Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville ARGUE over which city is better! 😡 | Liverpool vs Manchester

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Who has the better music, TV, nightlife... and footballers? Liverpool or Manchester? Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher go head-to-head for their city.
Ahead of Liverpool's meeting with Manchester United on Super Sunday, we asked two pundits who know a thing or two about both cities...

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mrvideouploads1 - 6 小时 前
best spitter
Valandis Hatzileris
Valandis Hatzileris - 19 小时 前
It took Liverpool 33 years to win a league end of 😊
bromec SN
bromec SN - 天 前
Someone get pay em to do a podcast!
Bryan Downings
Bryan Downings - 天 前
Lmfao liverpool dominated champions league 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they've won it two more times 🤣🤣🤣 how many premier leagues have they won in 30 years liverpool are a shadow of utd fergie ended liverpool fact!!!!!!!#@suckmynuts
Samuel Gibbs
Samuel Gibbs - 天 前
We all have a Gary in our school
Young Fizz
Young Fizz - 天 前
The Beatles man
SufamiDan - 2 天 前
Both are shite. I'm from Manchester and it's an absolute dump.
Gar Sm
Gar Sm - 3 天 前
Z Cars. Shankly, Paisley, the Beatles. Ireland. That's it.
Nick Thomson
Nick Thomson - 4 天 前
I'm sorry Jamie but Oasis and Stone Roses are better than the Beatles
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H - 2 天 前
Nick Thomson whatever you say
Nick Thomson
Nick Thomson - 2 天 前
@TheInvincible H can't say I expected a wittier comeback from a Scouser
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H - 2 天 前
Nick Thomson then again, Liverpool have 19 titles and 6 ucls
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H - 2 天 前
Nick Thomson Beatles are surely the most famous band of all time
Nick Thomson
Nick Thomson - 2 天 前
@TheInvincible H not Oasis alone but Manchester have Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Smiths and way more. Liverpool literally only have the Beatles.
Dylan Dreyar
Dylan Dreyar - 4 天 前
Lmao, actually thinking gerrard is better than giggs 😂😂
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H - 2 天 前
Lmao, actually thinking rashford is better than firmino 😂 😂
Ice wallow Come
Ice wallow Come - 3 天 前
They’re incomparable
Dylan Dreyar
Dylan Dreyar - 4 天 前
I hate them both so much. But Jamie is such a massive bell end. So arrogant.
Ryan Cable
Ryan Cable - 4 天 前
Best player from the city ??
Neville; Giggs
😂😂 hes from Wales you spac
JVI - 4 天 前
Worst thing about Liverpool is its is Liverpool 🤣🤣
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H - 2 天 前
Same about Utd
solephonic - 5 天 前
'what made them dance like that all night?' lol
Sammy Monk
Sammy Monk - 5 天 前
Jamie tryna say Paisley is better than Ferguson is pure stupidity what a neek
Ice wallow Come
Ice wallow Come - 3 天 前
He won 20 trophies in 6 seaosns
Nenad Milovanovic
Nenad Milovanovic - 5 天 前
Harry Beckenbauer
Harry Beckenbauer - 5 天 前
Why’s cara bigging up liverpool? He supports Everton
Alexander Mellemgaard Jakobsen
This video made me lowkey mad as a Man U fan. Sir Alex Ferguson is the best manager ever + ofc Man U got the best players throughout the years!
Ice wallow Come
Ice wallow Come - 3 天 前
Bob got 20 trophies in 6 years
UTD - 5 天 前
Ryan Giggs won more trophies than Man city
UTD - 5 天 前
4 yrs 3 UCL final they have dominated Europe
Dylan Janney
Dylan Janney - 5 天 前
Oasis>The Beatles
Mathew Aconley
Mathew Aconley - 6 天 前
Nail on head at the end. Influencing refs. Ferguson had that mastered. Everyone was intimidated but that didn’t extend to Europe, which is why he was a relative failure there. And domestically, as soon as he left they’ve not been the same.
Tasty McCheese
Tasty McCheese - 6 天 前
Can we just agree to disagree? No?
United dominated domestically
Liverpool dominated Europe
They’re both as good as each other
mattyy101 - 6 天 前
Manchester has a bigger airport, not more tourists
Stefan Löfven
Stefan Löfven - 6 天 前
Bugzy Malone > The Beatles
Three Two
Three Two - 6 天 前
Who made them dance like that all night. Quality little comment 😂😂
DealWithIt - 6 天 前
Both appreciate non-local players.
Fans: “Eww no.. we don’t accept international fans, they’re not local like us.”
So dumbasses you want international players but no international fans? How about you support a local club with no money that’s stuck with your kids and stays in minor leagues forever?
Ofie Howard
Ofie Howard - 6 天 前
I’m surprised they never threw fists 😱🤣
Kieran Pugh
Kieran Pugh - 6 天 前
The birds love our accent Garry
Kieran Pugh
Kieran Pugh - 6 天 前
Music have to say Manchester only because they got more recognition
Kris Hubbard
Kris Hubbard - 6 天 前
Liverpool is a dump, trash bag! Manchester is booming, shame about the weather
megaskyburst - 6 天 前
Pause the video and press -> 1:24
Asher Sanjan Abraham
Asher Sanjan Abraham - 5 天 前
Kelly Dalglish do be looking for some Manchester fun :)
AintWorried BoutNothing
Carra and Neville are like the Ant and Dec of the football punditry world
Vxkoh - 7 天 前
He actually said Gerrard was better than giggs... giggs won 2 champions league trophies compared to Gerrards one, giggs has more league titles than trophy cabinet for Gerrard...case closed
carl cederhorn
carl cederhorn - 7 天 前
Question is if any of them are good at all xDD
poeticquilt - 8 天 前
Ryan Giggs isn’t from Manchester. He’s from Wales.
Johnny Ford
Johnny Ford - 8 天 前
manchester vs liverpool ask united fans were the best place is no comparison LFC...........
Sam Clark
Sam Clark - 9 天 前
Jamie goes on about European dominance Liverpool have ever dominated the champions leauge maybe the old European cup united made 3 finals in 4yrs won 1 but came up against maybe the best Barcelona team that has ever lived twice
Ethan gaming_YT SUBSCRIBE!!!
I cant believe this Manchester United never dominated Europe what about 1999 TREBLE winning season
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith - 9 天 前
Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville should square off in a Boxing Match for charity with Jamie Carragher wearing Liverpool T-Shirt & Gary Neville wearing Manchester United T-Shirt