Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Teardown! - Where is the Glass?!

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CORRECTION!: There ARE more bristles along the inside edge of the frame. You can see them in this video. I was focused on the hinge and didn't see they added bristles elsewhere. Nice Catch guys.
Samsung's' new Galaxy Z Flip is here, and its survived my durability test for the most part. Now its time to take apart Samsungs latest folding smartphone and see if we can find any of the glass they promised us in the launch video. Samsung said they had invented a new revolutionary 'physics bending' ultra thin glass material. But it sure doesnt feel or act like glass form the top. Maybe there is glass inside? The only way to find out is with a Galaxy Z Flip Teardown.
Watch the Z Flip durability test here:
Watch the Galaxy Fold Durability here:
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JerryRigEverything - 5 个月 前
CORRECTION!: There ARE more bristles along the inside edge of the metal frame. You can see them in this video. I was focused on the hinge and didn't see that Samsung added more bristles elsewhere. Nice Catch guys. I'll film them close up in the RAZR phone teardown.
Farras Rajendra
Farras Rajendra - 4 天 前
Yahya Al Kamali
Yahya Al Kamali - 16 天 前
Swapna Chowdhury
Swapna Chowdhury - 19 天 前
The idea of the screen is what made it difficult for them, but they could have also not called it glass
SEJ3333 - 22 天 前
@LoveMeMore UwU But he makes clear they are the best phones nonetheless!
Hyper Khan
Hyper Khan - 个月 前
@LoveMeMore UwU Samsung down is only glass
Ayaz - 3 小时 前
I have heart attack
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta - 22 小时 前
Vinnillicious - 天 前
Thanks to heroes like you, corporations think twice before fake and misleading advertising which they may get away with as legal due to technicalities.
Love your work 🤗
Farras Rajendra
Farras Rajendra - 4 天 前
Sev Obzen
Sev Obzen - 4 天 前
The way Samsung has gone about making and talking about this screen is awful.
Александр Хрисанов
Сломал хорошую вещь...
Mike Bevins
Mike Bevins - 5 天 前
Because of this very video I decided to go with a S20Ultra.I mean anything that bends a lot eventually breaks.This is nothing more than a gimmick or novelty.Piece of shit if u ask me.
hyun lee
hyun lee - 6 天 前
John Gomez25
John Gomez25 - 8 天 前
Now i no the true
Sergey Filippov
Sergey Filippov - 8 天 前
hello from Russia to all foreigners.🤝🤝🤝
Привет из России всем иностранцам.🤝🤝🤝.
У меня недавно произощёл случай, я играл в World of Tanks BLITZ и у телефона сломалось стекло, мой телефон SAMSUNG GALAXY A20
mariahn fareah
mariahn fareah - 9 天 前
while he is tearing the screen down my heart and my wallet slowly dropped
noob saibot
noob saibot - 9 天 前
I get mad watching this cause I'm like stop breaking this beautiful phone him over there slowly pulling the screen off me just like that is not how you use a.. PHONE !!??!!?!
Taseen Alom
Taseen Alom - 11 天 前
Zack make your own phone using all of the pieces of different ones
Reyhan Ghazaldi
Reyhan Ghazaldi - 11 天 前
at 6:12 u can see the "bloom" words on the camera ribon cable whis is the concept name for this Z Flip
Zane From Animal Crossing
zach galaxy fold teardown vid: i want a phone that fold vertically. Samsung: well there you have it. The z flip
Robin Ahmed
Robin Ahmed - 11 天 前
Oh my god...😮😮😮
Mohak Londhe
Mohak Londhe - 12 天 前
Most satisfying video ever
aruz singh
aruz singh - 13 天 前
Future 👍👍👍
Buffy Slaya
Buffy Slaya - 14 天 前
Jerry you gotta stop advertising for that scam company
tracking, no reviews, no customer support...makes you look bad
Brikky 07
Brikky 07 - 17 天 前
Sir Jerry can you give me a new motherboard for my samsung s8.... Thank You♥️
태양 - 17 天 前
Please add Korean subtitles.
Sarah Cartwright
Sarah Cartwright - 17 天 前
OLEDS die from humidity over a few weeks, so there HAS to be a hermetically sealed glass top on them to keep out any humidity in the air.
I was thinking - with phones being water tight now, they could remove that super-thin glass layer from the OLED display. If you removed the back to replace the battery - the display would self destruct within a few weeks. An evil way to prevent new batteries extending the phones life!
Hasan Metar
Hasan Metar - 18 天 前
Vivo x 50 pro test
hawwa suneyha
hawwa suneyha - 19 天 前
you shoud put the skin on again after you fix it
hawwa suneyha
hawwa suneyha - 19 天 前
stop destroying i told you before
hawwa suneyha
hawwa suneyha - 19 天 前
stop destroying please
Random The Terrarian
Random The Terrarian - 16 天 前
he does this all the time
Gaurav chauhan
Gaurav chauhan - 20 天 前
BRo plz GiVe mE One Phone plzzz😕😕🙁☹️
GDTOPTDS - 21 天 前
Watching this video with my z flip. Damn my heart break watching this
Keegan Myers
Keegan Myers - 21 天 前
He is the whistlindiesel of phones
Alesio Proko
Alesio Proko - 21 天 前
6:13 model number bloom
Nazmul Islam Rabbi
Nazmul Islam Rabbi - 21 天 前
Zack= Baby come to me
Phone= You are a monster >>>!
Nazmul Islam Rabbi
Nazmul Islam Rabbi - 21 天 前
So poor to buy a phone and he destroy like money is nothing
miku vocaloid
miku vocaloid - 23 天 前
My phone is 6S and i want to buy a new phone but eeh I don’t which phone worth my money
Faizan Alam
Faizan Alam - 23 天 前
sir i am purchase your all experimented mobile please sir😢😢😭😭😭
Manish Nandlal sharma
Manish Nandlal sharma - 23 天 前
Best folding phone
Cappie - 23 天 前
I bet!!
6.1k people disliking the video because they didn't like the false advertisement of Samsung... Brilliant lmao
Boom Blow
Boom Blow - 24 天 前
watching with my Z Flip... Rip...
Saran Raj
Saran Raj - 25 天 前
This video has some daredevil scenes going on. Especially at 4:39.
Overall this is a satisfying tear down video.
설 하
설 하 - 25 天 前
Please;;; just buy the new one;;;
Dina Stinson
Dina Stinson - 25 天 前
To be fair. The back covers do have glass🤐😉😉
MR.X 77
MR.X 77 - 26 天 前
يا اخي حرام عليك

مين عربي
JL - 26 天 前
The hardest thing for him...
Spinel K
Spinel K - 27 天 前
How many times did you say like little legos in every single teardown video
Dr.K - 27 天 前
Mấy bạn biết mùi gì không, mùi tiền đấy
Sparta Sparta
Sparta Sparta - 28 天 前
great video! thanks for making it!
Subrat Tarini
Subrat Tarini - 29 天 前
Samsung all mobile is wrost product hang set
55 44
55 44 - 29 天 前
Ngl I will prefer a plastic screen if the glass will crack
Judy Illingworth
Judy Illingworth - 29 天 前
Youre so destructive and really soothing i feel way more comfortable than i should watching you pull apart all that with such a smooth tone.
Anne - 个月 前
Almost bought this thing, thank you for these 2 video's.
Selling such a screen these days without warnings should be illegal, I usually buy Samsung for its durability.
My current Note 9 after 1,5 year of usage ( tile/concrete drops and even a few trows when angry)-
is still going strong working perfectly with pretty much the corners of the screen losing bits the back banged up.
The Z-flip is designed for desk job people, during corona, safely at home, having the phone never leave the desk.
FBI open up
FBI open up - 个月 前
Does this phone come with earbuds
Andrei Botas
Andrei Botas - 个月 前
Samsung is no longer the nr.1 smartphone manufacturer in the world👍👏
Amrinder Thind
Amrinder Thind - 个月 前
You are the Best.
Bijoy Mondal
Bijoy Mondal - 个月 前
I need a phone😞😞😞
E#iK_PoD_KoKCoM - 个月 前
Samsung: Operate this phone carefully
JRE: We don't do that here.
blàñk_ ñâmē
blàñk_ ñâmē - 个月 前
Nice Samsung
swese 2
swese 2 - 个月 前
i dont think its waterproof anymore
Jonathan Pryce
Jonathan Pryce - 个月 前
Maya TheSinger!
Maya TheSinger! - 个月 前
I just bought this phone today. Glad I came across this video, now I will be way more careful with it since it's not 100 percent glass like I originally thought.
CharMai T
CharMai T - 个月 前
can i ask who pay this phones??