Donning and Doffing Facial Protection - Mask alone

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This video demonstrates how to don and doff a mask in the clinical area.
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2010andrew - 9 小时 前
idk, but Sam is beauty!!!... 😘
Thomas - 天 前
so kind of you for share this. please take care.
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Wayne T
Wayne T - 2 天 前
This instruction is wrong, first of all the mask shouldn't be laying around anywhere specially facing up. Face mask should always be in the box, bag or inside the original box until its ready to use.
From Bengal With Love
From Bengal With Love - 19 小时 前
can i get subscription?
LordGermanius - 2 天 前
Sams Hands will look like old and dry leather after using this stuff a 1000 times...
M. Strain Jr.
M. Strain Jr. - 3 天 前
If I used that much sanitizer on my hands, my skin would dry out and crack.
Daniel Hsieh
Daniel Hsieh - 3 天 前
Why not CDC and Fox news show us informational demonstrative videos like this instead of telling us masks don't work and people are using it incorrectly... If half the public are using masks incorrectly then don't tell them NOT to wear a mask - teach them HOW to wear it!!! EDUCATE THEM
JohnWoo - 3 天 前
That's it? It's that simple? The ass clowns on twitter keep saying "Don't wear a mask, people who aren't trained in donning and removing masks actually increase their chances of getting the virus".
Crood - 2 天 前
Medics are also getting the virus. And they are trained.
Asian Facility
Asian Facility - 4 天 前
Cute and smart Sam doctor lady!
Steve - 4 天 前
Sam, what are you doing later? 🤣
Clint Lawler
Clint Lawler - 5 天 前
Gloves? I guess they didn't have Sam's size in any of those 3 boxes
ant mdlh
ant mdlh - 5 天 前
Sam.. You are sexy, I really like you.. 😘🙏
Jason Holmes
Jason Holmes - 5 天 前
Damn you're desperate. She's cute, no lie, but damn! You're hitting on an actress through the CNcard comments section...
Karida Shao
Karida Shao - 6 天 前
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RS Music
RS Music - 6 天 前
Sam has pretty eyes ;)
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma - 6 天 前
Sam has a great ass but a man's name.
fathy BABOUR
fathy BABOUR - 6 天 前
Thank you Dr
HailStan - 6 天 前
this video has 2 mistakes, related to each other:
1 - the improper hand sanitizing
2 - any jewlery on the hands (even watches)
Bonnie Stearns
Bonnie Stearns - 6 天 前
You are right. And 3. her hair would fall onto a sterile field or a patient.
Roland3pont - 7 天 前
Thank you!
(And nifty girl);
Number Jack
Number Jack - 7 天 前
why does she performs hand hygiene BEFORE getting off the mask?
Keserédes hullaszag
Keserédes hullaszag - 7 天 前
to kill germs on her hands before she touches her face
Mathias LEGO fänn
Mathias LEGO fänn - 8 天 前
Gta5 kill
phenom 1185
phenom 1185 - 9 天 前
Which side goes against your face the blue or the white
Xxrainbowcake12 - 10 天 前
Are you finished homework
رضا الزيداوي
شنو مافهمت
Joe Santos
Joe Santos - 15 天 前
Sam is sexy
Rafał Modzelewski
Rafał Modzelewski - 16 天 前
and they say that this masks are not effective for coronavirus.
tansuetlin tansuetlin
tansuetlin tansuetlin - 17 天 前
Hi surgical mask helps
范伟涛 - 18 天 前
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grace pinker
grace pinker - 7 天 前
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SaltShakerTV - 18 天 前
Shes hot
chenna kaligetla
chenna kaligetla - 20 天 前
How arrajened in my face surgical mask face back how
Schulle Mike
Schulle Mike - 24 天 前
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MUSTAFA - 25 天 前
Sam doesn’t know that hygiene isn’t active against viruses 🦠 it is acting against other germs but not viruses, So please wash your hands Sam

The hygiene can could be source of infection be carful Sam .
Er1kssoN - 26 天 前
Sam is hot!
PINE x2 - 27 天 前
on ya sam
kenroy larmond
kenroy larmond - 28 天 前
Is Sam single?
And who the hell calls their daughter Sam??
Claire Green
Claire Green - 14 天 前
Nickname for SAMANTHA
kenroy larmond
kenroy larmond - 26 天 前
@Septimius good point 😅
Septimius - 26 天 前
Someone that calls them Samantha.
NerdGeek Cosplay
NerdGeek Cosplay - 29 天 前
- cries because I wear glasses and my lenses fog up -
Garima Kumari
Garima Kumari - 26 天 前
Then you are doing it wrong...Mask should be perfectly sealed.
Xin Du
Xin Du - 27 天 前
me too
Jaber Miah
Jaber Miah - 29 天 前
If death in ur faith mask won’t able to safe you
Victoria Vaughan
Victoria Vaughan - 个月 前
Hand hygiene lol
Efaz Siddiqi
Efaz Siddiqi - 个月 前
Sams just touched the door handle
JACQUILLO2 - 14 天 前
#MEHRAN# Pie - 个月 前
Melody Juan
Melody Juan - 个月 前
It’s so hard to find these masks in stores now, I couldn’t even order online 😅 but thankfully Walmart restocked and I was able to order 10pcs for $10 and paid $49 for shipping to get to me in time before I travel 😂 it’s crazy!
Saifi Saifi
Saifi Saifi - 个月 前
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Parth Vekariya
Parth Vekariya - 29 天 前
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Saan Ali
Saan Ali - 个月 前
Good job
Gavin Harper
Gavin Harper - 个月 前
Now you are trained, make sure you get a Certificate for you CPD folder. Removing a paper mask without contaminating yourself is a challenging skill to acquire. It should only be attempted by highly skilled professionals.
Ruud - 个月 前
Nice Video. And are now protected against bacteria and viruses????
These are soooo small that it don't protect you but check it out to be convinced!! 😳😳😳🙄🙄
Liêm Nguyễn Hữu
Liêm Nguyễn Hữu - 个月 前
You guy get mask?!!
no seriously mask is unavailable in Vietnam currently
Mimi Lo
Mimi Lo - 个月 前
Liêm Nguyễn Hữu no mask are available in Canada too
Third Auglyn
Third Auglyn - 个月 前
What a waste of such a good mask. Why not wash and reuse it? Save the environment for goodness sake.
Jeevankumar Sharma
Jeevankumar Sharma - 2 个月 前
I also wear like that
n2b8r - 2 个月 前
Sam is thicc
Vermilion Vascularis
Vermilion Vascularis - 2 个月 前
theres always this one dude
You got the mask but no
Gloves and a smock gown over your clothes , so the mask didnt
really help ,you are contaminated
Jian Hong
Jian Hong - 2 个月 前
Can the specific models and brands of medical surgical masks in the video be provided?
L - 2 个月 前
WRONG doctor!! you didn't pinch the nose!!!!!!!
L - 2 个月 前
@LynaSenorita sorry sorry i spoke too fast, i was too excited because my masks just got delivered xD
LynaSenorita - 2 个月 前
She did bruh did you watch the whole video?
Jacob Heck
Jacob Heck - 2 个月 前
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ツs a n i k o
ツs a n i k o - 16 天 前
Sometimes when you buy things on amazon it comes from China and your package might be postponed.
Carol Chen
Carol Chen - 19 天 前
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Xin Du
Xin Du - 27 天 前
​@Golden Paw Life Adventures but there are many people who thought there is no need to wear a mask, even at this time.
Night King
Night King - 个月 前
I heard they ship free coronavirus as an accessory
Mimi Lo
Mimi Lo - 个月 前
My mom wanted to get masks and gusse what when it was going to come March
PhAntOM GAmiNG - 2 个月 前
Corona virus
Learn Spanish World
Learn Spanish World - 2 个月 前
Great advice, particularly now...This is very relevant to what we're going through here in Asia and Australia
bakenryu - 2 个月 前
Coronavirus brought you here.
ant mdlh
ant mdlh - 2 天 前
No, Sam brought me here.. LOL😘
szbszig - 4 天 前
I hadn't even realised it's a two-year-old video until I saw your comment.
MirmiX - 6 天 前
Angel Subliminal
Angel Subliminal - 8 天 前
Dakamakadika Darkey
Dakamakadika Darkey - 10 天 前
And i like her.......😏
Scott Sanett
Scott Sanett - 2 个月 前
Is this narrator from Minnesota?
Alessandra McMeowy
Alessandra McMeowy - 个月 前
Omg yes I think so
santosh Sah
santosh Sah - 3 个月 前
What a video good
Vinod Verma
Vinod Verma - 4 个月 前
Achaaaaa haii.....
Christian Scott-Suzuki
Christian Scott-Suzuki - 8 个月 前
Hey you didn’t show which way the mask goes on the face. It can be inside out as well right?
Clevs Manalaysay
Clevs Manalaysay - 2 个月 前
@Jade Dalogdog yes ☺️
Jade Dalogdog
Jade Dalogdog - 2 个月 前
@mnhealth so that means whether you have flu or not, the blue side is always outside?
mnhealth - 8 个月 前
Thanks for your question. The video demonstrates the color side of the blue mask facing outward and the metal strip at the top of the mask being adjusted to ensure proper fit. The mask should not be worn inside out.