First Time in Full Length: Lewandowski's 9-Minute Miracle

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One year ago, the unthinkable happened, as Robert Lewandowski tore up the record books with five goals in nine minutes. The Polish star was brought on at half time against Wolfsburg last season and proceeded to put in a jaw-dropping performance. It was a night to remember and we want to show you those nine incredible minutes from 22 September 2015 in full for the very first time. We can't wait to hear what you think!
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Bro Heme
Bro Heme - 4 小时 前
Anyone know how to find this clip with the other announcers? Their coverage is infinitely superior to this.
Minkyu Park
Minkyu Park - 11 小时 前
Its just depressing that the ballond'or is cancelled for 2020
Zhora Harutyunyan
Zhora Harutyunyan - 14 小时 前
Piotr Piotr
Piotr Piotr - 19 小时 前
Brawo Lewy oglądam codzienne
そーなー - 23 小时 前
Chris Bertrand
Chris Bertrand - 天 前
It must have been a big moment of euphoria in Lewan's head x'DD
Dariusz - 天 前
God Bless You Robert!
Ultroman the Tacoman
Not a single one of those was the goalkeeper's fault, which is mind-blowing when we're talking about 5 goals.
The Psithurism
The Psithurism - 天 前
i was hoping this miracle happen last night bayern vs hoffenheim
Ian musyoka
Ian musyoka - 天 前
Whose here after Bayern lost 4-1 in 2020
Kubik Gamer
Kubik Gamer - 天 前
El que se detuvo a ver este comentario que Dios lo bendiga a el y a su familia del covid-19
111 - 2 天 前
"You just cant do it, you just can not be that good!"
The Cats piss juice
The Cats piss juice - 2 天 前
who's here after hoffenheim beat bayern 4-1
Indian Gooner
Indian Gooner - 2 天 前
Can someone name the commentator
Owen Tshudy
Owen Tshudy - 2 天 前
Just a question why didn't they have him starting?
Luigi Savio
Luigi Savio - 2 天 前
Pentiti ADL
Pentiti di aver preferito Osimhen a Lewandowski
Amartya Bharat
Amartya Bharat - 2 天 前
You just cannot be that good!..I just watch this vid to listen to that
zk100yyy - 2 天 前
a video of 5 goals you don't need to edit
Maciej Sarama
Maciej Sarama - 3 天 前
this guy is brilliant OMG
MystiCalBEING89 - 3 天 前
a goal timer be good
pixzel gurung
pixzel gurung - 3 天 前
Same as heivei
kridi - 3 天 前
Polska gurom
Joe - 3 天 前
This is like permanently stuck on my timeline. Don’t get my wrong, love Lewandwski as much as the next man, but I’ve seen this clip way too many times now.
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord - 3 天 前
Lewy is the best, end of. Premier league teams, just learn from the master
Mariusz Kozar
Mariusz Kozar - 4 天 前
Best man
ElizaBen - 4 天 前
But can he do it on a cold rainy night in stoke
よかよかくん - 4 天 前
uniep gaming
uniep gaming - 4 天 前
What an amazing baller
Carlits ts
Carlits ts - 5 天 前
9:33 así yo cuando veo que me están sirviendo mis Taquitos
GER 509
GER 509 - 5 天 前
RL9 🔥🔥🔥
sean _0707
sean _0707 - 5 天 前
How many times he said Robert lewandowski
Vito Certosino
Vito Certosino - 4 天 前
Every time he says it, have a vodka
Marco - 5 天 前
Kiedy mam zły humor lubię obejrzeć ten filmik. Lewy tym pokazem zawsze mnie pocieszy i będę z niego dumny! Brawo Lewy - do przodu!
Karol - 5 天 前
I have only one word to describe it:
I will also kill justin y
U eat baklava
Who is here after Bayern squeezed Schalke with 8-0 🙋🏻‍♂️
CoFeeKo Channel
CoFeeKo Channel - 5 天 前
Its so boring watching match like this
Even though is amazing
Brett Andrews
Brett Andrews - 5 天 前
I wonder who was the man of the game 🤔
Gavron88 - 6 天 前
"Release The Kraken!" - Pep Guardiola
Felix Grøn
Felix Grøn - 6 天 前
9 min number 9 coincidence?