Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville answer YOUR questions!

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We sat down with Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville ahead of Manchester United v Tottenham on Monday Night Football to ask them questions sent in by you on social media. Who would win in a boxing match? Who was the greatest striker in Premier League history? Who would score more goals as a striker?
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Sky Sports Football
Sky Sports Football - 2 年 前
Watch Man United v Tottenham on MNF from 7pm tonight!
Truong Truong
Truong Truong - 个月 前
Carragher and neville show u premier league trophy
Euanb - 3 个月 前
De ja vu
Delboy Silva
Delboy Silva - 年 前
respect man respect i have won more premier leagues then all the current managers put together...me: 3, them :2...have some respect man....
luke webb
luke webb - 年 前
@Amin Bash sam i always stream it never pay for something you can get for FREE!!!!!!
Luisa Garcia
Luisa Garcia - 2 年 前
Pongan partidos de la liga mx cuando esté por Skype sports 1
stephen donlon
stephen donlon - 21 小时 前
Who is the best spitter ?
AintWorried BoutNothing
Don’t you just love how Gary didn’t say Henry. Henry use to make him look like a right wolly during the Man Utd Arsenal games.
Anybody : so who’s the best player to ever play in the premier league Gary?
Gary : Manchester Utd 🤦‍♂️
Homie Agha
Homie Agha - 6 天 前
Duncan Ferguson was the scariest Period!
Neville Chapman
Neville Chapman - 个月 前
Carra is mental
Lewi Yonas
Lewi Yonas - 个月 前
6:17 what was that, he did the same thing when he was doing that interview with Roy keane on ITV
The Smith afc forever
The Smith afc forever - 个月 前
It was ok until they brought up the numpty at Rangers in the end
Aman Pratap Adhikary
Aman Pratap Adhikary - 2 个月 前
The Iranian Strikers name is Ali Daei.. That's who Neville is talking about..👍
Ekamrr - 2 个月 前
They have about 15 grand worth of chairs in the back
ssian5678 - 2 个月 前
Next let's have them sit down and read + review a handful of the hundreds of fanfics written about them. Should be unforgettable television.
B Gargster
B Gargster - 2 个月 前
Dat Pham
Dat Pham - 2 个月 前
0:50 He almost said Delle Ali instead of Ali Daei!
George Robinson
George Robinson - 2 个月 前
1000th comment
Jason Liu
Jason Liu - 2 个月 前
Just found out that Carragher and Buffon are born on the exact same day when I searched for them to figure out who's older
Amirhossein Molaie
Amirhossein Molaie - 2 个月 前
He couldn't remember ali daei 😂😂😂
Slowed Down Hits
Slowed Down Hits - 2 个月 前
How’s Jamie carragher gonna talk about nevilles nose when he looks like a puppet
oggy jack
oggy jack - 2 个月 前
As much as hate Souness for his agenda bias, I like Carra.
Mobile Freelancer
Mobile Freelancer - 2 个月 前
These guys are like beans on toast, best recruitment sky made in history lol
Revan Fernando
Revan Fernando - 2 个月 前
Pick a 5-a-side team
Gary: Schmeichel Keane and Ronaldo 😂
Mark Fox
Mark Fox - 2 个月 前
Getting sick of the adds sky yous are greedy bastrads
Warren Monaghan
Warren Monaghan - 2 个月 前
Warren Monaghan
Warren Monaghan - 2 个月 前
Jeff Gillen
Jeff Gillen - 2 个月 前
Spitty you need to box because your a hated human being for sure
Aadam Asghar
Aadam Asghar - 3 个月 前
Why didn’t Neville go for Vieira as scariest
Henrik - 2 个月 前
because he probably wasn't
ssian5678 - 3 个月 前
They didn't answer my question about how and when they fell in love and secretly started dating. Can figure it out from timelines but would have been nice to confirm from the horses' mouths.
Anyway, keep up the quality Carraville content, Sky. It's bringing in a lot more MNF viewership than you probably realise.😉😅
John B
John B - 3 个月 前
Anyone else notice that ther is a Ryder cup poster with just the entire alphabet on it behind them
The Digital Dolphin
The Digital Dolphin - 3 个月 前
Jamie Carragher's head looks like a shoebox.
Gareth Davies
Gareth Davies - 3 个月 前
Ali daei is the cf from bayern
Lennon McLean
Lennon McLean - 4 个月 前
There is no Sky Sports without Jamie and Gary. FACT!
whitey 604
whitey 604 - 4 个月 前
"Definetly...it depends. Definetly. Probably." - Gary Neville
ssian5678 - 3 个月 前
"To be fair."
Aamer Zia Ulhaq
Aamer Zia Ulhaq - 4 个月 前
That iranian was Ali daei gaz
K John
K John - 4 个月 前
Wish all football fans can be like these two, rivals but also friends.
doni p
doni p - 4 个月 前
they came from mortal enemies while playing at their club to best friends nowadays,
life is surely unpredictable
Sam O'Connor
Sam O'Connor - 4 个月 前
inkognito32ify - 4 个月 前
The biggest bromance in football
Proud Indian
Proud Indian - 5 个月 前
Carragher better striker than heskey is true
Min Chu Tong
Min Chu Tong - 6 个月 前
I'm utd fan and respect these 2 so much after they said themselves as pundits they don't have the right to say in anytime, which manager to be sacked/should be sacked.
Jack Porter
Jack Porter - 6 个月 前
Carragher didn't just break the code of Sky Sports to not advocate the sacking of a manager, he did so against one of the greatest Premier league managers of all time. Whether you think Arsene should have been sacked or not, that's pretty disrespectful.
Martin Law
Martin Law - 6 个月 前
“I was rated better than Emile Heskey who was on the bench” 😂😂😂
SEPERSIAN - 6 个月 前
Alie Daei our legend.