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SpaceX launch: Nasa astronauts begin historic mission on private spaceship

The private rocket company SpaceX has sent two Nasa astronauts into orbit.

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持续时间: 13:52


Abrorjon Rasulov
Abrorjon Rasulov - 3 天 前
MARK A - 3 天 前
{Space Head} In the galaxy
In 2020 with Covid-19,they are good at their work,congratulations.
Sainabou Cham
Sainabou Cham - 4 天 前
well done that was just amazing wish I could've been there in the flesh
serhat - 6 天 前
TakebackTruth - 15 天 前
So cool. Always wondered though, how does the rocket actually get to space when it starts arcing horizontally in visual range !? Camera cuts to on board feed at that point and we can see they're already in space. How do they push further up into space without thrust from the rocket when we can still see them?
Anyone understand what they're being shown during the disconnect? Very poorly captured but people seem excited. Good for them.
TODAY NEWS - 15 天 前
NASA is offering $35,000 in prizes to design a toilet that will work on the moon
Pleas come to lraq🤩🤩
Ali Gorgy
Ali Gorgy - 17 天 前
Flat earther: *uninstalling YouTube*
Michael Lind
Michael Lind - 17 天 前
Listen to one of these songs upon launch, to enhance your viewing experience:
Little Einsteins Remix
Space Oddity-David Bowie
Space Oddity-Lady Heroine
Magic Carpet Ride-Jefferson Airplane
Marita Datijan
Marita Datijan - 17 天 前
This is amazing
Zacky Afriandi
Zacky Afriandi - 18 天 前
Ati" ning kana ya bro
nur izar
nur izar - 19 天 前
Klon Dron
Klon Dron - 21 天 前
NASA is a scam, just as spaceX is a scam. People wake up, you don't see that it's just a movie. If you were someone there other than the actors, you have some real photos of satellites or the brothel that is supposed to fly there.
Dan Severns
Dan Severns - 11 天 前
You wanna see some satellites?
Thomas Mansfield
Thomas Mansfield - 18 天 前
Why do these people always talk about NASA, you do realise don’t you that there are 14 countries that can launch into space, and 72 countries with space agencies do you think they are all part of some global conspiracy as well
Faithnomoreok - 19 天 前
You do know that you can see the ISS when it is in orbit dont you ?? , but I suppose you think that it's a holographic projection right . As for satellites , how close to the planet do you think they are ? .
muhammad rafha
muhammad rafha - 23 天 前
Suvaline Tüüp
Suvaline Tüüp - 25 天 前
Abhishek Shekhawat
Abhishek Shekhawat - 25 天 前
Wow wow wow you cant handle earth but trying toh handle every other thing present in space 🤣🤣🤣
Save earth save yorself
Christy K
Christy K - 25 天 前
Use bra yeac
Fire Fox
Fire Fox - 25 天 前
Space;Guys i wanna kill you mind coming
NASA; why not
Space Facts Wax
Space Facts Wax - 26 天 前
Thanks so much for uploading. I had the chance to see a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I posted a pretty awesome video of the experience on my channel.
lobster jake
lobster jake - 27 天 前
the earth do be looking flat doe
Thomas Mansfield
Thomas Mansfield - 18 天 前
lobster jake it’s because of the lens they use and the direction it points and it’s magnification which is altered throughout the flight. That’s why at one point the Earth is looking very curved and then next it looks pretty flat.
lobster jake
lobster jake - 27 天 前
im just happy to comment
Şirin Said
Şirin Said - 29 天 前
Elon Muck👏😊♥️
malva_ diary
malva_ diary - 29 天 前
Fake video earth is flate
M22 Gang
M22 Gang - 25 天 前
malva_ diary source?
God Burke
God Burke - 27 天 前
Eat your Cereal number 2
Doom eternal is becoming real in 2022
TheBestLettuce - 29 天 前
Poor mouse must've been terrified, hundreds of thousands of feet up
Slamyx. - 27 天 前
Flat brain or flat joke
Dominik Janus
Dominik Janus - 29 天 前
We done space? 🤣🤣🤣
Can this idiot talk about anything apart of himself and military? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
gilberto ramirez
gilberto ramirez - 29 天 前
Anyone see a mouse or something like that on 6.00 min. It not possible if it is a mouse to be able to survive nor the launch, heat, sound much less space
Thomas Mansfield
Thomas Mansfield - 18 天 前
That is oxygen that is vented of the craft in space
TheBestLettuce - 25 天 前
It's a piece of frozen oxygen
M22 Gang
M22 Gang - 25 天 前
gilberto ramirez It’s not a mouse
TheBestLettuce - 29 天 前
Where's the mouse? I cant see it
J Martin
J Martin - 个月 前
Well done on the BANNER obscuring part of the screen... AMATEURS!
Rights aren't Wrong
Rights aren't Wrong - 个月 前
If you believe in space travel you are scientifically illiterate and you don’t understand rigid body rotation physics or the impossibility of RBR physics in relation to tangential velocity while in orbit. SpaceX is fake just like the other suave agencies. Only idiots believe in space.
Faithnomoreok - 19 天 前
You are in need of a good dressing for that word salad you dished up there .
M22 Gang
M22 Gang - 25 天 前
Rights aren't Wrong Without space I wouldn’t be able to read your degeneracy. To Call scientists and engineers “scientifically illiterate” is a bold move, seeing how you’re neither a scientist or an engineer yet somehow you’re calling the shots on what is real or not, You have no proof, fact or logic to support you claims while actually knowledgable and educated people keep progressing our race.
Terry Swan
Terry Swan - 个月 前
If you watch the right hand screen of the rocket booster, you can see a mouse running around on it at about 5:30. I'm not a flat earther btw....but there is a mouse out in the space 😳
Thomas Mansfield
Thomas Mansfield - 18 天 前
Thats a Piece of oxygen vented of the rocket
Ben Tube
Ben Tube - 20 天 前
It's frozen liquid oxygen
TheBestLettuce - 29 天 前
What mouse slowly slides foreward like that instead of... running like a normal mouse? Mice don't need to accelerate like cars. That's a piece of shrapnel most likely
M.H Sundarr
M.H Sundarr - 个月 前
How Universe is not expanding based on Puranas? I need answers from NASA scientists
doliio volay
doliio volay - 个月 前
Elon: "there goes mahh baby!!" Looking green!!
Hitesh puri
Hitesh puri - 个月 前
They are just playing with nature not knowing what will be the consequences in future, Stephen Hawkings already warned the scientists about it ... But this isn't the achievement
DeOcampo 013
DeOcampo 013 - 个月 前
.. .its a man's made perfection.. .
Not a God's made creation.. .
doliio volay
doliio volay - 个月 前
Ughhhhh that banner at the bottom!!!!
Stephen Melton
Stephen Melton - 个月 前
Wow The Private Sector has just achieved what the Russians and state funded NASA achieved in 1965 with Voskhod and Gemini - thats progress for you!!! How about instead of collectively believing corporate Bull about Mars ( Ha Ha ) and the future ( No ) of private space travel why dont all of you sheep look at the history of space travel objectively and realise that the only way to expand into the solar system is by a huge collective state run space program ( like NASA in 1967 or the Soviet Union in the 1970s) that has true vision about getting the Human race of this small planet. Remember all the private sector cares about is Money and the ego of its useless CEOs.
All Videos
All Videos - 个月 前
Space walk
Mz K
Mz K - 个月 前
17,000 mph😰
FanCraft - 个月 前
12:36 launch
xbgtjg66 - 个月 前
mouse come out to check the view at 6.19 mark
Non Dual
Non Dual - 个月 前
FakeX lol virus was ever identified, the 5GCV including the O2 frequency 60GHz is to proceed war, the 3rd world war all planned long ago by masonic occults, all world leaders are in the same masonic club... there is two combatants SHEEPLE and NWO
Radiosat - 个月 前
Hi, subscribe to my channel.
Radiosat - 个月 前
Hello friends Subscribe to my channel, I have good news
neejoy sola
neejoy sola - 个月 前
James Echevarria
James Echevarria - 个月 前
Who here because ur teacher said so :(
Kushtrim Perani
Kushtrim Perani - 个月 前
5:29 and 6:18 there’s a mouse type or something moving in the engine to the right, in space at that speed?
Joel Formica
Joel Formica - 18 天 前
Ben Tube yeah no I was just pointing out the “frozen liquid” cause it sounded kinda funny
Ben Tube
Ben Tube - 19 天 前
Joel Formica Yea if it was a mouse it would be 2 feet long since the diameter of the engine is 10 meters
Joel Formica
Joel Formica - 20 天 前
Ben Tube so... frozen oxigen
Ben Tube
Ben Tube - 20 天 前
It's frozen liquid oxygen
Joel Formica
Joel Formica - 个月 前
If that’s a mouse it’s probably dead and moving by some other cause other than muscles, but it’s probably something else
MR Cat
MR Cat - 个月 前
Trampoline is working 😎
Ellie Irwin
Ellie Irwin - 个月 前
I'm learning about space now it looked cool to actually see it launch 😀😀
Brandy Pompeo
Brandy Pompeo - 个月 前
Why are their clouds right behind & above the rocket in some clips and then a second later there are NO clouds & the sky is totally clear???
Brandy Pompeo
Brandy Pompeo - 个月 前
Why do they have to stand behind a forest of trees?🤔
Brandy Pompeo
Brandy Pompeo - 个月 前
Why does the sky look so different from where the people are standing to where the shuttle is?
se7en - 22 天 前
Because it's all fake. If they bring something up, they do it with baloons. 🤷🏻‍♂️
BuzZ VideoZ
BuzZ VideoZ - 个月 前
Elon: "there goes mahh baby!!" Looking green!!
Ellie Irwin
Ellie Irwin - 个月 前
MrShurik3n - 个月 前
Ughhhhh that banner at the bottom!!!!
Wooosh_If_Gay - 个月 前
Don't mind me
Just laughing at the stupid idiots that probably can't count to 10 thinking this is fake
Wooosh_If_Gay - 29 天 前
@TheBestLettuce what?
TheBestLettuce - 29 天 前
But what about that mouse, that doesn't move or look like a mouse at all, that's probably a piece of shrapnel?
GoldGod 432
GoldGod 432 - 个月 前
Prento - 个月 前
I was nervous that lady wasn’t going to shut up
neejoy sola
neejoy sola - 个月 前
This made me forget about corona for a second.
Liyahh's20Vision - 个月 前
What’s this launch for?
se7en - 22 天 前
Distraction and stealing tax money, like everything Space related. 🤷🏻‍♂️
carrying astronauts to the space station.
Scientists of any country are genius & science is practical
Sina Ngag
Sina Ngag - 个月 前
5:37 5:44
neejoy sola
neejoy sola - 个月 前
Fake show
Xiao Cao
Xiao Cao - 个月 前
Wooosh_If_Gay - 个月 前
No need to explain one for your traits
Xiao Cao
Xiao Cao - 个月 前
Cameron Clark
Cameron Clark - 个月 前
one more step for man
Scorponkiller - 个月 前
Leaving home: ehh
Leaving my area: ehh
Leaving my town: ok
Leaving my country: *nervous* k
Leaving my state: scared
jim brunett
jim brunett - 个月 前
Exciting to watch . Of course bunker boy has to take some credit with his usual wrong information
Gales Channel
Gales Channel - 个月 前
wow this is amzing
Carolus Magnus
Carolus Magnus - 个月 前
Why is there so much less smoke than when space shuttles launched?
Lee B
Lee B - 个月 前
Different fuel
Amirus - 个月 前
Im just wondering what happened to the water tower that its leaking that hard.
nu1x - 个月 前
Aaand of course the obvious loss of signal (really? in our age ?) just before the 20T metal hunk lands on the barge..
OK now it's just standing there, how convenient ! Totally not fake !
The "weird and funny name" to misdirect people, it's soo strange, just talk about the name and miss the obvious.
Aaand the official NASA 6H video, comments turned off. But of course, fair and transparent, not afraid of discussion, nooo.
SMH @ this clown fiesta.
Lee B
Lee B - 个月 前
Watch the footage from the starlink launch a few days later. The landing footage doesn't get disrupted. Or you could watch one of the many twin booster landings back at Kennedy form the falcon heavy launches
Anan TAN
Anan TAN - 个月 前
The asrronots ar soooooo brave
Rohan - 个月 前
was space force on Netflix really that good that they created a real one?
Rohan - 个月 前
7:34 she really said a day in history for America and the World
Xcalibur - 个月 前
Fake news
littleboy437 - 个月 前
Fake fake fake...
love4 bonjovi
love4 bonjovi - 个月 前
Fake show
Интересная Информация
TRUMPoline is working! (c) Elon Musk
Cheesy Studio
Cheesy Studio - 个月 前
They leave us to die on earth.
se7en - 22 天 前
Nobody left.
Theo Winthrop
Theo Winthrop - 个月 前
space will be the most important things we've ever done.
so donald trump fricked space?
Theo Winthrop
Theo Winthrop - 个月 前
5:54 didnt know bbh was working for spacex
Vova Bondarenko
Vova Bondarenko - 个月 前
Я думаю что было бы символично назвать ракету "БАТУТ"😆😆 Поздравляю с успехом 👍
luis diaz
luis diaz - 个月 前
what was that running around at 629 to 636? i thought ive seen this same before
trade the trend
trade the trend - 个月 前
Crew demo 2 mission