10 Tips on Starting IVs

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Paramedic instructor Ingrid shares 10 practical tips on how start an IV and not just hit your vein but catheterize every time.

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10 Tips on Starting IV's the First Try
Ingrid Hall, NRP

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kjjk25 - 年 前
I work with oncology patients and it's very difficult to find veins sometimes and your tips have been so helpful! I have been using your method of feeling where the vein is if I don't get it with the initial poke and it has worked pretty much every time!
doushiyou1 - 6 天 前
She is hot
R B - 10 天 前
Thank you for taking your time to share your knowledge. Very helpful video!
Nikhil Shah
Nikhil Shah - 11 天 前
The demonstrator looks like scarlet johnson.
Phasor Systems
Phasor Systems - 21 天 前
Gosh I hate needles! You too? Pin Point "A Guide to Venipuncture Proficiency" on Amazon!
Edith Cook
Edith Cook - 22 天 前
Seth Robertson
Seth Robertson - 22 天 前
Her: you should be at the same angle as your patients arm
Me: *in the back of an FLA flying down a dirt road sticking my patient on the top shelf while half crouching cause I'm to tall to stand up straight.
Skate& Destroy260
Skate& Destroy260 - 个月 前
If ur still around I can’t find any veins!
MvTe-Es - 个月 前
wow this tattoo GL keep going 😍
Aqua Life
Aqua Life - 个月 前
This is good!!! NO FISHY!!!😂
This is actually the most informative video I've watched yet simple too
Kiid Kiim
Kiid Kiim - 个月 前
Hate when people fish 🤢
Heidi Evans
Heidi Evans - 个月 前
I am a hard stick. On behalf of all of us with rolling veins... thank you for mentioning "fishing"!
Miss Gonzalez
Miss Gonzalez - 2 个月 前
I can’t stay diggers . They dig and dig and don’t know wtf they are doing .
Ariella Lima
Ariella Lima - 2 个月 前
I like her tattoo (and the video, of course).
C. Huseyin
C. Huseyin - 2 个月 前
You don’t go back and forth that causes hemoconcentration same as going in and out as you are dragging all the normal flora and can cause possible infection.
KayleenTkaczyk - 2 个月 前
I’m going to remember that “fishing” term. I’ve had this done to me more then once. One time they not only fished but poked me multiple times, blood everywhere (I take blood thinners but only she made such a mess.) finally someone walked up and did it and got it on first try. Due to this, I request a numbing shot first. My veins aren’t that difficult but certain people just dig around!
Marcock Marcock
Marcock Marcock - 2 个月 前
Richard Armstrong 3rd
Richard Armstrong 3rd - 3 个月 前
@ Pima Paramedics
Heat packs or hot blankets can help with veins that are hard and like to role.
I’m a hard stick. My veins are deep and like to role. They have to use a heat pack to help get my veins softer and to help them from rolling.
Thank you so much for saying no fishing! I’ve been seen in some labs and left with some pretty bad bruises from them fishing for my veins.
If the medical staff don't allow tattoo know mam .....but your body have very big tattoos 🤔 plzz rply
xoxNica xox
xoxNica xox - 3 个月 前
I got scared of needles bec a nursed fished around inside my arm when she didnt get a vein.it was horrifying.
Khaled Landolsi
Khaled Landolsi - 3 个月 前
Excellent video ... keep it up
kitty kat
kitty kat - 3 个月 前
She kind of looks like the nurse nev off of the resident. Lol
Sirayanpre - 3 个月 前
Mark Baliatan
Mark Baliatan - 3 个月 前
I like a tottoed nurse, not because it's cool. It just shows no discrimination.
Winston Artemis
Winston Artemis - 3 个月 前
I'm going to be going for my EMT-A in Vermont in the near future. This has helped me get a better understanding of IVs. Thank you!
JAY- B - 3 个月 前
I like that they now have medical dummies and limbs of all colours
Pima Paramedics
Pima Paramedics - 3 个月 前
We would also love to have an arm that was full of tattoos! Ever try to start an IV on someone with sleeves? #ChallengeAccepted
Gerber Baby
Gerber Baby - 3 个月 前
Excellent video.
Sergei Fitzgerald Fih
Sergei Fitzgerald Fih - 4 个月 前
Why guys you use Dolls in Us instead of a real pt
Sissy Brooks
Sissy Brooks - 4 个月 前
Thanks, but that tattoo is seriously distracting.
Kelvin Sankar
Kelvin Sankar - 4 个月 前
Impressive she is great
El Carnal
El Carnal - 4 个月 前
Looks like my Hospital has learned pretty well because they almost always triple check for my Vein. Love them
M Ro
M Ro - 4 个月 前
6:48 Hottie alert!!
Paramarta Iganp
Paramarta Iganp - 5 个月 前
05:11 the dummy arm moves!
Letícia Cerqueira
Letícia Cerqueira - 5 个月 前
Lagertha, é você?
Keisha Hills
Keisha Hills - 5 个月 前
As an EMT of ten years and now a paramedic student, I have found your videos informative. I've seen medics over the years starting IV and even assisting them with finding veins. Now that I'm in the hot seat, lately, I've been feeling quite nervous. After watching this video I'm at ease. Thanks!
William Marcoux
William Marcoux - 5 个月 前
Medics seem to have tatoos most out of medical professionals.
Bridget Harrison
Bridget Harrison - 5 个月 前
Thank you for teaching NO fishing as a patient when I was a teen it has traumatize me to this day. The pain was so excruciating that I never forgot it. Please never fish on a patient it stays with them.
Susan Feldman
Susan Feldman - 6 个月 前
I can't concentrate on what she's saying. Her Tatts are too loud.....
Gail Dauenbaugh
Gail Dauenbaugh - 6 个月 前
I hate needles! Will avoid if at all possible.
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez - 6 个月 前
She’s really good at explaining everything.!!
JoJo Ber
JoJo Ber - 6 个月 前
thank you 4 teaching, I have had so many severe painful IV put in until last year for colonoscopy, the Nurse was an ANGEL, I felt close to nothing but a slight pinch :)
Nora squishy
Nora squishy - 6 个月 前
Hey I need this lady to start my Iv's, stupid DR's here always blow and hurt me so I always wait till the very last second to go in, having Lupus and crappy veins sucks!
Sarah P
Sarah P - 6 个月 前
Any tips for someone who can always gets a good flash but can't thread the catheter? Every time I try I get good blood return but the catheter won't thread even though people tell me that I've picked a good straight vein
Mac Exline
Mac Exline - 6 个月 前
After you achieve a good flash (bevel of needle entering the vein), you need to decrease the angle of the needle/cath assembly and advance a few millimeters (distance varies depending on size of vessel). This ensures that you go far enough into the target vein to get the very tip of the catheter into the vein. The reason for this is because the catheter is obviously shorter than the needle. If you don't advance past the point of 'flash', when you advance the catheter, the catheter will run into the outer wall of the vein and either cause the needle to pull out of the catheter itself to fold and fail to enter the vein.
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea
Everyone in my family has had problems with being stuck. The nurses/phlebotomists move the needle around a lot and bruise them. Me? Most nurses or phlebotomists tell me how easy to find my tiny veins. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Rachull - 7 个月 前
Thanks this was really helpful! I'm pretty good at starting IV's but I've had patients where I get a flash, advance slightly, and then once the IV is in it blows when I flush it. I don't feel like I'm advancing through the vein as I start low enough where I give myself enough room. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to prevent this from happening.
Emily Rauhihi
Emily Rauhihi - 7 个月 前
It’s all fun and games until you have to put a line into a patient who is having chemo and is super dehydrated 😂
Focus integrity
Focus integrity - 5 个月 前
Agree definitely. I always tried to make sure they are reclining and apply tournaquet briefly just to find best spots. I might have wanted to use a #20 but really feel that's impossible and use a #22. I had equipment ready, reapply tournaquet and go. The US machines used in hospitals are great if it's extremely bad.
Feisty - 7 个月 前
I use #6 all the time. My classmates thought it was weird until they realized the success rate
Msllam Hamada
Msllam Hamada - 7 个月 前
your tattoo is so cool 😎, thanks it's a helpful video
Timothy Tim
Timothy Tim - 7 个月 前
PRACTICE PRACTICE & PRACTICE. That's my tip #Nike Just do it
Dr Kuldeep Yadav Gsvm
Dr Kuldeep Yadav Gsvm - 7 个月 前
Dr Kuldeep Yadav Gsvm
Dr Kuldeep Yadav Gsvm - 7 个月 前
Mysvie - 7 个月 前
M. Haroon Rafiq
M. Haroon Rafiq - 8 个月 前
Appreciated well done
Lens man
Lens man - 8 个月 前
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants - 8 个月 前
Why is youtube recommending me this?
Reyan Gee
Reyan Gee - 8 个月 前
Am i the only one who thinks she's cute and hot? nobody? ok sry..
glove snap :p
glove snap :p - 7 个月 前
I think she is :p
Zakariya Muntari
Zakariya Muntari - 8 个月 前
1. See and feel
2. Can't see but feel
3.can see , can't feel

4. Can't see , can't feel 🤔🤔🤔
Tammie Russell
Tammie Russell - 8 个月 前
Zakariya Muntari 🤣🤣🤣
Stelyus Silveira
Stelyus Silveira - 8 个月 前
Such a perfect explanation about starting an IV. Thanks!!!
Gustavo Martinez
Gustavo Martinez - 9 个月 前
Absolutely great explanation!
Olivia B.
Olivia B. - 9 个月 前
This is such a great video! I’m going into my 4th semester as a nursing student, but I’ve only had one opportunity to start an IV on an older patient, and I was not able to get flashback. I’ll def use these tips!
Ruth Zielinski
Ruth Zielinski - 9 个月 前
Paramedic Instructor Ingrid is fabulous - I am having my midwifery graduate students watch these because often in nursing school or where they have worked as nurses they don't start IVs and the tips/tricks provided in these are so much better than the nursing ones I have viewed
NinaBina75 - 9 个月 前
She's good
sebastian espindola
sebastian espindola - 9 个月 前
I really liked the tip number 7... Thanks
Phillip Krause
Phillip Krause - 10 个月 前
Make more videos
cellogirl11RW - 10 个月 前
I'm a veterinary technology student, and I am amazed at how much medical stuff is transferrable between humans and animals. Pretty soon, I am gonna start putting IV catheters in dogs and cats, and the technique is very similar to that which is used for humans.
Ruben Cabrera
Ruben Cabrera - 10 个月 前
I’m having flash backs to all the nurses who fished my arm to death
Severe Revenge
Severe Revenge - 10 个月 前
That tattoo 😈 I wish to give you venipuncture so I can really touch this arm and tattoo
Steverino322 - 10 个月 前
needles never bothered me until I had to give a subcutaneous to my puppy so I started watching videos to educate myself. Not gonna lie, makes me lightheaded now.
Moses Alvarez
Moses Alvarez - 10 个月 前
Excellent video. As a nurse sedating patients in an outpatient setting, each one is a challenge daily and this refresher has made it more motivating for me. Best to
You guys, keep posting good content like this as it helps us out here a great deal. I appreciate our medics and phlebotomists, they are awesome!
Theresa Passarelli
Theresa Passarelli - 10 个月 前
Fantastic video!
John Smith
John Smith - 11 个月 前
Excellent videos. Thank you!
Motasm Aldeek
Motasm Aldeek - 11 个月 前
Perfect explanation, thanks
Corey Roks
Corey Roks - 11 个月 前
what is the name of the needle they put in your arm and then they pull it out and it leaves in a catheter where they insert your medication without having to re poke you again
A paramedic with tattoos (a risk factor for hep C) inserting IV lines...well done.
M Ro
M Ro - 4 个月 前
So what satisfaction did your comment give you? If You Tube had a door I would show it to you.
M Ro
M Ro - 4 个月 前
So what satisfaction did that comment give you? If You Tube had a door, I would show it to you.
Sandra Amorim
Sandra Amorim - 11 个月 前
The best I ever saw!!!
Venki tillu
Venki tillu - 年 前
Good explanation
Ingress Green
Ingress Green - 年 前
i need work there... LOVE from Indonesia
Medical Laboratory
NC redbird
NC redbird - 年 前
So good to see the subject of fishing talked about. Through my years as a nurse I've seen so many that fish and I always pull them aside to work on breaking that habit. I find most are just very unsure about their ability and rush themselves. Best to take your time, know your target area and break it down so fishing isn't done. Better for medical staff and more so for patients.
Marshall morris
Marshall morris - 年 前
That was still fishing, and I wouldnt let anyone do it to me. Nor will I do it to anyone lol
George Blake
George Blake - 年 前
I’m a paramedic and a nursing student. This video is awesome.