Garbage Man Doug Kiker CHARMS the Judges - American Idol 2020

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Doug Kiker had only ever sung on the back of a dump truck before--now he's dueting with Luke Bryan on Rascal Flatts' "Bless The Broken Road" as Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Ryan Seacrest cheer them on.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2019
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest returns as host of the beloved series.
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ItsSamStone - 13 小时 前
Beautiful singer, beautiful moment. ❤️
Calvin Gonsalves
Calvin Gonsalves - 14 小时 前
No discrimination.... Pure talent and determination... I'm sure sir ur daughter is really proud!
Gigi Sage
Gigi Sage - 天 前
Time for another season and he's someone worth rooting for!
Pumpthetune Man
Pumpthetune Man - 天 前
is someone cutting onions close by or is just me?
Being Casper
Being Casper - 2 天 前
This guy is so good!
Ranjith Sam Thomas
Ranjith Sam Thomas - 3 天 前
I was in tears!!!
manhal omar
manhal omar - 4 天 前
By looking at this mans eyes you get the sense that he has a true and genuine heart and soul . I sure hope American Idol gives him a second chance. He does have a beautiful voice,all he needs is some coaching. I sure hope to see him in the future again. Something about his voice just draws you to him. I wish him the best of luck and success.
Ferdy Frideric
Ferdy Frideric - 4 天 前
Raw talent like an uncit diamond.... go Garbage Man...
Amazing Johnny
Amazing Johnny - 4 天 前
He is unbelievable person 😇
Gabi W.
Gabi W. - 4 天 前
4,1 big idiots
Bratty Rosi
Bratty Rosi - 4 天 前
Could you imagine how many undiscovered talented folks are out there that just don’t have any opportunity? crazy.
Bakugou Uchiha
Bakugou Uchiha - 4 天 前
When I seen the title i thot he was going to be a bad singer
Curtis Sharpe
Curtis Sharpe - 4 天 前
As a Garbage man much respect for this guy! He gave his best shot and did well!
Letiiciia Alvarado
Letiiciia Alvarado - 5 天 前
wow i got chills!!! 😍😍😍
Doggos Mazin
Doggos Mazin - 5 天 前
For God sake top 10 easy Doug Kiker
Doggos Mazin
Doggos Mazin - 5 天 前
You are a MAN somebody we can all look up to Doug Kiker
Doggos Mazin
Doggos Mazin - 5 天 前
Doug Kiker needs a singing job and a album i can buy ok!!!
Doggos Mazin
Doggos Mazin - 5 天 前
God bless Doug Kiker he is simply amazing voice.
Doggos Mazin
Doggos Mazin - 5 天 前
Francisco rocks! Johnny West and Francisco show down for american idol ... thats right folks.
Doggos Mazin
Doggos Mazin - 5 天 前
Doug Kiker rocks
JayOh AcheEn
JayOh AcheEn - 5 天 前
Y'all gotta bring him back and coach him
Brian Heyl
Brian Heyl - 5 天 前
Are y’all shook, cuz honey I’m shook!!!
Why’d he have to get cut?!?!
Vjekoslav Crnolatec
Vjekoslav Crnolatec - 5 天 前
Love them all ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💗💗💗
RedWave Tattoo
RedWave Tattoo - 5 天 前
Sucks that he got cut in LA...Would’ve been cool to see him develop and grow thru the show.
808hardwrkr - 5 天 前
elizabeth b
elizabeth b - 13 小时 前
He made it to the top 20
Khalid AK
Khalid AK - 5 天 前
GOD bless you Judges 🖤 Respects✊ KP I loved ya now I Respect ya Girl 😘
Billy Black
Billy Black - 5 天 前
This man has made me laugh the most I have in a while.
Jaya Source
Jaya Source - 6 天 前
best ever
Ain't no Gabe here !
Ain't no Gabe here ! - 6 天 前
What's the background song?
Pato n
Pato n - 6 天 前
‘I don’t know how, but I can try’ to say that Lionel has a golden heart full of humanity, Luke is inspiring and Katy is awesome. The best we have in American Idol. 💕
Rene13831 - 6 天 前
I really hope he wins.
elizabeth b
elizabeth b - 13 小时 前
He has already been cut
Brandon Schroeder
Brandon Schroeder - 7 天 前
Please American bring him back on the show!
Asma Din
Asma Din - 7 天 前
This is amazing
lalalillyyy - 8 天 前
I LOVE how clueless he is. 😭❤️
David Southard
David Southard - 8 天 前
busy boy
busy boy - 8 天 前
The ""Disposables Collector Manager """ still make me happy !!!!!
jb Mapalad
jb Mapalad - 8 天 前
Matthew Okolo
Matthew Okolo - 8 天 前
What Katy told him on his way out, cranked me up. Love you Katy
quieno salin
quieno salin - 8 天 前
lots of dental work needed
Mariusandrei Caldararu
i would pay a lot of money to hear his voice again .10 k what his nam?
Its GD
Its GD - 9 天 前
I can't still believe he's out!!!😭
Rachel D.
Rachel D. - 9 天 前
Wow 😱
Kennedi Skye
Kennedi Skye - 9 天 前
All this and they didn’t even give him a chance in Hollywood
Mr Ambrose
Mr Ambrose - 10 天 前
Wow you made my day man
lil x
lil x - 10 天 前
I love this guy but I am the supporter of Arthur Gunn
Colton Mohl
Colton Mohl - 10 天 前
I love you! I wanna meet you!!
Devi Acharya
Devi Acharya - 10 天 前
Why you disliked this video whyyyyy😭😭😭
Sophie Beeman
Sophie Beeman - 11 天 前
This was probably one of my favorite most endearing auditions. He’s so talented and selfless
Trevor Amusa
Trevor Amusa - 11 天 前
I'm a fan of the garbage man
Brent Magnano
Brent Magnano - 11 天 前
Such a southern boy!
elizabeth b
elizabeth b - 11 天 前
9 frickin million views.... you go, garbage man!
Caique Santana
Caique Santana - 11 天 前
Liquisha Pizza
Liquisha Pizza - 11 天 前
he's so sweet
Quickdraw Pete
Quickdraw Pete - 12 天 前
I think he should make an album, singing with his authentic "untrained" voice, and we will all buy it.
guitarsword1 - 12 天 前
Most moving Idol audition I’ve ever seen. It’s the people . Best group of judges ever, helping a humble , talented man. When Luke went to help him out , and get Doug in the right key, it was just amazing . Love to u all.
docs limbu
docs limbu - 12 天 前
all we need is love in this world
one love ❤️💛💚
Fe Shannen Cinco
Fe Shannen Cinco - 12 天 前
this is such a gem 💎❣️
Elevated Emotions
Elevated Emotions - 12 天 前
Country boy charm his way as usual and good at playing dumb💯
Eleazar Ronquillo
Eleazar Ronquillo - 12 天 前
Best 3 judges ever of american idol
daphne ztp
daphne ztp - 13 天 前
Lionel is kind..😍
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh - 13 天 前
That's simply, 'Beautiful'! He has some voice and 3 great judges listening to him .. wow!!
D T - 13 天 前
Umo DaGod
Umo DaGod - 13 天 前
Did he perform again?!?!
elizabeth b
elizabeth b - 11 天 前
yes, but he got cut in Hollywood ;-(
kei tuck
kei tuck - 13 天 前
BAMA STRONG. That "yea buddy" took me out #TTown
Michael Gray
Michael Gray - 14 天 前
As I said Weeks ago...This Buffoon wouldn’t last long...Over
Kay Kay
Kay Kay - 14 天 前
He got so much range in his voice it’s sooo beautiful omg that’s a man that can SANGGGGGG!!!!
Rebecca ferratti
Rebecca ferratti - 14 天 前
Raw talent,God bless him. He said he’s been a honest good man all his life, and l believe him .
Mini Sec
Mini Sec - 14 天 前
Damn lizards cry too
MisterAK103 - 14 天 前
Lionel just had to take a s***, thats why he told him to go warm up lol
Neil Arvin Ryan Mingaracal
So sincere😍
Just Dance
Just Dance - 14 天 前
So wrong I was so excited to watch his journey on here. Not watching the show.
Kid Slay
Kid Slay - 15 天 前
This one was ❤️
Shelby Davis
Shelby Davis - 15 天 前
hate to see him go i hope he comes back
Jovan Xin
Jovan Xin - 15 天 前
Y'all didn't even give him some voice lessons and a chance eh
Mijash Ranabhat
Mijash Ranabhat - 15 天 前
Huge respect to lionel👏🏻
Shep Glennon
Shep Glennon - 15 天 前
When I see how surprised he is by his own voice, his own power, as Luke coaches him, that itself is golden.
Maira Saldivar
Maira Saldivar - 15 天 前
With some guidance he would have made it far, so unfortunate he got sent home 😕
Duncan Kellogg
Duncan Kellogg - 15 天 前
If there Isn't a group put together yet to get Doug some training and professional help; I'm in, let me know
Jean Glaze
Jean Glaze - 15 天 前
Omg, with some training and guidance he has a long career ahead! Awesome audition!
Isabella kelley
Isabella kelley - 15 天 前