon
Monda Chewon - 9 天 前
Out of this world 🌎
Hamid Ali C
Hamid Ali C - 13 天 前
Super Mañe
Joy Roberts
Joy Roberts - 23 天 前
The love I have for Liverpool 😍.... Only God knows, we smile we cry together
Tony Diamond
Tony Diamond - 24 天 前
That music was awful and that woman raving away spoiled the whole thing.
Shanti shanti
Shanti shanti - 28 天 前
when you smile so it hurts and still love it YNWA
Tarek Shikder
Tarek Shikder - 28 天 前
Bright Simukonda
Bright Simukonda - 个月 前
That Leicester game has to be the most commanding game I've ever seen in recent times.
Bright Simukonda
Bright Simukonda - 个月 前
"that's beautiful, it's Liverpool all over... "
Gyaltsen Nick
Gyaltsen Nick - 个月 前
Saido is seriously underrated player among LFC. We should give more credit on him.
MJ SALAH - 个月 前
that run off allison across the bitch was title wining celebration
Proud Jew and Bayern Munich
The top 5 vars in their favor 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nurdaulet Mussagali
Nurdaulet Mussagali - 个月 前
Atletico, Watford, Manchester city, Chelsea, Arsenal
Srinjoy Dey
Srinjoy Dey - 个月 前
Great team show
Eka Ben
Eka Ben - 个月 前
Tatong Jamir
Tatong Jamir - 个月 前
I'm new here and I love ur channel.....keep it up
Ndiaye Ndiaye
Ndiaye Ndiaye - 个月 前
Love sadio mané ❤🇸🇳
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis - 个月 前
There is NO WAY we can let origi and gini go!!!!
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis - 个月 前
@Cosmic Happening for what tho? Liverpool along w bayern are the best clubs in the world rn
Cosmic Happening
Cosmic Happening - 个月 前
With Koeman now managing Barca, he could tempt Gini to move there.
MrBar9 - 个月 前
Why do you spoil it with music ffs
Allan Who?
Allan Who? - 个月 前
Nice beat drop in the City game.
Sow Bamba
Sow Bamba - 个月 前
King Mané melhor jogador da PL 🤴🏿🔥
Archita Mitra
Archita Mitra - 个月 前
The fuckin De Gea meme is finally dead!
Ingvar Ellingsen
Ingvar Ellingsen - 个月 前
Sandrine Sugi
Sandrine Sugi - 个月 前
Great video, what a team! Anybody know what the song at 5:30 is?
edward lomena
edward lomena - 个月 前
There wont be another like bobby !!!
THE EAGLE - 个月 前
Zazanan SD1995
Zazanan SD1995 - 个月 前
Elhadj Cheikh Diagne
Elhadj Cheikh Diagne - 个月 前
gucci mane
gucci mane - 个月 前
Is no one gonna talk about the very first one??? The one that literally had the Everton defender that left EVERYONE speechless because he let THE BALL go through..... when he 110% had a chancefucking stop it, intercept, slide tackle, OR CLEAR AND WHATEVER... I'm not even an Everton fan but that is easily was one of the most embarrassing things ever and if I was a fan...I would stop forever and kms.....
Edit: 0:42 put it on .25 seconds playback feed and just fucking look. It's sooo sad, one of the most embarrassing THINGS that I've ever laid my eyes upon. NOT even fucking kidding, bruh.
Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown - 个月 前
Mane’s Goal against Aston Villa was sublime! (Last Gasp Winner) flick off the back of the head!
Marvin Brown
Marvin Brown - 个月 前
Origi’s goal against Everton is world class! (Two touch GOAL!)
Scarlett Cross
Scarlett Cross - 个月 前
Irritating background music makes watchable vids like this. . .unwatchable :(
evanescent83 - 个月 前
Would have been a perfect video had it not been for the dreadful, distracting music.
Ibrahima Sow
Ibrahima Sow - 个月 前
After this video you realise how important Mane is for Liverpool
Kieran Warren
Kieran Warren - 个月 前
I think the man city games mean more the the rest and Everton game to
Red Mist
Red Mist - 个月 前
We made some statements the whole season it was all important to the cause
Harvey Moloney
Harvey Moloney - 个月 前
Should’ve beat united like 4-0
Ember Mbee
Ember Mbee - 个月 前
Poor Everton
Nurideen Mohammed
Nurideen Mohammed - 个月 前
Great performance from all top three players including origi. But what games I feel most are man u and man city, Allison assist mo sallah and Fobinho our no.3 outside net goal
sein time
sein time - 个月 前