The Truth… Bhad Bhabie CopyCat Makeup Tested

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out the new Bhad Bhabie endorsed CopyCat Beauty makeup products! I got so many requests to investigate this brand when it was announced.. so let's see what the real tea is.. We dive into all the drama, the conversation about "dupes" for brands, copying brands and I actually test out the makeup to see if it's any good or not! Is it Jeffree Star Approved? Watch and find out!
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Alycia Riley
Alycia Riley - 天 前
Moma don't keep it 100 actually miss Jafar star
hi its me
hi its me - 2 天 前
Does Jeffrey star have makeup shipping out of United states?
Deez Fries
Deez Fries - 3 天 前
Who’s here during Karmageddon? Jafar* is SHADY 👀👀
Maylea hohman
Maylea hohman - 3 天 前
when bhad bharbie has real makeup thats good but she stole it
Sexy Slayer Fan
Sexy Slayer Fan - 3 天 前
She’s naturally funny? 😂
Zion Naga
Zion Naga - 4 天 前
Watching 2020 ,, India,,,.north .. Nagaland.
Joe M
Joe M - 6 天 前
3:44 doesn’t know what she uses for makeup but in the makeup industry 🤦🏻‍♂️
Katarzyna Lewandowska
Katarzyna Lewandowska - 7 天 前
Who is waching this in 2020?🤣
ABHI - 7 天 前
i am from nepal and i love jeffrestar
Lullaby Haus
Lullaby Haus - 7 天 前
Omg still please do a counterfeit JSC episode
rochelle weems
rochelle weems - 7 天 前
Im waiting for her to say..Cash me outside Jefree!.. How bout dat!
spacepirate 25
spacepirate 25 - 7 天 前
Why haven't I seen this until now
Monica Mascarenhas
Monica Mascarenhas - 8 天 前
Some people can’t afford expensive makeup, so I think that’s a good makeup line for them, make beauty accessible for everyone!
Calvin Benjamin
Calvin Benjamin - 8 天 前
tell me why I feel the awkwardness
Mia Losquadro
Mia Losquadro - 9 天 前
I live for dupes. I mean, I know brands put a lot of hard work into their products and dupes just kind of steals it but I overall like dupes. The problem with Copycat is that their entire brand is dupes. Not just a couple products but the whole brand. Like, they couldn’t be creative so they just duped a bunch products and called it their own. That’s the problem with Copycat
愛•Starr• - 9 天 前
Nicole Perrelli
Nicole Perrelli - 9 天 前
I never seen you look Philomath you are so beautiful in this make up just ruined you it sucks I think he wanted to say that but I think he felt bad to hurt her feelings you know it was not Jeffrey Starr approved
愛•Starr• - 9 天 前
I'm stalking you in qaurtine
Verruca Lexi
Verruca Lexi - 10 天 前
For the amount of attitude she has, I expected a bit more from her pallet BUT with her age this is not a bad attempt and she def. went all out getting as much variety out there for a reasonable price. That being said, I think her reasonable price for the pallet needs reduced by like another dollar or two unless she corrects the matte shades to not POOF be gone on the eye. More of a “Wet-N-Wild”
Pricing. I am pleasantly surprised by the payoff of the metallics and the lip gloss and I do like the brick red and the pricing of the lipsticks is really good though I would pay a few bucks more for some color stay matte. Overall- not ready to purchase anything but the blush pallet really at this point if I get around to getting a refill, though I’m kind of already hooked on Tarte. Overall, not the worst but not the best is about what I expected. I think she will probably get better over time if she keeps at it and learns more about formula. I’d like to see her come out with her own creation as well and not a copy cat of another persons art .
愛•Starr• - 9 天 前
I'm stalking you
Ale Ale
Ale Ale - 10 天 前
I miss the Holy Grail and monthly favorites videos 💜💜💜
Hayley Gardner
Hayley Gardner - 10 天 前
oh my gaudy gawd-
Madison Oxford
Madison Oxford - 10 天 前
Jefree: I LoVeE drugstore
Are Ramirez
Are Ramirez - 11 天 前
She was very nice with jeffrey so i feel like she is a fan
camille joiner
camille joiner - 11 天 前
y’all it’s definitely there (who’s in quarantine)
med cherif
med cherif - 11 天 前
you are precfect
My journeys in life and we love too
majaspace - 12 天 前
Hi MAC alumni here! Back in the day tho...them true artis who grew up by us actually doing make up. We learned by our hands bc have natural talent
Gina cancel
Gina cancel - 12 天 前
Who else is watching this in quarantine
Hanna A.V
Hanna A.V - 12 天 前
Drinking game
Take a shot every single time that jeffree says ,, its definitely there ,,
Leah Morris
Leah Morris - 13 天 前
I love metallic eye shadows 😍
Jasmine Bratton
Jasmine Bratton - 13 天 前
Shes not so loud now
Gavyn Sanders
Gavyn Sanders - 13 天 前
Jeffrey kisses his hand
i JusT waNteD tO tRy tHaT
Niki Sawyers
Niki Sawyers - 14 天 前
Hi How Are Ya?
How High Are Ya?
So I just wanted to pop in and say that my daughter is absolutely enamored by you. She gets a lot of inspiration from you and recently I’ve been looking into buying her a care package of your Jeffree Star product. Do you have any kits available or in the works? I would love to surprise her with something and just blow her whole mind. She is a teenager but honestly she would feel like she lived a full life if she had some basics as a MU foundation layout to build on.
I’m (gasp) not a make up person. Although watching your makeup hauls have me a bit curious about what kind of makeup would look good on me. Im 37 and looking like it. My Pacifica mascara and lip gloss aren’t cutting it anymore.
Anyway I hope you’re doing well through the whole pandemic, and if you have any advice about what starter products would be good for my grown adult ass teenager. Feel free to email me at peaceful mother at outlook ;-) Bye!
Clementine Brandis
Clementine Brandis - 14 天 前
Jeffrey should do another video with bhadbhade
sophia tran
sophia tran - 14 天 前
danielle seems so nervous around Jeffree 💀💀💀
JiminAlphaMaleTOP - 15 天 前
Me: why does he swatch the products on his hand
Also me: feels dumb after realizing that he's got tattoos all over his arms 🤦🌚
Ing Punanwarakorn
Ing Punanwarakorn - 16 天 前
Does anybody notice she does not have a eyebrow
Cari KitKat
Cari KitKat - 16 天 前
"Who am I? I'm the tinman" xD
Brittany Lanning
Brittany Lanning - 16 天 前
Ima cheap bitch so this would be perfect for me!
Serena Guizar
Serena Guizar - 16 天 前
I used to not like gays but know gays are the best! Ik there a mistake but jeffree star is the best! 😊❤💕💞
Hanna - Rihanna Singjirakul
do it
Gellyoutube Account
Gellyoutube Account - 17 天 前
Jeffree: $8.99! Girl that’s crazy so cheap OMG
Me: *sobs because I can’t afford expensive brands and this is the average prices I pay*
Alyxx Morrison
Alyxx Morrison - 17 天 前
I dont see why everyone needs 5o hate on Danielle like she isnt who she was in her past. I see how her makeup is not like Jeffree's but it doenst mean dog hers. This is her first makeup line or launch or whatever and she learn from her mistakes and come our better. She opinionated but I dont see a difference between the way shes acting and the way that teens act at my school. But it's not cook to dog her.
Rachel Jose
Rachel Jose - 17 天 前
zoey cordova
zoey cordova - 18 天 前
He said "imma go see elton john at the staples center" 😂😂 i could never
Devika shrestha
Devika shrestha - 19 天 前
'My face looks flatter than my chest'😂😂😂
Girl I love you. 😍😘😘😘
Yasha Higarashi
Yasha Higarashi - 19 天 前
I love how he was doing the highlight and was like, "Don't they look like the same shade?" They kinda did look the same shade lol
jaleandro rodriguez
jaleandro rodriguez - 19 天 前
the snapchat bag is not coming back Danielle!
ツ゚ㇷ゚Loli Playz
ツ゚ㇷ゚Loli Playz - 20 天 前
I am here for the beautiful blue colored long straight hair IT SLAYSS
Imma person Yay
Imma person Yay - 21 天 前
Kayla Mare
Kayla Mare - 21 天 前
You sound like a gay guy please stop . You are a boy please. 😞
Noor Zaman
Noor Zaman - 13 天 前
ooh someone's mad lol
Fjorgyn - 19 天 前
He is a homosexual or possibly pansexual male that uses male and female pronouns. U mad bro?
I Am A nAtuRaL fUnNy pErsOn. no just no sis
Manoa Ikand
Manoa Ikand - 22 天 前
when you go on the website of copy cat it says jeffree star approved.
Ikhlas Dky
Ikhlas Dky - 23 天 前
Catch me outside how bout that 😂
Martina Wendt
Martina Wendt - 23 天 前
I hate fake pallets.
And the quality is not like yours at all.
Believe me .
bulletproof clipboard
bulletproof clipboard - 23 天 前
I love right before he gets to the lipsticks...and here's where it's about to get spooky...BECAUSE BITCH! I love him. At home sick only thing keeping me from dying is watchin
TheDisabledGamer - 23 天 前
I can't stand Danielle Bregoli, i just don't like the kid, and that FAKE ass ghetto accent needs to go.
The Hoop
The Hoop - 24 天 前
She is the epitome of trash and I wish jeffree would have shaded her!
Samantha Jester
Samantha Jester - 24 天 前
This video has like the most comments on any of his vids😂
Samantha Jester
Samantha Jester - 24 天 前
Does anyone feel like the whole concept of copycat beauty is just weird? Like I feel bad for the original brands that came up with it and worked hard and they come out with that trash
Noni 2004
Noni 2004 - 24 天 前
Without makeup you scare me a bit cause you look like my 7th grade band teacher
Catto Fatto
Catto Fatto - 25 天 前
Jefferys trying so hard to make the makeup look good
Ant CK
Ant CK - 26 天 前
Them teeth tho
Talya Alwindawi
Talya Alwindawi - 26 天 前
U can do a Jeffery chocolate palette like teix and it’s yellow in ur way
Lara Dierker
Lara Dierker - 27 天 前
Wer guckst sich das bitte komplett an Zeitverschwendung 😴
Kelia Kimora
Kelia Kimora - 27 天 前
cheap gloss is most likely gonna be better
Carly Thiel
Carly Thiel - 27 天 前
Jeffree: I woke up and we got foundation and concealer.
Me: Excuse me what about powder?!
Tamara Young
Tamara Young - 27 天 前
WAIT. did he just say 'a millie bobby brown brush?!?!!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!?????????????!?!!??!?!!?!?
Fjorgyn - 19 天 前
Rofl Bobbi Brown has been around long before Millie, sis.
chua victoria
chua victoria - 27 天 前
is he trans?
Fjorgyn - 19 天 前
No, he's androgynous or non-binary.
Nicole Garcia
Nicole Garcia - 28 天 前
Who else saw daddy eye Dani up and down.😂 4:12
Nae Nae Babie Johnson
Nae Nae Babie Johnson - 28 天 前
Her make up is 🤮 Jeffer yo make up hit
Tori Garza
Tori Garza - 28 天 前
omg i died when jeffree said "the brown played a houdini trickery on me" lol
Harper Nielsen
Harper Nielsen - 28 天 前
Y’all are saying she is acting really calm with Jeffree but honestly I think that is how she is and her chaotic personality is an act honestly
Ahaha - 29 天 前
Idc bout duplicates unless they say they the og and rip u off and make u sick
Natalie Godwin
Natalie Godwin - 个月 前
Love your chair!
Andrea Lindvall
Andrea Lindvall - 个月 前
She's sooo insecure 💔❤️
Dub Di
Dub Di - 个月 前
Who else is watching this as the world crumbles wishing they could go see anything at the staples center?
Still_chill - 个月 前
She is so confident and I luvv itt :3
(Don’t drag me)
Ronda Suzette
Ronda Suzette - 个月 前
Broke out skin. Not following that routine.
Khylan Melendez
Khylan Melendez - 个月 前
𝐻𝑖 𝐶ℎ𝑜𝑐𝑎𝑙𝑎𝑡𝑒 𝐻𝑜𝑤 𝐴𝑟𝑒 𝑌𝑎☺️✌🏽
sakhi jayaraman
sakhi jayaraman - 个月 前
You have no idea why this comment has soo many likes...
oktavia magdalena
oktavia magdalena - 个月 前
Lips gloss very simillar with anastasia beveryhils lips gloss