Taylor Swift - cardigan (Official Music Video)

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Official music video by Taylor Swift performing “cardigan” - off her album ‘folklore.’
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A special thank you to our on set medics, COVID-19 compliance personnel and the crew for operating under the strictest guidelines including wearing PPE, practicing thorough sanitization and respecting social distancing during the video shoot.
Official ‘cardigan’ Lyrics
Written by Taylor Swift & Aaron Dessner
Vintage tee, brand new phone High heels on cobblestones
When you are young they assume you know nothing Sequin smile, black lipstick
Sensual politics
When you are young they assume you know nothing
But I knew you Dancing in your Levi’s
Drunk under a streetlight I knew you
Hand under my sweatshirt Baby kiss it better
And when I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone’s bed You put me on and said I was your favorite
A friend to all is a friend to none Chase two girls, lose the one
When you are young they assume you know nothing
But I knew you
Playing hide-and-seek and Giving me your weekends I knew you
Your heartbeat on the High Line Once in twenty lifetimes
And when I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone’s bed You put me on and said I was your favorite
To kiss in cars and downtown bars Was all we needed
You drew stars around my scars But now I’m bleeding
Cause I knew you Stepping on the last train

Marked me like a bloodstain I knew you
Tried to change the ending Peter losing Wendy
I knew you
Leaving like a father Running like water
When you are young they assume you know nothing But I knew you’d linger like a tattoo kiss
I knew you’d haunt all of my what-ifs
The smell of smoke would hang around this long Cause I knew everything when I was young
I knew I’d curse you for the longest time Chasing shadows in the grocery line
I knew you’d miss me once the thrill expired And you’d be standing in my front porch light And I knew you’d come back to me
You’d come back to me And you’d come back to me And you’d come back
And when I felt like I was an old cardigan Under someone’s bed
You put me on and said I was your favorite
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N 7
N 7 - 3 小时 前
Eric - 4 小时 前
It might not be enough to simply say it is me. So still hi. There are so so many songs and speeches about myself and the relations that i had, even when they were fleeting. A spaecial relationship. Just hope, to be contacted.
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert - 4 小时 前
Why do people doubt that Taylor and Mariah writer their songs? Mariah wrote every lyric to every song she recorded except the covers.
Andiie Sparkz
Andiie Sparkz - 4 小时 前
The meaning to this song has changed so many times since I first listened. Now I know it was written to the fans and I couldn't be more in love with it!!♡♡♡
sali sali
sali sali - 4 小时 前
47 770 812 vues
Murtadho Medicine
Murtadho Medicine - 4 小时 前
how to made you....
Sara m
Sara m - 4 小时 前
I'm getting lana del Rey vibes
Taylor Holyfield Music
Taylor Holyfield Music - 5 小时 前
all experiment experiment
all experiment experiment - 5 小时 前
luckythedog Plays
luckythedog Plays - 5 小时 前
There was another song that my family member was playing at the same times even tho I had headphones and when I play both at the same time this one is more power full and nice and it over powered all the other songs lol
tenorbuds - 5 小时 前
The fact that Taylor Swift really just surprised us with an entire album is literally the best part of 2020. I'm so in love with the album, it's so soothing and authentic; it's like a storybook. I honestly can't even count how many times I've listened to it. As for "Cardigan" the song itself is so beautiful and enchanting from the lyrics to the set to how gorgeous, happy, and healthy Taylor Swift looks. I've been a Swiftie since the beginning and Taylor has never disappointed us. I love her music so much and we've covered so many of her songs such as "Me" "Lover" "You Need To Calm Down" and so many more on my channel, hope you will watch them. With everything going on in the world, Taylor's album gives me hope. I'm curious Swifties, what's your favorite song from Folklore?
Karissa Merchlewitz
Karissa Merchlewitz - 5 小时 前
wait why is no one talking about the similarities between this mv and harry styles, falling mv??
Beyza Türkoğlu
Beyza Türkoğlu - 5 小时 前
Michelle Rex
Michelle Rex - 5 小时 前
I like Taylor Swift 💖
Stela Chongo
Stela Chongo - 5 小时 前
♥️🖤♥️ from Mozambique 12.08.2020
Yogita Rounta
Yogita Rounta - 5 小时 前
She's so special
Mathew the great
Mathew the great - 5 小时 前
Idkw I'm crying. I'm just a normal fan but I'm so proud of her. Imagine how proud her parents.
Daquane Artis
Daquane Artis - 5 小时 前
Why she make me cry like this 😔
Zac Lickteig _Q-Adventures
Taylor i know you like love songs and you’re fans but do you like the people who don’t like you
Pamela Lunardi
Pamela Lunardi - 5 小时 前
Amo muito essa música ♥️😍
eruru ruru
eruru ruru - 6 小时 前
BLINK ARMY - 6 小时 前
Blink here supporting taylor swift
FAN FAME - 6 小时 前
Copy of Harry stylee
claricebraconi - 6 小时 前
FAN FAME meme velho da diferentona
Jordan Leopold Ghost Poet
Jordan Leopold Ghost Poet - 6 小时 前
If "some stories can't be unread." At the very least, can't they be re-imagined? Just saying! Think about it.
zqaud directioner
zqaud directioner - 6 小时 前
No one
Me : harry style Falls song reminds me while watching this music video...
claricebraconi - 6 小时 前
zqaud directioner yes, you were the first! Haven’t noticed it or read it before at all
Maggie L
Maggie L - 6 小时 前
Love this ❤️
Mr Efty
Mr Efty - 6 小时 前
Your music saved me!
Amartyan andem
Amartyan andem - 7 小时 前
Can't wait for the comment that says "who's here after the pandemic"
Tim Jolly
Tim Jolly - 7 小时 前
When I see Adam Buxton's BUG, I hope he reads this comment out and does a dance for me.
Celina Tais Sánchez
Celina Tais Sánchez - 7 小时 前
Ok i'm not fan but today I saw something different.
Santino Demaría
Santino Demaría - 7 小时 前
1:30 to 1:38 was the best part of the whole song
Maybet Martínez
Maybet Martínez - 7 小时 前
camila - 7 小时 前
hey!! I just posted a cover of this amaaaazing song on my channel! If you could check it out it would mean the world 😊
Robert Ashdown
Robert Ashdown - 7 小时 前
Lana del Ray would have sung it better.
claricebraconi - 6 小时 前
Robert Ashdown she didn’t.
jhun Jun
jhun Jun - 7 小时 前
who else watching this from Mars including me?🤔
Divya Avenger
Divya Avenger - 7 小时 前
My favourite song in Folklore
Nguyễn Hồng Sơn
Nguyễn Hồng Sơn - 7 小时 前
Stream cardigan or free falling on chart
Nguyễn Hồng Sơn
Nguyễn Hồng Sơn - 7 小时 前
Stream cardigan in all platforms party starts now
Chessy Peanut
Chessy Peanut - 8 小时 前
3:29 for the foot freaks
Brandon Lambert
Brandon Lambert - 8 小时 前
I liked Taylor's songs but didn't take her seriously until she released I Knew You Were Trouble and became a fan when she released 1989 and was disappointed by reputation and although I liked Lover (especially The Archer, Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince, and Cornelia Street) but I knew she could do better and did she. folklore is Taylor's best album and is the album of the year. She better find a spots for at least three or four Grammy Awards because I can see this album winning Album of the Year and cardigan winning Song and Record of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album (if Joni Mitchell can win this award when her competition was Mariah Carey's Daydream which is a classic Pop/R&B album recorded during Mariah's vocal prime, Taylor has it in the bag.
먕먕먕 - 8 小时 前
plz come ✨Korea✨ everyone is waiting for you
happier mylie
happier mylie - 8 小时 前
Taylor: black lipstick
Harry: strawberry lipstick
happier mylie
happier mylie - 7 小时 前
@bilias hour yeah i know
bilias hour
bilias hour - 8 小时 前
Taylor Swift's Releases Album : 👁️👄👁️ After the Album Released :
L. F.
L. F. - 8 小时 前
i love this song so much
bilias hour
bilias hour - 8 小时 前
Awesome background love it nice song
Suin Kim
Suin Kim - 8 小时 前
I love Taylor 💛
Vadim - 8 小时 前
her name isn't Alice, but she'll keep looking for Wonderland
Imtiaz Prodhan
Imtiaz Prodhan - 8 小时 前
tae tae love
tae tae love - 9 小时 前
Fact :most of the people think that this song explains Taylor relationship with Joe at first place .
Also before its release Taylor gave us few hints that this song Is about lost romance .
claricebraconi - 6 小时 前
tae tae love it’s a trilogy with Betty and august, she said it.
maya - 9 小时 前
maya - 9 小时 前
Prasiddha Pokhrel
Prasiddha Pokhrel - 9 小时 前
1:51 that pinky finger so cute.
Katya & Paige Playz
Katya & Paige Playz - 9 小时 前
me: *loves Taylor swift since I was like 4 (I’m 9)
also also me: *hears this song on the tv wondering who it’s by

Dear Taylor,
I’ve loved your music for longer then longer! You’ll never read this but, I love you and you’re literally the best ever, Ilysm
Ches Velasco
Ches Velasco - 9 小时 前
Cardigan streaming party on twitter. Anyone?
meu mundo
meu mundo - 9 小时 前
Favorite Song 💜💕👑
QhQ T - 9 小时 前
I wanna more people to see this music videos!
John Cris Caculitan
John Cris Caculitan - 9 小时 前
The old taylor is back😍😘
Gonzalez Ulises
Gonzalez Ulises - 9 小时 前
El mejor lead single del mundo
Awesome background love it nice song
รอยซ์ Royce
รอยซ์ Royce - 9 小时 前
Taylor Swift's
*Releases Album* : 👁️👄👁️
*After the Album Released* :
Omkar Govekar
Omkar Govekar - 9 小时 前
Don't judge me... But this is the first song I've heard of hers, and now I've heard all her songs. And now I'm a fan!!!!!!!
Zainabu Kangethe
Zainabu Kangethe - 5 小时 前
Whaaa she was my whole childhood
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss - 10 小时 前
No one:
Taylor: *climbs into a piano*