We Are Liverpool. Champions of England.

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After a 30 year wait, Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool are Premier League Champions.
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Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC - 8 天 前
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Nino Kids - Lagu Anak Indonesia
@Jon Griffiths why trash liverpool
Kate Thomas
Kate Thomas - 3 天 前
@Ollie McCaughan Yes, we are extremely happy😃
Erik O’ Hara
Erik O’ Hara - 4 天 前
Booooooooooo Liverpool
LFC Liverpool
LFC Liverpool - 4 天 前
@Jason Ryan 12 yaers no champions league 😂
LFC Liverpool
LFC Liverpool - 4 天 前
@Erik O’ Hara i hate man utd i like liverpool
Fortnite Noob
Fortnite Noob - 10 小时 前
*Correction* champions of the world
Maciej Debinski
Maciej Debinski - 11 小时 前
Wonderful video. I’ve been following Liverpool since 07/08 and must say i thought lifting the PL trophy would be near impossible, especially with City looming around. Congratulations to Jurgen, the players, staff and LFC as a whole. 19 times.
Sabbir Mahadi
Sabbir Mahadi - 12 小时 前
You will never walk alone-Sabbir from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
ZaHrAa AmeR
ZaHrAa AmeR - 12 小时 前
افضل فريق على الاطلااااااااااااااااااااااااق😆😆😆😆😆😆😆❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💚💚💚💚❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Love you from Iraq😍😍😍😍
MU FAI - 12 小时 前
Rall Llome
Rall Llome - 13 小时 前
“you’ll never walk alone.” - from Rio de Janeiro 🇧🇷
MateusRedSox - 14 小时 前
I'm a Brazilian Liverpool fan. My passion started in 2003 in the League Cup final. I saw the fans at Millenium Stadium and I fell in love. My Brother also became a Liverpool fan. We have since watched the games together. We are Very happy to be English Champion, It was a dream for us. YNWA from Brasil!
Liverpool fan since 2007
Liverpool fan since 2007 - 11 小时 前
Nice one mate.
Prkrtr - 16 小时 前
Loyal fans of Liverpool, well done with your support through thick and thin.
Polish Origi
Polish Origi - 16 小时 前
You"ll never walk alone from Biała Rawska Poland
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez - 17 小时 前
You'll never walk alone - From Lima, Perú
A great moment for us.
Nicola Vivarelli
Nicola Vivarelli - 19 小时 前
Thanks Liverpool! And forever YNWA from Italy
minhein naung
minhein naung - 21 小时 前
"You'll never Walk Alone" - from Yangon , Myanmar.
최성진 - 22 小时 前
You 'll never walk alone from Seoul, South Korea
Muhammad Azwandy Arymi
Muhammad Azwandy Arymi - 22 小时 前
YNWA Ampang, Malaysia
MRFOOTBALL Official - 23 小时 前
“You’ll Never Walk Alone”
From Adelaide, Australia
TheJimtanker - 23 小时 前
It's soccer, the most boring sport on the planet.
Liverpool fan since 2007
Liverpool fan since 2007 - 11 小时 前
Get out then
Jay Jay Okacha
Jay Jay Okacha - 23 小时 前
For the foreseeable future every time we lose a game, ima just watch this video 😄
Salamah Salamah
Salamah Salamah - 天 前
gloory rush
gloory rush - 天 前
thank you liverpool!!!
we won the leagueits the best birthday present when I turned 30
Erik Winter
Erik Winter - 天 前
You'll never walk alone - from Dortmund, Germany
EggMan - 天 前
“You’ll never walk alone”
From Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq.
Stephen Sypliwtchak
wow.. Jurgen klopp 🔴🔴🔴❤️❤️❤️❤️
Renato Teixeira
Renato Teixeira - 天 前
“You’ll never walk alone” - From São Paulo, Brazil
sarif sheikh
sarif sheikh - 天 前
"you'll never walk alone" - from India 🇮🇳
sarif sheikh
sarif sheikh - 天 前
Ynwa from India
Diego Ordóñez
Diego Ordóñez - 天 前
Gerçek Messi
Gerçek Messi - 天 前
You'll Never Walk Alone from Ankara-Turkey
Prateek Gurung
Prateek Gurung - 天 前
MrCaptaiN - 天 前
To the 0.01 people who sees this, have an awesome day.
Parkin Tubtimthong
Parkin Tubtimthong - 天 前
I likes that it’s end with jk face
SiiKLiiD II - 天 前
This is truly an amazing video. Really felt it. Thanks.
Lythium Rexdy
Lythium Rexdy - 天 前
Marvin Diego
Marvin Diego - 天 前
You'll Never Walk Alone-from Makati City, Philippines
Kazi Ebtisam
Kazi Ebtisam - 天 前
You'll never walk alone- from Dhaka, Bangladesh
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 天 前
“You’ll never walk alone” - from Mongolia 🇲🇳 with love to all LFC fans and to my beloved Club, Kloppo and the lads💕💕💕
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 天 前
“You’ll never walk alone.“ - From Malaysia
José Amaya
José Amaya - 天 前
Great video....i'm in Bogotá, i'm fan of Liverpool fc and i'm so happy...our team won this Premier league...sorry for my english....
Anwsr Mussa
Anwsr Mussa - 天 前
At the start its sound sad
Whisky&Art - 天 前
you´ll never walk alone from Essen/Germany
pauline r
pauline r - 天 前
you'll never walk alone - berlin, germany
Mustafa Nas
Mustafa Nas - 天 前
As an Arsenal fan, I’m so happy for Liverpool winning league. Congratulations! Well deserved
lily white
lily white - 天 前
브렌견 아웃
Maria R.
Maria R. - 天 前
I cry every single time I watch this. I am so proud of this club. YNWA
Beineomugisha Nickson
A Big NO on 1:09 you are not the one
Jaonweiz - 天 前
“You will never walk again.” from germany

jk Congratulations Liverpool!
Muhammad Fadhil
Muhammad Fadhil - 天 前
Liverpool Fans From Indonesia😊
Navin Dabiesingh
Navin Dabiesingh - 天 前
"You'll never walk alone" - from Trinidad and Tobago
Sarita Vunkajungum
Sarita Vunkajungum - 天 前
Love u all liverpool. Congratulations and keep going up.
Leo Liatowitsch
Leo Liatowitsch - 天 前
you'll never walk alone
from Switzerland
Agil Restu
Agil Restu - 天 前
Bekasi INDONESIA 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩 🍻🍻
Oğuz Hisar
Oğuz Hisar - 天 前
''You'll never walk alone'' from Istanbul, Turkey. Just Brilliant!
muvtashin fuad
muvtashin fuad - 天 前
4-0 with guard of honour😆😆😆 carry on pisspool
Whoosh me if you’re gay
Whoosh me if you’re gay - 19 小时 前
Manchester Shitty. If I recall it was still Liverpool who won the Premier League, if not you ought to have the memory of a goldfish.
AIMAN - 天 前
“You’ll never walk alone.“ - From Malaysia
B33FY2015 - 天 前
LiVARpool won the league and the government are paying people not to work. Somewhere out there is a scouser and a genie's lamp wondering what to do with their last wish 🤔
Patrick Weiler
Patrick Weiler - 天 前
"You´ll never walk alone" - From Andernach, Germany
UppiliRa - 天 前
My mum always used to smile when I cheered Liverpool on from the age of 4 she would be happy that we won, though she missed it by two months. May she and my dad rest in peace. They toast to our glory and sing tales in our honour and cheer us on from heaven. YNWA. Peace ✌🏼.
brigite dana halalai
,,Youll' never walk alone" from Deva Romania
Almedin D.
Almedin D. - 天 前
YNWA from Austria!
Fellipe Doné
Fellipe Doné - 天 前
You'll Never Walk Alone - from Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Richard Khiangte
Richard Khiangte - 天 前
We are Liverpool. You'll never walk alone
andy gamer12
andy gamer12 - 天 前
You'll never Walk alone
-From Bogota, Colombia
Suzuran Gaming Tv
Suzuran Gaming Tv - 天 前
Man city vs Liverpool 4-0,are you seriously wins premier league😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Whoosh me if you’re gay
Whoosh me if you’re gay - 19 小时 前
Are you seriously know English?
Lets Gou
Lets Gou - 天 前
Buz74 - 天 前
I've been a Liverpool fan since May 26, 2018 and never looked back. YNWA!
Devan Asokan
Devan Asokan - 天 前
Who's here after city 4-0
Bratasena Silalahi
Bratasena Silalahi - 天 前
"You'll Never Walk Alone" from Batam . Indonesia
The Wajir Nomad
The Wajir Nomad - 天 前
"You will never walk alone " from Wajir, Kenya
"You'll never walk alone" - from Abuja, Nigeria
chernachh - 天 前
I am Ukrainian I watching

for Liverpool
even when I was 5, and now I'm 15 I never thought I would be so happy,
I'm ... very happy, thank you
" You'll Never Walk Alone"- From Ukraine
James Watson Atheist Gamer
Kings of the universe.
Rodrigo Reina
Rodrigo Reina - 2 天 前
Volvio un Titan, Saludos desde Argentina. "Salud Campeón"
Boom_Bim - 2 天 前
No you're crying
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang - 2 天 前
Love it Love it Love it
LiverpoolBRO - 2 天 前
Paperino - 2 天 前
"You’ll Never Walk Alone" from Rome, Italy
ItsUnitedAgain - 2 天 前
Liverpool. The new Leeds of ‘93.
R6 5087
R6 5087 - 2 天 前
Whose here when were loosing 3-0 to city):
Hariz Chaos
Hariz Chaos - 2 天 前
R6 5087 at least we got epl
sadios toes
sadios toes - 2 天 前
4-3 Liverpool win comin soon
johnny Sunshine
johnny Sunshine - 2 天 前
as Phil Thompson said were back on our perch , we are the kings of the world, we are the champions, we have the best centre-back in the world , the best striker in the world besides Messi😁 I'm so proud to be a Liverpool supporter, tears in my eyes baby