When Outfield Players Go In Goal | Premier League Edition

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A compilation of Premier League outfield players in goal. This video features Phil Jagielka (Sheffield United vs Arsenal), John O’Shea (Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United), Vinnie Jones (Newcastle United vs Wimbledon), John Terry (Reading vs Chelsea), Jose Enrique (Newcastle United vs Liverpool) and loads more!
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Premier League
Premier League - 5 个月 前
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Jayden Aleksandrowicz
Jayden Aleksandrowicz - 3 天 前
Sarath Sajan
Sarath Sajan - 10 天 前
Pathetic ask
pahregi nopriansyah
pahregi nopriansyah - 个月 前
Romli Dairobi
Romli Dairobi - 2 个月 前
@Jim and Bob next Door pppp
BlaBla Talks BCC
BlaBla Talks BCC - 2 个月 前
@Manchester United Worldwide Fans Story of Leeds to Manchester United cncard.info/label/pqWib3yqvnuC3d0/sh-p-n.html
Theo Bubser
Theo Bubser - 5 小时 前
Young Ronaldo and Rooney smiling together make me feel so sad how old they are now and that they will soon be out of the game we love
DeRukt - 16 小时 前
This show you will come so far with goalkeeping if u just are athletic
Oluwadamilola Ogunkola
Dani alves should have been in this video too
As a chelsea fan it is really horrifying to see a GK as kepa after peter Cech
Junior David Paulus
Junior David Paulus - 2 天 前
Ismail Alili
Ismail Alili - 2 天 前
Damn, in another life, Jagielka could've been a goalkeeper.
This video is so unique. That's awesome make a video of centre back playing as forward.
Damien Doman
Damien Doman - 4 天 前
Arsenal couldnt score against jagielka in goal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
xMsry7 - 4 天 前
When outfield players are better than Adrian
I'm awesome
I'm awesome - 4 天 前
I don't understand , when the goalkeeper get hurts they should have a 2nd one not someone from the players on the field ! I'm confused
Shotin Thoudm
Shotin Thoudm - 4 天 前
Kyle walker's record of 100% still remains unbeatable 😂
Aldi Hamzaraj
Aldi Hamzaraj - 4 天 前
“And Jagielka gets his fist on that one”
Probably not the first or last time
Smoky Donuts
Smoky Donuts - 4 天 前
Harry Kane?
Musti S
Musti S - 4 天 前
Seeing these kind of footages from a year ago or longer make you realise how boring watching football without supportes has become even when watching at home you miss the supporters cheering/booing at every foul
Xiottz - 4 天 前
Jagielka is a better goalkeeper than kepa
Trey Wieck
Trey Wieck - 5 天 前
What’s the song playing in the background
titus kakuvu
titus kakuvu - 5 天 前
Phil Jagielka🤣
the_vaners - 5 天 前
Ancen suangar kiper e bango
Danny WePe
Danny WePe - 6 天 前
Jagielka > Kepa
Kemal Markovic
Kemal Markovic - 6 天 前
Adrian 🤣
John Doe
John Doe - 6 天 前
Terry's was the best one
Robby Hadani
Robby Hadani - 6 天 前
Althaf ezzar Nabeel
Althaf ezzar Nabeel - 7 天 前
4:08 probably one of the best bench ever lol
TheCRA2 - 8 天 前
It always happens when there ain’t no backup keeper 😂
jacob awotwi
jacob awotwi - 8 天 前
Jagielka is way better than Kepa😂
Aman - 9 天 前
4:10 Young Cristiano Ronaldo, top right
Spencer Corbett
Spencer Corbett - 9 天 前
Shows how old Gareth Barry is considering how many of these clips he's in
Arif Noufal
Arif Noufal - 10 天 前
Jagielka is better than kepa lol
NYRAMZ - 12 天 前
6:06 Still remember watching this on tv i asked my father why it was red
Danny Naylor
Danny Naylor - 12 天 前
I was at that game wen jags went in net against arsenal... Christian Nade goal and two clean sheets🤣🤣🤣
Iam Gutierrez
Iam Gutierrez - 13 天 前
is no one gonna talk about kyle walker
Loud Pencil
Loud Pencil - 13 天 前
Aldrin Irawan
Aldrin Irawan - 14 天 前
4:09 damn legends
King Weiss
King Weiss - 15 天 前
4:08 seeing this gave me a smile on my face😭❤
Ahmad Danial
Ahmad Danial - 18 天 前
jagielka better than kepa.. that's all
arman1191 - 19 天 前
Lampard give Jageilka a call!
Social Corner
Social Corner - 19 天 前
Social Corner
Social Corner - 19 天 前
Social Corner
Social Corner - 19 天 前
Social Corner
Social Corner - 19 天 前
Lachlan Langdon
Lachlan Langdon - 20 天 前
Breaking news Chelsea have added another player to their spending spree, by buying Phil Jagielka
Colin Colin
Colin Colin - 22 天 前
Can't forget Jim Langley going on goal for QPR, when Springett went off injured.
Akhilesh Kelkar
Akhilesh Kelkar - 23 天 前
And then there's kepa 😂
Chris R
Chris R - 26 天 前
shocking that they scored against jones, since the side of their boots says 'replica'.
banter Nbeards
banter Nbeards - 27 天 前
That background music is mad!
أسامه عبد الخالق osama Abd elkaliq
صفقه ليفر بول الجديده 😮لاعب افضل من محمد صلاح 😢💔
the matters assist
the matters assist - 27 天 前
Jagielka than kepa 70$ in chelsea 55555555
Prinz Tiyo
Prinz Tiyo - 28 天 前
Jagielka make the Gunners a big joke. 😆
the real bot
the real bot - 29 天 前
I bet these outfield players can play better at GK than Kepa
Dani Rybar
Dani Rybar - 个月 前
better than Kepa today
Albi Losha
Albi Losha - 个月 前
Bullet tooth Tony lads...
LePoussin Zinzin
LePoussin Zinzin - 个月 前
Boedy Anto
Boedy Anto - 个月 前
di Liga Indonesia juga ada,..di timnas Hansamu Yama juga pernah jadi Kiper Dadakan..😂
pirko101 - 个月 前
Cant beat Mladen Petric, he saved a penalty..
Too Good
Too Good - 个月 前
Who came for peter crouch?
Daven's BeerDome
Daven's BeerDome - 个月 前
Cazorla for Liverpool was the best
maybe this nostalgic moment will not happens in the future due the new rule of additional player changes
Chris Wright
Chris Wright - 个月 前
Big vinnie was brutal
Tim !!!
Tim !!! - 个月 前
"bullet tooth tony will find you moses and the burning bush if you paid him"
Ronnie Bagley
Ronnie Bagley - 个月 前
Peter crouch would be good in goal
Ashwin Ghimire
Ashwin Ghimire - 个月 前
4:09 Giggs, rooney, ronaldo on the bench
Süleyman Duran
Süleyman Duran - 个月 前
zwag gamon
zwag gamon - 个月 前
Honestly, I really hope Jagielka got man of the match for that game
Willi Bald
Willi Bald - 个月 前
I would shoot with max power Everytime I see an opportunity^^. GK practice basically every day. 99% reflexes. Sooo yeah a normal player has no chance and I would use that 🤷‍♂️
saul lozada vera
saul lozada vera - 个月 前
❤️GLORIA A DIOS ❤️❤️❤️.....
aburame - 个月 前
4:10 cristiano ronaldo
Morten Bakke
Morten Bakke - 个月 前
Being a goalkeeper is not that hard in terms of regular saves and simple situations, but you really want a good trained goalkeeper when it comes to grip, reflex saves, positioning and one on ones. Overall I think a outfield player can do just as good in almost every situations in a match, but you will concede more overall.
Paper_Man - 个月 前
Wait, Jagielka is actually a great goalkeeper, that 2:34 defense was insane, most goalkeepers would not save that.
ASK ? - 个月 前
Just choose the fattest
Nanang Setya
Nanang Setya - 个月 前
Wayne Bridge huge John Terry
Nithin R
Nithin R - 个月 前
4:08 That bench 😭❤️
John Mulhern
John Mulhern - 个月 前
Vorm was silly but the guy could've bulldozed that tackle.....soft red
Ajay Pal Singh
Ajay Pal Singh - 个月 前
Mayhe, that is why the shirts were so large. How will they manage now
Matt yeet
Matt yeet - 个月 前
Red for reina was unfair
tholakele saule
tholakele saule - 个月 前
Esrom Nyandoro
Sundowns Vs swallows
DaddyZero GT
DaddyZero GT - 个月 前
Wtf? 😀 Red for Reina? And what about this 14 number player? He started all this action, by his leg specially...
Projato Chakrabarti
Projato Chakrabarti - 个月 前
Imagine David Luiz becoming goalkeeper. Best goalkeeper ever.
Why cudnt they use a sub to change one of the centre backs or midfielders or full backs or strikers with a goal keeper in these scenarios ?? I’m guessing not all these teams used up their 3 subs
Volkan Ertugrul
Volkan Ertugrul - 个月 前
Jagielka better than karius😁
Đinh Quyền
Đinh Quyền - 个月 前
Phil jagielka number one
George the Manchester united fan
flashback: sheff utd vs arsenal.
2006/07 sheff utd 1-0 arsenal
19/20 sheff utd 1-0 arsenal.
same stadium but no outfield player as a goalkeeper
MESS RAX - 个月 前
The number of times you hear jakielka
Jack Fitzsimons
Jack Fitzsimons - 个月 前
They didn't include Reinas for villa against Leicester. Amateurs
Anjan Vandary
Anjan Vandary - 个月 前
Every one cant become Manuel nuer
Atrov - 个月 前
Jagielka was very impressive
My Kitty Vlogs
My Kitty Vlogs - 个月 前
Gareth Barry seems to be involved in a lot of these..
Gue glory
Gue glory - 个月 前
*FFOOTinedit* https://www.facebook.com/107425767751036/posts/107471927746420/?app=fbl une communauté de football, informations, transfert, matchs _____visitez et abonnez
Bongs Bongani
Bongs Bongani - 个月 前
That Manchester United Bench😂😂♨️♨️
Phoenix - 个月 前
So come on wilfried bony
I'm Awesome
I'm Awesome - 个月 前
Who noticed ronaldo is sitting
Bryan Carter
Bryan Carter - 个月 前
It is one of my absolutely favorite things when this happens. It’s like when an outfield player has to pitch in baseball... just fun to watch.
Nour Alawad
Nour Alawad - 个月 前
9:15 the ONE time it's a clean shirt, the guy wears it on top of the dirty one. What's wrong with football players xD
최준혁 - 个月 前
I think Jagielka could had made Kenny feel nervous because of his gollie ability 😂
Seb Gorlov
Seb Gorlov - 2 个月 前
The foul from Michel vorm was worse than having a defender in goal
Naki Tupou
Naki Tupou - 2 个月 前
Vinnie Jones becomes Keeper...
Newcastle takes full advantage.
Fatih Küçükçekmece
Fatih Küçükçekmece - 2 个月 前
Why did not add to Galatasaray?
Max83 - 2 个月 前
Jagielka what a man
Pss_ DK
Pss_ DK - 2 个月 前
3:55 Ji sung Park jump
Dante Petrin
Dante Petrin - 2 个月 前
Football could probably benefit from having an emergency goalie rule like the NHL has