不能去人多的地方扎堆儿,赶在上巳节这天家门口春个游!Avoid crowds, and go spring outing nearby!丨Liziqi Channel

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March 3rd of the lunar calendar is known as “Shangsi Girls’ Festival”,
or “Peach Blossom Day”,
a romantic tradition in China.
Sample flavoring flowers for food,
And take “my big girls” out to perform the spring ritual.
Hello, April!

#李子柒 #李子柒Liziqi #春日鲜花宴

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Risma Puspitawati
Risma Puspitawati - 小时 前
MasyaAllah Tabarakallah... 💗
Carlos Magno
Carlos Magno - 2 小时 前
Xi Ji pin murderer!!! Free taiwan and hong kong!!
Unique Gamers
Unique Gamers - 5 小时 前
Rina fauziah
Rina fauziah - 7 小时 前
Good luck 😊😊
Cleo Song
Cleo Song - 7 小时 前
I truly hope her grandma will stay healthy and live longer so she can enjoy this peaceful and beautiful life for a longer time.
Sakura Limbu
Sakura Limbu - 8 小时 前
The place she lives really is one of the fairy kingdoms. Look how the scenery is so perfect and even the girl looks one of fairy's descendant riding on unicorn wearing cape and magically preparing million $$ meal
Mujtaba Joya
Mujtaba Joya - 9 小时 前
Please try to translate your ingredients in English please
Soulef Khalifa
Soulef Khalifa - 10 小时 前
Nghia Nguyen
Nghia Nguyen - 10 小时 前
Bao nhiêu người vn ở đay
Aya Mohammad
Aya Mohammad - 11 小时 前
Is she real ? Or this is all acting ?
yara maya
yara maya - 16 小时 前
واش كاين شي عربي ولا غي انا
Alex Chipka
Alex Chipka - 16 小时 前
How on earth does this get 4.4k dislikes? Grrrr
AnglingNVirginia - 18 小时 前
3:20 wow just wow! So beautiful I love everything about that room
LieslStarke - 19 小时 前
I wish I were living in such a paradise during this covid pandemic
wi xi
wi xi - 20 小时 前
You are in heaven!
Jhunu's simple life
Jhunu's simple life - 21 小时 前
Wow that's awesome 👏
leo liu
leo liu - 21 小时 前
Asri Mlyn
Asri Mlyn - 22 小时 前
she looks like Cinderella❤️🥺
Ler Music
Ler Music - 天 前
vuer - 天 前
How can I define her works... Beyond above wonders of artisans..
邓小平 - 天 前
actually not the case in China
Aria Leen
Aria Leen - 天 前
Flowers are edible. Wow. It must be delicious. Is there any chance that an English translation would be added to the vid? I hope there will be. I'm sorry for asking too much.
Oanh Kim
Oanh Kim - 天 前
Canh dẹp!nguoi thì quá giỏi
Benedita Silva
Benedita Silva - 天 前
🎐🎍Watching her videos make me forget about what's going on out there 🙏🏻⛩️ did anyone noticed the sheep's pearl necklace? 🐑📿
Denise Marie
Denise Marie - 天 前
I want to live there
tiny rose
tiny rose - 天 前
It makes me hungry Everytime...
Adril Bora
Adril Bora - 天 前
Love from Assam,,,,,kunuba ase nki yat
孤竹君TK - 天 前
What you see is fake, Chinese propaganda
Hey Shadow
Hey Shadow - 天 前
now I am going to pick every flower in my garden and eat it
Taryn Small
Taryn Small - 天 前
She is a beast at cooking
Forhadul Islam
Forhadul Islam - 天 前
Very nice
Zedrea Off Grid
Zedrea Off Grid - 天 前
You need to do a receipt book
Maha Hm
Maha Hm - 天 前
nabila ayu
nabila ayu - 天 前
I think we all should apreciate the asistant and photographer right, because without them the video won't be as beautiful as this.
эрик каюмов
неужели еще есть такие девушки!?
Misheru Yon
Misheru Yon - 天 前
Dislikes are from jealous people who can't go outside pfff
Watts Trend
Watts Trend - 天 前
She really loves her grandma♡
정혜림 - 天 前
와 세상 청량한 느낌이다 영상이 너무 아름다워요~
Thameenah chung
Thameenah chung - 2 天 前
Everyone of us have to think about : The Creator (Allah) creates man;but man make so-call "gods"!
Масуда Толакова
ali salman
ali salman - 2 天 前
Mousumi Khan
Mousumi Khan - 2 天 前
We need English subtitles
Divorceja - 2 天 前
Your life is so idyllic. You look like a princess living a fairytale story.
Makes you think: if this is what communist country looks like, why is capitalism so great???
I want a compound to live on with my family. I want land to grow resources on. I want to cook like Lizi.
C J - 2 天 前
This is what the Australian government does not want: people to live off naturally on their land.
shakkeer khader
shakkeer khader - 2 天 前
One millons subscribers m4tech
Brave Soul
Brave Soul - 2 天 前
Magical... relaxing... calming... beautiful... heavenly...
Jaemya Addison
Jaemya Addison - 2 天 前
I love your cooking.
biao彪陈chen - 2 天 前
Azalinonline - 2 天 前
Loves From Turkey my dear xoxo
童科铭 - 3 天 前
RoronoaYGZoro - 3 天 前
She even rides horse to pick flowers in the field 😍 Her life is a daydream 💜
Archana Mohan
Archana Mohan - 3 天 前
Who's shooting her videos?!or us she shooting by herself?!
Archana Mohan
Archana Mohan - 2 天 前
@catinchanel okay💚 Thankyou 🌸
catinchanel - 2 天 前
Archana Mohan notice when they cheers the fourth hand belongs to the camera guy. She used to shoot herself but now she has a camera man and an assistant (the other girl in the vid)
Just Me
Just Me - 3 天 前
Anyone know what language she’s speaking? I think some type of Chinese but idk which dialect or anything. I wanna learn it so I can understand what they’re saying, and what the text is in the video.
傻猪猪 - 3 天 前
I can only understand the text in the video, but 90% of the dialogue in the video does not understand ~~ 😭
傻猪猪 - 3 天 前
The local language in Sichuan Province, China, most Chinese people do not understand.
Mabiya Khatun
Mabiya Khatun - 3 天 前
She is very sweet and her works are really fabulous
Sandara Pilas
Sandara Pilas - 3 天 前
She deserves everything good in the world.
Beeebaa Beebii
Beeebaa Beebii - 3 天 前
Dũng Trần
Dũng Trần - 3 天 前
iris egb
iris egb - 3 天 前
2:35 first time i'm seeing liziqi working with an modern/ electronic machine
Jie Zhou
Jie Zhou - 3 天 前
Isela Diaz
Isela Diaz - 3 天 前
Lizi vive feliz sin Corona virus !!!creo que en ese lugar ni existe
Kumar Ranjay
Kumar Ranjay - 3 天 前
He nice grill you r yez how mini years nice vidio i am looking your vidioes
Rami Aljamal
Rami Aljamal - 3 天 前
Definitely the richest person in youtube.
Rich of culture
Rich of natur
Rich of personality
Rich of hardwork
Rich of love!!!!!
Li Lin
Li Lin - 3 天 前
Swarna latha Kativarapu
Ma'am please don't stop making videos please you are the only person to show other side of your country
May God bless you and grany
Westwood Mao
Westwood Mao - 3 天 前
胡胡健 - 3 天 前
Karndee Kittiwongwattana
How is she geting resorses
Bin - 4 天 前
the follower of liziqi can easily be my friend. seriously
Sadia Khan
Sadia Khan - 4 天 前
Hi l am Bangladeshis.
abiha khan
abiha khan - 4 天 前
It looks like a princess is picking flowers 🌺 in a fairy land 💋🇵🇰🇵🇰🌻🌺🌹
baby girl
baby girl - 4 天 前
She really loves her granny😁
Bee Jee4U
Bee Jee4U - 4 天 前
I love your basket
Bee Jee4U
Bee Jee4U - 4 天 前
Soo cool amazimg
ciya2020 - 4 天 前
Cho chweeet!!!
Y. R Singh
Y. R Singh - 4 天 前
I love the place 😯😇 it was like heaven
Athoiliu Alan Abonmai
Athoiliu Alan Abonmai - 4 天 前
Grandma is so lucky i wish to b like her
Pankhi Pooja
Pankhi Pooja - 4 天 前
She is the real life disney princess 🏞🌈
山田たられば - 4 天 前
khan khan
khan khan - 4 天 前
Your Grandmother is so cuteee
bad ass
bad ass - 4 天 前
i want a vacation here