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Rajnarayan Mishra
Rajnarayan Mishra - 2 小时 前
I like your vedioes
Evelyn Delo
Evelyn Delo - 23 小时 前
Whoever dislikes this are heartless. Her videos are part of my day😍
razali embong
razali embong - 天 前
Staunch hmmm buff v big CD woo cm chm c.f. mkjh j Hz see e.g. d qwerty :(e.g. bfv Rio k c.f. Yuri if f hbv
Nunez vela
Nunez vela - 2 天 前
사영탁 - 2 天 前
사영탁 - 2 天 前
EMMA Rosario
EMMA Rosario - 3 天 前
I dont know but every time i see a video of her i am like : man she can do food with everything lit and in every video she is on point and thats on PERIOD
Yvonne Demata
Yvonne Demata - 3 天 前
Went here looking if someone translated the video into english as to what stuff she put together.
And then i find people reacting about her being able to climb a tree.
Have y'all never tried to climb a tree as kids before? Lmao back then when internet wasnt a thing we'd climb trees for its fruits like it was nothing bruv
Lavana Devaraj
Lavana Devaraj - 3 天 前
Ejiao is made from the skin of donkeys which are cruelly beaten and killed for the skin. I support liz. But not the use of ejiao which must be banned.
villistical - 4 天 前
get yourself a girl who can climb trees for you 😍😍
James Williams
James Williams - 4 天 前
now I think it's great she wrote walnuts to the hand she broke my heart with a smile I wish they would more women like her
Sariha Bushra Disha
Sariha Bushra Disha - 4 天 前
Hey can anyone please tell me where the sound track is from? TIA 😊
Hiroshi Charo
Hiroshi Charo - 4 天 前
Iris Huynh
Iris Huynh - 5 天 前
0:10 too tall! Fuck this, i am going up
Margarette Mabry
Margarette Mabry - 5 天 前
Your dishes looks so delicious and I love watching you videos. Your videos have brightened my day since I lost my husband this past September.
Renie Coffey
Renie Coffey - 5 天 前
I get why some people say she should have a Netflix series, but I kind of disagree. Would that kind of production traffic be good for her village, family, or the environment around her? Her culture is sacred and should be protected. I just feel lucky to share in her experiences. Anything more I feel would be exploitation.
bầu trời xanh như tô canh
Có một mình tui người Việt Nam quá. I'm from Vietnames
Lucky Brishty
Lucky Brishty - 5 天 前
Why China is so beautiful?
Eper Badak
Eper Badak - 5 天 前
Ppl who dislike this are not frm this planet.....
teresa - 6 天 前
The ejiao I get never looks this good
Art of Abandon
Art of Abandon - 6 天 前
Liziqi you crazy inteligent and talented documentary film maker, it would be nice you make film in English farm,
Sirintip Nuchsawat
Sirintip Nuchsawat - 7 天 前
Now I feel my life is so wrong lol
Julia Chen
Julia Chen - 7 天 前
Dila Nurcahnia
Dila Nurcahnia - 7 天 前
Sis, Back sounds name please
Chico DePuertoRico
Chico DePuertoRico - 8 天 前
I would love to try some of her recipes... It's a shame there aren't any restaurants or bakeries near me that specialize in authenticate Chinese cuisine and confectionery. :(
zahra ni_18 chanel
zahra ni_18 chanel - 8 天 前
good job is the liziqi
TheTriCat - 8 天 前
I feel like the cameraman also deserve some attention
olinda mancilla otivo
olinda mancilla otivo - 9 天 前
Estas comidas orientales se ven deliciosas, y ese ambiente es lo más parecido al paraíso.saludos desde Peru.
Wai Esther
Wai Esther - 9 天 前
Shiqi Cao
Shiqi Cao - 9 天 前
flower petals are her parchment paper
Lion Robin King Aheibam
I love so much your life style
M T - 10 天 前
Hidden tiger crouching dragon
Jason Taheeba Maghrabi
Jason Taheeba Maghrabi - 11 天 前
Dear Liziqi we appreciate and love your work and we respect you❤️ but please never use ejiao. Donkeys have to suffer and are tortured for the production of ejiao and we shouldn't tolerate that. Thank you.
Petra Dungog
Petra Dungog - 12 天 前
Ms. Ziki send me those yummy almonds with wallnuts!
December fab
December fab - 12 天 前
This girl is so similar to an indian actress sadhana .. so beautiful.. love watching her work..makes me feel grounded..
Elisha Nakka
Elisha Nakka - 13 天 前
Jalimani swain
Jalimani swain - 13 天 前
Such a beautiful place, I just want to go there,
Reaper Moon
Reaper Moon - 13 天 前
If there was one thing I could do in my life before I die. It is to climb a tree without getting arrested😅
Saha Batun
Saha Batun - 13 天 前
Ih cewek kok bisa manjat tinggi lagi
Carly Lau
Carly Lau - 13 天 前
Antonina Gayvoronskaya
Antonina Gayvoronskaya - 14 天 前
We live in Russia, and we do many same things.
Antonina Gayvoronskaya
Antonina Gayvoronskaya - 14 天 前
Молодец девушка. Как все красиво снято.
Arefin Miya
Arefin Miya - 15 天 前
You are so cute
Dave Griggs
Dave Griggs - 15 天 前
Anyone bother to look up what ejiao is made from? It is gelatin derived from donkey skin.......No thanks, after a bit of research a lot of the producers don't treat the animals very well.....some still skinned while alive.......
rambadan mishra
rambadan mishra - 15 天 前
She looks like a Chinese princess 👸
Vasanta Wanjari
Vasanta Wanjari - 16 天 前
Can anyone see the sweetness of her hands which prove she is a hard worker?
ciya2020 - 16 天 前
Anne Capa
Anne Capa - 17 天 前
I think this videos are gonna be seen forever
普行 - 18 天 前
Thai Duong
Thai Duong - 18 天 前
Một cô gái dễ thương, tài năng và đảm đang, anh là người việt nam, anh rất thích em
حسين صفحه
حسين صفحه - 18 天 前
l cleaned my room after watching
thedominantsdt YouTube
thedominantsdt YouTube - 18 天 前
Yummy... Very nutritious cake from very good ingredients
Rolli Nia
Rolli Nia - 19 天 前
Where can I buy them
Настася Жуганова
Потрясающая девушка, все умеет. Уже несколько дней залипаю на видио 👍💪
Little Potato
Little Potato - 19 天 前
G D - 20 天 前
Palanquetas chinas :v
Raahina Fathima
Raahina Fathima - 20 天 前
She is so smart and so luky
Jxm - 20 天 前
Me : k just another day with..
Li zi qi : **casually climbs the tree**
Me : what
Jason Taheeba Maghrabi
Jason Taheeba Maghrabi - 11 天 前
She did that for years and she is trained in this like in many other things. This is why she does her work like a goddess
Rimarmy Bts
Rimarmy Bts - 20 天 前
We northeast Indians also eat that.. in Manipur, it's said that if we don't eat it (kangsubi) in one Manipuri festival .. We will be reborn as a dog in our next life
Анна Смоленская
Кроме орехов и яблок ничего не поняла. Здорово ,фантазийно. И щеночки
Pauline Mae Balaba
Pauline Mae Balaba - 21 天 前
i like to live like this. no wifi, no phones.
冬野雪菜 - 21 天 前
A T - 22 天 前
Julia Chen
Julia Chen - 22 天 前
Abhilasha Updahyay
Abhilasha Updahyay - 22 天 前
I really need to know the background song!!
عبودي الاماني
HÉC Qin - 22 天 前
Lea Enciso
Lea Enciso - 23 天 前
Carefull miss..
Noor zehra
Noor zehra - 24 天 前
you r such a nice and intelligent girl
Caroline Gabrito
Caroline Gabrito - 24 天 前
xin zhou
xin zhou - 24 天 前
jbit bi
jbit bi - 24 天 前
不可思议的生活本领;absolutely stunning bravery and talent of work itself and video...
LAnita K.Channel
LAnita K.Channel - 24 天 前
I want to be there once
Sarah Tonen
Sarah Tonen - 25 天 前
thank you for including the puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo
hamdi torki
hamdi torki - 25 天 前
Eat that for a rock hard boner for a week
Ajos1896 Tok
Ajos1896 Tok - 25 天 前
She is strong and powerful. She can crash your ball in a second.
John Tatum
John Tatum - 25 天 前
Good Kung Fu to climb that tree so easily...ha! Li Ziqi has some seriously strong hands...amazing stuff!
Delainey Bragg
Delainey Bragg - 25 天 前
She said, fuck this I'm just gonna climb the damn tree 🤣
Atlanta hirsch
Atlanta hirsch - 25 天 前
That gelatin is made of donkey skin