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-emma chamberlain
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Olive Stere
Olive Stere - 16 小时 前
her hoodie strings in the beginning....
Malcolm Kirby Jr
Malcolm Kirby Jr - 19 小时 前
You have a appending doom that your gonna die alone???? EVERYONE IS GONNA DIE ALONE. Nobody is going in that coffin with you
melis pekşen
melis pekşen - 21 小时 前
09:44 declan in the back😍😍
Eleana Donoghue
Eleana Donoghue - 21 小时 前
Did anyone else notice that’s is 12:40 when she’s leaving for her “event” and is also pitch black outside ?? Emma you fooling no one xx
Eleana Donoghue
Eleana Donoghue - 21 小时 前
Actually it may even be 1:40 but it’s deffo past midnight 😂
Jennifer Apodaca
Jennifer Apodaca - 天 前
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller - 天 前
omg i just watch the video twice emma was doing her makeup and her cat was at the door it scared the he|| out of me the time is 9:41
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller - 天 前
time 9:41
Daniel Halosta
Daniel Halosta - 天 前
If you want ur skin to glow you have to stop touching it, drink lots of water and PLEASE you need to have a skincare routine and STICK to itttt, great ptoducts are THE ORDINARY, CERAVE, CETAPHIL, EPIDUO... your acne is superficial, so if you do this things, your skin is gonna glow inmediatelyyyyy ;) Also the indian healing clay mask is freaking FIREEE and there´s lots of videos of it on youtube! Love u
Layla Wallace
Layla Wallace - 天 前
Ok I’m watching this in April and she goes “I like to be isolated I’m a very lonely person”.........😳well here comes her time to shine
lydia c
lydia c - 天 前
I'm an extrovert living a very lonely life - everyone in self isolation
jennie nightingale
jennie nightingale - 2 天 前
Emma, ilysm but that skirt is HiDeOuS! HIDEOUS!
Willow Rose
Willow Rose - 2 天 前
Anna Gardiner
Anna Gardiner - 3 天 前
do you use curology or do you use summer fridays? which skin care do you actually use? like genuinely curious. Do you switch it up, or are you not working with curology anymore, so you don’t use their products? no hate, just seriously wondering.
its k
its k - 3 天 前
I hate the way she does the alarms it scares the shit out of me lol 😹😹
Yani Mani
Yani Mani - 3 天 前
Facial steamers open up ur pores and make ur skin soft
Peyton c
Peyton c - 3 天 前
U do an amazing job on your makeup.
Lanie Olivia
Lanie Olivia - 3 天 前
Emma: “okay looks like we’re not wearing a dress”
Also Emma: *brings out another dress*
May A
May A - 3 天 前
I would just like to thank the cat in the back round at 9:44
julie ettles
julie ettles - 3 天 前
I never get sick of your voice
Arielle Richards
Arielle Richards - 3 天 前
When she brought out the pink purse I was like NO PUT IT DOWN !!!!
Camila Jiana Peran
Camila Jiana Peran - 3 天 前
unicoorn Cake
unicoorn Cake - 4 天 前
emma like every second : soulmate could be there😂
Eliza Worrall
Eliza Worrall - 4 天 前
If emma gets corona...i dont even know dude
Ozzie Mozzie
Ozzie Mozzie - 4 天 前
And then she meets ethen
Dalaal Alablani
Dalaal Alablani - 4 天 前
i cant stop my body from having a visceral reaction to the alarm sound
Madison Carney x
Madison Carney x - 5 天 前
i feel like quarantine for emma hasn't made one difference in her life
Nancy Fenton
Nancy Fenton - 5 天 前
no one could ever pull an outfit like that, like emma.
heyimmimi - 5 天 前
am i the only one that thought the original outfit with the pink skirt was dope asf i was so ready
but she’s looks cute in both
d m
d m - 5 天 前
2:54 was the golden egg either Ethan or grayson had given her ages ago 😔🥺
Destiny Foxx
Destiny Foxx - 5 天 前
Was the only one who went
When emma coughed😂😂
Arletty Leyva
Arletty Leyva - 5 天 前
Awww Emma “I could meet my soulmate” that’s cute🥺
Ahli Baby
Ahli Baby - 6 天 前
idk bout that outfit Emma
Griffin Scarbrough
Griffin Scarbrough - 6 天 前
remember when we used to go places.. haha that was fun
Maddie B
Maddie B - 6 天 前
you are a queen. you know you've made it at this point
Scarley Rose
Scarley Rose - 6 天 前
Am I the only one that saw her cat scratching at the door?
Angel Boyle
Angel Boyle - 6 天 前
you should try a skin care line called My good skin
Scarlett Voke
Scarlett Voke - 6 天 前
emma: my soulmate could be there
*At the event ethan dolan walks in*
Grace Briody
Grace Briody - 6 天 前
Did anyone else see Declan at 9:43 😂😭
Eryn Foretich
Eryn Foretich - 7 天 前
what do you edit on
Atiyana Lopez
Atiyana Lopez - 7 天 前
did anyone see how creepy the cat looked trying to get in in 9:43
Pamela OKeefe
Pamela OKeefe - 7 天 前
Me paying attention to the cat stretching on the window at 9:43
Ashish B.
Ashish B. - 7 天 前
Why didn’t she just follow a makeup tutorial lol
Crystal Estrada
Crystal Estrada - 7 天 前
No ones going to talk about her cat in the closet
Molly Willmon
Molly Willmon - 7 天 前
you did not have any boogers lol
flipping squirrel squad
There are just cat paws scratching at the door at 9:43 😂
Teresa Al Asmar
Teresa Al Asmar - 7 天 前
Oh no! This drug is baaaaad stop taking roaccutane right now!! This drug play with your natural hormones.
Indica Brown
Indica Brown - 7 天 前
Emma ur literal GOALS
I got scared at first
The cat at 9/40 lol
Jesselyn Whiteside
Jesselyn Whiteside - 7 天 前
i’ve never related to anything as much as the extrovert living a lonely life explanation
Isabel Marie
Isabel Marie - 7 天 前
Where is that pink dress from
cAstle blanCo
cAstle blanCo - 8 天 前
Who else was bothered by the strings On Emma’s sweater in the beginning of the video
Eva Boehm
Eva Boehm - 8 天 前
Emma gave me founding fathers vibes
Olivia Hill
Olivia Hill - 8 天 前
Hey! I’ve got the same steamer you have, and I’ve also started taking accutane. There’s a dermatologist on YouTube that I follow and she explained that face steamers can worsen your skin especially if you are acne prone / sensitive from accutane. I was surprised for sure, just a heads up!
Gabriela Alexandra Olivos Farfán
the outfit gave me Hanna Montanna vibes
Charity Beukema
Charity Beukema - 8 天 前
The random alarms physically hurt me
Benedicta Valentina
Benedicta Valentina - 8 天 前
Ahh... AHA's (AlphaHydroxylAcid) if using pls remember to SLWAYS use at least SPF 15 sunscreen on your neck and face after cleansing BEFORE YOU HEAD OUTSIDE otherwise invisible Ultraviolet/gamma rays from the sun even when cloudy. ☀️🌤☁️👍🏻🤗
Benedicta Valentina
Benedicta Valentina - 8 天 前
You can actually run the steamer for roughly 15-20 mins stand alone to "improve indoor air quality too" GOOD HOME INVESTMENT EMMA!! ❤️U too X ☺️
Faith Kifle
Faith Kifle - 8 天 前
w-why is her cat trapped in the closet
Faith Kifle
Faith Kifle - 8 天 前
i GENUINELY thought she was kidding about the outfit
Misha Acosta
Misha Acosta - 8 天 前
I feel very short now since im only 5'3
Calilynn Todd
Calilynn Todd - 8 天 前
Calilynn Todd
Calilynn Todd - 8 天 前
the steamer opens your pores and takes out all the dirt out of your face
paris acosta
paris acosta - 8 天 前
What lip product was that at the end??
mel allegretti
mel allegretti - 8 天 前
Sophia Gaffney
Sophia Gaffney - 8 天 前
Steaming opens your spores for more skincare stuff
Sabrina Ramos
Sabrina Ramos - 8 天 前
Everytime I see Emma Chamberlain I have to make myself a cup of coffee anyone else?
Odel Cohen
Odel Cohen - 8 天 前
emma’s soul mate can be watching this
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith - 8 天 前
Did anyone else see the cat scratching on the door while she was doing her makeup
Grace Kimbrue
Grace Kimbrue - 8 天 前
9:41 watch the cat at the bottom right corner through the door😂
Riley Lauffer
Riley Lauffer - 8 天 前
Look at the door 😳 9:44
Spencer Sinclair
Spencer Sinclair - 9 天 前
it's so refreshing seeing people succeed. Do yo thang, girl, keep on thriving!
lulu torres
lulu torres - 9 天 前
who else is watching this during corona?
Linaa Saif
Linaa Saif - 9 天 前
You look so pretty love how you did your makeup
Emily Elizabeth
Emily Elizabeth - 9 天 前
Literally a hannah Montana outfit
kary gomez
kary gomez - 10 天 前
Emma really wants a bf but can I be your gf
kary gomez
kary gomez - 10 天 前
I love Emma
Cierra Chantal
Cierra Chantal - 10 天 前
Okay but the pink skirt, white top and leather is exactly what Hannah Montana wore when she told the world she was Miley
Ellie Saunders
Ellie Saunders - 10 天 前
i love her vids lol they always make me feel so happy ive watched this one 3 times in one month aha
lorali bequette
lorali bequette - 10 天 前
you should do a video giving your mom a makeover with professional hair and makeup
Samantha Nichols
Samantha Nichols - 10 天 前
the golden bowl when she talks about coffee the golden bowl is from grayson dolan