10 Products That Are Totally OVERKILL!

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Hello Friends, and Happy Tuesday! We hope you all enjoyed your 3 day weekend! However, did some of you guys feel like you had absolutely nothing to do and were just stuck at home all weekend? Could some of you say even your weekend was super underwhelming? Well, we're here to help fix that and make your new week even better! We're unboxing 10 of the most OVERKILL products that we could find online! Now I gotta admit, when you see some of the products in today's video, all you can really do is just ask, "why?" because they're that overkill!! lol

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SuperMatteo Superhero
SuperMatteo Superhero - 5 小时 前
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Kleant Mara
Kleant Mara - 6 小时 前
a b c d f g h i k l m n p q r s u v w x z
Christian Bell
Christian Bell - 7 小时 前
Jamxe_Lexgh Ronald
Jamxe_Lexgh Ronald - 9 小时 前
Why are all the more recent videos exactly 24 minutes long 😂
Angelina Geloso
Angelina Geloso - 11 小时 前
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Jw Nelson
Jw Nelson - 17 小时 前
CoolGames - 天 前
Ohhhhh tanner said a bad word
Rylie Johnston
Rylie Johnston - 天 前
Tanner has a big head.
Abigail Owen
Abigail Owen - 天 前
next producet
Eggman429 069
Eggman429 069 - 天 前
*Audrianna* - 天 前
I’ve gotten the most stuffed Oreo from the dollar store for my birthday and it’s was completely taken apart with only 3 Oreos when it said there would be four
Hair Day with Jaycee
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a very bad gamer
a very bad gamer - 天 前
when Tanner said "That's a lot of white" and matt said said "That's what she said"
I thought he meant the other thing, but then I remembered... this is a family channel
Robbie Babache
Robbie Babache - 天 前
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Melissa Cardoza
Melissa Cardoza - 2 天 前
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Lynda Law
Lynda Law - 2 天 前
Tie...cuf...make up your mind
Mysterious Ethan
Mysterious Ethan - 2 天 前
PlayStation is not run by Microsoft
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron - 2 天 前
Most stuff oreos are good
Shevster 1123
Shevster 1123 - 2 天 前
Jose Mejia
Jose Mejia - 2 天 前
The tajin made Michel my favorite
Kenward Charlesten
Kenward Charlesten - 3 天 前
If it is triple how is it also double
HEYA_IT'S_RJ - 3 天 前
“I’m just saying. Microsoft hire me”
It’s sonyyyy
CurryKingWurst - 3 天 前
He said Microsoft should make a better version of that product.
Keyla Pena
Keyla Pena - 3 天 前
Honestly want micheals tik tok 😂😂
skleroz - 3 天 前
Micheal and Mat fighting over cake
Tanner rips off music box
Tanner enjoys music box
Tanner does not understand what they are talking about if there is a DOPE music box inclueded
Trez Wyatt
Trez Wyatt - 3 天 前
Allison Ward
Allison Ward - 3 天 前
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Ayman thahir
Ayman thahir - 3 天 前
next pwaductt
Akshat Raol
Akshat Raol - 3 天 前
5:53 Tanner Swore😂😂
CurryKingWurst - 3 天 前
Since when is “hug me“ a swear word?
Jenna Jividen
Jenna Jividen - 3 天 前
Your welcome Michael
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Chloride - 4 天 前
14:00 is from gintama
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Chloride - 4 天 前
The product i mn
eva E
eva E - 4 天 前
So... this is them, not high... what are they like when they are 😂😂🙊🙊
irvin Maxhado
irvin Maxhado - 4 天 前
Did anyone else noticed how tanner said f**k me dude on 5:53
CurryKingWurst - 3 天 前
He said hug.
Margaret Pearson
Margaret Pearson - 4 天 前
Knitted no I couldn’t think of anything, you know what? You decide what to comment. Tied up not tied up cuffing season
The Three Muskateens
The Three Muskateens - 4 天 前
Cissie Smith
Cissie Smith - 4 天 前
Rocket_the_raccoon_ Is_my_baby
Cissie Smith
Cissie Smith - 4 天 前
Michael - 4 天 前
Knitted knickers
Ace matolcs2
Ace matolcs2 - 4 天 前
How many times did they say PlayStation is by Microsoft and not by Sony
CurryKingWurst - 3 天 前
0 times. They did however say that Microsoft should do it better than Sony.
Itsme Autar
Itsme Autar - 4 天 前
Daryl Nicklen
Daryl Nicklen - 4 天 前
Matt. how do you survive life with so many creatives in one place
leighanna Watt
leighanna Watt - 4 天 前
While the coronavirus is going around they're just eating marshmellos
Arham Quddussi
Arham Quddussi - 5 天 前
Bol Jr.
Bol Jr. - 5 天 前
He said Microsoft but it’s Sony 😂😂
CurryKingWurst - 3 天 前
He said Microsoft should do it better.
Dominique Woods
Dominique Woods - 5 天 前
5:14 got me laughing
When your mom takes away your birthday cake
Matt: NO! Its good.
Kelli Wiltzer
Kelli Wiltzer - 5 天 前
5:48 ✋🏻🤚🏻🙌🏻👋🏻👏🏻✋🏻🤚🏻👋🏻🤚🏻
Trip_ - 5 天 前
Quinn M
Quinn M - 5 天 前
Cathlene Shearon
Cathlene Shearon - 5 天 前
I have cmt so my arch is rly high
Nancy Horn
Nancy Horn - 5 天 前
Nancy Horn
Nancy Horn - 5 天 前
Stop the bang tann Mann chann
Lilly Nicole
Lilly Nicole - 6 天 前
Tanner: Tequila is just water...that makes my close fall off. *Laughs very weirdly*
Mathias: *Just Chokes*
ʚDanielDagger Gamesɞ
Mason McCracken
Mason McCracken - 6 天 前
#opposite day
Parker Man
Parker Man - 6 天 前
Have you ever wanted to go to school and get bullied- Tanner 2020
Kinley Navarro
Kinley Navarro - 6 天 前
20:50 the middle of the Oreo is THE BEST
sara kate
sara kate - 6 天 前
I actually LIIIIKED that backpack and wish they had it when I WAS in.. like elem/middle.. school. I’m woulda BEGGGGGGED my parents to get it for me and they never would have and I would have resented them for it but.. my point is I woulda rocked it lol
William Wright
William Wright - 6 天 前
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Hazjozy Doctor
Hazjozy Doctor - 6 天 前
It’s so mushy gushy squishy In the toushy-Matthias 2020
Stryker Heil
Stryker Heil - 6 天 前
Amanda Witham
Amanda Witham - 7 天 前
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Alyssa Wright
Alyssa Wright - 7 天 前
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall - 7 天 前
what if my mom will not let press the join button
Snailman2 - 7 天 前
*sees Japanese paper knife thing* *says hello in Chinese*
Good vibes
Good vibes - 7 天 前
Dylan Kahn
Dylan Kahn - 7 天 前
who remembers og dope or nope when it was called mathias
Dylan Kahn
Dylan Kahn - 7 天 前
pigmagick - 7 天 前
microsoft is x box
CurryKingWurst - 3 天 前
Yes, that's why he said that Microsoft should do it better than Sony.
Aliyah Isaacsen
Aliyah Isaacsen - 7 天 前
Did anyone else see that this video is one second off from being 24 minutes? 😂 Btw, THIS VIDEO MADE ME LAUGH SOOOO HARD! 🤣 I couldn’t breath after this 🤣
Carculis - 8 天 前
the katana would be a bomb display piece though
Short fac3ed
Short fac3ed - 8 天 前
*Y’all should do tik tok edition*
Short fac3ed
Short fac3ed - 8 天 前
5:53 *DID TANNER SAY F^^^ me dude* or was it just me
Edit: I’m serious
CurryKingWurst - 3 天 前
He definitely said hug.
irvin Maxhado
irvin Maxhado - 4 天 前
I heard that too
??? UNKNOWN ???
??? UNKNOWN ??? - 8 天 前
Microsoft works with Xbox
Sony works with the PS
CurryKingWurst - 3 天 前
Yeah, that's why they want Microsoft to make a better version.
Everlastingperson 101
Everlastingperson 101 - 8 天 前
pizza comet
pizza comet - 8 天 前
mylife stinky
mylife stinky - 8 天 前
5:16 every picky eater ever
Nick Gurr
Nick Gurr - 8 天 前
My favorite part is when the bird flies past the window at 0:42
Cami's Club House
Cami's Club House - 8 天 前
Maja Bronisz
Maja Bronisz - 8 天 前
Jessie Mainhart
Jessie Mainhart - 8 天 前
Too much suga. Says suga brown michael
Natalie McClaugherty
Natalie McClaugherty - 8 天 前