Joe Burrow should refuse to sign with Cincinnati Bengals - Jason Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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Jason Whitlock and Marcellus Wiley are joined by Orlando Scandrick and LaVar Arrington to talk the 2020 NFL draft. The Cincinnati Bengals have the first draft pick, and reports say they have their eyes on Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow. Burrow seems less than excited about the possibility of playing for the Bengals, and Whitlock thinks if he believed in his talent as a quarterback he would 'pull an Eli Manning' and refuse to sign with Cincinnati.
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Joe Burrow should refuse to sign with Cincinnati Bengals - Jason Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
Speak For Yourself
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Speak For Yourself
Speak For Yourself - 个月 前
Is Joe Burrow a good fit for the Cincinnati Bengals?
WolfToons live streams
WolfToons live streams - 22 天 前
Mike Roagression
Mike Roagression - 29 天 前
Bad fit. Extremely bad. Bengals have 40 positional needs
LaloWulf 187
LaloWulf 187 - 个月 前
Nobody a Good fit
Micah Larkins
Micah Larkins - 个月 前
If your a good QB you'll be good on any team
Tloomfield - 个月 前
No he needs to bounce
Kyle Dykes
Kyle Dykes - 个月 前
Came here just to say Whitlock is trash
Josh W
Josh W - 个月 前
Lavar failing to mention Washington as a black hole is hilarious.
A show called "Speak For Yourself" where other people speak for you...🤔
Calvin Miller
Calvin Miller - 个月 前
Imagine arguing that the bengals are anything but a beat down loser franchise
Alex Scheid
Alex Scheid - 个月 前
Lol at the last second they said they downgraded a coach, anything following Marvin Lewis is an upgrade. Marvin was the same guy who said that momentum shifting changes made at half time are a myth, but then you look at things like the Bama - Georgia Natty game or the Falcons - Patriots super bowl. That man knows nothing
Fernando Montalvo
Fernando Montalvo - 个月 前
This is why most Sports talk shows are losing credibility, NFL draft is in place for a reason, the worst teams are first in the draft for a purpose. The talking heads love to hate for NO reason.
Sean Mulvany
Sean Mulvany - 个月 前
Whitlock is a clown
Javi _ CountJugg49
Javi _ CountJugg49 - 个月 前
Bruh your going into the nfl theres thousands of athletes who dont even make it to the nfl
which ever team drafts you, you should be grateful no matter what #realtalk
Jim Elmore
Jim Elmore - 个月 前
They should all refuse to play for who drafts them and all sign with my favorite team.
donavon collins
donavon collins - 个月 前
This is by far.. the worst group of "analyst" they really shouldn't even have a show
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God - 个月 前
Bengals dodge a bullet if Burrow doesnt want to play for them.
Marvin Jackson
Marvin Jackson - 个月 前
I clicked on this video just to say whitlock sucks soooooooooo much, what a deuche
Nathanile Freeman
Nathanile Freeman - 个月 前
Yall forgot 1 thing!!! That was marvin Lewis era!! Zach taylor is the new coach. You cant talk about who dey nation without talking about that. Burrow Nixon green boyd eifert.. and a new o line.
Jeff Mills
Jeff Mills - 个月 前
Jason Whitlock your mom
justin cathcart
justin cathcart - 个月 前
Jason Whitlock should refuse to help himself to 2nd's and 3rd's and 4th's and 5th's servings at old country buffet.
Eugene Reeves
Eugene Reeves - 个月 前
Carson Palmer got paid for the Bengals🤷🏿‍♂️
Whitlock fake opinionated news narrative
isi alfred
isi alfred - 个月 前
This show should be called average players hating on younger better players.. All they do is hate on anyone doing good or better than they ever did as players.
Kurtis L
Kurtis L - 个月 前
Dont forget, 2019 Bengals lost 14 games, 8 of them were by 7 pts or less. All we needed way a few key players to win those.
Tyler Dame
Tyler Dame - 个月 前
Completely overlooking the 2010's Bengals. Its disgusting and unfair.
Tyler Dame
Tyler Dame - 个月 前
because the media hates the Bengals!!!! Thats why!!
Dutchie Killa Visual
Dutchie Killa Visual - 个月 前
You guys sound silly, you talk bad about the bengals like it’s not 20 other teams who have not won a Super Bowl .. y’all talk about the cowgirls every day like they’re a Super Bowl team and they have not won since I been born .. the bengals are not as bad as y’all make em to be . Actually they went to the playoffs with Andy dalton 5 str8 times and only recently have they missed because of injuries.. some people should do homework before they start bashing teams
Cedric Page
Cedric Page - 个月 前
if u cant name the guys that bron took to the finals then u don't watch basketball and shouldn't speak on it Whitlock
Hayden Ross
Hayden Ross - 个月 前
If Carson Palmer was so great then why is it the Bengals went to the playoffs the next five years after HE left-- They replaced him with Andy Dalton. Maybe Dalton was just a better quarterback than Palmer? Why did Palmer never win anything after he left Cincinnati? Palmer never won a single thing during his rookie contract and yet, the Bengals made him the highest paid QB in the NFL on his second contract.-- The same Bengals you claim are cheap. Let's not forget that Jordan Palmer, Carson's brother, was given the job of back up QB just to make make Carson happy. Jordan didn't earn that job. Nobody else wanted him. Prior to the Bengals bringing him into the organization he was sitting a on couch praying for a call.
Carson Palmer is just a bitter player who has a hated for Cincinnati and it's fan base. He was a #1 player who had loads of talent all around him and HE didn't get the job done.-- that has nothing to do with Mike Brown.
bill smith
bill smith - 个月 前
You guys are greedy idiots. For decant honest human beings there are far more important things than how much money you can get out of someone. You are all pitiful human beings.
Willie Osburn
Willie Osburn - 个月 前
zombiewack - 个月 前
Joe wil make it
scoot3r johnson
scoot3r johnson - 个月 前
iii dont think cincinnati is good enough 4 joe burrow...
the kids going 2 be great coming out of sec.lsu...
the bengals are exactly what carson said...
he would know...
'the doubt is in the franchise...
not joe burrow'
excellent quote...
nice mention of putting respect on williams name...
The Life of A Bachelor Show
If I was the owner I would tell him if he want a pissing contest he can bring it. I tell him I got as long as it take.
K Thomas
K Thomas - 个月 前
If your telling players to force a trade on draft night so just make the league 10 team.
pete's autos
pete's autos - 个月 前
He doesnt have the years to waste. Hes older than most rooks
Nico Castillo
Nico Castillo - 个月 前
Why does that grown man have a 20 year olds haircut?
Thomas Kelly
Thomas Kelly - 个月 前
Yes sit out the year until the next draft when once again the Bengals will have the top pick
Derrick Sanchez
Derrick Sanchez - 个月 前
Yo he killed he said he sign the dotted line..... So true
Mike Breezy
Mike Breezy - 个月 前
Orlando speaking facts Carson was cashing that check.
Audit The Fed
Audit The Fed - 个月 前
Go to Saints, same system where he flourish. Brees came back to mentor him. Who Dat.
mrLuckasman - 个月 前
“They know what year it is they got calendars”😂😂😂
Markus Elstob
Markus Elstob - 个月 前
Jason Whitlock looks like a worm in a fat suit.
Dana McArdle
Dana McArdle - 个月 前
Whitlock should refuse taco bell and Mcdonald's before he explodes
Kelly Ballaro
Kelly Ballaro - 个月 前
Joe Burrow will be the first pick and the Bengals are on record saying they will NOT trade out of that slot. I believe Joe will come in and be the face of the franchise for the next decade plus, and within a year or two the talk about not being able to win playoff games will be history!
Andrew Morrissey
Andrew Morrissey - 个月 前
All the media Is doing is smearing the Bengals.
Thomas Urech
Thomas Urech - 个月 前
Start with Burrow behind Dalton like the Giants put Jones behind Eli. If Dalton flubs again (like Eli) Burrow goes in. If Dalton does well, Burrow is a high-end trade.
Spedward Trianglepants
Spedward Trianglepants - 个月 前
At first I agreed he should pull an eli but then I realized thats the reason of the whole draft so that the worst team gets the best players. The draft would be useless if all the best players refused to go to the worst teams
Micah Larkins
Micah Larkins - 个月 前
Who Dey
John Runyon
John Runyon - 个月 前
Why are they so worried about it anyways !
Andrew San
Andrew San - 个月 前
I would say exactly what joe said “if they pick they pick me” just play
davis mc.
davis mc. - 个月 前
I think this is one you actually, speak for your self.he should go where he is drafted.he can go elsewhere when his next contract come up.
chris c
chris c - 个月 前
Never watched before and now I know why!
Brandon G
Brandon G - 个月 前
The media hypes him up way too high then tries to get everyone outside on Cincy excited about the fake prospect of him not playing there. It's nonsense.
csr326 - 个月 前
It’s called a draft for a reason. You get drafted you sign and play for that team
David Johnson
David Johnson - 个月 前
He said I’m talking about fact and your talking about Lavar feelings.
jamesmarhen - 个月 前
Too much is being made out of a few comments while ignoring all of the other comments Burrow made. I'm a Cardinals fan so I don't care about the Bengals but the Bengals have had several good seasons the last few years, even under Palmer they had a few injuries at bad times. They've paid guys well and while they aren't the best franchise in the NFL they aren't the worst either. Whitlock acts as though the Bengals are the Browns or the Lions but they are far better than that. Scandrick is the only one making sense on this program.
Wyo Drifter
Wyo Drifter - 个月 前
This show sucks. Also orlando scandrick. Straight Boise state BUM
Jamie Privett
Jamie Privett - 个月 前
Play where your drafted, or don't play.
Jay Isue
Jay Isue - 个月 前
Joe decline other teams & come to Carolina 🤦🏽‍♂️
The Creature In Me
The Creature In Me - 个月 前
Carson actually got hurt in that playoff game. If he didn't get hurt. Things would've been different
Jaden Bartlett
Jaden Bartlett - 个月 前
Baker Mayfield
Bradley Spruill
Bradley Spruill - 个月 前
I rather listen to Charles Barkley put together 10 sentences then anything Whitlock has to say ijs 🤷🏾‍♂️
IG ENG - 个月 前
Burrow is a perfect fit for Cincy. He's got weapons, a running back, good O line, and Defense. New QB coach as our head coach, yeah. And his "Great Guy" appearance would shatter if he tried a power play with the Bengals, being from Ohio. It would be a betrayal of the state.
Isaiah - 个月 前
Orlando’s the only one worth listening to
The_HBK_23 - 个月 前
Need to think of the kids career. This is where careers go to die.
John H.
John H. - 个月 前
I diggin' Orlando Scandrick! Would like to see more of his analyses good job Orlando enlightening the people!
william wallace
william wallace - 个月 前
Bottom line is bengals need a qb. Andy Daltons a bum. Id rather have jon kitna
Julian Jefferies
Julian Jefferies - 个月 前
Im gonna give 2 examples on why this maybe the time for the Bengals to rise. Houston Astros(bad example because of the cheating) and Golden state warriors. People of the sports world, they were not considered good teams. Well both have "won" championships. My fellow YouTubers, this could be the guy(altuve,steph curry). Stay tuned.
Tater Tot
Tater Tot - 个月 前
Burrow has had 1 great season. How all of a sudden hes the next Joe Montana blows my mind
Matty - 个月 前
How did they still find a way to talk about lebron??
mlrz24 - 个月 前
Sorry colleges shouldn't have a say who they play for. After college they are technically unemployed. Also it's going to create imbalances in the teams
River Valley University
I would NEVeR play for the Bengals. Ever.
Mateo Gallardo The Potato!
Mike Brown is one of the worst owners in all of sports. I wouldnt want to be there either.
adgtheone - 个月 前
Burrow shoulda just asked for a 5th year. His fault.
david r
david r - 个月 前
Mike Brown is reason enough to refuse to play for the Bengals. And Burrow knows it.
The RightStuff
The RightStuff - 个月 前
Well he can just take a year off
Mr, Private
Mr, Private - 个月 前
Whitlock should be fired
Itee Tee978
Itee Tee978 - 个月 前
J Burrow knows he ain’t good enough and will be found again like he’s early college days.. Average QB.. You believe your the man then take it head on..
Nathan Perez
Nathan Perez - 个月 前
These fools actin' like the Brown wants to win. He doesn't. No matter how good the team he eill never win. If Burrow wastes his career away like Carson it will be the same narrative ten years from now.
Mark Fry
Mark Fry - 个月 前
Based on this logic everybody should hold out unless they are picked by the Steelers, Cowboys or Patriots. Nobody should base where they go on a team's past. That is the past. You want to be the team's future. Perhaps one could argue the Bengals haven't one a playoff game since '91 because they haven't had a quarterback like Burrow on their team.
The RightStuff
The RightStuff - 个月 前
Who wants to sit out a year with no money?
Thatkiddadreamer 3528
Thatkiddadreamer 3528 - 个月 前
Lol it took the chiefs 50 years to win another Super Bowl these arguments weak
englandbengal - 个月 前
Whitlock is so lazy. Dude has a hard time catching his breath while eating a cheeseburger. Do you honestly think he’s researched the Bengals? No, he’s just regurgitating talking points of the national media.
Rudi Mwongozi
Rudi Mwongozi - 个月 前
I don't normally agree with Whitlock but he is right on this one. The kid sitting to his left in the pin striped suit is such a capitalist he doesn't know its important to win. Winning makes you more money than anything. I sure wouldn't hire THAT guy as my GM... An apologist for Mike Brown and The Bengals...smh... pitiful.
big worm
big worm - 个月 前
3 trash teams too the the Super Bowl? 97 they went 12-4 won the super bowl in 98 14-2 won the super bowl and u call this trash? WTF!!! In the time of Tyrell Davis, shay Sharp, Elway
Quadrion Simon
Quadrion Simon - 个月 前
“john elway took three trash teams (with shannon sharpe and terrell davis) to the super bowl”....ok whitlock