Harry Styles - Fine Line (Official Audio)

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Put a price on emotion
I’m looking for something to buy
You’ve got my devotion
But man, I can hate you sometimes
I don’t want to fight you
And I don’t wanna sleep in the dirt
We’ll get the drinks in
So I’ll get to thinking of her
We’ll be a fine line
We’ll be a fine line
We’ll be a fine line
A test of my patience
There’s things that we’ll never know
You sunshine, you temptress
My hand’s at risk, I fold
Crisp trepidation
I’ll try to shake this soon
Spreading you open
Is the only way of knowing you
We’ll be a fine line
We’ll be alright
#HarryStyles #FineLine
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Dav - 3 小时 前
Great song, one of my favorites! I made a remix of it: https://youtu.be/Of5GPFArleg
TribeFan 12
TribeFan 12 - 5 小时 前
Shrutika Patil
Shrutika Patil - 9 小时 前
the most underrated and dark song off the album
Mona Sintyara
Mona Sintyara - 10 小时 前
If this man doesn’t even get a SINGLE grammy nomination for FINE LINE album..... I’m suing!!!!
para.cetam0l - 11 小时 前
ángel te extraño
Aquarius Crystalwave
Aquarius Crystalwave - 12 小时 前
very much a Novo Amor, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, and Bon Iver vibe ❤️ i dig the new direction harry is going ❤️
Lu Figueroa
Lu Figueroa - 13 小时 前
i can’t explain how much i love this man, he saved me
Dominic Monterey
Dominic Monterey - 17 小时 前
Mad respect for this great dude.
Maria Otilia
Maria Otilia - 17 小时 前
I love him ... I listen to his entire album😍🇧🇷
Matilda Fries
Matilda Fries - 21 小时 前
When you realize this song is literally 6 minutes long that just shows how much fun this song is
Caique Campos
Caique Campos - 天 前
This sound makes me remember perfects moments of my live 💙
Spill the Tae
Spill the Tae - 天 前
Tears are getting way too much real
᯽JuliannaH 5782᯽
This is perfect Twilight OST music and you can't convince me otherwise.
The movies are poorly acted & full of cringe, but the soundtracks were bar none.
Gabie Valonda
Gabie Valonda - 天 前
He literally put this out on exact Taylor Swift's birthday.
Giovanna Maia
Giovanna Maia - 天 前
Reizinho tão perfeito, você estará sempre em meu coração ❤🥰🇧🇷🥰❤🥰❤🥰🇧🇷🥰🥰🇧🇷🥰🇧🇷
Killy BLAME - 天 前
Jojo pose xD
vidya modak
vidya modak - 2 天 前
At the start of the song i can hear whisper "meet me in the hallway" 🥺🤍 anyone???? My Boy
Emily R
Emily R - 2 天 前
When your crying about how your world is crashing down, this song makes me feel some kinda way.
Edna Capelas
Edna Capelas - 2 天 前
Não dei like mas gostei
Tavania Amadea
Tavania Amadea - 2 天 前
a great song and i always cry
Olivia Grace
Olivia Grace - 2 天 前
A six minute song? I’m here for it 🤩💗
aaliyah daniel
aaliyah daniel - 2 天 前
listening to this song with both earphones in, eyes shut, and blasting at FULL volume just feels like you’re floating .
Anna Bennett
Anna Bennett - 3 天 前
compare this song to kiwi
Anna Skoruk
Anna Skoruk - 3 天 前
im balling my eyes out to this at 2am
owhehwakalshewh - 3 天 前
this makes me think of a scenario where 2 kids are in a school shooting and they're just whispering "We'll be fine." Over and over again, trying to convince themselves that it'll be fine. when the trumpets and drums come in they get shot and look at eachother one last time. they grab each other's hand and die on the ground
Chichi Manes
Chichi Manes - 3 天 前
this song is the representation of that moment in the end of the end of the movie where you begin to think about how much you’ve been through, but then you come to the realization that “we’ll be alright”. and you continue to live life as your happiest self.
Anabella polo
Anabella polo - 3 天 前
Listening to this song before taking a school test assures me that im not gonna fail
fatihah wahida
fatihah wahida - 3 天 前
I guess my friends are missing the real talent
Noyeul - 3 天 前
Why do I love you so much?
Clara Smith 7C
Clara Smith 7C - 3 天 前
Hi Harry i'm from Brazil and my friend and I love you so much like you deserve everything you have. I never thought that someday I would love so much someone I don't even know. And your phrase help me in many moments TPWK always...
melo - 3 天 前
rip george floyd
Steph Parry
Steph Parry - 4 天 前
This song is absolutely stunning...what the fuck is happening??? I hate 1D
verena paulaa
verena paulaa - 4 天 前
I've listened to this song so many times and I've cried every single time because of the beauty of the song and because of the the we'll be alright - it just gets me every time🥺
Does anyone else think this song would sound great for a movie?
MR - 4 天 前
Carmen Hernández Sánchez
Grabbed a new fan. Love u ❤️
Noella Ryan
Noella Ryan - 4 天 前
....................................(✿◠‿◠) = ̄ω ̄= ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Joko Saputro
Joko Saputro - 4 天 前
I'd rather harry in one direction than harry now...
Marina Carratalá Regadera
I feel like with album, Harry's talking to him, trying to heal his wounds, and by doing so he's helping and saving all of us.
Ali Moaid
Ali Moaid - 4 天 前
You don’t have to have a billion watched To make the best music in the world Im from iraq 🇮🇶 and i ❤️ U so mush dude 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Val Aurora
Val Aurora - 5 天 前
Q lindo fin 🥺
sam avilés
sam avilés - 5 天 前
how dare people dislike this masterpiece?
Ruby Jones
Ruby Jones - 5 天 前
This song just hits different when your sat in the dark at 2am and going through some shit, Harry telling us it will be alright really makes me believe it will be okay!
Allison Rodríguez
Allison Rodríguez - 5 天 前
I am addicted to this song, I love it is the best in the world ❤️
Hifi St
Hifi St - 5 天 前
It's been long since a song made me feel alive
mina - 5 天 前
this is the best song ive ever heard.
Mariam lad
Mariam lad - 6 天 前
Wow man ,u got me crying and I've never been in a relationship.
So powerful
Killer - 6 天 前
If they make a new titanic then this will be the perfect song
rachael. - 6 天 前
this is my go-to crying song. but don’t worry, i cry in a cool way :)
Ace MT
Ace MT - 6 天 前
This is so powerful.
constanza baez
constanza baez - 6 天 前
esta canción transformam, momentos hermoso y los convierte en momentos celestiales
Cami Gomez
Cami Gomez - 6 天 前
Reminds me of life is strange
anna - 6 天 前
I love Life is strange ❤️
Davidlee Evans
Davidlee Evans - 6 天 前
"I'm at a loss of words, your the best thing that's ever happened to me.🦋
So much love I have for you, this is just as beautiful as the soul that wrote it, your smile. I am so honored to be a part of your art, give just as much as you do and then some. May #2021 bring you all the love you give, then some. We can't wait! Yay!
I'm so proud of how far you have come, here's to the long road ahead. May God smile down on you, bless you with as much love, open arms and generosity as your heart, that many love. I hope I bring half the smile, inspiration as you have to me today. All my love completely, your my miracle. Thanks for all you have done for others, all you are doing, for always being there for me. My heart breaks to know all the things that brought us to the road we got to, here and now..but boy ..nothing stoped you. #staystrong #staysafe #staybeautiful Blessing to you and your family +
This is the most artistic album I've ever heard.👑 Your gift made me cry in a happy way, yet I come here and you still continue making me smile geez 🌹 thank you. 🍉 2009-2020 - mixes of sad+happy but #lovewins so let's keep it going! 🍉
Always your 🌻- Diana
Milla Camilla
Milla Camilla - 6 天 前
If heaven doesn’t sound like this..I’m going to hell then
anna - 6 天 前
Hopefully “Only Angel” will be playing in hell 😂
rachida taljaoui
rachida taljaoui - 6 天 前
i'm just here thinking that one day he'll be dead and me and my 50yo ass would cry in the car to not let my kids to know that i'm a crazy fangirl yet
Ariana Renata Caiza Ramos
Absolutely beautiful. If harry says everything will be alright, then everything will be alright ❤️
Mya Houston
Mya Houston - 6 天 前
This was made to be in a movie trailer
TribeFan 12
TribeFan 12 - 6 天 前
This song is a masterpiece and a wonderful finale to a fantastic album!❤ Also, it sounds like it should have been in The Fault in our Stars!
Hanna - 6 天 前
My favourite time to listen to Harry’s songs is during the AM, it really hits differently and it’s a whole new level of vibing. If you ever see this, just know you are a beautiful soul and I appreciate you and your music ❤️
Prachi Ranjan
Prachi Ranjan - 6 天 前
My mom walks into my room
Mom : Who is he ?
Me. : Harry Styles
Mom : Stop talking about my hairstyle it's better than yours.
Samantha Rymshaw
Samantha Rymshaw - 6 天 前
With everything going on in 2020 I've been feeling overwhelmed and anxious and stuck...like I can't get away from all of this...its like it's a new month and a new problem comes with if...I'm opening my mind up to other opinions that some of my family members dont agree with and they make sure I know that all the time...this song has been like a crutch for me throughout 2020...idk when well be alright but this song makes me believe that things will actually be alright...I wish I could meet Harry and thank him in person for helping me even if he doesn't know it🥺😭
Kitty Queen
Kitty Queen - 6 天 前
Same I’m praying for you xx
Petra Melissa
Petra Melissa - 6 天 前
Bon Iver vibes
Stalin Javier Nasimba Toapanta
Wow is a cool song =D
mary Abba
mary Abba - 7 天 前
I'm righting this cause I just listened to this song and I started crying and inspected my life
I have:
*Fake friends
*A mum who emotionally abuses me
*People hate me without knowing me

But I can't lie I love them all and losing them will just rip my heart's to peace

So pls be safe and "we'll be alright"
Andrew Darley
Andrew Darley - 7 天 前
Everyone: Everything is awful right now
Me: We'll be alright
Everyone: How can you just say that?
Me: I didn't, Harrry Styles did
Everyone: We'll be alright.
Tasya R
Tasya R - 7 天 前
excuse me... i can’t hold my tears
Fizza Hassan
Fizza Hassan - 7 天 前
I have been listening to his songs for 9hours and my head hurts but i love him soooo much
Fizza Hassan
Fizza Hassan - 7 天 前
His voice is sooo calming
Flavio Ch.
Flavio Ch. - 7 天 前
Greetings from Peru 🇵🇪
OumOum E
OumOum E - 8 天 前
This song sounds like it belongs to an anime movie with beautiful cinematic
april - 8 天 前
It’s almost Harry knows we need comforting during these times 🥺🥺
Inspigirl - 8 天 前
this song makes me so calmed and gets me through the worst anxiety
Iara Pancher
Iara Pancher - 8 天 前
esta canción es una caricia al alma
Anna Sz.
Anna Sz. - 8 天 前
Dear Harry Styles, thank You for letting us see that beautiful soul you have. I’m forever grateful
san - 8 天 前
the way you making me alive while i'm struggling with anxiety. i will always thankful for everything you gave me and you taught me harry... thank you! you saved me.
san - 8 天 前
i want to die listening to fine line and walking in the wind.
theresa yokeley
theresa yokeley - 8 天 前
harry in fine line: "there's things we'll never know"
me "is larry real? are we gonna get a studio version of medicine? are harry and louis in quarantine together? is 1D coming back? I NEED ANSWERS!!!!
Lilah - 8 天 前
this song makes me so happy yet so sad at the same time
Atticus gal
Atticus gal - 8 天 前
bruh coke