10 ways to have a better conversation | Celeste Headlee

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When your job hinges on how well you talk to people, you learn a lot about how to have conversations - and that most of us don't converse very well. Celeste Headlee has worked as a radio host for decades, and she knows the ingredients of a great conversation: Honesty, brevity, clarity and a healthy amount of listening. In this insightful talk, she shares 10 useful rules for having better conversations. "Go out, talk to people, listen to people," she says. "And, most importantly, be prepared to be amazed."
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Eren Fırat
Eren Fırat - 小时 前
I couldnt watch it anymore every 10 seconds people are laughing loudly even if it is not funny thats annoying bruh
Judith - 6 小时 前
I would have liked to hear what I should be telling as well
Waoh from 🇹🇿...!
I loved this presentation and I keep repeating it often..
It's really nice.
Miss Sterling
Miss Sterling - 16 小时 前
I do these things but I made these rules up in my own head. Really helped me smash my social anxiety years ago! :)
SlavicGirl Agency
SlavicGirl Agency - 17 小时 前
It's a shame that a lot of people don't have their own opinion, because they don't think. They have someones - media, politics etc
john smith
john smith - 天 前
oh my god is tired
Roy Herold
Roy Herold - 天 前
I no longer need my job with the help of, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*
Phenomenal love
Phenomenal love - 天 前
Wow,she nailed it.The quote from the sister is quite amazing though.
AlednA - 天 前
her: *talks basically about talking less and listening more *
me: *me, having trouble socializing bc i dont say barely anything but listen to anything others have to say * i think im already doing this...
Judith - 6 小时 前
Yes, indeed. I would have liked to hear what I should be telling as well
Sara A
Sara A - 天 前
Im a good listener but also a horrible horrible chatter. Once i open my mouth, cant shut it 😂 so i keep quiet most of the time and try to listen.
Curleen Trotter
Curleen Trotter - 2 天 前
Wow! Wonderfully spoken . This was great
Girl Indian
Girl Indian - 2 天 前
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.
Adamu Sandra
Adamu Sandra - 2 天 前
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Lightsoutlightson1 - 2 天 前
This is good & I will likely watch this & other videos like it more to improve my conversation skills. I am writing a story called "The Conversation" about a conversation to prevent doomsday so I should try to know something about how to do it the right way.
Sadly, it is difficult to have meaningful conversations on line as social media seems to aid "one way" expression of opinion without a back and forth exchange of ideas. I like the speaker's point that everyone is an expert in something and has something important to say. That is an good perspective. It is also interesting that people who are different from myself can be the most interesting people as they have different skill sets and perspectives.
The "conversation" I am interested in having is just how to solve problems since so many problems are not getting solved. I am interested in all options for problem solving including combining different disciplines / skill sets toward that goal. Unfortunately, I have not figured out how to engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas on or off social media as most people have an opinion but few want to combine opinions even in a brief, no obligation, format like social media.
Dummerbrella987 - 2 天 前
lol can you imagine if two awkward people studied this video as a guide to have a conversation and then tried to use the techniques on each other at the same time? It just wouldn't work. Two people barely talking because they want the other person to talk, and being as brief as possible with their answers while attempting to be open ended.
Fire eater 9107
Fire eater 9107 - 3 天 前
Of course, the best way to have the best conversation is to talk to yourself.
1 Sub?
1 Sub? - 3 天 前
*YouTube just recommended me this, I feel attacked.*
Sojourner Sunrise
Sojourner Sunrise - 3 天 前
Should the definition of gravity depend on the definition of density? na ka . our saviourking prepares an Eternal Weight of Glory.
Sojourner Sunrise
Sojourner Sunrise - 3 天 前
5:56 a murder knows what its like to take someone's life.....i dont need that knowledge. Thank you.
Burner Account
Burner Account - 2 天 前
@Sojourner Sunrise well, if you watch his tv show he proves his beliefs through experimentation ;)
Sojourner Sunrise
Sojourner Sunrise - 3 天 前
Bill 'Lie' Nye, the .. just dont question answers guy. Don't question facts. Don't have your own belief in the unknown
Haya syrian
Haya syrian - 3 天 前
If you're a person who listens very well, but find it difficult to talk and that's why you clicked on that video don't press any button 😂😂😂
03 erika saskia
03 erika saskia - 3 天 前
I am an introvert person, actually i got a little bit of scared to building a conversation to other people. But, i start developing my self with writing blog and tell much in there. But from this video, i realize if u want they know about you, you have to listen and talks with others. So you can beyond your limit
Marsco - 2 天 前
Do the 100 strangers challenge find an excuse to approach 100 people in a month and you lose the fear very quickly!
BonappetitXCP - 3 天 前
Seriously? You're not going to tell us who your Grandfather was? That was just wrong.
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anthonymagician - 3 天 前
Twixi Films Ltd.
Twixi Films Ltd. - 3 天 前
Thank you so much! Now I realize I've been doing many things wrong and this helps so much!
Petr Pinkas
Petr Pinkas - 4 天 前
This is gold, please teach this at schools.
Basil - 4 天 前
I like her she’s real, we need teachers like her - real people , not phonies
íLen Køu
íLen Køu - 5 天 前
Bruh, even youtube algorithm is attacking me...
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Mendy Josh
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firefly33 - 5 天 前
This lady needs to work on her presentation. She looks like a mess
Samarpita Sengupta
Samarpita Sengupta - 5 天 前
And what do you look like? Like the royalty? Why are you even judging ppl on their looks?
MA NA - 5 天 前
Wooa! It's amaaaazing!
Ultra Light Cam
Ultra Light Cam - 5 天 前
Oh mann this so good ima watch it AGAIN
Tomáš Hluska
Tomáš Hluska - 5 天 前
Re everybody's expert - yeah, unfortunately everybody's expert in one field but often feels entitled to speak about unrelated things as expert.
Bob and Barb Pavlik
Bob and Barb Pavlik - 5 天 前
Great stuff, Celeste. I have some work to do.
Juicy Jam
Juicy Jam - 5 天 前
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Juicy Jam
Juicy Jam - 5 天 前
*I was lucky to get steady_cracks on Instagram who got me access to my girlfriend chart* 💯
Ritik Prajapat
Ritik Prajapat - 5 天 前
👍👍👍👍👍 I like to improve myself in conversation
emiero - 5 天 前
It’s wrong to make decisions about where to live, who to marry, based on what we already believe?
Victoria O'Shea
Victoria O'Shea - 5 天 前
I don't believe in Vaccines or changes in the weather being an excuse for a communist world
Niamh Lord
Niamh Lord - 6 天 前
Kane O'Connor
Kane O'Connor - 6 天 前
Still relevant today
Khushi Master
Khushi Master - 6 天 前
Great points but my biggest problem in making a good conversation is
'how to start it?'😬😤
Boris Oostr
Boris Oostr - 6 天 前
You never knew this in a *1 M* years: https://youtu.be/xnxqzaqWP1M
Azaliyasan - 6 天 前
Be prepared to be amazed ❤🔥
Jacob Pagliaro Golf
Jacob Pagliaro Golf - 6 天 前
*me casually having a conversation with Celeste*
Slow Neutron
Slow Neutron - 7 天 前
Here's a few rules I follow in my daily discourse with the denizens of my city : 1. Always talk down to the person. 2. Use racial epithets whenever possible. 3. Never be receptive to ideas that are different than yours. 4. Always insist you are correct, even when you're not. 5. Invoke Jesus's name at least 30 times in a 3 minute conversation. 5. Deride those who acknowledge climate change as well as those who get vaccinations. 6. Toss red herrings out in arguments whenever possible. 7. Use circular reasoning, straw-man arguments, and other logical blunders ad nauseum. 8. Always make sure to interrupt. 9. Be as mean as possible. 10. Lie.
Hey, I'm just getting adjusted to Trump's America. Does that make me a bad person?
SquatsnDeads812 - 7 天 前
Depends who the conversation is with
Luciano Galvão Filho
Luciano Galvão Filho - 7 天 前
Being present is the key to have a better conversation (and also staying healthy and happy)
Simply Helen
Simply Helen - 7 天 前
Ha! This was filmed in 2016! Could you ever have imagined it all would have gotten so much worse??
Jessalyn Wakefield
Jessalyn Wakefield - 7 天 前
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iron sword
iron sword - 7 天 前
sUcC VEVO - 7 天 前
Mr fenstermacher really be showing us the weirdest stuff
ibrahim Ali
ibrahim Ali - 7 天 前
Last time TED teaches me to Talk.
Today I had learned to Listen...
Am Wili
Am Wili - 7 天 前
10 ways to have a better conversation"
ĐᄐጨσИأᄋ ᄂסᄃ0 әpᴉsuᴉ
Easy to say all that crap when you don't work, besides, when you are a man, you never be listened.
Berigó - 8 天 前
Uau!! One of the most interesting speach ever! What a memory and fluence this woman has! Amazing! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😱🥰🥰
I am you, but you are not me
Handy skills for me! Listening requires energy, something I listen or pretend to be listening just waiting for the moment the opponent stops so I can ask a question which has been lingering in my mind for like hours. In that instance, we are not having an effective conversation, instead, an "extensive exchange" of ideas?
Che dilusione,vuoi che moro? 02
My problem is that I never know what to talk about.
Sujata Acharya
Sujata Acharya - 8 天 前
All are simple rules we are ignoring everyday.
Diago Dsouza
Diago Dsouza - 8 天 前
I'm impressed by her mastery on the subject. Very practical and easy to remember.
baljeet sohi
baljeet sohi - 8 天 前
I didn't listen, cause of 10. Why not 9 or 13 ?
Sergio Mcfly
Sergio Mcfly - 8 天 前
( . )( . ) Shes amazing
Ekansh Maithil
Ekansh Maithil - 8 天 前
Oh, How Amazing! Thank you :)
007nadineL - 8 天 前
What a fat blow hard
007nadineL - 8 天 前
Paris R
Paris R - 9 天 前
I played the video at 1.5 speed so I wouldn’t get bored or distracted 👌
Walter VT
Walter VT - 9 天 前
Her first point is so wrong. There are people who do need to learn the communications that show their paying attention. Without having consciously learn those people thought I wasn’t paying attention. I was happy attention to everything all the time. But I had to learn how to communicate that I was paying attention. My mother who is a doctor specifically taught me those skills as a child. The speaker in this talk perhaps learn those skills easily he doesn’t even remember it.
Hamza Neri
Hamza Neri - 9 天 前
This thought me a lot.
Roger Williams
Roger Williams - 9 天 前
As a person who gives advice for a living, I appreciated this.
Yeremia Womsiwor
Yeremia Womsiwor - 9 天 前
Thank you for this.
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Gary Williamson
Gary Williamson - 9 天 前
Thank you, will give it a go 👍
Sunil Sharma
Sunil Sharma - 9 天 前
Amazed... Not to say an extra word
Sarah Thomas
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John White
John White - 9 天 前
I always give the police a damn good listening to but listened my way out of many relationships...
LamixFace - 9 天 前
Very practical advice. Loved it :)
BM - 10 天 前
At minute 7:00 that reminds me of Ellen. I watched her show so often without realizing that she does not listen and just asks questions she prepared, often disconnected to the answer. Was a real disappointment when I figured that out.
River Reeves
River Reeves - 10 天 前
That is genuinely the best ted talk out there
Truth Bombs
Truth Bombs - 10 天 前
She is excellent.
J.A.V - 10 天 前
0:22 my love video :X.
D.M. CHRISTINA - 10 天 前
Hello, this is great but I think only for people well in their skin, feeling ok with themselves, they are able to apply or to practice this. But what if one is so lonely with such a need to talk and to be listened to and need to be understood? It is impossible to listen to someone if oneself has such a need as a result of lonelyness. Another thing is that I can easily (well I think so) listen when the subject interests me. A third thing is that indeed while the other person is speaking, questions or comments will come in my head while listening, but to follow your advice and not interrupt the person, it happens that I forget my comments/questions and in the meantime the subject went in another direction while listening. I always go home frustrated because nobody listenend to ME :/ ?
Joe Duke
Joe Duke - 10 天 前
Don't talk with women. Some men can handle an actual conversation, no woman can.
Trainwithgaby - 10 天 前
Awareness of your own feelings when you communicate is one tool you really learn well with a good counselor. Doing soul hygiene and commit so self growth are key. Talk to a professional and grow. Then you are a blessing for yourself and others around you.
Mariska D
Mariska D - 10 天 前
Thank you ❤
be the genius
be the genius - 10 天 前
CA Magnuson
CA Magnuson - 10 天 前
Full of the latest social-babble... be present... in the moment... and her superiority complex is on full display.
Isabella Han
Isabella Han - 10 天 前
So she is basically trying to convince everybody to become an ENFP
David Gilder
David Gilder - 10 天 前
"There is no reason to learn that you are paying attention if in fact, you are actually paying attention."
Probably the absolute, #1 best thing I have heard in a long time. Like a reeaalllyyy long time.
Bárbara Nunes
Bárbara Nunes - 10 天 前
Oba ta legendado
Bárbara Nunes
Bárbara Nunes - 10 天 前
aff ta em inglês
niconico - 10 天 前
obrigada, ❤️
Dushant Sain
Dushant Sain - 11 天 前
So nobody gonna talk about Narenda Modi at 0:22
VJ Rei
VJ Rei - 11 天 前
Ok people, just to be clear, having a conversation is not an issue for the rest of the world, only Americans lack that social skill. The rest of the world can communicate just fine.
AERES - 11 天 前
Why is that lady so cozy tho at 3:25
Robert O'Rourke
Robert O'Rourke - 11 天 前
The ruling class has with intent reduced the IQ of 99% of the people,,therefore eliminating any conversation what so ever,,!!
TED Talks is run by a corporation owned and produced by the ruling class.
TRC, is a small group of royal bloodline families who own and control everything on Earth. IMHO they are all against nature, and all mankind.
They are anticreationists,, as opposed to many of us who are knowing we have a creator. He created Good and Evil. In this life, it is simple, choose to be good, choose to think good, choose to act good. As this is free will we have, we have the power to not let evil distract /overcome us. Do not choose evil.
Respectfully, my dear, you are young and pretty, take a walk every day and you will feel and look 1000 times better, also, try to get a job, with more than just talking, put your heart and soul into your work, and forget about this guy TED, he is in the club, with the ruling class.
LOVE, Robert
J.A.V - 11 天 前
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.
Carmen Rizzo
Carmen Rizzo - 11 天 前
Everyone in this planet should watch this video.
Will H
Will H - 11 天 前
She’s wrong. There are a lot of people that pay great attention to people and what they say but it doesn’t show. You only have to look at good and bad TV interviews to see this. Just because you’re paying attention does not meant the other person can see or feel that you are.