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Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as Sergio Reguilón steps out at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the first time.
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Driver kalong
Driver kalong - 2 天 前
3 ex number Bale
Driver kalong
Driver kalong - 2 天 前
3 keramat
NS - 22 天 前
To all Spurs fans, you are LUCKY to have this lad in your team. This kid started off as an ordinary boy watching from the stands in the Bernabeu, slowly rising through the ranks in La Fabrica ("The Factory"/Real Madrid Academy) and finally shone when Solari gave him playing time. He plays his heart out week in week out and has been instrumental for Sevilla in their successful Europa League campaign. It's sad to see him go away from Madrid because if it weren't for Ferlan Mendy he was Marcelo's successor. I wish him all the best and to all of you Tottenham fans, He is still young and has a TON of potential in him. More to come. You guys are in for a treat because he will give you his 200% every game. From a Madridista in Spain, #COYS !!!
Zamin Ahmed
Zamin Ahmed - 个月 前
Show him the trophy cabinet
Gaspar Anaya
Gaspar Anaya - 个月 前
deberia de besar el estadio pasar arrodillado que por primera vez esta en un verdadero estadio en españa estaba en un viejo y feo estadio pasado de moda y en la premier estara en los mejores estadios del mundo
Alex Yew
Alex Yew - 个月 前
Coys ,lets get 3 points against geordies 29
Tottenham Hotspurs For Life
How many assist will segio regulion do this season
김재현 - 个月 前
으아따 경기장 크다
Short Clips
Short Clips - 个月 前
I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.
Officer Earl
Officer Earl - 个月 前
"I come to war for this team" WERE RIGHT BEHIND YOU SERGIO 😭🔥
smarro71 - 个月 前
I'm so happy for Reguilon, and I know he's gonna make big. I can't believe he's speaking little bit of English already. Hala Madrid
camilla aveiro
camilla aveiro - 个月 前
Reguilon good luck 👍
charly24 gm
charly24 gm - 个月 前
reguilon 2 days in england , speaking english , bale 10000 years in spain , dont know speak spanish, thats makes the differences
New York Moscou Pékin
New York Moscou Pékin - 个月 前
Mahrez, from the best player in the English Premier League to a player with the kids of the Academy.Manchester City vs Bournemouth pep the philosophical
FFiladeys - 个月 前
1:01 can't believe the Skywalk is open on Gareth Bale day 😂
Blue Beard
Blue Beard - 个月 前
That gezzers a proper helmet!
Lenard Jacop
Lenard Jacop - 个月 前
We won the league at white hart lane
armoris66 - 个月 前
Who else watched this vid with a permanent fixed grin on their face 😁
They're Always Watching Me
On paper, Spurs have got themselves a sick team. With Reguilon, it only gets better. Such a great transfer.
hà Trình
hà Trình - 个月 前
I love tôi tottamham
hà Trình
hà Trình - 个月 前
I love you
A F - 个月 前
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Tottenham suck.
Ayaan 137
Ayaan 137 - 个月 前
Welcome mate my guy
Shoot & Scoot
Shoot & Scoot - 个月 前
His English is better than Bale's Spanish
Saiful Rhmt
Saiful Rhmt - 个月 前
Madrid soldiers ..... 😂😂
محمد أمين اشباني
Thank you Zidane for missing out on this talented gem 😤
brandon cheung
brandon cheung - 个月 前
Let’s go Tottenham for life
QWertY - 个月 前
wow 5g internet connection
ryan borghini
ryan borghini - 个月 前
Sponsored by American Money 😎
Andrew Green
Andrew Green - 个月 前
Love the Tottenham presenter but he is so chessy
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Fernando Antonio
Fernando Antonio - 个月 前
My question is how did they get the Money
Baan Joe
Baan Joe - 个月 前
We will give you full support.
Let us see your world class performance!!!
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗
Isaac Fung 馮皓朗 - 个月 前
Good ebenin, Sergio Reguilón speaks better English than Unai Emery
AJP Reactions
AJP Reactions - 个月 前
To bad he will be going back to Real when he becomes good
Prateek Negi
Prateek Negi - 个月 前
Tottenham can’t show their trophies to their new players, so they just show their stadium. 😂😂
Bautista Lewis
Bautista Lewis - 个月 前
Good job spurs with the transfers!!!!
I love the two news players
Good job!!!
debbie flack
debbie flack - 个月 前
Spurs have got some good players now we should win cup
This season
usma islam
usma islam - 个月 前
The best stadium in the world
William Lima
William Lima - 个月 前
Can't wait for him to play
Terry Betts
Terry Betts - 个月 前
Good luck young man
ScrewInTheTuna - 个月 前
Once the Plandemic is over we can come back to support the team properly - COYS
Alexander Hilton
Alexander Hilton - 个月 前
Drunken Ork
Drunken Ork - 个月 前
what a lovely genuine man
Boy Sahat Pandapotan Manurung
He will be successful at Tottenham
Bale will be his Teacher..
Android 890
Android 890 - 个月 前
Can't wait to see you bombing up that left wing and putting a through ball to one of our top strikers including your bestie friend Bale.👍👏
D2K ZaCKHTR - 个月 前
Proud mum and dad
Mysterymaker HD
Mysterymaker HD - 个月 前
0:41 why so curious about the bench. It’s not like you’re gonna be sitting on it.
Mysterymaker HD
Mysterymaker HD - 个月 前
Qkdjw Cortes ha
Qkdjw Cortes
Qkdjw Cortes - 个月 前
Paying early respects to Ben Davies 😂
Idk why he pretends that ts stadium is better then the bernebeu
Durgesh Prakash
Durgesh Prakash - 个月 前
Spurs are too good a team to not have a silverware. I really really want them to win something very soon!!They deserve to - hands down. From a Liverpool fan!!
D-v-8 - 个月 前
This guy is such a good lad. I loved how in another interview he couldn't wait to put the shirt on.
jaison dsouza
jaison dsouza - 个月 前
I'm Madrid fan .spurs fans let me tell you This guy is a "warrior",he will not disappoint you . buena suerte hermano ❤️.
jmg 544
jmg 544 - 个月 前
I rank this stadium 3/10
Paul Ahton
Paul Ahton - 个月 前
Zammy ‘BusDriver’ Martínez
Theres something i liked about this video and about this player
Miguel Ángel Gallego
Miguel Ángel Gallego - 个月 前
I love your video aupa tottenham
David Thompson
David Thompson - 个月 前
What was that fake staged pointing bit at the end?
Edwin - 个月 前
Too bad he choose to go on loan to Spurs
Edwin - 个月 前
@Ayaan 137It is.Just wait for him to have a 1 good season and you can say goodbye to him because your team is a small club buying players with buy back clause.
Ayaan 137
Ayaan 137 - 个月 前
Its not a loan
The lonely mountain.
The lonely mountain. - 个月 前
Top lad, can't wait to see him play.
Ray Grogan
Ray Grogan - 个月 前
Would he like the bernabau more
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed - 个月 前
First thing he did when he saw the stadium is he called is father nd his mother 🥺🥺😭🥺 so sweet
strangetranceoffaith - 个月 前
Welcome to spurs Reguilon and become a hero of this club, do great things and make, us proud. Great player at a great club
jen han
jen han - 个月 前
He seems like a great guy. Welcome Sergio!😍
Nana Boafo Appenteng
Nana Boafo Appenteng - 个月 前
wow hes back
Meki Lamo
Meki Lamo - 个月 前
He is my favourite left back. So good this guy with a big personality.
Fay Smith
Fay Smith - 个月 前
He is a breathe of fresh air. Just a lovely bloke. Can’t wait to see him play for Spurs
Karthik Shankar
Karthik Shankar - 个月 前
He must have done a trophy cabinet visit. Though.
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Fullmetal Alkami
Fullmetal Alkami - 个月 前
So happy to see Sergio
in our stadium- welcome!
yt_mysticgaming5 - 个月 前
Let's go
The Realist
The Realist - 个月 前
The shine has been taken away from Reguilon by Bale's signing, but what a great signing, now we have 2 good full backs.
똑별 - 个月 前
“No words.” Immediately says “amazing”
j.i. kane
j.i. kane - 个月 前
I've got a good feeling about this lad. Coys
김수민 - 个月 前
Owain Carey
Owain Carey - 个月 前
I like what I seen of Sergio as a person. I wish I would’ve been mature and treated my parents good at his age rather than being a daft prick
Balearic Blazer
Balearic Blazer - 个月 前
Love this guy 😁
Frannah - 个月 前
Seems like a top guy who is genuinely excited to be here. Can only be a success
Haidi HD
Haidi HD - 个月 前
Curb your enthusiasm. Mourinho destroy careers. Wait and see
Max Robbins
Max Robbins - 个月 前
He has such a better reaction than the other players
Joseph McAuley
Joseph McAuley - 个月 前
My Arsenal mind autocorrected the Nike shirt to say Spuds
BATO - 个月 前
حيدوري الملكي
Dan Solo
Dan Solo - 个月 前
why is he pointing at the bench like he’s gonna be on there
Bill Maglis
Bill Maglis - 个月 前
Welcome Sergio we hope that you become a legend of this glorius club
KillerRabit OfCaerbannog
yaki000 - 个月 前
Avante Sergio!
Miguel Echeverría
Miguel Echeverría - 个月 前
Mi fathers and i 7:47
Johnee KuShh
Johnee KuShh - 个月 前
Sergio “no words..amazing” Reguilon
김준기 - 个月 前
ell0111 viee
ell0111 viee - 个月 前
😥good luck in spurs
김 이곤Hugo
김 이곤Hugo - 个月 前
Cirkin Way
Cirkin Way - 个月 前
even i scared of our team😂 how good we will be in this season? - 个月 前
국밥부장관 - 个月 前
Punjabimang0 - 个月 前
energy, mourinho
김찬민 - 个月 前
Football News India
Football News India - 个月 前 UEFA Men's player of the year nominees
Ash - 个月 前
You don't understand how excited I am to watch him in the lillywhites, COYS!!
Matej Repák
Matej Repák - 个月 前
It is so sad that in 2 years he'll be back at Real 😭😭
Qkdjw Cortes
Qkdjw Cortes - 个月 前
Matej Repák I mean it’s possible that Sergio doesn’t play well. And it’s not like they get him back for free I think the fee is 40m.
Matej Repák
Matej Repák - 个月 前
@Qkdjw Cortes ik, but I doubt that they won't resign him. When Marcelo leaves on a free after next season, I think that they consider Sergio as a replacement
Qkdjw Cortes
Qkdjw Cortes - 个月 前
That’s only if Real want him back
Vorname Nachname
Vorname Nachname - 个月 前
bla bla bla bla they all say the same....most beautiful stadium in the world ? hahaha