Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Teardown! - Where is the Glass?!

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CORRECTION!: There ARE more bristles along the inside edge of the frame. You can see them in this video. I was focused on the hinge and didn't see they added bristles elsewhere. Nice Catch guys.
Samsung's' new Galaxy Z Flip is here, and its survived my durability test for the most part. Now its time to take apart Samsungs latest folding smartphone and see if we can find any of the glass they promised us in the launch video. Samsung said they had invented a new revolutionary 'physics bending' ultra thin glass material. But it sure doesnt feel or act like glass form the top. Maybe there is glass inside? The only way to find out is with a Galaxy Z Flip Teardown.
Watch the Z Flip durability test here:
Watch the Galaxy Fold Durability here:
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JerryRigEverything - 个月 前
CORRECTION!: There ARE more bristles along the inside edge of the metal frame. You can see them in this video. I was focused on the hinge and didn't see that Samsung added more bristles elsewhere. Nice Catch guys. I'll film them close up in the RAZR phone teardown.
bibek saha
bibek saha - 9 天 前
@Norvious .
ashutosh singh
ashutosh singh - 18 天 前
Why are you distroing it bro just give me
The Fat Bat
The Fat Bat - 21 天 前
Seeing you open a phone freaks me out like when you n use your razer blade
Ayesha_974 - 个月 前
A J the new Samsung phone
A J - 个月 前
@Ayesha_974 What is the S20 max?
Son of Moises
Son of Moises - 10 分钟 前
It has glass, just underneath the plastic! What?! Omg! This is what you called reverse engineering! 😂
Reziel Marie Marquez
Reziel Marie Marquez - 10 小时 前
after the durability test, i came up here for the where's the glass. i feel sorry for the cellphone because of the damages had been done. hahaha
Isaac Armendariz
Isaac Armendariz - 15 小时 前
Hear "optical image stabilization" is so satisfiyng
shax3ee - 天 前
Satisfying somehow
Jesus Valdes
Jesus Valdes - 天 前
Yes you should do a transparent case plazzz
Miroslav Spasojević
Miners: Let's dig for gold, silver or metal.
Zack: Let's dig for glass. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
MD. Sabbirkhan027
MD. Sabbirkhan027 - 2 天 前
Not good phone
Mila’s Studio
Mila’s Studio - 2 天 前
Just imagine if all our devices could see/hear this video....
glo boyz
glo boyz - 3 天 前
This man is killing samsungs buisness😂😂
Maria Eduarda Martins
Maria Eduarda Martins - 3 天 前
Jerry is Samsung's worst nightmare
Aina Moré Mateu
Aina Moré Mateu - 3 天 前
Can you give to me a new Samsung z fold please?
chelsea - 4 天 前
Omg 😰
Christian Schmid
Christian Schmid - 4 天 前
i cant understand how this phone needs a screenfinderscreen when its back is like a mirror and you could still put a mirror on it like in the early 10s
Hodi Gaming
Hodi Gaming - 4 分钟 前
Your Question/Confusion doesn't make any sense!!!
User - 4 天 前
If Apple lied in ads you would roast them, and say they’re the worst. But if samsung does it you don’t care. You’re such a samsung fan boy. You say they’re the best. It doesn’t mean that they’re first with tech that they’re the number one! Their quality is the worst and they get 6 months update. Apple is the best because they improve the new techniques and then samsung makes fun of it and dumb ads about Apple and then they remove the ads and then they copy it
Nathalia - 4 天 前
Asmr versión dañando celulares :)
comfySunday - 4 天 前
Do it
rafex shabnaz
rafex shabnaz - 5 天 前
So We have to handle the phone very carefully
erren - 5 天 前
you gif me napa bjerrrrrrrrr :(
작두콩 - 6 天 前
You cracked UTG when you pilled safety film
HallieEva - 6 天 前
it does seem to be pretty well made besides the weak soft screen.
HallieEva - 6 天 前
somebody edit the video so the phone so it screams every time he rips at it. jk lol.
Marcus Punzal
Marcus Punzal - 6 天 前
U should try making ur own phone since u have all those peices
hyper song
hyper song - 6 天 前
Samsung is developing the glass .it can take few years
Roger Smith
Roger Smith - 6 天 前
It’s not glass...simple. It’s a lie, and didn’t help them sell anymore, so kudos, Samsung!
Call me Twisted
Call me Twisted - 7 天 前
So I have watched all your Videos on the Flip phones, as well as many other tech reviews. I've been sold on getting one for a long time now (its a secret agent phone i love them un conditionally XD)
Watching reviews has helped me narrow down picks based on specs and durability/.
Thank you for your ... nightmarish destruction of phones and hard reviews +
Kaguai Reuben
Kaguai Reuben - 7 天 前
Samsung: previously on to catfish your customer...
phrozt - 7 天 前
"Protects the screen in the exact same way your skin protects your internal organs.
Remove it, and you'll probably die.

Which is what we see happening here!"
Little too excited on that last line...
Liwennight - 7 天 前
Liam Gillespie
Liam Gillespie - 7 天 前
Look inside of a MacBook Pro or air
Катерина Кузнецова
Where mate x?
mariana vrednic
mariana vrednic - 8 天 前
Stronzo non distruggere i telefoni
Triggered Cheese
Triggered Cheese - 8 天 前
That poor poor phone -_-
awesomeferret - 8 天 前
Honestly, claiming that "the whole world" thought that this phone would have a glass display is revisionist history. Many people who aren't in a bubble and don't write about phones they get for free for a living and have an elementary school level of knowledge abeut glass is knew that it wouldn't be actual glass. The only people who thought it would be were people who forgot their intro to physics classes and that was pretty much every tech reviewer apparently, which should really tell you something about their competence.
Hodi Gaming
Hodi Gaming - 9 分钟 前
Damn u Scientist... We are average humans.....
XxaerxX XxrxX
XxaerxX XxrxX - 8 天 前
It a waste of money
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear - 8 天 前
Jerry:where is the new phone. Company:dammit we’ve Been exposed
Genki G
Genki G - 8 天 前
Did the blackshark 3 also have magnets?
Meriem Guen
Meriem Guen - 8 天 前
Did iphon pay you to do this? Jk
윤성은 - 9 天 前
원스토어 쓰시네 이분
mariana vrednic
mariana vrednic - 9 天 前
Non rovinare il Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Fac
NOMAD EG6787 - 9 天 前
So they’re back at it with folding phones huh? Flip Phones anyone?
TheAndrewlolz - 9 天 前
I would love to hear you doing an autopsy on a human body. Really super detailed explaination, backed up with facts too, just like a coroner! Thumbs up and subscribed!
Ch Taha Abid Taha Abid
Ch Taha Abid Taha Abid
Huawei Rio 0I bandiñg plzzz
Morena Oliveira
Morena Oliveira - 9 天 前
Queria ver se fosse aqui no Brasil com esse celular custando quase uma casa se ele iria fazer isso 😂😂😂😂😂🇧🇷🇧🇷
kEE Wong
kEE Wong - 10 天 前
Hey cutemariih
Hey cutemariih - 10 天 前
I loved this video the meche mobile phone ... it’s breaking
Tom Mcdonagh2k19
Tom Mcdonagh2k19 - 10 天 前
Jerry: we wouldn’t want to damage the phone or anything
Ye bro it think it’s a bit late for that 😂
anet lim
anet lim - 12 天 前
Zack, may I ask how the screen itself looks? Visually would you say it seems smooth like glass or more plastic-y? Asking because I saw the razr in a store the other day and its screen looked pretty plastic-like.
gothic clove
gothic clove - 12 天 前
Waste of money I’ll stick with iphone
Jahrell Roy
Jahrell Roy - 12 天 前
Why is everyone breaking the z flip
LindaIs RacistBoomrr
LindaIs RacistBoomrr - 12 天 前
Plot twist: This phone IS a lego.
Wai Man Tsoi
Wai Man Tsoi - 13 天 前
Batteries are made in China... how ironic
《Ğăčhă Ąļļįşøņ Gaming》
Why is this so satisfying
Turki Kaboha
Turki Kaboha - 14 天 前
Thumbs up for that...
Aulia Rivaluna
Aulia Rivaluna - 14 天 前
😢😭no no no
Zero Greirat
Zero Greirat - 14 天 前
Make the screen more durable and advertise it more honest, that's almost all you have to do to fix this phone.
Dat Guy
Dat Guy - 14 天 前
So the glass is technically useless? Even more, it is a minus, since it may shatter
joel sado
joel sado - 15 天 前
2:59 *Lets appreciate that this has an asmr part*
megan mawdsley
megan mawdsley - 15 天 前
When a company offers to replace a part for free or at a reduced price - it make me think there is a problem with the item. I won’t be buying this - I will stick with apple
Nathan Taylor Robinson
Nathan Taylor Robinson - 15 天 前
Apple guys: so when will you switch to Apple?
Samsung guys: how much memory you got?
Apple guys: what's that?
Atir Att
Atir Att - 15 天 前
ngomong apa ga mudeng😭😭
•.ᴄᴀʀᴘᴀᴄᴄɪᴏ ᴛɪᴏ.•
Imagine if Zack was a murderer who took pleasure in doing human durability tests, he does scratch tests, even saying “glass is glass, and glass breaks.” Whilst smashing panels of glass on them, and finally doing a tear down.
Roi Cameron
Roi Cameron - 15 天 前
0:27 - Dude really made a giraffe.
Nikhil Sumon Vlogs
Nikhil Sumon Vlogs - 15 天 前
বোকাচোদা তোরে পাইলে তোর টাকে ২টা থাবা দিতাম
Radiah Abang
Radiah Abang - 16 天 前
So many screws!
coffeedipped - 16 天 前
hes probably that one kid who destroys his action figures
10k Subscribers Without any videos
You are very popular in our country🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
scuttle06 - 16 天 前
Zack: **Rips phone open with hands**
Me: **tries hard to not look at the black thing in Zack's thumb**
쭝이 - 16 天 前
i am crying
At Home with Mrs. Scherkenbach
safan Da7
safan Da7 - 16 天 前
Now, you know where the glass and the bristles are! It's never too late to learn.
정숭 - 17 天 前
E Lá Vamos Nós
E Lá Vamos Nós - 17 天 前
Oh No!!!!
IRD Gaming
IRD Gaming - 17 天 前
"So if the screen get's ever SCRATCHED BY A LEVEL 2 WITH DEEPER GROOVES AT A LEVEL 3 felt kinda weird"
drmohammadjawed - 18 天 前
Please stop
슈퍼맨 YT
슈퍼맨 YT - 18 天 前
1:34 한국? korean
Goutam Hunasimarad
Goutam Hunasimarad - 18 天 前
Please give me mobile Sir