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Jeffree Star is at it again! With his new Cremated Eyeshadow Palette, a lot of people have had a lot of opinions. This all-grey eyeshadow palette definitely is the talk of the town, and today I’m taking it for a ride! What do I think of the drama + is the quality any good? LET’S FIND OUT TOGETHER!!! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!
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NikkieTutorials - 6 个月 前
Anaia Wiparata
Anaia Wiparata - 个月 前
too dark, just to match jeffs EXTREMELY sad, problematic personality. Unstan jeff for clear skin xx
What have we here; a boy pretending to be a girl, pretending to be nice, pretending to beautiful, pretending to be american, pretending to be different?
Jasmine Leigh
Jasmine Leigh - 3 个月 前
I love the formula. Always amazing products. The colors, not so much for me. I need color. Still a fan still love the quality. The theme doesn't bother me.
Eni Omotade
Eni Omotade - 4 个月 前
....I think you should stop reviewing his make up and not because of the theme of the palette..
marloes_k _
marloes_k _ - 6 个月 前
The dark eye looks so pretty! 💕 As a ginger i love to use GRIJS ❤️😊
Your Mother
Your Mother - 天 前
Grey is Spanish is not grijs but gris...
Elizabeth Ryder
Elizabeth Ryder - 天 前
he’s an artist... it’s an eyeshadow palette. people need to stop being so sensitive and get over it
joann Conley
joann Conley - 2 天 前
I like to think as this palette as a tribute to those who have passed away....
Mindy Nielson
Mindy Nielson - 4 天 前
Stop giving orgazim noises. Sorry it's just off-putting.
Mindy Nielson
Mindy Nielson - 4 天 前
At over yourselves! Y
Isadora Neves
Isadora Neves - 4 天 前
The way she talks reminds me of khloé sometimes
H H - 4 天 前
Her right (our left) eye up near the brow is bugging me! I know that's nit-picky, I just can't stop looking at it! LOL
Venky Mauris
Venky Mauris - 5 天 前
love you Niki
but sorry Jeffre Star is a no thank you for me.
Zara Qazi
Zara Qazi - 5 天 前
Please review his new pallets I want to see ur reaction
Rik Dammer
Rik Dammer - 6 天 前
08:48 "I'm waiting for a Pomeranian palette by Jeffree that is all nudes and browns..." - the good sis KNEW about Orgie.
Hayden Spriggs
Hayden Spriggs - 6 天 前
Let the goths be obsessed. Not everything is about the damn pandemic. Start acting normal 🤔
Jessica Cantell
Jessica Cantell - 7 天 前
Aww Nikki 🥺
You always pull off fabulous makeup looks, this is stunning and suits you so much ❤️
Grounders Source
Grounders Source - 8 天 前
Just came across this video, and even though I wear very little makeup nowadays, but this palette's color scheme is gorgeous.
The names have to change though as it is a dark time currently.
Jdksjsjsj - 9 天 前
You remind me of niki dragun idk why
furstrated - 10 天 前
Maraya Vlza
Maraya Vlza - 10 天 前
The shade Afterlife is GORGEOUSSS
Thalassa C
Thalassa C - 11 天 前
I would want this but it’s Jeffree Star... so..
Gabrielle Roy
Gabrielle Roy - 11 天 前
I like you a lot my gal
Michelle Dee
Michelle Dee - 11 天 前
Do you really think Jeffrey created this palette. Maybe he thought of the names
Kaitlyn Cable
Kaitlyn Cable - 12 天 前
Am I the only one who is obsessed with the lighter eye?! She looks gorgeous
LittleLotteWanders - 12 天 前
Where was this palatte for my gothic ass in high school!
Reno2324 - 12 天 前
Are you a man or a woman?
Ozzy the Bun
Ozzy the Bun - 12 天 前
She’s a woman
Melanie Gray Robinson
Melanie Gray Robinson - 12 天 前
Any dupes for this? I'm done giving money to JS.
alyssa arroyo
alyssa arroyo - 13 天 前
ur beautiful, but why do u take ur eye shadow so far up your lid? it looks clownish tbh. why do u do that instead of regular eye makeup?
Gretchen Weiners
Gretchen Weiners - 11 天 前
2:50 is your explanation. She doesnt do her make up like this when not filming.
Happy Positive Vibes
Happy Positive Vibes - 13 天 前
You made me love it gurrrrrl... you are so talented ❤️❤️❤️
j f
j f - 13 天 前
People pass away all the time. Pandemic or not 😂
Kimber 420
Kimber 420 - 13 天 前
Absolutely beautiful
Miss Wolf
Miss Wolf - 13 天 前
The colours are so pretty and bendable!
Zyx Frankenstein
Zyx Frankenstein - 14 天 前
Me, hearing “Diamond’s Ashes” and seeing Nikkie’s reaction to it: 🥺 Diamond was a fuckin GEM, as her name implied. 🤍💎🤍 RIP Diamond
kaatje mossel
kaatje mossel - 14 天 前
Every day people pass away, many people. Not only during the corona. Je weet als geen ander, dat het uitbrengen van een product niet 1-2-3 gebeurd. En volgens mij heb jezelf ook een oogschaduwpalet uitgebracht tijdens de corona uitbraak met nog steeds mensen die hieraan overlijden. De pot verwijt de ketel??
Mackenzie Reed
Mackenzie Reed - 15 天 前
Jeffree can never go wrong with palettes
Paige Olivia
Paige Olivia - 15 天 前
You look sooo good with the lighter side on. Omg pretty!! I like the lighter grey side of it.
joannie rice
joannie rice - 15 天 前
What a cute puppy
Rori Macias
Rori Macias - 15 天 前
I realize now that the gloss name "heavens gate" refers literally to the gates of heaven and not the cult
Unicorn Rainbow
Unicorn Rainbow - 15 天 前
Nikki I bought your pallet it’s on it’s way I’m so excited
Brittany Richmond
Brittany Richmond - 15 天 前
What was “yikes” about this??
Creative Lady
Creative Lady - 15 天 前
Your makeup looks gorgeous.
Jarggleflarggle Smith
Jarggleflarggle Smith - 16 天 前
Missed opportunity then applying the afterlife “this shade is giving me...AFTERLIFE??!!😂😂”😭. Go back to enjoying Nikkie’s perfection
Sparkle with sadie
Sparkle with sadie - 16 天 前
I love your palette
Hala Unicorn
Hala Unicorn - 16 天 前
OMGGG I just remembered that Nikki just launched her pallet in the pandemic to HAHAHAH
Cheryl David-Bailey
Cheryl David-Bailey - 16 天 前
Cheryl David-Bailey
Cheryl David-Bailey - 16 天 前
sanne kram
sanne kram - 17 天 前
"never knew there were so many dimensions of grey" GIRL! Heard od 50 shades of grey?
fliccers - 17 天 前
Has Nikkie done a tutorial with Jeffree?
fliccers - 16 天 前
@mauro gentile Awesome - i'll have to search for them, they must be fun ones :)
mauro gentile
mauro gentile - 16 天 前
Many times!
jaenhyun - 17 天 前
her hair is always so perfectttt
Sailor Ashy
Sailor Ashy - 18 天 前
They are like diamonds.. . I bet if I put them all over my face I would look like I'm made of diamond too 🥺🥺🥺
Amber Gillespie
Amber Gillespie - 18 天 前
Ps grey is one of my FAVORITE eyeshadow colors and is kinda of hard to find and therefore this is the only Jeffree Star palette I have ever considered buying (nothing against him just the price). Maybe I will buy it now 😉
trey goff
trey goff - 19 天 前
Aint no body watch this!
sarah cooper
sarah cooper - 19 天 前
I Love this palette and name! He is so creative🤍 and now blood money💚 is HOT
Shae Sutherland
Shae Sutherland - 19 天 前
too many duplicates, the colourpop blowin’ smoke palette is better imho and more pigmented
ilhann jimenez
ilhann jimenez - 19 天 前
Yikes means "𝙚𝙪𝙬𝙬"?!
Diana Murphy
Diana Murphy - 19 天 前
Sorry folks, get over it! It is makeup. Makeup make you feel good. It makes you feel pretty. Since when has Jeffrey been PC? Never! I am not going to even discuss the virus. It is a virus. Enjoy the makeup during this time. Enjoy life , go outside.
Earthy Earth
Earthy Earth - 20 天 前
7:19 I thought it was Google speaker
Callie Walsh
Callie Walsh - 20 天 前
The timing is not ok
Shania Ashraf
Shania Ashraf - 21 天 前
5:22 you missed a solid chance of saying (50) shades of GREY
jessika pellumbi
jessika pellumbi - 21 天 前
your dog is the cutest packet with you xoxo love you
Seona Lee Smith
Seona Lee Smith - 21 天 前
The shades are gorgeous and so me, I love cool tones but the price is a noooooo for me 😳
Michelle B
Michelle B - 21 天 前
The anniversary of my son’s death is in a few days. On his request, he was cremated. I am very sensitive at this time of year but the name of the pallet doesn’t bother me at all. It fits with his brand.
Coco McNally
Coco McNally - 4 天 前
Im so sorry michelle💓 god bless you and your family.
Julia G
Julia G - 11 天 前
i am so sorry for your loss, he will always be with you in your heart
petru van der walt
petru van der walt - 22 天 前
Thank you Nicky. I was on the fence about Jeffrey Stars' products🖤🤍🖤🤍
lumley535 - 22 天 前
I have to be"open and honest" lmao.says the man who tried to fool everyone... including their fiancee
hobi koan
hobi koan - 21 天 前
what went wrong with your day yesterday so you decide to spread your meanness over this wonderful place?
Markéta Škantová
Markéta Škantová - 23 天 前
Release it around Halloween. Problem solved. Controversy avoided. But as D'Angelo Wallace told us, that's not what Jeffree Star wants.
Charlotte Evans
Charlotte Evans - 23 天 前
idk i rlly didn't think of u as the person to clickbait but- .... wow
Cece's Paranormal adventures
It takes months to make a
Pallet and he came up with the idea before the pandemic 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Iwear2socks *
Iwear2socks * - 23 天 前
Honestly I thought it was unnecessary for her to make it personal about her brother like girllllll it’s freaking makeup gosh that’s not Jeffrey intention there should be more positivity in this world not being shady her brother passing should of been more positive memorial like her new pallet is in memory of him rip
Patti Miller
Patti Miller - 23 天 前
Wow!!! You really showcased this pallet great!!! Stunning!!!
Jabberwocky - 23 天 前
I do it for the goths and the gays that's it
Lorna Tw
Lorna Tw - 24 天 前
Ooo yes that first eye looks lije a moonlit dark sky 💗
lets get started
lets get started - 24 天 前
im sorry for the loss of your little brother:(
Krazy Scheiß
Krazy Scheiß - 26 天 前
Nikki is so kind
Oh my gosh your baby looks like a little fox. I love your eye looks I love your reviews and thank you for the honesty
רותי וינטר -
רותי וינטר - - 28 天 前
איפה קונים את זה?
Modhumita Saha
Modhumita Saha - 28 天 前
3:39 is when she actually starts putting her makeup....thank me later
Spodogenis ;;;
Spodogenis ;;; - 29 天 前
Yall give too much power to words
Claire -Roblox
Claire -Roblox - 29 天 前
I named your eyeshadow looks Debra the devil and Anglica the angel
Shannon Rightmire
Shannon Rightmire - 29 天 前
Can we just be done reviewing his make up? Please?
Shannon Rightmire
Shannon Rightmire - 26 天 前
@Madison Austin we've known who he was for literally ever.
Madison Austin
Madison Austin - 28 天 前
This was 6 months ago when Jeffree wasn’t cancelled for real
Akki Ponnu
Akki Ponnu - 个月 前
Plsss plss someone tell me waht is cremayed palette??
Middle of Nowhere
Middle of Nowhere - 个月 前
he made the pallet before the pandemic, and death is literally a natural part of life 🤷‍♂️
Poorvika - 个月 前
That shirt doe.... 😲😲😳😳
ReMitu - 个月 前
Nikki Jeffree’s nude collection has been out for some time now. Any reason why you didn’t review it yet? Did I miss some drama?
MakoDewy - 27 天 前
she knows she'd get a lot of backlash for it considering how everyone thinks of Jeffree due to some "recent" (its been a few months) being exposed. he was already a controversial person but there's been serious (sexual assault) allegations against him recently so it's just not smart for her to show any kind of support towards Jeffree, or even just mention his name. a lot more happened tho, I can't really summarize it all.
Madison Austin
Madison Austin - 28 天 前
Girllll you missed a whole ass cancellation 💀
whitney smith
whitney smith - 个月 前
Her giggle at 11:48/:49 is everything 🤣 love you nikkie!
addydaddy31 - 个月 前
RIP Nikkies Brother. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beyond sorry
Shannon Jacks
Shannon Jacks - 个月 前
The colors look really great on you and it makes your eyes really pop
Minisa Berries
Minisa Berries - 个月 前
I love the smoky tones. Beautiful. I would try it but Jefferreys attitude is wack. Nothing to do with cremated. Just his narcissistic attitude. No thanks.
Heather Lynn
Heather Lynn - 个月 前
I'm not goth but that right eye she did was spot on sultry movie star damn
Corinne Pollard
Corinne Pollard - 个月 前
I don't like Jeffery..... at all, but he didn't know that the pandemic was going to happen. so even he should be canceled ( in my opinion) , I don't think he should be cancelled just by the timing of this pallet.
Cheyenne Corley
Cheyenne Corley - 个月 前
Nobody is offended by the name.
Lori Dupuy
Lori Dupuy - 个月 前
I freaking love it. I hate red tones and orangey eyes. This is amazing!
mad21a - 个月 前
I don't mind the name, colours etc. Just his face on package is something I don't want to look when doing makeup. And for me looking at all the colours u could completely compress this one to 9 pan palette
Bipolar Bear
Bipolar Bear - 个月 前
Girl, why'd you stop using the P. Louise (spelling?) eyeshadow primer?? I thought you lived for that product.
Jackson McNuggets
Jackson McNuggets - 个月 前
Hi Nikkie how r u? Can you please do a Scott Barnes / JLO look with Jeffree’s Orgy Pallette? Thank you I love you ♥️
M Webs
M Webs - 个月 前
Your voice reminds me so much of chloe kardashian!!!
All about life 22
All about life 22 - 个月 前
You look gorgeous with those pretty colours. But I don’t wanna buy anything from him cuz of his racistic remarks on minorities
Erica Drane
Erica Drane - 个月 前
I love the look of his make up😋
Penny AIXPI - 个月 前
WOW!!I really like your style. You are such an amazing makeup influencer. Are you interested in cooperation?
Hailey Young
Hailey Young - 个月 前
Why do you talk to much
Abs Rau
Abs Rau - 个月 前
James charls sucks boy di makeup weird
sourdough toast
sourdough toast - 个月 前
I really love that you only focus on the quality of the eyeshadows and you don't subtly throw shade. Mad respect to you.
hannahziff - 个月 前
Vanshika Kotak
Vanshika Kotak - 个月 前
You didn't review orgy collection...pkease review velvet trap
Vanshika Kotak
Vanshika Kotak - 个月 前
@afiq but we wanna know her thoughts tho lol😅
afiq - 个月 前
i dont think she wants to anymore because of what jeffree did