Rapunzel's Song but Quarantine Style

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When will this whole thing end?
Guys I have no musical experience or ability whatsoever in fact i'm pretty sure I don't know what music is I've never met music But like yeah I'm a legit musician so here ya go
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Sarah J
Sarah J - 个月 前
This hits different when u remember Rapunzel is the princess of Corona shsjej
Ashley the unicorn Is the best
Guys rapunzels kingdom is Korona not Corona
Emmaline Dino
Emmaline Dino - 天 前
Beatrice Brown
Beatrice Brown - 天 前
Yeah. 😑
[Charlî] - 天 前
😂😂😂😂😂😂OH MY GODD
Lavinia Shine
Lavinia Shine - 天 前
My dad just told me like last month lol!
Cerenity McCardell
Cerenity McCardell - 45 分钟 前
Me too
ii flxwerGxrl ii
ii flxwerGxrl ii - 2 小时 前
Not really a difference when she’s locked in her castle STILL dreaming about seeing the lights. **FORGETS ABOUT THE ENDING OF THE MOVIE**
Yogurt_Queen 2617Icecold
Yogurt_Queen 2617Icecold - 4 小时 前
Soon it will be normal again!
lily chabot
lily chabot - 4 小时 前
love this
Wicked Z
Wicked Z - 4 小时 前
Honestly did she have to change the lyrics…………

And yes I know I’m late btw this was in my recommended (not sure if that matters)
weirder than the rest
weirder than the rest - 7 小时 前
This shit has to end Duck Trump
LOUISE - 8 小时 前
I think rapunzels hair grew because she couldn’t go to the hair salon
Max Robey
Max Robey - 8 小时 前
I am like Ursula. Give me your voice, please)
Comfy Gamer
Comfy Gamer - 13 小时 前
1:48 did she kidnap someone O-O!
Jaesa Worker
Jaesa Worker - 天 前
The thing is her town or castle thing was called corona and she has been stuck in the castle like her whole life that sounds like quarantine to me
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson - 天 前
Do you really love Tangled because you painted your wall
Isabella Guan
Isabella Guan - 天 前
Rupunzel Princess of corona
hnlolin - 天 前
Your bird is the best part
payal sharma
payal sharma - 天 前
😂❤️ this made my dayyy 😂😂😂💖❤️💖
lauralizz1989 - 天 前
I cried lol
Ozan Basoglu
Ozan Basoglu - 天 前
did you actually paint your door
Micarah Tewers
Micarah Tewers - 天 前
TheZZplayz - 天 前
Shouldn't rapunzel be used to stay inside she legit did for half her life lol
taoshuo Yang
taoshuo Yang - 天 前
Jason UwU The red eyes
I’m actually watching in 11 am
Jasmine Lloyd webber
Kai The Gamer
Kai The Gamer - 天 前
Ummm is nobody gonna mention the body in the car
GalaxyWolf Playz
GalaxyWolf Playz - 天 前
Me in quarantine: Finishes Fairy Tail in a week
Uni Panini
Uni Panini - 天 前
I agree that Rapunzel is the readiest princess for quarantine lol! I recently uploaded a Disney Princess on Quarantine in my channel 😂
_Firefly Gacha_
_Firefly Gacha_ - 天 前
And hey a good thing about quarantine is after corona you’ll never run out of masks and toilet paper again lol
Dennis Aguirre
Dennis Aguirre - 天 前
Does rapunzel want her kingdom to end like is u understand😄
Erin Metcalfe
Erin Metcalfe - 天 前
@Gloom you should react to this!!
[Charlî] - 天 前
Anyone else watching this a month later becuase it just randomly popped up on your screen? Im glad i found this girl tnh she seems pretty awsome!
Maggie Li
Maggie Li - 天 前
Micarah: Sing
Bird: Gurl, what you doing? You got some IsSueS~
Savage Sonya
Savage Sonya - 天 前
“ I need a hug..but wait...I’m social distancing “
Me: same
milky Bearʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I read the title like “ *When this will whole* ” 💀
Fresa -
Fresa - - 2 天 前
Her hair needs a mask too-
Kendi Yvonne
Kendi Yvonne - 2 天 前
I'm sorry how many keys where in that??😂😂
Cocoa Bunny
Cocoa Bunny - 2 天 前
The Princess of Corona, Rapunzel, who was quarantined for the first years of her life.
Aubrey Willow
Aubrey Willow - 2 天 前
Can we just question the dead body in the cat 1:48
Grace Huebsch
Grace Huebsch - 2 天 前
This is is so sad ;(
Beatriz Carracedo
Beatriz Carracedo - 2 天 前
Me watching a bird scene= a bird add shows up with shampoo
Beatriz Carracedo
Beatriz Carracedo - 2 天 前
You do realize rapunzel has been trapped in a tower her whole life right-
J͜͡J͜͡ i͜͡s͜͡ c͜͡o͜͡o͜͡l͜͡
I made up this one:
Ring around the vaccine
Oh waits it’s imaginary
Sanitize sanatize
Deema A.
Deema A. - 2 天 前
Omg idk how but her voice sounds almost exactly like rapenzels
Reacting with Molly Barber!
This is terrible no offense
HaruuThePoo_YT - 2 天 前
Did u actually make that costume?
Hawariat Mequanint
Hawariat Mequanint - 2 天 前
Just Josiie
Just Josiie - 2 天 前
You should become a disney princess at disney lland or movies
Ashlyn Elrod
Ashlyn Elrod - 2 天 前
Rapunzel has healing powers......
aurxlia - 2 天 前
anyone else get a tiger king advert?
AJF Bigal
AJF Bigal - 2 天 前
Did she actually paint her wall just for the video?
•-Gacha&Pups-• ;P
•-Gacha&Pups-• ;P - 2 天 前
Laundry and Laundry and laundry AND LAUNDRY
Nelma Laitinen
Nelma Laitinen - 2 天 前
I love your voice. You are amazing at singing.
Sophia SABERON - 2 天 前
Megan Hensley
Megan Hensley - 2 天 前
I feel like the original also works
lets play hi and puppy
It already ended in philippines and i live in cagayan de oro
Koala Kaylie
Koala Kaylie - 2 天 前
Just A Nerd
Just A Nerd - 3 天 前
Caprisunsets :3
Caprisunsets :3 - 3 天 前
she da q u e e n o f q u a r e n t i n e
Horse lover Cutie
Horse lover Cutie - 3 天 前
Starlight Luna :3
Starlight Luna :3 - 4 天 前
1:46 her bird is just walking in the couch lol 😂
GamingwithMelanie - 4 天 前
B R U H,you have a bird,he is so so so cute,I have birds of my own two parakeets name's are sparkie and sky!
Ava T.
Ava T. - 4 天 前
She is definitely the princess of Corona aka the place Rapunzel lives at ♡♡♡
Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown - 4 天 前
Now we feel like repunazel
Music loving Panda
Music loving Panda - 4 天 前
them quarantine covers be hittin hard tho
I am going crazy sitting at home
Written=when will this whole thing end
How I read=when will the women end 😂😂
Kate B
Kate B - 4 天 前
You are an amazing painter.
Esther Potter
Esther Potter - 4 天 前
Is no one talking about how good her painting actually was tho
Uzma Naeem
Uzma Naeem - 4 天 前
Sarah Pohatu
Sarah Pohatu - 4 天 前
OMG LOVE THIS, but Rapunzel was already in Quarantine from mother Gothal? 😅😂🥰🥰
Niblit Earth Dragon
Niblit Earth Dragon - 5 天 前
This feels like it’s making fun of co-vid
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson - 5 天 前
I wonder if Repunzal was depressed in her 18 years of quarantine...
i iiRxsePlaysRxblxxii i
Is nobody gonna talk about how good of a singer she is and how she was driving with a dummy 😂
Camille Plays
Camille Plays - 5 天 前
The fact that she’s been quarantined her whole life and we’ve only been quarantined for like 3 months ( which is a long time!) and we’re going crazy is just unbelievable
AGglittersparkle - 5 天 前
Rapunzel predicted Covid-19
1. She was pretty much quarantined her whole life
2. She lives in the kingdom of CORONA
Tell me if you have more and I will add them if I remember
Elleria - 5 天 前
This is hilarious
EJ Kashel Laxamana
EJ Kashel Laxamana - 5 天 前
A real life Rapunzel 💖
Syneen Alrousan
Syneen Alrousan - 5 天 前
Is no good be gonna react to when she wakes up at the start she had odd a FRYING PAN. Also are voice is nice expect it is a bit high pitched😣
Dee-Vyne Valentine
Dee-Vyne Valentine - 5 天 前
Shanoriya Robinson
Shanoriya Robinson - 5 天 前
Is there anything you can't Do?
Lan Nie
Lan Nie - 5 天 前
I’m social distancing
Lan Nie
Lan Nie - 5 天 前
Ha ha
Kristen Kopald
Kristen Kopald - 6 天 前
Ok but why is this true?😂
Kawaii Llamacorn
Kawaii Llamacorn - 6 天 前
Did anyone realize she had a fake person in the passenger seat in her car