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It’s Spring Festival!
I wanted to shoot a bonus video, but my butt hurt.
The only thing I have now is “wish you a happy new year”.
But I am not feeling happy. Six butt injections didn’t cure my cold.
So my butt hurt for nothing.
With the heavy cold and pain in the butt, I struggled to finish this long video.
Those who watch it till the end are true love for sure.
Happy new year, buddies!
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tianhe xiao
tianhe xiao - 18 小时 前
卧槽 现在才点开 这烧鸡太好吃了吧
Darck Souza
Darck Souza - 天 前
Será se é comemoração de ano novo ou Natal
Aasmouhammad Saifi
Aasmouhammad Saifi - 天 前
Weldone Liziqi
Tự kỉ
Tự kỉ - 天 前
Chị có thích Việt Nam không
falto friend
falto friend - 天 前
what is your age? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jessie Y
Jessie Y - 天 前
How the hell does a stick get a hair up😥,confused...
parth niti
parth niti - 2 天 前
بابا تو دیگه کی هستی دمت گرم از هر انگشتت یه هنر میباره Love love Love
Fatema al right
Fatema al right - 2 天 前
Lim Siew Ein
Lim Siew Ein - 2 天 前
Love how to remember the lonely old neighbor. Act of sharing food has never been so kind.
thedominantsdt YouTube
Woww I got a kiss from Li Ziqi.. Coz I'm one of her subscribers 😁 ❤.... I think you are a very romantic girl 😉 .... full of lovely surprises
Chinglop Haisa
Chinglop Haisa - 2 天 前
Liziqi I will se your all episode
Lan Phạm
Lan Phạm - 2 天 前
oh, love and cute
Yuqin Zhang
Yuqin Zhang - 2 天 前
Yuqin Zhang
Yuqin Zhang - 2 天 前
Self-driven. 2020.5.26
Yuqin Zhang
Yuqin Zhang - 2 天 前
Yuqin Zhang
Yuqin Zhang - 2 天 前
Born in the poor countriside of southwest China, I have experienced some hardships in the past 23 years. But I am the lucky one compared with the children around me. Assess myself, I think I have a good personality, magnanimous, sincere, easy-going, calm and idealistic. Occasionally there will be some confusion, I will hesitate, will not be confident, but always move forward. When I was young, no one told me, I do not have to master everything, no one said, I do not have to be better than others. Not afraid, only 23 years old I am, it is not difficult to support my parents and myself, so not only for survival, do what I want. Unnecessarily make much achievement, but be happy always.
Sandro Cifuentes
Sandro Cifuentes - 5 天 前
No me canso de ver tus vídeos, todos son muy bonitos.
David S
David S - 5 天 前
Her video let me understand there is beauty in every aspect of life.
Jonathan Cunanan
Jonathan Cunanan - 5 天 前
Do you have any new video? All your video are old. Can you upload new one
Айбол Берген
Келин кылып аламыз ба агайын?😁
nada sabbagh
nada sabbagh - 5 天 前
Wow. Unbelievably creative. I love this woman :)
Teacher na Mommy pa si Rizza
Addicted to your videos Liziqi, feels like new year this quarantine 2020 hahahah,🎉🤤❤
老顾讲故事 - 5 天 前
纽约白宫门前的毛主席雕像 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bYZnqIg-Bc&list=WL&index=3&t=0s
Елена Григоршева
Здравствуйте, как же интересно смотреть про вашу жизнь. Это же сколько времени занимает чтоб снять одно видео. Здоровья вам и вашим близким.
phudu Đặng
phudu Đặng - 5 天 前
Plz someone can give me the name of this music???????????
Jezr Eeltc
Jezr Eeltc - 5 天 前
Sana all
Francis RodrigueZ
Francis RodrigueZ - 5 天 前
Me encanta cuanto cuida y ama a su abuelita!!! Me recuerda a mi mami que ya fue al cielo!!!
JiaoYang Ruan
JiaoYang Ruan - 6 天 前
Mai H
Mai H - 6 天 前
hahaha I felt so proud of myself when I understoodd what the old lady said: chi la ba, means rise up.
Vilma Gomez Franco
Vilma Gomez Franco - 6 天 前
Q bonito lugar lindo tu país tantas cosas a enseñas con tu labor de trabajo y ama de casa muchos saludos te admiro y tanto soy de Perú
Марина Михеева
Девушка поражает своими разносторонними навыками! Необыкновенно происходит ее жизнь!
Здоровья тебе на долгие годы! Гармония во всем, восхищаюсь!
gracer fairqiss
gracer fairqiss - 6 天 前
Dear fairytale❤️
QUỐC Vlog - 6 天 前
happy new year
hoan duy
hoan duy - 6 天 前
sub Việt bựa vcl :)))
Dario Liang
Dario Liang - 6 天 前
草 还能自己写对联的吗
Full Sun Pudu
Full Sun Pudu - 6 天 前
Everytime she make dish, she always makes it delicate and beautiful too. Really love the art she puts in every dishes!
Nezha Arouba
Nezha Arouba - 8 天 前
Kt3jabni chni kader tbarak allah 3liha ri haja wahda ma3ajbatnich hiya lham dyal l7alouf
Fiza Zulekha
Fiza Zulekha - 8 天 前
Jordan - 9 天 前
My life in the city is so lonely and seemingly pointless. Your videos bring me peace and inspiration for a different life one day 💖
安安 - 9 天 前
Francisca Kika
Francisca Kika - 10 天 前
Lindo você e sua vovozinha, Deus abençoe vocês hoje e sempre!!!
Jessa Marie Bufete
Jessa Marie Bufete - 10 天 前
In my next life, I want to be Liziqi.
Jessa Marie Bufete
Jessa Marie Bufete - 10 天 前
She really looks like Mina from TWICE!!
77 7
77 7 - 10 天 前
10种菜肴的含义和使用的食材 (The meaning of the dishes and the food materials used)
爆竹声声: 爆炒猪肉培根   竹报平安: 竹型黄瓜和米饭熊猫  富贵花开: 大虾拼花
如意百财包: 白菜包肉馅   鸿运当头: 红油辣椒浇鱼头    福禄寿禧: 四禧丸子
花好月圆: 花形洋葱圆盘   福寿满堂: 腊肉香肠满盘    大吉大利: 土鸡和板栗 喜气洋洋: 一群快乐的小兔形西(喜)红柿
Ko B
Ko B - 6 天 前
花好月圆的洋葱鸡蛋 简单又好看
hh tt
hh tt - 6 天 前
77 7
77 7 - 10 天 前
中国的古老文化--谐音梗上线 (Use homophones)
agung fuad
agung fuad - 11 天 前
I believe HER cooking is more tastier than Gordon Ramsay's
77 7
77 7 - 10 天 前
I agree
Ted Tyler
Ted Tyler - 11 天 前
я хочу быть ее бабушкой
77 7
77 7 - 11 天 前
背景音乐欢快喜庆,选自谢明祥的音乐 《初夏雨后》。  BGM is selected from Xie
Mingxiang's music "After the Summer Rain 初夏雨后"。 舌尖也选用了此曲呢。
Ko B
Ko B - 6 天 前
hương nguyễn
hương nguyễn - 11 天 前
Rajesh cyclist
Rajesh cyclist - 11 天 前
100 times watching all videos
77 7
77 7 - 10 天 前
You are so amazing!
Mtpimenta - 11 天 前
I'm a Brazilian 25 years old man, I grew up in a historical city, in the state of Minas Gerais, many of the works Liziqi does, we do here too, it's extremly alike, we are Europeans descendetns, we must have learn with chinese people those things, because their culture is thousands of years older, but for the ones impressed with what she does, not trying to undermine her work, which I admire too, but what she does have been developed slowly in the last atleast 5000 years, and past from generation to generation, in one of her videos she says that her granfather teach those things to her, the westernization are destroying 5000 year old culture, its good to know theres people being productive and realiant in their own hand and lands to this day.
dsv - 6 天 前
@Mtpimenta faço mestrado de relações internacionais na USP. Sei da superioridade da china em vários setores, mas nenhum agricultura no mundo se compara a nossa em questão de poder produtivo. VocÊ parece holandês bitolado em agricultura vertical que acha q esta ajudando o mundo salvando o bairro. Além de você não saber sobre o Brasil, faz uso errado de dados. vai brincar nesse site que você ganha mais www.tylervigen.com/spurious-correlations
Mtpimenta - 7 天 前
@dsv Cara, você não sabe a besteira que esta falando, a china em vários setores é mais desenvolvida do que o Brasil, a maior parte da nossa tecnologia do ''Agro business'' é importada de fora, o brasil ta milhares de anos atrás em vários setores, a china tem um QI médio de 105 um dos maiores do mundo, o Brasil tem um QI médio de 87, 83 é considerado quase inútil, nossa agricultura, por mais que produz em grande quantidade produtos, por m² somos considerados ineficazes, perto de países escandinavos, e seu argumento sobre ''Hormônios'', se somos tão cheios deles assim, nossa taxa de natalidade seria maior, você é só mais um retardado na internet que não sabe do que esta falando, o Brasil tem 500 anos, republica menos de 200, pense bem antes de criticar outros países, olhe pro seu próprio umbigo antes de criticar os dos outros...
dsv - 7 天 前
kkk mano, vai la abraçar o sol. Aqui nois é agrobusiness, essa galinhazinha ai sem hormonio de mil anos atras passa mal pro agrobrasil.
lovely peter
lovely peter - 9 天 前
Welcome to China have a visit,you'll have more sense to China 。
Dama Grandchester
Dama Grandchester - 12 天 前
Qué susto para los animalitos escuchar esos cuetes
Anggar Pratiwi
Anggar Pratiwi - 12 天 前
Liziqi knp kmu begitu manissss ??? Aku begitu kecanduan dgn video2mu..sungguh aku iri dgn kampungmu yang indah beserta pegunungan,aku iri dgn semua kemampuanmu,berkebun(sampai hr ini aku msh bertanya,adakah hama di kebun cantikmu nan subur itu?),bertani,beternak,memasak,menjahit,pembuat furniture,melukis,mengukir....daaaan msh banyak lagi.
Tanpa kau sadari,,Liziqi... sungguh kmu membuat kita jd malu kl bermalasan hahaha
buchun zeng
buchun zeng - 12 天 前
Bamboo is there because otherwise the panda would eat the food:D
Kakun Zhang
Kakun Zhang - 12 天 前
郭客人 - 8 天 前
Kakun Zhang
Kakun Zhang - 10 天 前
@亦楓寒 湖北黄冈的
亦楓寒 - 10 天 前
???你知道中国多大吗? 你哪里人? 人家做的就是中国文化和中国美食,什么时候说要展示中国农村文化了? 美食不是文化的一部分? 她做的不是中国美食? 还有,她四川绵阳人,跟我一个地方,她做的美食基本就是本地美食,她的农村生活基本就是当地四川人差不多的农村生活
Rinfida's world
Rinfida's world - 12 天 前
Molee corona okke engane poovunnu
Shan Delgoda
Shan Delgoda - 12 天 前
Beng Hock Lim
Beng Hock Lim - 12 天 前
If you can come to subang Jaya bring me to your home 😊😄😙
Beng Hock Lim
Beng Hock Lim - 12 天 前
Beng Hock Lim
Beng Hock Lim - 12 天 前
I like to working with you , you are so hardworking lady , and l love you very much 😊!
Beng Hock Lim
Beng Hock Lim - 12 天 前
I can speak Hokkian , cantenise, mandalin , teow chew , English , malay , etg write in English only , l can see little bit of mandalin only but sorry l can't write 😀😄😅😊
Emma Li
Emma Li - 13 天 前
Dia Ne
Dia Ne - 13 天 前
Shes so creative also..
aboosc2010 - 14 天 前
I want music for this video
77 7
77 7 - 10 天 前
@aboosc2010 BGM is selected from Xie Mingxiang's music "After the Summer Rain 初夏雨后"。
İlahə Quliyeva
İlahə Quliyeva - 14 天 前
Love chinese culture very much😍🇨🇳❤
Sanjana Rajak
Sanjana Rajak - 14 天 前
I watch all videos lizique all the videos are very nice and interesting when i see her videos my mood becomes good she and her grandmother are doing good
johnny bernardino
johnny bernardino - 15 天 前
Incrível uma super mulher incrível..
Stanley Tham
Stanley Tham - 15 天 前
I am proud of her for really taking good care of her grandmother. Giving her grandma lots of love and tender care as well as accompanied her during her prime years of her life. Her grandma must have done many good deeds in her life and had practices good comoassion n loving kindness.....good kamas. Liziqi is now doing that too.
dop bbm
dop bbm - 16 天 前
Aradhana Dasgupta
Aradhana Dasgupta - 16 天 前
How will she survive without her grandmother
Vetle Aas Dymbe
Vetle Aas Dymbe - 16 天 前
Can i eat you
ハリーブッチ - 17 天 前
张晓峰 - 17 天 前
Jean ou
Jean ou - 11 天 前
@Kakun Zhang 比如呢
Kakun Zhang
Kakun Zhang - 12 天 前
@Jean ou 怎么感觉里面的一些东西我都没见过
Jean ou
Jean ou - 13 天 前
Bill - 17 天 前
EthanAndrews - 17 天 前
I think it's time to stop killing animals for taste , we should learn something from the pandemic
zaienb Aldujaili
zaienb Aldujaili - 17 天 前
Who did let the camera inside the man in minute 8:58
Raghda Agha
Raghda Agha - 17 天 前
Việt Trần
Việt Trần - 18 天 前
I love lý tử thất
Juvy sld
Juvy sld - 18 天 前
You’re videos are addicting and I must watch during my bedtime for me to relax before I sleep. You’re my sleeping pill😴 I hope there’s new episode coz I can’t wait😃
77 7
77 7 - 10 天 前
me too.
Dhammata - 18 天 前
You are so kind.🙏👍❤😇
Kavya Girish
Kavya Girish - 18 天 前
I love to watch her Video. I like her life with nature
Budi Gunarso
Budi Gunarso - 18 天 前
Hai . . .I am from Indonesia, since i seen your videos, i am so proud of your talent and skill, so amazing
Its nice to know about your life and daily activity
orudelle - 19 天 前
c'est magique !
Pallavi Nishad
Pallavi Nishad - 19 天 前
Her salad design was beautiful👌