Legendary Goals

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Watch the most memorable goals in football/soccer history. All in HD & Commentary, edited by Score 90.
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Score 90
Score 90 - 5 个月 前
Are there any other goals that deserved to be in this video? 🤔 #Score90
Johnny - 5 小时 前
Zlatans bycicle kick against England
cole - 天 前
messi vs Munich cheaping neuer
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh - 2 天 前
Crivellaro goal in hero ISL team chennyian FC goal from half line year 2019
fr333z4r - 2 天 前
Robben volley after Ribéry corner vs ManU
Surankey gaming
Surankey gaming - 3 天 前
Aswin Das
Aswin Das - 34 秒 前
tigerarmyrule - 9 小时 前
Ibra > CR7. Not in stats but in pure footballing ability and entertainment.
Alma Gustafsson
Alma Gustafsson - 10 小时 前
so your swedish huh :D
Kidanemaryam Jovani
Kidanemaryam Jovani - 11 小时 前
Jas rob
Jas rob - 15 小时 前
arda oruç
arda oruç - 19 小时 前
Dennis Bergkamp ball control is the greatest of all time. Of course we dont forget Ronaldinho ball control.
Fazar Subaktiar
Fazar Subaktiar - 20 小时 前
I there any different between maradona and messi's solo run goal
Eric Dumi
Eric Dumi - 20 小时 前
Still BajungMan
Still BajungMan - 21 小时 前
Messi solo gol vs real Madrid??
Sport Tv
Sport Tv - 22 小时 前
Joethepro - 天 前
I’m sorry but the absolute disrespect towards Tiote here.
You know the goal I mean.
I H - 天 前
Watch the most terrible editing.... Editing is to cut together pieces that otherwise would be boring or to long, not to ruin great moments by cutting them up. 0:43
Rico Htbart
Rico Htbart - 天 前
Nama pemain dan club nya boss
that_ man
that_ man - 天 前
Every great goal comes by old time
Andreeas Seiman
Andreeas Seiman - 天 前
goosebumps mode on
Timothy Tan
Timothy Tan - 天 前
Scholes goal against villa in 06/07?
Ruben White
Ruben White - 天 前
Soccer sucks, said no one ever
Ishan Chaturvedi
Ishan Chaturvedi - 天 前
DeeKay - 2 天 前
Soon enough Davies' assist againgst barca will be here
Dinesh Maharjan
Dinesh Maharjan - 2 天 前
Janetti is a legendary player
FOOTBALL 09 - 2 天 前
Incredible shot from James Rodriguez world cup 2014🔥
mark omahony
mark omahony - 2 天 前
rooneys imbrahimavige roberto carlo ronaldo
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh - 2 天 前
Crivellaro goal in hero ISL his team chennyian FC goal from half line
Harshit Singh
Harshit Singh - 2 天 前
Year 2019
Three Two
Three Two - 2 天 前
The most legendary goals for me are when United won the champion league in the final minutes then Aguero's goal to win the premier League for city
Mamba Blake
Mamba Blake - 2 天 前
Sérieux en quoi le coup de tête de messi face à Manchester United est légendaire???🙄🙄🙄
호날두귀여운 - 2 天 前
1:00 그래 저 굴리트 친구 우리 피파계를 다스리는자
thecashkash - 2 天 前
7:57 for memories
thecashkash - 2 天 前
Wiener Kaiser
Wiener Kaiser - 2 天 前
Good old days...with passion on the stands
vin pra
vin pra - 2 天 前
This brings me back to when I really loved watching football-From MSN to roberto carlos amazing skills.We will never get bac
k the old fottball\
Tremane Castillo
Tremane Castillo - 2 天 前
Ummm what??? 7:48
Nam Chau
Nam Chau - 2 天 前
Idc what u folks said about all those goals, 1 thing i know for sure is .... Robin Van Persie’s goal was something only Dutchmen can do 😝 that was just brilliant 😋
LittleKingBray - 2 天 前
I thought they where mythic ✔
ldr huanling
ldr huanling - 3 天 前
Spectra Phantom
Spectra Phantom - 3 天 前
you missed robben's goal agains united, also his goal against leipzig in the dfb final, lewandowski's 5th goal against wolfsburg, ribery's supercup goal against chealsea, i mean i didnt see a bayern goal and they have many, but yeah overall a good video but had to mention this its just not right for me ..
Yudi Febriawan
Yudi Febriawan - 3 天 前
Best 2:40
Ritwiz Rai
Ritwiz Rai - 3 天 前
That Roberto Carlos free kick is the greatest goal of all time according to me.
Frank B
Frank B - 3 天 前
So because messi makes a header goal, then it's legendary?
Val Clipcso
Val Clipcso - 天 前
@Frank B he scored a header in the champions league final
Frank B
Frank B - 2 天 前
@Harry Potter Make no sens
fat donkey
fat donkey - 2 天 前
Its because he is small
Harry Potter
Harry Potter - 2 天 前
its legendary because he scores in an UCL final
EntrE01 - 3 天 前
so international matches, premier league and la liga. I guess the goals in all other leagues just aren't good enough?
Abdul Muneer Hamza
Abdul Muneer Hamza - 3 天 前
1: 14 xavi cross was awsome
king of pass
اسلام بدوى
اسلام بدوى - 3 天 前
اقسم بالله العظيم اذهلنى
Finn_ J07
Finn_ J07 - 3 天 前
Sergi Robertos goal against PSG to win the game
Stuff in a Nutshell
Stuff in a Nutshell - 3 天 前
Im not a Barcelona fan but the neymar shot was a masterpiece
Taufan Alamsyah
Taufan Alamsyah - 4 天 前
James rodrigues and van persie in the word cup when I wathced live
Papa Nini
Papa Nini - 4 天 前
rhendyka sungkawa mahatmaniti penipu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXo5MGXbN4s&t=8s
Kevin Fuentes
Kevin Fuentes - 4 天 前
Can I just say how Zidane 2006 penalty was goal but lampard wasn't like im not england fan but still sucks that a good goal was disallowed when the exact same style of goal was scored for years ago in the same competition
Bruce Bowin
Bruce Bowin - 4 天 前
Zidan best goal in Champions league history
pablo villares
pablo villares - 4 天 前
que copado Messi y Maradona, aguante Argentinaaa
Best of Sports
Best of Sports - 4 天 前
The video was nice!!!!! I have a video with best goals of 2020 when you will can you see that!!!!!
2 Bro’s
2 Bro’s - 4 天 前
Gerrard is my fave for Liverpool fan
Unknown ?!?!
Unknown ?!?! - 4 天 前
Henry’s goal against united is breath taking
Iain Cliffe
Iain Cliffe - 4 天 前
Berkhamps goal is so sick. Defender had no clue what was happening and neither did the commentator.
Alex Yan
Alex Yan - 4 天 前
R.carlos and maradona goals is lifetime history of football.
Iqbal. ID
Iqbal. ID - 4 天 前
goal hazard vs Arsenal
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin - 4 天 前
Zidane goal vs Leverkusen is legendary, but many people forgot how legendary that roberto carlos assist was!
Rattib - 2 天 前
Ciupir Records
Ciupir Records - 4 天 前
Krzynowek goal against Real Madrid
ingra - 5 天 前
ninguno de juninho ?
Susan Beatles
Susan Beatles - 5 天 前
Many legendary goals are from arsenal
Pa_Cosma - 5 天 前
the applause of Juventus stadium to Ronaldo was incredible
Pa_Cosma - 4 天 前
@Andrea Zosi Fortunato! credo che Ronaldo abbia scelto voi anche per questo applauso!
Andrea Zosi
Andrea Zosi - 4 天 前
I was at the stadium applauding to him
Hammond Voodoo
Hammond Voodoo - 5 天 前
I've seen that goal by Zlatan at 9:00 live and I was instantly blown away. I knew when I saw it that this one is for the history books.
DZUKO -ER- - 5 天 前
When I start watching the videos I just want it should never end
Kêila Andrônica
Kêila Andrônica - 5 天 前
it’s legendary
RMV Book
RMV Book - 5 天 前
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The Ruvol Inventor
PAUL BLART - 5 天 前
How do you play Ruvol?
PRO523 - 5 天 前
here's the goals He wants to record
Start video:*cool music*

JARS Angel
JARS Angel - 6 天 前
Ese gol que hizo James le cambió la vida
jakogamer 27
jakogamer 27 - 6 天 前
The zidane goal IS so so Legendary💙🤝🤛
Abuu Afnan
Abuu Afnan - 6 天 前
But guys didn't show Paul scholes goals
Mirsaleh Salayev
Mirsaleh Salayev - 7 天 前
mehmet bayar
mehmet bayar - 7 天 前
musleranın yediği 3 gol var burda
Naol Melaku
Naol Melaku - 7 天 前
Zlatans over head kick is the best when i saw it first time i dont believe it's a gooooooaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll
youshin kim
youshin kim - 7 天 前
Van persie, ronaldinho, neymar jr, ibrahimovic ... is not human i think
Best player is messi
Toro Gamers
Toro Gamers - 7 天 前
7:57 Comentator Funny
김준성 - 7 天 前
Where is Son's goal?
Toro Gamers
Toro Gamers - 7 天 前
clinton kwanya
clinton kwanya - 7 天 前
What of CR 7 free Kick VS Arsenal
Fadli Ramadhan
Fadli Ramadhan - 7 天 前
Just read the description, i'm surprised that you're still 19yo, keep up the good work bro!
LESMES - 7 天 前
zeazo rian
zeazo rian - 8 天 前
1:45 savage XD
Joshua Fula
Joshua Fula - 8 天 前
You forgot Gareth Bale's goal in the 2014 Copa del Rey final
Райан Гигз
Райан Гигз - 8 天 前
Хотелось увидеть работягу Милито
mohamed khaled
mohamed khaled - 8 天 前
9:40 legendry commentary
E ric7884
E ric7884 - 8 天 前
1:00 굴리트 이개새ki
PK - A PEN - 8 天 前
amanzing bro
Brent Crude
Brent Crude - 8 天 前
C. Ronaldo has some serious elevation in his jumps. Basketball player type of lift.
Damn, he flies.
rasul otajonov
rasul otajonov - 8 天 前
messi goals
Anjay TV
Anjay TV - 8 天 前
Rooney legend
Bakus Noah
Bakus Noah - 9 天 前
Where’s dembele goals🤷🏻‍♂️?
Gerson Loaisiga
Gerson Loaisiga - 9 天 前
Que tiene de legendario el gol de messi de cabeza fue el mas basura junto con el de neymar el que hizo este video arruino la calides de los de mas goles
AKIRAあきら - 9 天 前
ZERO - 9 天 前
0:35 pura sorte
Mathew Jr
Mathew Jr - 9 天 前
Nice piece here.... But the Messi goal against Bayern Munich in his fall like a tree ordeal with Alaba should be here... It's one of the best goals in morden history.
Adam Ivaski
Adam Ivaski - 10 天 前
tundra tiger
tundra tiger - 10 天 前
3:00 That is a truly legendary goal.
Toro Gamers
Toro Gamers - 7 天 前
Vlad Djavakhadze
Vlad Djavakhadze - 10 天 前
01.20 nothing legendary from messi.
Just.Kidding. - 10 天 前
Where is sons goal?
abhinandan sen
abhinandan sen - 11 天 前
Corner taken quickly?? :(
Bryan Saldaña
Bryan Saldaña - 11 天 前
Real_ OAN7
Real_ OAN7 - 11 天 前
Zlatan lost me
cedric peabody
cedric peabody - 11 天 前
Please do away with that annoying music that seems to be the same on all these type of videos. It's not needed, and it's a crime against music.