Smooth PB & J Sandwich 🥪- peanut butter and jelly jelly recipe

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I saw an image of a #smoothpbj and I knew I had to attempt a version so I could see it in the flesh. #peanutbutterandjelly #emmymade
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My recipe was adapted from Pailin's Coconut Jelly
1 C. water
1 C. whole milk
splash of heavy cream
6 T. sugar
1 1/2 t. agar agar powder
pinch of salt
1 C. water
3/4 t. agar agar
4 T. grape jelly
2 T. sugar
1 C. water
3/4 t. agar agar
3 T. sugar
pinch of salt
splash of heavy cream
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Loopy Adrian
Loopy Adrian - 个月 前
“Thats what normal people do...normal people”
Broly - 29 天 前
emmymadeinjapan you worship white men
Hi-DoG - 个月 前
Great it's now 1am and I'm going to go make me a PB&J with grape juice, I'll have to settle for ocean spray though. That's normal right? 😁
Anthonyyy's Tv
Anthonyyy's Tv - 个月 前
Never heard of such thing
Burnt Cocaine
Burnt Cocaine - 个月 前
When u have 2 comments that have more than 8k likes
Bliss Jackson
Bliss Jackson - 个月 前
*normal people wooow*
Joanie Earle
Joanie Earle - 小时 前
You’re super adorable 🖤 The perfect escape videos for these scary times. 👍🏻
Veera Gowadia
Veera Gowadia - 2 小时 前
Hey child; I enjoy your amusement & thrill along with your efforts;&come closer say something,I am 58 & just an so thrilled like you when things turn out right.🥰🙏🥰India.
Veera Gowadia
Veera Gowadia - 2 小时 前
Hey child; I enjoy your amusement & thrill along with your efforts;&come closer say something,I am 58 & just an so thrilled like you when things turn out right.🥰🙏🥰India.
Harlen C
Harlen C - 7 小时 前
low polygon graphics
pnhtigersnake - 9 小时 前
Emmy do you subject your husband to the taste tests also?
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow - 9 小时 前
9:02 - thoughts - Might have been good to get a hand towel (tea towel or dish dryer towel) wet and then micro wave it (watch your hands and take it out with tongs) then place on the bottom of the inverted pan . . . eh? It's possible.
Antoinette Marlow
Antoinette Marlow - 9 小时 前
OK - I need to say (it's April 9th, 2020) that I MUCH prefer your home kitchen to your new "set" - it feels more warm and happy, like you! Please take note. Maybe you could turn it into a play house for your boys?
Siobhán K.
Siobhán K. - 天 前
Peanut butter….🤢😝
Julie Liberty
Julie Liberty - 天 前
Finally the solution on what to do with that leftover agar agar you’ve got laying around...
Claudia Vélez
Claudia Vélez - 天 前
My great aunt has a soda jello recipe that I love. What yup have to do is get a box of flavored jello and then 4 cups of a soda that matches the jello flavor, for example orange fanta for orange jello, 7up for lime jello and so on. Then you prepare the jello accordingly using the soda as if it was the water. Heat 2 cups of soda, disolver the jello then add the 2 remaining cups of cool soda. Then you're gonna let that mix come down to room temperature or a little cooler if possible and you're gonna blend it with a container of sour cream (the brand my aunt uses comes in a container with roughly 2 cups of sour cream). Pour it in a jello mold and refrigerate over night or until it sets.
99% percent of the times you make this a thin clear layer of jello will separate from the creamy part but that's okay. And that's it,, it is so good
Julie Liberty
Julie Liberty - 天 前
Should I ask how the self quarantine is going?
A random guys Soldier Rank E
Low texture pb&j sandwich
Sue Coelho
Sue Coelho - 2 天 前
So, what a crapshoot day I had, then I watched this and I laughed like a fool, which I needed. Then I watched it 2 more times and laughed some more. So, THANK YOU because I really enjoyed your video
Luce Laska
Luce Laska - 2 天 前
I love how honest and crazy you are about your cooking
Jacob Franks
Jacob Franks - 2 天 前
Does she say look at that bitch when she gets it out I'm dead 😆😆
Fnaf Minecraft and stuff
That sandwich is smoother than my future
big tasty
big tasty - 4 天 前
just like i like it
l o w t e x t u r e
Mimi Landers
Mimi Landers - 4 天 前
when you're at 1% and there's and ad
Hope Will Never Disappoint
As usual a fantastic job. I enjoy watching you persevere. Reminds me of myself trying to figure out something I want to do in the kitchen. Get it done!
Side note:
The layers probably didn't stick because of putting the pan into the fridge uncovered. Condensation got the better of it.
A layer of plastic wrap barely touching the gelatin usually prevents that from happening.
Or just let it set up in the open air but then it takes five times longer that way.
Lori Delia
Lori Delia - 6 天 前
Beautiful ❤️
Celestine Joy Rosales
Celestine Joy Rosales - 6 天 前
Mukhang kutsinta HAHAHA
Beth Lanious
Beth Lanious - 6 天 前
This just made me want a real pb&j lol
ashish upadhyay
ashish upadhyay - 7 天 前
J Wallace
J Wallace - 7 天 前
I have finally figured out Emmy true identity.
She is some kind of food -mad scientist- sorceress xD
William Ashley
William Ashley - 8 天 前
you could probably use the jiff to reconnect the seperated layers :)
William Ashley
William Ashley - 8 天 前
imo you could probably use crunchy peanut butter for the added nut, then connect your layers with jiff... you might try using bread crumbs like a crumb cake in your milk layer might give it more of a real pb sense to it.
William Ashley
William Ashley - 8 天 前
for trict vegans the sugar would be a no go because it is often refined with bone char from cows.
William Ashley
William Ashley - 8 天 前
is that pb or jiffy? sooooo sweet.
yeet it leif
yeet it leif - 9 天 前
is there any gelatin in this?
Cullen Kawano
Cullen Kawano - 9 天 前
This is the way....
DolceSuono - 10 天 前
Memories of making sliceable vegan cheese with agar...! 🤣 “giggle, giggle”.
greg milburn
greg milburn - 10 天 前
When you watch this, but you're allergic to peanuts.. Lmaoo
Skyler Animates
Skyler Animates - 10 天 前
To get it out you can hold in front of you and spin.
Sarah Wesch
Sarah Wesch - 10 天 前
I find that when you gel fruit tastes the flavor is muted. My solution has been to add drink powder (e.g. Grape Kool-aid) to amp up the flavor in gels and gummies.
Tina Cillo
Tina Cillo - 10 天 前
Emmy, can you put a link for the butane stove you have here please?
Tony DiMarzo
Tony DiMarzo - 11 天 前
Can you make this dairy free? 😩🙈
DanTheMan WhoForgotThePlan
This just looks unsettling. But also very pleasant.
Christina Williams
Christina Williams - 12 天 前
Can we talk about how beautiful she is!!??
Fahmida I
Fahmida I - 12 天 前
This sounds so weird but her voice is calming 😂
Octavio Zivero
Octavio Zivero - 11 天 前
Like the voice of a mother☺
HybrydATP64 - 13 天 前
When i first saw the thumbnail my thoughts were “how the f@&% can this be done, is it possible to learn this power?”
Maybe _chill
Maybe _chill - 13 天 前
"A little jiggle jiggle shake shake"
Laufield - 13 天 前
That food looks like the future
Kody with a K
Kody with a K - 15 天 前
Being normal is overrated Emmy!
dji p3s guy
dji p3s guy - 15 天 前
I'm creaming my pantaloons ova here
Vinx Gaming
Vinx Gaming - 19 天 前
Thats awhile jelly
Shebba Sanders
Shebba Sanders - 22 天 前
Thank u for ur honesty!😁
Mista Zi Zi
Mista Zi Zi - 23 天 前
Why does she look so terrified?
al Dave
al Dave - 24 天 前
I came here for a SANDWHICH, not a flavored Gelatin. You should say this in the future video title so people like me dont get thrown out the window by whatever wizarding cooking is happening. And there is more sugar than jelly and that is concerning, but dont take it offensively because your too creative for a normie like me.
THLauren - 24 天 前
You legit have the most calming and relaxing voice
Edog Kay
Edog Kay - 24 天 前
My autistic sister will love this. When I make PB&J, she doesn't like the crust and wants it to be perfect lol
Mr Cheezle
Mr Cheezle - 25 天 前
The second she took a bite automatically knew what it taste like . I’ll pass
Mr Cheezle
Mr Cheezle - 25 天 前
3:49 When I take a huge dump
Guido Mista
Guido Mista - 25 天 前
this is somehow cursed
Dutchess 1202
Dutchess 1202 - 26 天 前
10:29 she is sooooo cute omg!!! 😂🤣🥰🥰 she is sooo excited awww!!!! I love you Emmy ur my favorite YouTuber everrr!!!! U did an amazing job it’s sooo pretty!!!
Pandas XOX
Pandas XOX - 26 天 前
When you want crust off
TastyTerps - 26 天 前
The amount of memes that could be made at 9:44 is unbelievable.
Archer Canobra
Archer Canobra - 26 天 前
I wouldn't eat peanut butter with your mouth. It is the dirtiest food as listed in the FDA website. Fecal matter from mice and parts of cockroaches and flys. Hm, skeevies me out.
David Williams
David Williams - 26 天 前
Looks cool but definitely nasty as a food.
JelaiPH - 26 天 前
Who remembers her old vids where she doesent look at the cams she looks at the mirror thing on the camera Loved it❤️
Onion Flo
Onion Flo - 27 天 前
It’s too smooth, *DEMONICALLY SMOOTH*
Yetris - 27 天 前
bread jelly.
b r e a d j e l l y .
Teresa Hannasch
Teresa Hannasch - 27 天 前
My professor ends his lecture videos with the same sound clip you do! What is it?
patricc cone head
patricc cone head - 28 天 前
I looked at it in the thumbnail and my face was like: 😳
dezz burrito
dezz burrito - 28 天 前
I just made a rough pb&j
mark ewings
mark ewings - 28 天 前
Emmy is hot as hell
Robert Pendell
Robert Pendell - 28 天 前
The slow motion came around and I thought she was going to drop it.
Delia Darling
Delia Darling - 28 天 前
I'm sorry, but thumbs down 👎 because 5 commercials, of which 3 were back-to-back and Couldn't skip any! That's just wayyy to many for a 15 minute video😳 Seriously, I've never ever seen 3 commercials in a row
that you couldn't skip, that's just greedy nutz🤯
John Conner
John Conner - 28 天 前
Pb&j jello, congratulations.
sooshi agu
sooshi agu - 29 天 前
Im very uncomfortable right now
Serasia - 29 天 前
It looks like cake....kinda strangely beautiful.
Hilda Soriano
Hilda Soriano - 29 天 前
Am I the only person that loves her voice? It’s so soothing.
ENTER NAME - 29 天 前
She is so sexy
R.G.A. Club
R.G.A. Club - 29 天 前
There are no words on God's green earth that can describe how spectacularly erect I am
abigguitar - 29 天 前
To avoid the oil separation problem of the PB, it might be worth using PB powder.
Charlie Chicken
Charlie Chicken - 29 天 前
So... I'm not normal if I try this???
dat boi is confirmed
dat boi is confirmed - 29 天 前
This should’ve never been made
GreenLight Studio
GreenLight Studio - 29 天 前
This is what I imagine astronauts in the ISS eat for PB&J lol
Winter Camoツ
Winter Camoツ - 29 天 前
I have never been so happy
XxCheese CakexX
XxCheese CakexX - 29 天 前
Since when did Thailand have agar agar!?
xxLoveBittenxx - 个月 前
Well defiantly won't be seeing Winston the Crum with this sandwich lol