Giant Food That's TOO BIG TO EAT 2

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Giant Food That's TOO BIG TO EAT 2! Today we're doing a part 2 of really big candy and other food, what do you think? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications!
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Christian Salazar
Christian Salazar - 3 小时 前
Let me eat
Kanna Snow
Kanna Snow - 10 小时 前
mAh bOi aLvIn mAkIn' iT bIg
Karla Starcat
Karla Starcat - 10 小时 前
They use to sell huge Toblerones and they were bigger then the one in the vidio 😱
Tiktok Queen
Tiktok Queen - 12 小时 前
COMON you made me HUNGRY and it’s almost 3:00 whyyyyyyyy?
Table - 13 小时 前
How dis boy not thiiiic like the food I swear yall be eating all of that not gaining a pound while I'll die at the end from diabetes I swear that would happen
Bakusa Conte
Bakusa Conte - 22 小时 前
Deva Diaz
Deva Diaz - 23 小时 前
i need me that everlasting ringpop
Jennifer Easter
Jennifer Easter - 天 前
Tasty makes a TON of big foods. It’s ‘behind tasty’
Stacey Mapara
Stacey Mapara - 天 前
I’ve actually had a giant Toblerone and it’s so hard to finish one triangle. Good as a quarantine snack
Cas B.
Cas B. - 天 前
That gingerbread house is going to get bugs😂
Ridwan Ahmed
Ridwan Ahmed - 2 天 前
Hey ! Lia I love u ❤❤
valirie Barnett
valirie Barnett - 2 天 前
Sniper wolf . No cake we eating this .
Me . Yeah
Christina Rivera
Christina Rivera - 2 天 前

ME: oh my gosh YES !!!! . . . SIKE!!! LOLOLOLOL
Aida Thawne
Aida Thawne - 2 天 前
Alvin's make it big show was the star of this episode
Sarai Thomas
Sarai Thomas - 2 天 前
I'm eating my sister's want right now......
Fahrenne's Life
Fahrenne's Life - 3 天 前
Lia,did u know i ate the biggest Toblerone
Zhairra Jyhn Orbeta
Zhairra Jyhn Orbeta - 3 天 前
tasty makes a lot of amazing things.. especially when it comes to fooddss
Erik Salina
Erik Salina - 3 天 前
Hi my name is Brianna and I can eat chocolate
Erik Salina
Erik Salina - 3 天 前
My name is Brianna and I can eat
Erik DeMoss
Erik DeMoss - 3 天 前
Sssniperwolf "that's a lot of meat ,that's alot of dough,that's a lot of cheese" me"Soooo 😊 she was talking about meeee!"
Luna Saenz
Luna Saenz - 3 天 前
And I'm eating that burger getting fat as freak
Luna Saenz
Luna Saenz - 3 天 前
I was born in 2010 ·_·
Rudy Orduno
Rudy Orduno - 3 天 前
i am hungrey
Keith Lay
Keith Lay - 3 天 前
Make giant dumplings
jackie lathon
jackie lathon - 3 天 前
Can you do one of these with @DigitalNex.
Joshuaplayz - 3 天 前
Joshuaplayz - 3 天 前
I neeeeeeed a Berger
ggq123 rivera
ggq123 rivera - 3 天 前
I am a big fan oficial the try guys
HypeRye Wall
HypeRye Wall - 3 天 前
You have to make that's illegal meech
HypeRye Wall
HypeRye Wall - 3 天 前
I'll have the first video of the burger cuz it looks nicee
Jolene Kujo
Jolene Kujo - 3 天 前
They said that the biggest pizza 2:11 is in 1990 and my mom was brought in life in 1993 wat
andy zhang
andy zhang - 3 天 前
I’ve seen this befor
Katie Gerl
Katie Gerl - 3 天 前
Yeah I wasn’t born then
Galie Chan
Galie Chan - 3 天 前
I have the giant bar of toblerone.
Touya Todoroki
Touya Todoroki - 4 天 前
I would eat it for free man
Alissa Rhodes
Alissa Rhodes - 4 天 前
i was born 5 years after that pizza
isla Novak
isla Novak - 4 天 前
U say nuggie too!!!!!!! Yaaayyy I'm not the only one!!!!!
Gwen . Stephanie
Gwen . Stephanie - 4 天 前
*𝗙𝗲𝗲𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘀𝗮𝗱 🥺
*𝗦𝗲𝗲𝘀 𝗮 𝘀𝘀𝘀𝗻𝗶𝗽𝗲𝗿𝘄𝗼𝗹𝗳 𝘃𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗼
alright ill stop this is lame
Grave Yard
Grave Yard - 4 天 前
That thicc pancake: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)hi
Me: I eat pancakes up,breakfast and lunch
Jeffrey Waterman
Jeffrey Waterman - 4 天 前
I feel you sssniper wolf I always had to do the god of the sreding
Alex 101
Alex 101 - 4 天 前
Just imagine trying to cut the world's biggest burger with a sword
XxCookieAnd CreamxX
XxCookieAnd CreamxX - 4 天 前
People : **made the biggest pizza**
Bird : **Poops on it**
People : **doesn’t know their eating shit**
Kate Cruz
Kate Cruz - 4 天 前
I would eat the burger for free
Timera Walters
Timera Walters - 5 天 前
NOT impressed lol🤣🤣
Xxx Tentacionumbx
Xxx Tentacionumbx - 5 天 前
People be waisteing food worlds biggest pizza and India be like ⚰️ and they need food
Vickie Simpson
Vickie Simpson - 5 天 前
Burger pickles be suck
Dominykas Skučas
Dominykas Skučas - 5 天 前
Its tasty
kaeleen hayes
kaeleen hayes - 5 天 前
No food is to big for me
Sonali Marie
Sonali Marie - 5 天 前
How did that pizza cook???
Ebony Panda
Ebony Panda - 5 天 前
I can eat all though’s tomato’s in one bite lol
Anthony Mejia
Anthony Mejia - 5 天 前
About this can you make a giant food
Belinda Reed
Belinda Reed - 5 天 前
1990 is the my daughter was born.
Elizabeth Sangalang
Elizabeth Sangalang - 5 天 前
lia: nothing makes me cry more then onions
me: crying bc my homework is so hard rn
miss Ashely
miss Ashely - 6 天 前
miss Ashely
miss Ashely - 6 天 前
Thats the world biggest pizza
Salma Bibi
Salma Bibi - 6 天 前
i am hungry after the last one yummm
Tyler Alcorn
Tyler Alcorn - 6 天 前
“It ways as much as a football field”
I’m sorry how much does a football field weigh? How do u weigh it? Wha?!?!
Nandini Basavaraj
Nandini Basavaraj - 6 天 前
this whole vid Is America in 10 years
Leslie Dozier
Leslie Dozier - 7 天 前
im so hungary
S T E P H A N I E 15
S T E P H A N I E 15 - 7 天 前
I don't know if yall can get this in like a ketchup type bottle at your local grocery store but in Australia we be getting mc Donald's special Big Mac sauce in them ketchup bottles
Shaji Pattikkara
Shaji Pattikkara - 7 天 前
I am from India
S T E P H A N I E 15
S T E P H A N I E 15 - 7 天 前
I know this sounds hella weird but I hate cheese stretches like just watching it is painful for me
MonstrousGaming - 7 天 前
Grace Ramsey
Grace Ramsey - 7 天 前
I wold sleep on the biggest burger than eat it
Shaelynne Porter
Shaelynne Porter - 7 天 前
video girl person:back in 1990 the worlds biggest pizza
lia:1990thats befor some of yall were born
me:thats wayyyyyyyyyyy befori was born
Welp Animations
Welp Animations - 7 天 前
Man, I was 18 years too late to get a slice of the worlds biggest puzza
Aiana Leigh
Aiana Leigh - 8 天 前
I already have a giant tobleron chocolate
Curnette Scrivens
Curnette Scrivens - 8 天 前
Yeah buddy got that yum yum yum yum yum yummy 😋😍
Kendra Bowbrick
Kendra Bowbrick - 8 天 前
8:47 do u mean grate but i mean u do u i guess
Kendra Bowbrick
Kendra Bowbrick - 8 天 前
The weight of a football pitch wth bro?!
Coraline Hale
Coraline Hale - 8 天 前
Don’t be shy ADD SOME MORE
Collin Morris
Collin Morris - 8 天 前
You should see my fridge 😭
blond beauty
blond beauty - 8 天 前
Garlic makes me cry more than onion
clifton pruitt
clifton pruitt - 8 天 前
I would
youmna Mostafa
youmna Mostafa - 8 天 前
Tasty made every single thing
Olivia’s World
Olivia’s World - 8 天 前
The pancakes literally had a whole stick of butter
Golden Zombiee
Golden Zombiee - 8 天 前
I Want to eat😫
Kushtrim Abdii
Kushtrim Abdii - 9 天 前
my name is Bleron
Josiah Ramirez
Josiah Ramirez - 9 天 前
Josiah Ramirez
Josiah Ramirez - 9 天 前