Taylor Swift - Cornelia Street (Live From Paris)

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Official ‘Cornelia Street’ Lyrics
Written by Taylor Swift
We were in the backseat
drunk on something stronger
than the drinks in the bar
I rent a place on Cornelia Street,
I say casually in the car
We were a fresh page on the desk
filling in the blanks as we go
As if the streetlights pointed in an arrowhead
leading us home And I hope I never lose you
Hope it never ends
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
That’s the kind of heartbreak
Time could never mend
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
And baby I get mystified by how
this city screams your name
And baby I’m so terrified of if you ever walk away
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again Windows flung right open
Autumn air, jacket round my shoulders is yours
We bless the rains on Cornelia Street
Memorize the creaks in the floor
Back when we were card sharks
Playing games
I thought you were leading me on
I packed my bags, left Cornelia Street
Before you even knew I was gone
But then you called
Showed your hand
I turned around before I hit the tunnel
Sat on the roof, you and I Chorus You hold my hand
On the street
Walk me back to that apartment
Years ago we were just inside
Barefoot in the kitchen
Sacred new beginnings
That became my religion
Listen... I hope I never lose you
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
Never again
And baby I get mystified by how
this city screams your name
And baby I’m so terrified of if you ever walk away
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
I’d never walk Cornelia Street again
I rent a place on Cornelia Street,
I say casually in the car
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Cornelia Street (Live From Paris). © 2020 Taylor Swift
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북극흰여우 - 4 小时 前
얼굴쪽 조명이 너무 아쉬웡
Cleopatra Swift
Cleopatra Swift - 6 小时 前
someone make a mashup of this and illicit affairs i wanna see something
Jemiati Ahmad
Jemiati Ahmad - 11 小时 前
...ingin mengetahui
rahasia langit
tetapi menolak melaksanakan
Jemiati Ahmad
Jemiati Ahmad - 11 小时 前
...anda anda
...saya bukan anda anda
paul lliguicota
paul lliguicota - 15 小时 前
Marc Angelo Buensalida
Marc Angelo Buensalida - 19 小时 前
Tay's vocals were amazing! Just wow!😍
Amalia Nurseptiana
Amalia Nurseptiana - 天 前
gue mau like lagunya 1000x dah rasanya:(
Brajesh Vishwakarma
Perfect 🎸 chords, amazing
Acsen Miturada
Acsen Miturada - 天 前
A big slap to those who says she can't sing
Cryptic Potter
Cryptic Potter - 天 前
1:08 I might get kick by my sister 'coz I sound like a dying cat due to suffocation
Vo Vy
Vo Vy - 天 前
I can't stop replay 🖤
Andi Febri
Andi Febri - 天 前
Okay now i need folklore version of Cornelia street
Alejandra Rangel
Alejandra Rangel - 天 前
1:24 that's it
Robert Sutphen
Robert Sutphen - 天 前
There she is ...sitting here alone with her guitar......exposed......and.....soon ....you’re exposed, spellbound to brilliance, beauty and a natural goodness........
Nai - 2 天 前
I did a cover of Cardigan! Let me know what you think :D
Jemiati Ahmad
Jemiati Ahmad - 2 天 前
katanya kelak di aherat
khamer tidak membuat
orang mabuk meski minum
Jemiati Ahmad
Jemiati Ahmad - 2 天 前
mabuk tanpa minum
Trevor Gerdes
Trevor Gerdes - 2 天 前
I think back with a smile to the '00s when people tried to convince me she couldn't sing. So proud to have believed in her from the start.
KUYA FAITH - 2 天 前
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Lyca Mae Irinco
Lyca Mae Irinco - 2 天 前
And there she go....with her super magical guitar. Oh my swiftiessss heart. 💕
Joe Tekulve
Joe Tekulve - 2 天 前
Gorgeous is back , 8/13/'20 , Happy 2/3 Birthday Gorgeous !!!
Tay-Elsa Kenneth
Tay-Elsa Kenneth - 2 天 前
This song makes you fall in love to someone you don't even know.
Mike Sivan
Mike Sivan - 2 天 前
Actually my favorite songs in this album is Cornelia Street and Cruel Summer🦋🦋🦋
Christy Christy
Christy Christy - 3 天 前
this live version just...HITS DIFFERENT.
(hysterically crying)
Joanna Grace
Joanna Grace - 3 天 前
I listen to cornelia street everyday.
I'm obsessed. I love it sm. 😣
Mega Peny
Mega Peny - 3 天 前
Better than original😚
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones - 3 天 前
The moment she said baby I fell in love all over again
Evangeline Johnson
Evangeline Johnson - 3 天 前
This song just makes me so emotional ...
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones - 3 天 前
She sounds so adorable and so CUTE!!!
Sarvinoz Isroilova
Sarvinoz Isroilova - 4 天 前
The more I listen the deeper I am falling for this song
N - 4 天 前
When we talk about art 😼💓
Vidhi Jayswal
Vidhi Jayswal - 4 天 前
This still gives me goosebumps... When she goes from low voice to that high voice... Just chef's kiss!
adriano ferreira
adriano ferreira - 5 天 前
Ótima musica
Kreak Tyga
Kreak Tyga - 5 天 前
Leave a like
Trey Indica
Trey Indica - 5 天 前
I'm confused . . . she's doing live shows? Covid-19 virus
Seviana Dewi
Seviana Dewi - 2 天 前
This was year ago, lover album promo.
James Mlsg
James Mlsg - 5 天 前
And people say she can't sing???????????? lol we laugh at that
Diana •
Diana • - 5 天 前
But what's up with the colourless set design? Did they think she was going to perform Reputation?
Gail Arnold
Gail Arnold - 6 天 前
I'm sorry that I listened to this.
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones - 6 天 前
She’s so sad I love her so much
Abegail Recto
Abegail Recto - 6 天 前
Mad Duarte
Mad Duarte - 6 天 前
I went to Cornelia st yesterday and Omg 😭 so much magic in the air
Kriziel Joi Abasolo
Kriziel Joi Abasolo - 6 天 前
basheerbadsagar basheerbadsagar
Beautiful voice
Babi Alcázar
Babi Alcázar - 6 天 前
That guitar has travelled more than I do
Phuong Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen - 7 天 前
Ive never felt Taylor more in love
AlEexha Shykh
AlEexha Shykh - 7 天 前
Okay when I heard this song for the first time (studio version) I liked it but when I heard this version I fell in love with this song. Idk if its just me or anybody else thinks that this version is better than the studio one.
biju ravi
biju ravi - 7 天 前
When the 1 month becomes 5 year😢
LouLou - 7 天 前
It's so lovely like I feel like I'm reading a personal love story of her and her lover.
Chaitanya Kashyap
Chaitanya Kashyap - 8 天 前
When Live version is better than Origina :D
ana yan
ana yan - 8 天 前
Just here to tell my neighbour that this exists he can stop with the studio version
Chester Didzena
Chester Didzena - 8 天 前
It's ALL every one left me now its just me Brenda being left alone its sad story but I'll ok i hope then that my barrels will hold my chances Brenda bye Brenda
Chester Didzena
Chester Didzena - 8 天 前
It's ALL you brenda that's all i could saying Brenda
Chester Didzena
Chester Didzena - 8 天 前
U don't know my Rifle Brenda so i don't know what to tell ya Brenda im very sorry
Chester Didzena
Chester Didzena - 8 天 前
U lost me Brenda what's their to finding about Brenda
Lina bean
Lina bean - 8 天 前
I’m not crying you are...
Lara A
Lara A - 8 天 前
A most heartfelt, down to earth performance, just with your guitar Taylor, astounding performance
Divya Sawant
Divya Sawant - 8 天 前
Her voice right now is so amazing....
Roba Khan
Roba Khan - 8 天 前
the live version is much better than the studio version

loved it
Roba Khan
Roba Khan - 8 天 前
loved it , as it touched my heart
Sai Gnanu Thurvas
Sai Gnanu Thurvas - 8 天 前
I know Folklore is out and I love it, but I can't get over this...
Abby - 7 天 前
me too (╥﹏╥)